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Posted: 4 years ago

(To my SOSY & ID faithfuls)
(I want to do a short 10 part story)LOLLOL
Trisha Shanbag groaned as the taxi cemented itself to the airport road exiting Bangalore airport.
She was at Hyderabad yesterday, talking to the investors of the Hyderabad branch of the Bank as she was summoned there instead of Bangalore.
It was a complete waste of the day... entirely so

She had a 9 AM meeting at the headoffice in MG road.

She didnt know much about the company except what was told to her by her GM the last couple weeks

Cuisine Craft apparently owned multiple franchises of world famous restaurants, the likes of Olive Garden, PF Changs, etc
Her Asian Desi Fusion in the small town in Mangalore/Konkan coast was really hurtin.

Rebranding, co franchising, attaching themselves to a famous world renowned chain was her only hope or so she told herself.

She looked down at her hands, the burn injury from a week ago, when oil had splattered on her right fore arm was pink but no longer moist and fluid filled.
There were 4 cooks and 11 busboys a year ago but now there was 1.5 cook and 5 busboys.

She looked out the window

Nobody was moving, all everyone did was honk and press on the gas, causing more fumes and screeching sounds.

Her binder glittered with silver lettering of Yeh & Yang.
She rubbed her manicured nails across it

Her eyes fille dup with tears as she thought of her late mother.

As if on cue her Dad called

"Where are you?" he asked worried

"Just headed to my meeting with Cuisine Craft" she said clearing her throat

"Trisha?" her father suspected something was wrong

"I am fine Aanu" she smiled cheerfully

At 5'5" she was skinny, wore glasses and had a short messy no nonsense bob.

She shifted uneasily in the cab, crossing her legs

She wore a denim skirt and a white shirt

"Come home... its been a long week" her father urged

"I cant Papa" she smiled

"How many names?" he chuckled

"Every language" she laughed

The traffic moved finally

" tumgele bhavand" (your brothers) her father began

"Tchhh" Trisha rolled her eyes impatiently

"Aanu" she stopped him

She had two brothers, one older and one younger... both uninvolved

The younger one had an excuse, he was in the Univ in England...

"I am late for my meeting, I have to call them to tell them. I will call you soon" she said in Konkani

Her father nodded reluctantly and sighed

(All English lines between father and daughter spoken in Konkani)

"Wish me luck" she ordered

"Hahaha.. he laughed out loud "Luck" he mumbled

She hung up and looked through her binder for the exact contact name


Ashvin Narang swung his racquet viciously slamming the ball on the court wall, flung his racquet on the shiny hardwood floor and leapt up in joy

"You are goddamn immature" said his friend/ VP Operations Chirag Chandra

"IKR" Ashvin grinned flashing sparkling white teeth
He was six feet tall, sweaty, his smooth silky mane, curling up like noodles...

"Didnt you have a meeting at 9?" Chirag tried to distract him

"You dont want to lose again do you?" he laughed

"FO" Chirag said grabbing his towel and burying his face in it

"Hey, are you actually going to let your Mom set you up?" Chirag asked muffled through the fluffy white towel

Ashvin was checking his voice mail
He raised a hand begging for time

He texted and texted...

"Sorry, kya kaha toone?" he asked

"Aunty is going to set you up now? Like 1950s India?" Chirag was insistent

Ashvin shook his head in disbelief... and the men walked out of the squash court in the basement of the UB City like plush development off MG Road's Cascade Tower.

"I have to go meet the Andamans resort guy at 10" Chirag nodded with a serious face

Right about then, Trisha Shanbagh got off the cab and paid him.

Ashvin searched the large LED console for the fastest closest elevator and picked it.

As the doors were sliding shut, he saw her sprint towards it

He didnt pause it... let it shut and leaned back on the gleaming glass wall

Posted: 4 years ago
congratulations for the new story nisha...
so happy to read a new story from u..
Posted: 4 years ago
Thats a nice start Nisha!!
Looking for more!!!
Posted: 4 years ago
Congratzz for the new story nisha...whats the title for this?
Posted: 4 years ago
Ok,now i get it...see you on the next wave!

Link to index by ishruhi - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Congrats Nisha for new journey
Posted: 4 years ago
Congratulations Nisha !!
Guess Ashvin and Trisha will join our long list of virtual  people you have created, to worry about, love to bits and hanker for more and more !

Wish you all the best !
Posted: 4 years ago
Bring  it on, the more the merrier. And we shall remain as always, truly yours! 

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