Arjuna- exploring an ideal human's physiques

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Posted: 2017-05-31T21:02:28Z

After reading too many bashes in many thread I decide to write this.
No one can have the doubt in Draupadi' s love for Arjun
But the unanswered question is Arjun's love for her.
It's purely my analysis
He loved her as she
He opposed to break celibacy only for her, intially with uloopi
His shock of life was his mother's statement to share his wife with his brothers. In the world were we won't spare our  chocolate with our siblings, sharing a wife won with dedication and skill. But his life's rule which he designed for himself is never to speak a single word against his mother and eldest brother whom he revered as his father. He allowed her to be shared, and maintained harmony with his brothers, with his love concealed in deep core of heart.
He had went to a twelve years exile to respect the oath given to her in wedding. He came with Subhadra, he might have loved her but surely as not much he would have cared Draupadi. Because Draupadi was not just his wife
An elder bhabhi is mother and younger bhabhi should be tamed as a daughter.
He shared these bonds to with her
 When she was dishonored in the hall, he never spoke a word, while his elder brother bhim was  greatly throwing words of annoyment. He was in deep sway. He was silent. Silent is not nothing, it is more than hundred words , it means he would cast his word before enemies when his ytime comes to revenge the crooks for their deeds. He went in quest of pasupata astra for her, he hesitatingly participated in kurukshetra for her, though he knows it would cause great destruction and to re-establish dharma, thats what neeps repair after a kulvadhu is humiliated
He did , he showed his silent affection , which can't be read but understand.
PS this is my first attempt to analyse
Sorry if I have offended anyone
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Posted: 2017-05-31T23:14:49Z
Your first attempt is good. Continue your good work.
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Posted: 2017-06-01T00:52:34Z
amazing dear ClapClap
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Posted: 2017-06-01T02:56:36Z
Originally posted by ltelidevara

Your first attempt is good. Continue your good work.
Thanks didi, I would make such analysis against wrong assumption
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Posted: 2017-06-01T02:57:21Z
Originally posted by bubulswt

amazing dear ClapClap
Thankyou so much
For encouraging
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