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All ppl here are in love with your story
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Originally posted by diadecember

All ppl here are in love with your story

Aren't you, Dia?
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Yeh intezaar ke lamhe bade lambe hote hain. Katne ka naam hi nahi lete...
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Ye Lamhe, Ye Pal Hum Barso Yaad Karenge,
Ye Mausam Chale Gaye Tho Hum Fariyaad Karenge
Ye Lamhe, Ye Pal Hum Barso Yaad Karenge,
Ye Mausam Chale Gaye Tho Hum Fariyaad Karenge...
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@TaranaGeet: Congrats on being the first after a long time. Beautiful analysis and pov Tarana. I was in smiles all along. And I agree with
every word you say. I strongly believe that time is the best healer. and that everyone should have a coping mechanism like maan.
Take your time, calm your mind, think things through and then react. else, the damage done is pretty dangerous.
About the confession and losing control,
let me surprise you a little more.Wink

@Rashmi di: Maan didn't say anything to her. he asked her to go so that he could take his time and calm his mind. Why was it wrong?
he didn't react. over reaction tho dur ki baat hain.
 ab brain ko pata hain ki sad hain pet ko thode...LOLLOL
geet ko yaad rahega ke have to find out. Wink

thank you for the lovely words. To remember or not to, thats the question!LOL

@PaintedSky: awww... kuch nahi hoga? lets see what fate has planned.LOLWink

thank you so much for the comment. anger needs time and of course our little tornado has been tormented so much
what will happen... thats my question too!LOL

@its_me: thanks for your words. If you are at the edge of your seat, prepare yourself to fall down.Wink

@idunno: hey, don't worry about comments. take your time. I loved how you portrayed their relationship. very transparent,
very divine... nothing can besmirch the bond that they share.
beautiful yaa...Heart

I loved your comment... thanks so much for being here. HugAnother surprise form me? Wink
Sure. I am nothing if not a surprise package!

@lively-piia: Welcome back ones again. So glad to see you. but what you said is true no. If only people realized that, so many will lead a
happy life.Embarrassed

@Redross: Indeed raat abhi baaki hain mere dost...Wink

@Sandy: relationships being pendulums are so true... for maaneet and for people like us. we just can't be the same with everyone right?
"The dead don't suffer..." they are my words, to answer your question. The quotes are always duly credited.Embarrassed

@uluvmg: thank you sweets for the lovely comment. special dating? lets see what can be done.Wink
the song? its still there on the first page.

@maaneetsangel: ahh I love it when you love me.
it makes me love you more. Big smile

@dalur: Maan is the standard of Gold these days!
"Come back home geet.." tbh, I was a little teary eyes when I wrote it. it is always overwhelming to have someone who cares for you
and loves you unconditionally.

@ALL: I enjoyed reading all your comments and your prediction
about whether Geet will remember or not. LOL
How about another surprise then?Wink
Warning: Hold Your Hearts ladies and Gentlemen (if there are any gentlemen that is..)ErmmLOL

54.Aesthetics of An Instant...

"I love you. Isn't that proof enough?

He realized what he blurted out and she froze in the moment with his words echoing in her head. She was lying down and he was tucking her in and they froze that instant. Pretenses are hard to live with and with the fluctuations of time and heart, they are bound to slip and bare your soul without your knowledge. That aesthetics of an instant could have such profound effect, none could ever imagine.
She kept looking at him without blinking, deep into his eyes and even he looked as stunned. She searched his eyes but she found it concealed.

"Maan... she whispered, "What did you just say?

He gulped hard. Love was dangerous for his health. That moment when he had blurted out, he knew he was messing things up. Things were going out of control.  He quickly concealed his emotions and blinked to break the eye contact.

"I... I said... he fumbled, "I like your clumsiness...

Her heart was beating so fast and so loud that she couldn't even hear clearly what he said.

"Say it again...

He bit his cheek and took a step back, "I said you are drunk and that you should sleep. You shouldn't have drunk empty stomach.

She was sure he said something else. He turned to leave when she held his hand and stopped him.

"Geet... he took a deep breath in and didn't even turn back to face her. He needed time to think through this.

"Don't go. she squeaked.

He twisted his wrist and freed himself.


He walked away, turning off the lights of her room and marched straight into the study.

What in the world did he do?

He leaned over his table, his hands resting on the edge and sighed, "Maan... Get a grip on yourself.

He rubbed his face with his palms and decided to catch up with a few mails to calm his nerves. He realized he had never been this anxious and jittery about conveying his feelings. He was a straight forward person. Then why this hesitation?

Because she isn't ready.

His inner voice screamed. He sighed.

"Then what is 'getting ready'? he questioned himself and paced around the room, tapping replies on his phone and informing his family about him missing the flight because of some meeting that he couldn't have avoided.

The tick-tock of the wall clock kept his company and he felt himself slowly calming down. She was asleep, that was a relief. Her presence was a constant storm in his life now. He wanted to shower all his love on her, pamper her, make her smile and listen to all her ranting, good or bad... But knowing her silly self, he knew it was a far-fetched dream.

He decided to finally be done with a few charts when he heard faint footsteps behind him and quickly turned back. His eyes widened in surprise.


Dressed in 3/4th pyjamas and a cute polka dotted top, she flashed a cheeky smile, her hands clasped with each other behind her back.

"Hi... she spoke cutely.

"Weren't you asleep? he narrowed his brows.

"Mujhe neend nahi aa rahi Maan... she pouted. He sighed.

"Try sleeping. He cut her off.

"I did.

"Try harder. He spoke, crossing his arms across his chest. She was like a child right now and he, her parent.

"I can't. Can I stay here please?

Her speech was still a little slurry.

"I am working on something important Geet...

She twisted her lips, "Work work work... boring Monster.

She mumbled under her breath.

"Did you say something?

"Ahh.. No No...Can I stay here please?


"I won't make a noise. Promise. She pinched the skin of her neck and he couldn't deny that cuteness in her. He melted as easy as wax of a candle.

"You won't make a noise.

She nodded her head vigorously, "I won't make a noise. I...I will just read a book.

"Okay. he shrugged and watched her hop towards the bookshelf.

He turned back and looked into his charts, reading the facts and figures. A few good moments of silence were broken by a sound of something falling and he turned to her immediately.

"You okay?

She stood by the shelf and there was a fat book lying by her feet.


He sighed, "Careful now.

He tried getting back into his work but her presence was so so feel-able. So prominent that it didn't let him think.


He put the pen down and looked behind to find her on the floor.

"What are you doing Geet? he asked with a stern voice.

"I.. I was trying to get the book from the top shelf and lost my balance.

In two strides he was right beside her, "are you okay?

He forwarded his hand to help but she ignored. Drunk Geet was crazy, he made a mental note.

"I am fine... haha ha... I am fine... she stood up with a little difficulty and lost her balance again. He held her by her waist and steadied her.

"ha ha ha thanks..

"Did you get your book?

She waved the book in front of him and giggled, "yep...

"Good. Now sit quietly and read. he helped her sit on the armchair and went back to his work, sighing. She was tough to handle when she was drunk. A smile crept on his lips as he pushed away a stack of papers to clear the table for more.

"Ummm.. Umm... how weird?

Her voice distracted him again and he rolled his eyes.

"Now what? he sighed and looked at her. She was sitting on the chair and had slipped down. Her legs rested on the ottoman and she was trying to read the book.
Peeping out of it, she glanced at him, "I can't read the book.

He sighed in defeat. The work was gone now.

"And why can't you? he tried maintaining his cool.

"The words... I can't seem to understand. See..they just don't make sense. she
forwarded the book to him and not finding anything else to do, he walked to her and took a look.

"Geet... he called out to her lovingly.

"Umm Maan?

"How will you understand if you hold the book upside down?

She had that "Aha! moment on her face like she was bestowed with great enlightenment.

"Ohh... that's why... thank you Maan. You are genius.

He rolled his eyes in exasperation and glanced at his table and then back at her. He knew he was done for the day. The woman in front of him was still trying to read the book with a hazy mind. He sighed and snatched the book from her.

"Enough now.

She frowned, "hey give that back..

He closed the book and kept it in the bookshelf, "Time to sleep. Come on now..

She got up from her place and ran close to him, trying to get hold of the book, "No. I want to read. Give me that.

He blocked her way, "You are not in your senses Geet.

She marched a step closer to him, frowning, "Its not me Monster Khurana... you are not in your senses. Give me that book and leave me alone.

"Stop arguing. He held her hand tried to drag her back to her room but she wouldn't budge.

"I won't go... she launched a protest.

"Why are you so impossible? he snapped.

"You are mean... she twisted her lips.

"That I am. Come now you stubborn kid...

He tried pulling her from her place but she just refused to move. One jerk with a little more force made her lose her orientation and she fell on his chest, hitting her nose hard.

"Ahhh..ahhh... she rubbed her nose, her eyes watering already.

He panicked, "Uh Oh.. show me. did you hit hard?

"Umm... " she nodded.

He leaned closer and checked her nose which was turning red. She sniffed. He raised his eyes and looked into the teary ones. She was still rubbing her nose. He held both her hands and stopped her movements, "I am sorry...

He said ever so lovingly that she couldn't help getting captivated by his words. Such a charmer he was!

"sniff... she pouted, "its okay.

He smiled a little and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, "Is it still hurting?

She looked down and nodded.

He didn't know what came over him. He leaned closer and pecked her little red nose.

"it will be fine. He smiled.

She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes that spoke more than he could ever express verbally. And she found herself floating in them. Something she witnessed for the very first time and she felt attracted to those eyes. They held so much more than she could understand and he didn't conceal them like he had back
in her room.

How many times has she seen those exact same eyes?

She wondered but then felt so different. So overwhelming... so endearing and so enchanting. The eye-lock was something soothing and exiting at the same time. He didn't break the contact. He took her innocence into him through his eyes; the beauty in his arms was his undoing. He left a ragged breath that tickled her lips. They were close, she realized and extremely close. Her skin erupted in goose pimples as his hot breath mingled with hers and her stomach somersaulted. Her eyes flicked to his lips and something just told her to give into that temptation.

He watched the movement of her eyes... from his lips to his eyes and felt himself losing. She leaned closer first and he did too...the effect of action and reaction. Her eyes closed and he felt her breath on her face. Their noses touched and his lips gently brushed against hers. Heartbeats raced and then stopped for a moment.
She sighed in pleasure with that gentle touch of love and leaned further into his embrace; her hands now grabbing his arms tightly. In such a delicate moment, her nail might have scratched him a little that made him open his eyes to find themselves in such a predicament.

He stopped right there. This was not right. Not when she wasn't in her senses. She was too naive to understand. He left a long ragged breath and bit his lips. Leaning closer, he rested his forehead against her, trying to bring her out of the haze that they had been in. A beautiful haze.

The passage of time made her aware of his skin touching hers and she sighed.
Something she knew she missed... something incredibly beautiful.

"Maan... she whispered, her eyes still closed. Their foreheads still touching. His
fingers now gently caressing her cheek.

"its okay... he replied softly.

Their breaths still irregular but not out of control. She clutched him tighter.

"About...about what you said back then...I... love...

He kept a finger on her lips and stopped her from saying more.

"Shh... its okay. Its nothing.


"Just don't think about it okay. wo tumhara kaam nahi hain.

"But I want to know...

"When the time comes, I will let you know. Don't think about it now. its my
problem. Not yours.

He broke off from her and carried her back to her room. She remained quiet, sleepy perhaps and he wouldn't have it any other way. Tucking her in the bed, he pressed a kiss on her forehead, "Good night little storm... sleep well.

He whispered in her ears and walked away, holding his heart that still thudded with just the thought of what could have transpired between them had he not stopped at the right moment.


She sat waiting for her turn for the meeting with the HR of the company she had interviewed for. It was still an hour before lunch and she was yet to be called. A simmering headache endured. She had woken up and found herself on her bed. The last she remembered was she was with her friends back in the pub. And everything else was hazy. Unclear. She looked at her phone and recalled the time when her friend had called to ask about her whereabouts.

" were on a call with someone and then you went home.

Her friend had said. She quickly glanced through her call log and found Maan in her list. She was pretty drunk it seems and he brought her home. She freshened and up, lost in her thoughts. Did he not go to the wedding? She was sure she had seen him last night. Her doubts were cleared when his smiling face greeted her at the breakfast table. To say that she was surprised was an understatement.

"Maan, what are you doing here? You had a flight to catch last night, right?

He placed the plate on the table and gestured her to sit, "I missed the flight.

"What? she couldn't have believed that. Him missing the flight?

So not him!

He smiled and she sighed.

"Yeah. I had an urgent meeting and I couldn't have missed it.

She sat with her plate and he sat too not letting his face reveal anything about his intentions. She narrowed her brows, "What meeting?

He rolled his eyes, "Tha ek. Don't bother. Its done now.

"Meeting and I don't know? What are you hiding? she was sure he had no meetings lined up.

I am not your PA for nothing you cunning monster.

He looked straight into her eyes and she felt her stomach flip with the intensity. It felt oddly familiar and very new to her.

"Yeah it was sudden... Now hurry up. You have some interview lined up right?

She zapped back to reality with the noise in the surrounding. A smile crept on her lips as her heart warmed up and so did her cheeks. She felt happy.

I know why you came back you Monster...and even though she is your close cousin, I don't know why but I am oddly happy that you are here.

"Oh Kanha... Help me. What is happening to me these days?

Her heartbeats echoed in her ears and she admitted to herself that she was happy that he was here, with her. She had been brave enough to ask him to go and convinced them that she could stay alone the whole weekend. But only she knew how scared she was. She was not alone now. She had people who cared about her. She was a family now. She had Maan now.

He sat alone in the office, lost in his thoughts. He didn't have much work because he had rescheduled everything because of his trip. He had been sceptical about leaving her alone and he had called her up, after calming himself down. The previous night remained fresh in his mind. He wasn't scared of her questions but he was sceptical about her reaction. Being himself, he would have told her the truth if she asked. But she didn't. Did she remember? If she did, she would have questioned him.

He was losing control over himself. And losing control is what Maan Khurana hated in life. She came like a storm and swept him with her. He smiled and rested his head back on the back rest. The silence of the office helped him soothe his senses. His eyes fell on her cabin next door. She won't be there anymore.

His little tornado...she was growing wings!

She spent the day catching up with college work the mail popped in her inbox. She jumped in delight. She was selected for the job and she could start it as early as a week later. Excited, she dialed his number and mumbled to herself.

"That Monster works even on Saturdays...uff...

He picked up the phone after a few rings and found her squealing at the other end.

"Maan... Maan... Maan... I got the job. I got the Job...yayyy...

His smile widened, "Congratulations Geet... that's very good news.

"yes yes... I wasn't expecting a mail before Monday but this is a surprise.

"You want to celebrate?

His soft voice melted her insides.

"Only if you have time from work that is...

"Fine. Be ready by evening. We will go out for dinner.


Time has weird ways to put its plan its action.

Her face fell seeing the rain ruin their evening. Rainy days were at their peak and winter was slowly approaching. He watched her and patted her head.

"Don't be sad now. Lets see what we can do.

He thought for a while and called the cook to prepare something warm and tasty. After all it was a very special day for her. She watched him discussing stuffs with the cook and smiled inwardly. This felt so loving. She "belonged somewhere now. She was not a tiny blip in the universe that everyone overshadowed. She was something now. Her eyes fell on the man in front him. She was someone special.

They decided to sit down for a movie while the cook prepared their dinner. She grabbed the remote and tuned into a Hindi channel that aired some random romantic movie. He joined her after a while and cringed at the bare-chested hero picking up his drowning heroine from the river. She had that dreamy look in her eyes as she ogled at the hero.

He settled on the couch beside her, "You are drooling...

She snapped, "Huh? No.

"What stupid thing are you watching? Give me the remote.

She clutched the remote tightly, "No No please don't. Its my favourite movie.

The heroine falls and the hero catches her before she even disorients.

"Awww... so romantic... she sighed.

He took his chance and snatched the remote from her and changed the channel.

"Maan... she screamed, "what the hell?

"You need to stop watching stupid stuffs. He ignored her and tuned to some English channel.

She was seething in anger. Standing up, she rested her hands on her waist and screamed, "What is the world is stupid in that han?

He shrugged, "Everything.

His indifference made her flip.

"Give that remote mister... she pounced on him and he moved away.

"Geet... stop being a kid. Its such a stupid idiotic baseless story..

"Its a romantic story.. she corrected.

He huffed, "Is that what you call romance? Chii...

Her jaws dropped to an O.

"You know too much about romance? Mr Know-It-All?

"At least tumhare stupid movies se better idea hain mere paas...

He enjoyed seeing her turn red and yellow. But indeed the definition of romance had been over exaggerated in media.

"Really you Monster... then tell me what romance according to you is if not some beautiful moments between the hero and the heroine?

He raised a brow and opened his mouth to answer when his phone buzzed. He saw the caller and then left to attend it. She quickly took the remote and switched back to her movie cursing him.

It took him some time to finish the call and dinner was served. They finished their food and seeing her so engrossed in her movie; he left her alone and went to bed.
Sunday went lazing around until evening when Ana and Kabir and the rest came back. Geet just couldn't be happier. She had a week free before she joined her new workplace and she was glad that she'd have a lot of time to spend with Ana and Kabir.


A few days later,

They stopped at a cafe and bar for dinner after college and shopping. Ana and Geet were practically inseparable these days... so much so that Ana came to stay at Geet's apartment to catch up. There was an open mike dais and someone sat there with his guitar. Ana and Geet ordered their food and heard the strumming of the guitar.

"Ooh la la...the guy is hot... Ana remarked on the singer who played the guitar

"Hmmm...hmm... he crooned.

Geet looked up.

"Sannu ik pal chain na aave... sannu ik pal chain na aave, sajna tere bina..
Maahiya tere bina..

He had a wonderful voice and he held everyone's attention throughout the song.

Geet was mesmerized.

"Rabba sajna nu chetti mein sava mein dooriyan... tere bina... mahiya tere bina..

He finished the song and waited for applause. There was a pin drop silence for a few seconds and then the room erupted in applause and praises. He smiled, bowed down and got down with his guitar.

Geet and Ana ordered their food when Ana saw him coming towards them. She stood up and held out  her hand for a shake.

"You were amazing there.

He smiled, "thank you.

Geet was still so lost in the song that it took her some time to recover. She stood up and saw his twinkling eyes looking at her.

"That was beautiful...

He blushed and thanked them.

"Do you come here often? Ana asked.

"Yes... when I get time, I do.

"Great. When can we expect to hear you again?

He shrugged, "Soon I guess.

"By the way, I am Ana and this is my friend Geet. We totally loved your

He shook her hand, "Its so nice to meet you lovely ladies. I am Zain. Zain Ansari.


>>So, anyone fainted yet?LOL

>>Still the questions lingers... geet remembers or not? Do you think she remembers? let me know in your comments.Big smile

>>The Song Zain crooned is a remake of the famous song "Sannu Ik Pal Chain na aane" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ji. The Version I used here is


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Lovely!! Maan has to be careful around a drunken Geet!! Finally she got a job, looks like life of Geet is slowly changing
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Nice update dear Mann success to hide what he told to Geet
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Uff uska wo na bolna hi to overreact karna tha..wo bechaari peechhe peeche bhaag rahi thi uske aur wo kaise usko  bhaga raha thaCryCry
baad me khud hi chal ke aaya wo bhi flight chhod keLOLLOL

haan pet ko nahin pata tha ki wo sad hai par phir bhi..WinkWink tension me khaane ki kahaan soojhti haiTongueTongue

chalo update padh li ab comment  deti hoon
Poor Maan kitna control karna padta hai usko iss geet ke around..

seriously AIshu
tum apni iss Geet ko TALLI hi rakho hamesha

At least nashe me to pyar ki bhasha samajh aati hai isko...She was listening and feeling everythng from heart but when she is normal... she is some idiot..
waise ab geet ko yaad rahega ya nahin wo to tum jaano par jis tarah se subah wo sab kuchh bhool gayi ki wo ghar kaise aayi,usko kaun laaya..ya uski flight kyun miss hui..usko kuchh bhi yaad usne kya bola wo bhi yaad nahin rahna chhaiye Kaayde se to.. par it's your Geet you will make situation the way you want so i can not comment on this...Maan too think so that she doesn't remember ,If she remembers she is the one who can not stop asking him that question again and again
See in her drunken state she was ready even for the kiss.. Maan seeing her like that almost was ready to lose but

and  I love the way maan cares for her..he can not see her sad ,,She got the job and was happy..but the rain ruined their plan of dining out but Maan managed at home well..Geet again showed her instead of spending time with Maan she is busy in movie and he left her with her movie alone

And I think you again missed something again..The main reason of the Maan's anger on Geet related to Arjun-Ana..
She is back and enjoying with Geet..Did Maan not need to ask his sis about Arjun? are you planning to give it later or you really forgot to include?LOLLOLLOL
Ab kya hai na Aishu.. reader ke saath writer bhi writer ke dimag ka keeda kulbulaate rahta hai..issiliye itne saare sawaal poochh leti hoon..Hope you are not cursing me with gritted teeth like MaanLOLLOLLOL

aur ye zain kya bala hai? is he going to play some important role in their life???
over all Lovely update and the scene in study was too cute..maan bechaara bahut musibat me hota hai jab bhi Geet aas paas hoti hai..uske liye iss Geet ko thodi sadbuddhii do na babaji(Babaji?? nahhh wo to tumhaare haath me hai na aishu)
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