OS on RaYa: Those Two Eyes.. A Unspoken Love..

Posted: 3 years ago
OS on RaYa: Those Two Eyes.. A Unspoken Love..

"10 years, 10 years completed, till I m love with her, it's Unspoken Love, where is she, don't know, she was in journalism filed and I was in fine arts, Yaa like photography, sketching, paintings, and much more, she was nature, first day when I was saw her, her smile precious, her eyes a so much things speak by her eyes, when she was talking just like... no finds words for her, 5 years we both are in same college but totally poles a part, 3 years I don't know her name, only I know about her filed which was journalism, she was have one friend, she always came with him, go with him, may be that's her boyfriend, when we both are in master, 3rd year, I know about her name, Priya Sharma, class A, roll no. 38 and her phone number 98925***** because of her I'd, which was she lost in exhibition hall, she lost Yaa she forget I don't know, and I mad men, took that I'd and gave to that her head of department, arrghhh I was that day mad, I found her I'd, I know about her roll no, I know about her name, I know about her class division, even her year too, I had her number also, I had mobile, a personal mobile, why I was gave that I'd to her head that time I lost my chance to talked with her, but still I remember her number, but that number is change now, I don't know where is she now, but still I am searching her, when she find me I will told her about my Unspoken Love...

"You complete your target now, you can go to your home leave that place...

"5 years I gave from my life to these news channel, as a crime, television, & sports news head, I m reporter, but I m search those two eyes, who stalking me when I was doing my masters in journalism, he was in fine arts, he is artist, one time I was went in exhibition hall look for painting, who make by students and his painting was also in that, I saw his painting that was on army & farmers, that was his think, that is we can't peaceful sleep without army & too farmers that is army protected us & farmers provide us food, nice thought, I was fall for his painting, that's why I took my I'd on his painting board, but that duffer boy her took my I'd to head of department, but I always saw him, whenever I went to his campus, he started stalking me, Buddhu.. I was saw in his eyes love for me, he never came Infront of me, only stalking me! I don't know where is now he, 10 years completed our college over, one girl always with him don't know who was she, our Unspoken Love, even I don't know about his name, only I know his signature that is R.K... I was search his name only RK on internet but no use.. whenever I met him, I will told him about my Unspoken Love towards him... ohh sorry, I fall in love first time in his painting then it's continue so long...

"What are you thinking here so long came we have to move for Delhi, today she said..

"Oh sorry I forget he said..

"Then can we move now she asked him..

"Yaa sure he said..

"Hi buddy, our dream came true he said..

"For what kind off she asked..

"We both attend, your exclusive and your dream and your so call Unspoken Love towards paintings exhibition he said..

"Are you serious, I mean we both attend only one lead that's the sport's she said..

"Of course I m serious, coz team leader, faith on us so much, they wanted, we both when came together that time their show always hit he say..

"Ahh, we both are flop ok she said

"Mood off he asked..

"Yaa so much she say..

"Don't tell me you think again on that R.K he asked..

Priya- yeah  buddy..

"Who is that R.K, he going to be a mystery men for me he say..

Priya- ok, I know that you always fun on my R.K so stop it, when was I told you that, he always stalking me, you always denial that, stupid..

"You stupid, I always told you that go and asked him but you scared and now you waiting for him, 10 years we ended our college he say..

Priya- now stop don't started over again.. plz can we move now...

"Yaa why not he say..

Priya- tell me one thing, your would be fiancee when she came..

"May be she came tomorrow and you won't believe she was same studies in our college he said..

Priya little surprised- what seriously..

"Yaa and she did her study in fine arts, she was junior, that's why we don't know her... he say..

Priya- oh!

"When we did our masters, that time she was did her degree 2nd year he say..

Priya- OK, don't tell me you never saw her or never meet her..

"I swear, I never meet her & saw her too, maa found these alliance for me, from Mumbai, I asked her why Mumbai, she told me that she wanted meet her friends when her daughter in law went to her home, she also went with her there he say..

Priya- that's good, and they both seat in car..

"Tell me one thing, when you will get married he asked..

Priya- not o soon and more over I m not interested in marriage..

"Tell me straight that you will never love with any one he say..

Priya only look to him..

"If he get married & he have kids then he asked..

Priya look him in anger..

"OK, sorry no fun on that he say...

And Priya look out side..

He reached at Delhi, with her..

"Exhibition is here, that's why I came here, all media will cover that exhibition, I hope she will also in that, after that small party and then again back to Mumbai, she did her master's in journalism, may be she joined the job as reporter, I m waiting for the day when exhibition will happen, he reached at one apartment, they both got down from car..

Priya & he reached in there apartment, enter in lift, he asked..

He- you came for dinner today..

Priya- no you all carry on, I will cook for myself..

"What will you cook, I know that he say..

Priya- look don't started over again, my head started ache so plz for god sake don't talked till your floor came..

He- huuhhh! And he pouted..

Priya look at him and said- one sec and she open her bag took out white stripe and stick on his mouth, it's better and she smiled & waiting for his stop..

Lift stop on his floor, she bye to him..

He came to his home with glued mouth and ring the bell of door..

Door open, she look at him and started laughing..

He shocked to see her, he quickly pulled out stripe from his mouth, little bit wincing in pain and asked- how you came here, you told me you will came tomorrow Neha..

Neha look at him and control her laugh- when we talked on phone..

He- last night..

Neha- last night I told you I will came tomorrow and tomorrow is today, came in now, Vikram you always forget everything, I know you have work load, that doesn't means you forget days also..

Vik- yaa I am sorry and he entered in..

Neha- who stick a strip on your mouth..

Vik- stupid did these, coz she wants some peace from my bak..bak..baks..

Neha- very good..

Vik- very bad, by the way where is maa..

Neha- she went for temple..

Vik- ok, is big B came..

Neha- Yaa he is in room..

Vik- ok, I'll came with in minutes...

Neha- can I called your stupid for dinner..

Vik- she will not came, I asked her when we came..

Neha- ok, but I asked her once..

Vik- go head, and call her by my mobile coz she never picked up unknown number..

Neha- OK and he went to his room, she unlock his mobile and called I'd stupid.. but she didn't pick the calls..

Priya look I'd Vikram she refused to pick the call and put her cell on silent and also switched off the door bell and took her dinner, went for sleep...

Vikram came and asked- what happened, she pick up the call..

Neha- no..

Vik- may be she sleeping, she will meet morning..

Neha- OK..

Next day, Priya reached office so early coz, she & Vikram cover all exhibition, that's why she reached office so early morning and today she took one interview of person, who is doing photography, a nature photography, for youth these program held, she came out from editor room, with some files & papers and suddenly she bumped with person and her files & papers fall down from her hand, she irritated and she without look at figure, she started scolding- don't you have eyes, why all are irritating me like these, oh god, again I have to adjust the important papers again my time waste in this, how can I prepare to interview now, and she collect that papers..

That figure also bend and stared her and say- st.joesph college, master's in journalism, 3rd year, roll no.38, phone number- 98925*****, Priya Sharma..

Priya look at that figure and that eyes familiar to her and again she look at him- R.K.. paintings, master's in fine arts..

R.K- right.. she collect all the papers and they both again stood on there foots..

Priya- you here.. I mean 10 years..

R.K- oh, actually my interview is held here, for photography, give some inspiration, some moral things, give some good Wise to youths..

Priya- but.. let it be.. and she forward her hand for hand shake, a formal hand shake both of them...

R.K- nice to see you again..

Priya- ahh... little give him confused look..

R.K- I mean after long time we meet that why I..

Priya- no it's OK..

Same time, editor called Priya and she excuse herself..

R.K- oh my god! Again I met her, 10 years she never change bit, oh my god, my happiness have no bounds, she meet you again, you just told her about your love.. no.. direct love, no, it's not good, first you friendship with her, if she married then, you.. it's better you started from friendship and he smiled..

Some one came there and he went with him in interview room..

In editor cabin...

Editor- you have to go for out door news story cover, sorry I know I told you that you take that interview but it's on crime and you are the best for that so plz..

Priya- it's OK, I cover that story but one request to you..

Editor- Yaa plz..

Priya- I wanted meet RK once, if you don't mind can I meet him now..

Editor- not now but after you came you can..

Priya- but interview will not for 2 hrs na..

Editor- it's extend for 3 hrs shoot...

Priya- but you said that it's live na...

Editor- Yaa but some reason it's going normal interview so that's first shoot then next day will telecast..

Priya- OK thanks..

Editor- any reason, you wanted to meet him..

Priya- not special reason, just only normal meet, you cancel my interview with him..

Editor- sorry for that..

Priya- just kidding, now I m leaving OK, bye and take a leave from there..

RK wait for her, but she left from there and he asked to somebody about her- excuse me! Can I asked you who took my interview..

Staff member- actually Priya mam took your interview but she went for another cover story..

RK- OK.. and he little bit disappointed on that..

Priya came from her cover story and went to see interview is over or not, it's going on and took relief breathe, a break held in interview for half hour, RK came near her..

RK- hi, with smile..

Priya smile- hi, how is going to interview..

RK- it's going good..

Priya- Maddy is good..

RK- who..

Priya- who asked you all questions which is seat opposite towards you..

RK- ohh..

Priya only smile..

Little silent between them, what to talk and how to start the talk, a long 5 minutes, RK break the silence..

RK- so how many years you work here..

Priya- 5 years..

RK- nice..

Priya- Yaa and both smile..

RK- will you be my friend and extend his hand..

Priya look at him in little confused, little angry, little surprised, she don't know, she accepts that friend relation or not, she stood there for moment and someone Brock that moment, staff called RK for interview and he went from there, Priya came to her cabin..

Priya thoughts- 10 years, I waste my 10 years on him, for hear that "will you be my friend, oh god, how can he say that, I thought he love me, I don't care, I told him about my Unspoken Love, I don't care, he married or not, I don't care he have kids or not, but I can't live without tell him about my Unspoken Love..

A knocked on her cabin, RK peep in cabin and he came in..

RK- hi..

Priya- came seat, I wanted to speak with you, for only 5 minutes, after that I have to leave for another work..

RK smile - OK..

Priya- look I can't be your friend, never think on that, I don't care, you married or not, I don't care you have kids or not, but I waste my whole 10 years of my life on you and your these eyes who stalking me, when we are in college, I don't know why you stalking me, but that your eyes express so much that time for me, if I don't said my situation to you now here after I can't live peaceful life, so Mr.RK I m in love with you, those in your eyes who stalking me when we are in college, that time I was scared to tell you but today I got the chance to tell you, that I love you, by soul, by heart, by mind, I m in love, I clear about my feeling, I don't know how it happened but I wanna feel you all over my life's end, but I know it's too late and I can understand, this is what I tell you, don't think on that, bye I have to go and she leave from there...

RK awestricken by her confession, he only think about start friendship with her but she confessed her love towards him, she love him last 10 years from college days, and he fool only think that he started the relation with friendship, he lost the chance, now what next.. he look at her desk and found visiting card on that he took that and left the place..

Priya on her next cover story think about her confession but in heart she feel relief that she finally told him about her Unspoken Love towards him last 10 years like hell for her, she cursed herself for that, she didn't express her feelings towards him and today she confessed that without any expecting from him and left that place without any answer, she don't care about his answer, she only care that she confessed her Unspoken Love, she taking relief breathe... and she happy for that, finally she said all that... her thoughts break by her cell ring, she look that I'd, it's unknown number, she cut that call, she never pick up unknown number...

Evening, Vikram came to her home with Neha, she open the door with smile..

Vikram introduce them- stupid meet my future wife Neha Kapoor & Neha she is Priya Sharma..

Priya- what is wrong with you, Vikram, you stupid OK..

Vik- how rude!

Priya- what rude in stupid!

Vik- you said all these at entrance..

Priya- oh sorry, came in..

They three came in..

Priya- where is aunty..

Vik- she went to invite..

Priya- invite for what!

Vik- you forget stupid!

Priya- what I did now..

Vik- stupid these Sunday me & Neha get engaged, you forget..

Priya rubbed her head and say- sorry.. just.. sorry..

Neha- it's OK Priya, sometimes happens, coz of work load..

Priya- by the way congratulations..

Vik- thank you.. it's means you will not came for engagement..

Priya- who say these stupid things to you, of course I will, and I will be side of Neha..

Vik- why, his brother with her why you taking her side..

Priya- then give me some respect!

Neha little irritated- aaggrrhh how much you both fights..

Priya- Neha I told you, these is nothing, when we started fighting almost all apartment on our head, if in future he say anything bad to you then came to me I will beat him..

Neha- promise!

Priya- promise! Pinky promise and she hi-fi with her..

Vik- these is not fair yaar, Neha I will complain about you to big bro.

Priya- big bro!

Neha- my brother, ram kapoor..

Priya- ohh..and she smiled..

They three talked endlessly for long time..

Sleeping time, Priya check her mobile, show the 51 miss call from one number repeated, a unknown number- who's these number tomorrow I will check through office land line and she draft to sleep..

Next day, she forget about miss call..

Vikram came to her cabin and say- oye stupid..

Priya reading something- what..

Vik- we have to move for exhibition cover story..

Priya- Yaa let's move..

In car,

Priya asked him- who's exhibition..

Vik- ram kapoor..

Priya- neha's big bro..

Vik- yaa..

Priya- good, by the way, finally I confessed my feelings to RK..

Vik- who RK..

Priya look at him and said- your mystery men..

Vik- where you met him..

Priya- last day he was came to our channel, for interview..

Vik- which interview..

Priya open her mouth to say and her mobile ring and that conversation stop there, after call end she told to Vikram that she can't cover that story coz she have to move for her speciality that is crime, and her team pick from other car and Tisha will join him for exhibition..

RK called her but she refused to pick unknown number, and he so much desperate to talk with her, told about his situation over these 10 years but unluckily she didn't pick her calls, so he stop calling and visit once channel office for her but she was on outdoor duty.. he asked about her next day schedule but they told that she will came next week on work and again his disappointed...

On engagement day..

Neha- woke up big bro, it's morning..

Ram woke up, Neha look him and asked- what happened to your eyes, you not sleep well..

Ram- nothing, just normal..

Neha- OK, plz be fast Bhai, it's too late, 11 am engagement time, you remember na..

Ram- Yaa I know, by the way who is stupid, I mean he is talking about her lot, that's why I m asking..

Neha- his bestie from childhood, they both fights, argument with each other but never parts their ways..

Ram smile and say- that's call friendship..

Neha look half painting which is only eyes are drawn on that- who's half painting..

Ram- it's a dream, nothing else..

Neha- ohh ok, get fast OK.

Ram smile- Yaa..

Only family members, friends came their for engagement..

Vikram asked to his mother- where is stupid maa..

Sunita- she went to receive your engagement rings..

Vikram little shocked- what! These time maa..

Sunita- arrye jeweller told me he was send the rings but he forget, so she went there..

Vik- maa it's already 10:45, only 15 minutes are remaining..

Sunita- oh ho, why are you so tensed, don't worry, she came on time..

Vik- OK, but I have to call her, first and he dialed her number and came out from room and seat beside Neha..

Priya- Yaa stupid speak..

Vik- where are you..

Priya- in car..

Vik- don't started any other topic, seriously say where are you..

Priya- back to home, on way..

Vik- when will you reached..

Priya- 10 minutes bye and she cut the call..

On 11 am she didn't came to home, and Vikram called her..

Vik- where are you stupid..

Priya little irritated- lift and she cut the call..

Ram asked- what..

Vik- in lift..

Ram- why didn't you tell me about rings, I go myself and collect yaar..

Vik- relax bro she is so much punctual girl, she is on time..

And same time she entered in house..

Vik- thank God you came..

Priya- you thought I m running from Delhi with your rings, how cheap you think..

Ram look at her and smile..

Priya give the rings to Sunita, engagement ritual started and she stood near corner, with smile on face..

Vikram & Neha exchange the rings all are claps..

Ram slowly came near Priya and tap on her shoulder, she turned and look at him..

Ram smile..

Priya little confused- you! What are you doing here, if you came here to understand me about anything then, you totally insulting my feelings..

Ram- keep quite OK, function is going on and these function is my sister's so keep quite..

Priya look at him anger and cross her arms near chest..

Ram- listen I wanted to talked with you right now but not here, place is your..

Priya glaring him..

Ram- don't give me any look.. other wise..

Priya little in anger tone- what..

Ram- I will declared that you proposed me..

Priya look him wide-eyed..

Ram- what! Don't look at me, I can do these.. you don't trust me, now just wait and he called Vikram..

Vikram turned to him- yes big bro..

Ram look at Priya, she pleading him through her eyes..

Ram- wo actually I think that we should think about fix the marriage date very soon, what do you think aunty..

Neha- don't tell me Bhai you were so much desperate to kick me out of house..

Ram in kidding tone- Yaa I think also same and all are smiling..

Again everybody busy in function..

Ram asked her again- so what do you think..

Priya have no option- ok follow me, but don't tell to anyone..

Ram smile on his victory..

Priya excuse from function for sometime and she came to her home, ram follows her, and they enter in her home..

Ram- nice house..

Priya- you came here to talked with me not appreciate my house..

Ram- Yaa but I thought how to start topic, that's why I said..

Priya- in our exam papers examiner want one sentence answer and you gave them full 3 page ease..

Ram- you always talk like these Yaa I m special one from that day when said all your feelings towards me..

Priya only give him look..

Ram- OK, woh actually, I just said that ahh, woh, yeh..

Priya look him and say- what, yeh, woh speak properly..

Ram- just one minute and he turned himself..

Priya didn't understand what's he doing..

Ram to himself- speak up man, don't nervous yourself man, be a man and he motivated himself and again turn to himself towards her..

Priya only stares him..

Ram- woh actually that day, I was said like that..

Priya- like what..

Ram- I was said you that day..

Priya- which day, and she raised her eyebrows..

Ram- arrye you said all that day to me na..

Priya know what he speak- what I said..

Ram- woh..

Priya- what woh.. what are you saying...

Ram stop for a moment and again he turned..

Priya- what are you doing RK, you came here to see how I m suffered, see I tell you just go from here, else I will kill you..

Ram turn and hold her directly by her waist and pulled her close to him, she skipped her breath & her heart beats running fastly, her body get cold because of his touched, she lost in his touched..

Ram- now don't say anything till am I over, got it..

Priya only nodded..

Ram- see I stalking you in college because of you these those Eyes, who drive me crazy always, I don't know why, but these your eyes give me peace in my life.. that's why I always stalking you, but never told you about my feelings towards you never... if I get married, if I have kids then, you will be my wife, you will be mother of our child.. you want feel me life time then I m also feel you for life time.. by soul, by heart, by mind.. last 10 years you cursed yourself like me, why don't speak love towards you, but now all my sense I tell you that I LOVE YOU from college days till now and in future also, we both know we can't love with another man or woman coz we love each other, that was Unspoken Love, I was waiting for you till now, you also like me, it's too late but all well it's end well..

Priya said in low tone- what kind of man you are..

Ram- what I did..

Priya- I thought you proposing in well mannered but you spoiled everything..

Ram- what..

Priya- you are so much unromantic, but perfect for me..

Ram smile- sure na..

Priya nodded in yes and her eyes filed with tears..

Ram- I m...

Priya- will you marry me..

Ram- that's why I am waiting for these till day..

Priya- you can't proposed me but give me proper answer..

Ram- yes! and he little brushed his lips towards her lips, she feel that..

Ram asked her- past three days I called you, why don't you pick my calls..

Priya little confused- when you call me..

Ram said the number.

Priya Remember- oh that your number..

Ram- yes Ms.sharma & would be Mrs.kapoor..

Priya- sorry RK, i love you ram..

Ram- a Unspoken Love story the end..

Priya- now onwards spoken love story will start and they started kiss each other, there kiss turn into possionate one...

The End..


Love RaYa & AkiRa...

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Posted: 3 years ago
Very nice story and long UPDATE with their whole love story in it.
Two souls who was some how connected in past and destiny again made them face each other with a confession of feelings they have of love.
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Posted: 3 years ago
Cute and sweet os..
It's amazing how you find time to write such cute ones...
Thanks and do write more...
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Posted: 3 years ago
Sweet love story.
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 3 years ago
Awesome OS
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Posted: 3 years ago

if I m not wrong this I your most longest one story in one update on RaYa awww awesome to see two soulmates unspoken love story this way RaYa is really a soulmates so as Ram is Golu & Priya is Hitler lol they are just perfect for each other in each story with every character in which we portray them love the concept & story a lot & loved RaYa th most waiting for more stories from you hope you post soon...

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Posted: 3 years ago
so nice. lovely. always loved to read some thing about RaShi. RaYa. sweet n cute os.thanks for pm
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Posted: 3 years ago
Sorry for late commt but sachi lovd it n it was awesome
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