KTBM SS: If it's meant forever, then it's only with you! (Part2 Pg3)

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Those 30 mins sitting uptight in the ambulance were hard for him. He was nervous for he had never anyone to be concerned for, he was scared because he didn't wanted to loose her, he was shocked with the events running through his mind. Mentally he was cursing himself for he knew, he was somewhat responsible for this situation. Had he not shoven things on her, had he not provoked Romila, had he been a little more considerate towards his tanpura things would have been much much better. 

WAIT !!! He recalled. Did he just call her "His Tanpura". He was trying to figure out things, when the ambulance halted, ambulance gates were opened while he rushed by his tanpura's side to be with her. At that moment, he cared about none but her. 

Strolling in the lobby, it was the most difficult time for him. His brain was drawing up all figurative odds, making him fear more and more. If this happen or if that happen, then what ???
Surely he still had to figure out what's his heart is feeling for her, but certainly it was something. It was definitely something. It was pure and a sacred feeling, something which he hasn't felt since the past 18 years. 

He was craving for her presence. For once in life now he wanted to feel her presence, listen to her rant and smile cheekily when she's busy scolding him. He wanted to just see her now, it is all he wanted at the moment. The OT doors opened and doctor responded to the pleading questions of Karan "She's fine. We have successfully taken out carbon monoxide. It's deadly gas which could have led to her death or coma. But happily none is the case but". Karan's relief was again turned into anxiety "But what doctor, is there any danger. Speak the heck up. Does she need to be shifted to any other hospital with more facilities or what I'll call up specialized doctors here itself ..", putting a pause to unempited questions, doctor said "  Relax Karan. There isn't any need of all this because she is completely out of danger. All I am saying is we have to keep her under monitor for 24hours utmost for regular checkup. Nothing more than this. Relax" 

Karan was happy to hear. Finally he felt he could breathe. Doctor " Karan I haven't seen you anxious for someone. Is she a special lady". This left Karan shocked, did he just behave so anxiously, he thought. There was nothing for Karan to answer to doctor as he himself was still unsure of his feelings. Doctor patted his back and left.

                  ~~Berang Si Hai Badi Zindagi         
                 Kuchh Rang To Bharoon~~
                  ~~Main apni taanhiyo ke Waaste   
                 Abb kuch toh karoon~~

So hey guys I thought I should write abt this hospital scene which was missing in the show and basically was the heart of the show. 
Love You Guys!!!
Lemme know how's it :)
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Loved it
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Posted: 2017-06-03T19:41:16Z
Loved it..
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Posted: 2017-06-03T20:18:00Z
Superbb start!!
Plz continue soon!
And plz do pm me from next time!
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awesome short yet very powerful content I actually like the poly which Altu missed to show us... it would have been great to see RaShi in such powerful impact but never mind bring it on will love read further this will be new side of AriKa for us to exprinace as saw them emotionally very less so waiting for next do post next soon...

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Posted: 2017-06-03T21:46:33Z
Awesome start
Thats we want in web but...
Don't show separation
Eagerly waiting for ur next update dear
Plzz give regular updates
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Posted: 2017-06-04T00:57:53Z
Plzz update soon thanx for pm
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