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Hi guys, 
Its been a long time since I wrote anything on Raya. Today after a long time I had the chance to pen down something. I was just seeing some old episodes of Raya and then it struck me that I didn't like the way Ram responded after consummation night. So thought of changing it . 

Scene starts with beautiful morning where our 2 love birds are sleeping blissfully in their king size bed. Their sleep was disturbed by a call on Priya's phone. 

R( without opening his eyes) : priya pickup the phone ya..
But Priya was not budging up... 
R: Priya get up . Your phone is ringing 
Getting no response from her Ram himself picked up the phone. The call was from Risabh.
R: Hello..
Ri: hello bhai. Good morning. Where is bhabhi?  Me and daddi are waiting for her. Today is holi na.. some pooja is there it seems and daddi wants bhabhi to be here .
R ( thinking of what to tell) : Arrey Rishabh, she is in bathroom yaar. I think she is getting ready, she will come down as soon as she is ready.
Ri:  oh.. ok bhai.. you too come down fast..
R: Rishabh , you know very well that I don't like holi. I am not coming anywhere. Your bhabhi will come. Play with her 
Ri: ok bhai. Bye. 
After cutting the phone, he turns to see his beautiful wife. Slowly he went near her and gave a slight peck on her lips. Priya's sleep was slightly disturbed by this.
P: What is this Mr.Kapoor? Why are you disturbing me? Atleast let me sleep now. 
R: Priya wake up... Rishabh called. They are waiting for you to do something pooja.
P(without opening her eyes):  Pooja? So early?? Don't lie Mr.Kapoor. Pooja is at 9 o clock.
R: Oh madam, it is not early. The time is already 9.30. But if you think it is still early, we can do something else to while away the time.
Hearing the time Priya tried to sit up but then understanding her condition, she covered herself in duvet. Seeing her struggle Ram gave her a mischievous smile.
R: What happened Priya? Why are you waiting. Go go get ready.
P: Mr.Kapoor. you think this is funny. Give me my dress. It is already late. What will everybody think if I go very late? What excuse will I give them? 
R: Why are getting hyper? We are a married couple. Nobody will question us if we go late. They themselves will understand. 
P: Exactly. That is the problem. Now give me my dress. 
R: No way. This is too bad Priya. You have not even given me a good morning kiss. I will not leave you till you give me a kiss. Or else if you are ok, you can go like this itself. I don't mind.
P: Please Mr.Kapoor. 
R: It is you who must please me wifey. Waise, I am your husband and I have already seen you.
Priya was blushing hard . He slowly came close to her, kissed her on her cheek and said softly, "waise we are a married couple, why are you behaving as if we have done some mischief.
He started to nuzzle her when her phone rang the second time. It was Rishabh again. Seeing that Priya got tensed up and tried to push him away. Ram got angry and he picked up the phone himself.
R: What is it Rishabh?
Ri: Wo.. bhai... bhabhi? 
R: She won't come now. She has some work here. 
Priya who was hearing the conversation was shocked with Ram's reply. Rishabh was also shocked on the phone.
Ri: What happened bhai? Is everything okay. 
R: Ya. Ya. Everything is fine but I got a small sprain in my leg and I need her, I mean her help for sometime. We will do one thing. We both will come down later. Inform dadi also. Bye.
Without giving him a chance to ask any further questions, Ram cut the call and turned to continue what he started.
But Priya was angry.
P: What is this Mr.Kapoor? Why did you tell like that?
R: Because I need you.
Slowly he came near her and started to give small pecks. Priya was slowly being pulled into his charms. She was barely controlling herself.
P: Mr.Kapoor, I want to go to holi. I want you to put colour on me first.
R: What is the necessary to go there for playing holi. We can play here. I will make you colorful with my colours. And you can give me your colours. 
P: Mr.Kapoor... please.. it will not be nice.. 
R: I don't care.. this is our time Priya. I have wasted 6 months. I don't want to waste even a single moment. 
P: Accha... What have you been doing from yesterday night...
R: It is not enough for me.Now no more talking. 
He crashed his lips on her. She too started responding. His hands were roaming all over her bare back. Her fingers were roaming in his hairs. Both were lost in each other that they didn't hear the door knock. It was Priya who first came to senses. She panicked and pushed him away..
R: What is this Priya? 
P: Mr.Kapoor.. someone is knocking the door. 
R: what...
P: Fast Mr.Kapoor... give me some dress. 
They scurried.. he gave her his kurta and sent her in. He went near the door and asked who it was. 
N: Fatty. Open the door. What are you doing? 
R: Neha... I can't. My leg is paining. Priya is in the washroom. So you go. I will ask Priya to come down as soon as she comes. 
N: oh.. ok.. you too try to come.. now I'm going.
R: uf...
He went into the changing  room where priya was trying to decide what to wear. She was looking fresh with water dropping from her hair in a bathrobe.
He hugged her from the back and hurried his face in her hair.
R:  you look sexy darling.
P: Leave me Mr.kapoor . Who was at the door? 
R:It was Neha..  I told her you are in the restroom and I can't the door as my leg is paining.
P: oh my God.. l must hurry now, leave me Mr.Kapoor. you too go and get ready. 
R: Good idea Priya..  Come we will get ready soon. 
Saying so he pulled her to the bathroom.  In spite of Priya's resistance, he successfully got her into the  and started giving wet kisses. Priya was hardly able to control her
P: Mr.Kapoor, please leave me. If somebody comes and knocks the door again means what will happen
R: I don't care.
He started kissing her and Priya too responded. When Ram's hold on her loosened a bit, she pushed him and went out and locked the bathroom. He got irritated and started knocking the door .
R: This is not fair Priya. You can't cheat me. I don't have permission even to romance my wife a...
P: Of course it is fair Mr.Kapoor. All is fair in love and war. We have our whole life ahead for romancing each other. Now we have to go for holi. So get ready fast and come down. I will be waiting for you.
R: Ha ok.. I will come.
P: By the way I will send bansi kaka to clean the room.
R: Arrey no need, I will clean this myself. Bad you go from here , or else if i come out, then I cam guarantee you we will not go down.
P: No need .. I am going. Bye.
R: Bye..
Then holi proceeded as per the show.
All your feedbacks are welcome.

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Posted: 2017-06-27T12:05:32Z
Will be awaiting for the story written by you my dear
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Posted: 2017-06-27T13:30:49Z

waiting let them come fast soon ohh RaYa miss you so much...

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Posted: 2017-06-27T14:33:16Z
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Posted: 2017-06-28T01:54:24Z
Awww after long time u update n it was awesome n hayee ram opp to the show wow we all miss Balh n Raya n pls keep writing like this plsss 
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Posted: 2017-06-28T02:24:08Z
Well written...
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Posted: 2017-06-28T04:47:27Z

awww awrsome I just loved Any story on this plot it's always treat to read abt RaYa first morning after consummation of love... amazing I just loved this all time Naughty Ram & equally getting culprit Priya by his charm... awesome if it didn't got disturbed many time Priya wasn't going to be left so soon by her Mr. Kapoor lol but never mind would like more from you like this stories in future do post soon...
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Posted: 2017-06-28T09:20:43Z
Ram was in full mode in romancing his wife more even after loving her whole night. Being a mischievous person teasing Priya too much who had only color of love of her husband with blush on her cheeks. It was beautiful written my dear unlike the show where Ram was kind off behaving strange to Priya after consummation of their marriage.
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