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Posted: 4 years ago
There is something charming about 80 year old homes of coasts and backwaters. Yes the plumbing and electrical works do need updating but the pillars , architecture, the carvings , the balustrades and the open verandahs are so welcoming . The air around it is different. Many homes in Kerala, Mangalore still retain them.

What do the shanbags have to raise the cash flow ? This house????? That would be so tough on them!!!

Posted: 4 years ago
For Ashwin it's not much about the money , it's about acceptance and forgiveness. It's about the way he is perceived and kept at a distance by his grandfather. For Mandira it's about wealth .

This guy's needs and life style don't look over the top . The need for vacations is to keep himself afloat from going under the history that's associated with him.

It's just not the cashflow. Prakash shanbag's concern the identity . It's the same identity , both Ashvin's and the shanbags that's common to their suffering. Separate but inseparable.Edited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
It's Ashvin's need for exoneration for something he inadvertently did 10 yrs bk that's got him setting his foot on the shores of Ullal again His seemingly grounded lifestyle and balcony reflections is more a penance perhaps!!!

For their parts , Her soft hands and his absent socks though have caught each other' imagination. Embarrassed Edited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Is it going to be low tides or High tides ( as in in the frequency of updates) and more importantly... are they going to' see the other on the next wave'. What's Nisha's weather report saying?
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Posted: 4 years ago


 Chapter 1.   See you on the next wave

 Chapter 2.   Colors

 Chapter 3.  Tipping scale
 Chapter 4.   Konkan coffee

 Chapter 5.  Organic Chemistry

 Chapter 6.  Recipe for Happiness

 Chapter 7.  Names

 Chapter 8.  Leap of faith
 Chapter 9.  Casual or serious

 Chapter 10.  Sand clock

 Chapter 11.  Kitten and socks

 Chapter 12.  Cash Flow Problem

 Chapter 14.  Enquiries

 Chapter 15.  Future Potential

 Chapter 16.  Pop Quiz EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 Chapter 17.  Full or Half Franchise

 Chapter 18.  Dog in the manger

 Chapter 19.  Playing with fire
 Chapter 20.  Amortizing the matrimony

 Chapter 21.  Miscalculated Merger

 Chapter 22.  Curtains & Rooms
 Chapter 23.  Affordability
 Chapter 24.  A crazy Chemist

 Chapter 25.  Crumpled blessing Cry

 Chapter 26.  5 weeks in 50 hours
 Chapter 27.  God's hand

 Chapter 28.  Rewarding failure

 Chapter 29.  Skulduggery

 Chapter 30.  Coffee Lover

 Chapter 32.  Just like before... and not 

 Chapter 33.  Tantalizing...

 Chapter 34.  Expecting...
 Chapter 35.  Crazy Ideas

 Chapter 36.  Hands & Ears

 Chapter 37.  Hair/Fur cut

 Chapter 38.  Mane issues 

 Chapter 39.  Ca(ugh)t in the center

 Chapter 40.   Quid pro quo

 Chapter 41.  Names of businesses

 Chapter 42.   Bug hater

 Chapter 43.  Not sure about love

 Chapter 44.  Roommate romcom

 Chapter 45.  Seeing...

 Chapter 46.  Wall paper...

 Chapter 47.  Canara Pinto

 Chapter 48.  Feiry Shell

 Chapter 49.  Love Edict

 Chapter 50.  Beautiful...

 Chapter 51.  Antithesis

 Chapter 53.  Read Again!!

 Chapter 54.  Good...

 Chapter 55.  Lake Lamb Be Gone

 Chapter 56.  No Name Number Blushing
 Chapter 57.  Dreams...To each her own

 Chapter 58.  Turf Wars

 Chapter 59.    No Pleasures

 Chapter 60.  Course of Action
 Chapter 61.  Grilled.. with crabs

 Chapter 62.  Trust & Rust

 Chapter 63.  Gene Expression

 Chapter 64.  Waiting Game

 Chapter 65.  Price of freedom.Wink
 Chapter 66.   Cat-a-list

 Chapter 67.   V to a W

 Chapter 68.   Ash & Trish

 Chapter 69.  Cats & Birds

 Chapter 70.  Texting at home..
 Chapter 71.  Good Idea

 Chapter 72.  Unscathed?
 Chapter 73.  Booby Trap
 Chapter 74.  Thinking & Guessing

 Chapter 75.  Silver (fox)fishWink

 Chapter 76.  Watch man

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Posted: 4 years ago
Thanks for pm. Nice start. Father-daughter conversation is heart touching n their bonding is awesome. It is the effect of modern era that fathers are more open with daughters n giving them sky to fly. 
The first meeting which can be excited for both in the lift is postponed i think. Lets see how they will met.
 Can you tell me from where you choose the leading characters name or you choose them randomly. It will help me to corelate with the story. 
Waiting for next.
Posted: 4 years ago
Beginning and end of stories...

"I am in shock you actually show up at the office to talk to me about meeting someone" Ashvin spoke in suppressed rage.

Sharnbir drank his coffee and set the fine china tea cup down.
His trembling hand didnt go unnoticed

Chirag looked like a deer under headlights

"Umm.. I should be going. I will let you two sort it out?" he thumbs "ep-ed" towards Ashvin

"I think you should stay because the longer you stay the more difficult it will be for him to tell me how I should live my life" Ashvin said boldly

"Aap jao bache" Sharanbir was unfazed

Chirag vamoosed

"I am not willing to marry anyone picked by you. I am not willing to date anyone picked by you" Ashvin said firmly after exhaling an audible breath

"Why? are you seeing someone?"

"Umm... Cusine Craft is in no way affected by my off work activities" 

"The Narang family has a reputation"

"Riiight" Ashvin couldnt conceal the contempt in his tone

"Mandira ko kaha maine, aur text bhi kiya hai aap mil aao jaakar"

"i dont think I can, I am busy"

"Consider this a work responsibilty
"What makes you think I am going to like who ever you pick"

"I am thinking you will" Sharan smiled

"Dont be so self assured"

"I am your grandfather"

"I am not denying that" Ashvin was exasperated

"To kehna zaroori hai" he said softening up a bit

"I really dont want to get married now" Ashvin said firmly

"Aapko pata hai no Narang has hit 30 without a wife on his side?" 

"So I should have been a girl" mocking


"This really doesnt make any sense to me" "I have been hearing about this from Mom for months now. But I ignored it. You dont even acknowledge my existence but you want to see me married?"

Sharan had no response

"I am sorry. If you want to talk about work. I can. But not about my personal life"

Sharan stood up

"Mehra's daughter will be here all of July I am hoping you will get to know each other"

"I wouldnt hold my breath"

"I am going to"

Sharan was gone

Ashvin flung the balled up paper towel clear across the room.

Texts from Rajat Mehra were forwarded to him in rapid succession

An Instagram invite appeared a FB invite appeared all in a matter of seconds

"does he really believe I have no f**king say in this Mom?" he called his mother as he walked down MG Road

"Language Ashvin" she reminded

"Oh well... you say it enough times"

"There was a time I craved for his phone call or to see him" Ashvin found himself choking up

Soon after his Dad died he did indeed expect Sharanbir to step in and take over


"NOW he shows up and asks me to meet someone he insists will make a good wife" he yelled

The din of traffic her angry son all made Mandira very anxious

"He is the head of the family. Do it"

"Youve got to be kidding" he shouted

"I am not beta. What choice do you have? You work for one of his companies" she reminded

"Oh really Mom? You think he will fire me if I didnt marry whoever this Aanya Mehra is?" he asked

"You dont know? Look what he did for something plain stupid 10 years ago" she reminded

"I am well aware of that. But it has to stop after some point. He cant treat me like I am the family dog" Ashvin ranted

"He did that to all your cousins you know"

"YOU dont know that. HE told you that. As far as I know they all knew and dated the women they married... LONG before they married them"

"Go back to work, its too noisy" she worried

"I am fine"

"She is coming tonight. Can you meet her for breakfast?" she asked

"No I absolutely will not. Infact I am going to try and figure out whats in it for HIM" he said thoughtfully

"We are just two paranoid souls beta, there is nothing." she sighed "he wants to see you married"

"And I am his favorite grandson" Ashvin cackled derisively indicating his Mom was being ridiculous

"There is nothing more, we both are crazy"

"No we are not... Trisha Shanbag is THE DAUGHTER of that man that caused this whole mess" he said

"But they are broke and impoverished now, so thats the end of that story" she mumbled

"No its not" he said firmly

Posted: 4 years ago
The skeletons are tumbling down and Ashwin is clear in his perception and straight forward in expression. Let's hear what his plans are Nisha 

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