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We want the update on Sat, not Sunday. You can give another one on Sunday, if you feel like writing more. Pretty Pleazzee

I guess that will be really hard as she has to first type one before sat if she needs to update on saturday n that is hard with new job
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Originally posted by TaranaGeet

We want the update on Sat, not Sunday. You can give another one on Sunday, if you feel like writing more. Pretty Pleazzee

I guess that will be really hard as she has to first type one before sat if she needs to update on saturday n that is hard with new job

I agree she will not even have a sec for relief if it's 2 update in weekend really hard...

Actually one also in two days get hard after staying busy in week days
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Impact of your story... i'm seriously considering getting burried after death instead of cremation.

I would really like to know why?

So my kid can still talk to me and not feel alone after i'm gone. Cry

Dont u think that would be painful for not only your kid but for your entire family to see ur body buried yet not be able to see you smile, laugh or cry again

That's really deep...

Actually it Doesn't matter on which condition we are after death but we can still talk our prayer can reach them but what hinal you have said that's also the hard reality... staying close we can't still reach them that's more hurting

thats true! prayers are there n i do believe that the deceased person becomes like an gaurdian angel to their loved one n hence we dont need anything physical to talk to them

I'm agreed to it totally
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@Sandy p.77:
Yes I am an avid reader... though I feel I have lost a lot of it over the years.Ouch I have read almost all the books I have
mentioned, including Krsna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead. Reading creates a zeal to write. My genre is mostly philosophical,
mythological, romance, drama, fiction, trilogy, poetry... except thrillers and murder mysteries.
somehow I just can't wrap my head around them.Dead
My secret to writing, more than reading, is Observing.

@idunno p78: I try to keep my language as simple as possible dear. If you face any problem, you can always PM me.Embarrassed

@kansya p78: welcome my dear. Am so glad that you are liking this. do drop in your comments on future parts.Embarrassed

@aaradhya p79:
welcome aboard. hope you enjoy the further parts too.Embarrassed

@angel0912 pg.80: let geet realize her own feelings first... Wink

@Sheen p80
: arrey Ramzan chal rahi hain... Allah ke meher hain.Embarrassed
kuch nahi hoga tumhe. Bharosa Rakho. Saans thame rakhoLOL

@Alamelu pg81:
and your speculations are Bang On!Big smile You are very close to where I am standing with my characters. Indeed she
flew... at his expense. You put it so much more beautifully that I could have ever done.Hug

@dalur p84: don't ask me to not to reply. I enjoy replying. I love it how you guys take my words and give it a new perspective entirely different from my own. it is always good to read something from a fresh pov. so never feel bad about my time. I am doing this because I can manage. I will stop doing if I cannot manage. It is as simple as that.
And yes, most of my growing up years I spent on  IF and IF has helped in more ways than one. About my thoughts on the start of my professional life... I wasn't scared or jittery. I was  pretty much normal. Readying myself to accept a lot of changes. So, yes, I was a little anxious but that was okay by the end of the week.Embarrassed

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@patikaddi1976: printed copy?Shocked That's new...LOL

@ALL: thank you everyone for all the warm wishes.
You guys are just awesome.Hug
If you are wondering how my first week of work went, then let me tell you, it was exhausting. More than the work pressure, it were the long hours. Dead I was dead by the time I reached home. But at the same time, met a lot of new people, made friends with some, ignored some, laughed and shared food.  Meeting new people and then coming back to you guys on Saturday... those were the best thing the week has offered.Heart

58.If This Was The End...

The entire village was distraught with the news. She was too. More than anyone else. She was heart-broken. She was miserable. She was hurting. The news had spread like a wildfire and she was gripped in the frenzy too. Endless crying had now made her bitter. Angry! Yes, she was angry at him for being so selfish.

Kanha was selfish.

The invitation from Mathura had arrived. And Kanha had decided to abandon all of them and go away.


She threw the pitcher on the floor and watched it break into thousands of pieces. Just like her heart. There was no respite to the pain now. No medicine could heal that broken heart.

When days passed like turning the pages of the book and the last full moon night appeared, she woke up to the beautiful tune of his flute, luring every heartbroken gopi to the forest for one last dance... one last Rasa. She held her heart and bit her lips to stop crying. She would never be able to see him again. Never hear his pealing laughter, never can dance to his tunes... how will she survive?

Keeping her anger aside and giving into that heart's call, she forgot every restriction imposed on her and ran. To him!

If this was the end, as she believed, then she might very well just see him for one last time.


Out of all the feelings in the world, Ana felt guilty.

How long had it been that she had known Aarush? Two months may be. And she had been utterly pissed off with him. They had bumped into each other quite a few times in the recent days and he had been excruciatingly annoying. Kabir and Geet had warmed up to him but she couldn't. His ways to annoy her had made her mean. And she had done something she shouldn't have. They had bumped into each other during lunch hour in the same diner where Geet had first seen him. Apparently, it was his usual dining place and so was hers.!

He had been carrying some papers for his research work. Some thesis it was and he had asked her to keep it safe till he got their food from the counter. And whilst he was busy, thirsty for a revenge for all the times he had humiliated' her, or so what she thought, she had gone ahead and spilled the ketchup on them. And if it was not enough, she had crumbled all of them, wiped her hands with those and binned them right in front of him!

"Those were my papers I was to submit today Antara..." he had spoken with utmost disbelief.

"Sorry...I didn't know those were that important..." she had replied rudely.

He hadn't spoken a word after that. He didn't even tell her anything. He just made a few calls saying he wouldn't be able to complete the research program and walked away saying a goodbye with a smile.

And then she had felt bad.

More than him not being able to complete the research program, his smile had made her feel bad. It was only when he was on call that she realized those were his final submission thesis papers and that it was the last submission date.

She sighed and changed sides. She hadn't even told this to Geet. More so because she had been extremely busy with her new life. So much so that she didn't even have time to breathe. College was slowly coming to a closure. The classes were few and they were more focussed on projects. December had knocked and the temperatures were dropping lower.

It was one such cold afternoon that she had seen Aarush walking down the streets. She had been out with her college girls and he had smiled at her. She had felt bad..again.

"Hey... how are you?" he has asked.

"Umm..okay. how are you?" she hoped he'd tell her that he was mad at her for playing such a horrible prank. But he didn't.

"I am good. It's actually good that we met. Just wanted to say my goodbyes..."

"Goodbyes?" Ana was surprised, "Are you going somewhere?"

"Yeah... I am going back to India."

"What?" she hadn't expected that.

"Yeah. My work is done here. I need to get back. It was nice meeting you."

He had extended his hand and she had shaken it with hesitation. She was tempted to ask if his research program was smooth, especially after what she had done but seeing his smiling face, she just couldn't bring herself up to ask. She wanted to apologize for being so inconsiderate but she couldn't. And he didn't even wait for her.

"Have a good life..."

That was all he said and walked away.

She looked at the time...1am it was. And she just couldn't sleep. Aarush was gone and its been three days to it. That lowly feeling now shaped up into guilt.

Ana... just why couldn't you apologize? You perhaps ruined his career woman! Arrghh...

She flipped on her tummy and shut her eyes tightly. Was this the end?

 Conscience was a bane to human lives.


She woke up to the pitter-patter of the winter rain in her apartment. It was way too cold... Almost freezing. She stretched herself and immediately wrapped her hands around her to prevent herself from the cold. The confines of the blanket had been too warm to notice anything. She slipped into her soft pooh bear slippers and walked down to turn on the room heater. Setting the kettle on the stove, she freshened up and pulled the jacket close to herself. Silence of the Sunday mornings was her favourite. Life felt like slowing down even if it was just for a day. She brewed herself a piping hot mug of coffee and sat on the couch checking her phone.

5 missed calls from Maan.

She gasped. There was a text message from him too.

"I am near your apartment. Give me a call when you are back."

She paled... not because of fear but because of the reminder her brain raked up. He had been in Toronto when they had last talked and he said he'd see her on Saturday. Amidst all the crazy things in life, she had completely forgotten about it.
She had forgotten about it!

It was Zain's birthday and she had been out with him the whole day. He had invited all his colleagues to Coney Island and they spent the whole day at the beach, that too in the cold, partying and merry making. She had been reluctant at first but the new environment had somehow liberated her in some ways she hadn't experienced back when she was working with Maan. They all came back home late night and she had just crashed. She never had this much fun before. And in just one month, she had known a lot about the world and its people.

She sipped her coffee and called him right back.

He took some time to pick up and when he did, he was greeted by her apologies.

"I am sorry..." that was her first sentence.

He sighed, not saying anything.

"Am so very sorry Maan. Pata nahin kaise... just how did I forget. I am so so so sorry. Please forgive me..."

He took some time to reply, gulping down the lump that had formed in his throat. Events of the previous night still remained fresh in his head and somehow he gulped it down.

What the hell is wrong with me?

"Where were you yesterday Geet?" he asked with a flat tone.

She bit her lips, "Actually... there was a birthday and we all took off to Coney Island to celebrate. And it was already late when we got back."

He threw the towel on the bed, "Whose Birthday?"

Very innocently, she replied, "Zain's. He took all of us there..."

She heard a sharp intake of breath and didn't understand why it was so. But his silence was unbearable.

"Maan... tell me honestly, are you mad at me?"

No way could he ever be mad at her!

"Actually, he had none from his family to celebrate his special day and when he invited all of us, we just couldn't refuse."

"But you should have told me the same right?" his voice sounded better now and she sighed in relief.

"I know. I am extremely sorry about it Maan. My phone remained in my bag and amidst all the shouting and screaming, I just didn't realize. You waited for me for a long time, didn't you?" she spoke lovingly, "tell me can I make up to you?"

He tried to not feel anything. And he tried hard. But he could do nothing.

"its okay Geet..." he said, "Just let me know the next time. Alright?"

"Are you sure?" she was so relieved to find him okay.

"Yes I am. Alright, I got some work. I will talk to you later. Bye."

He disconnected the call and threw the phone on the bed. He plopped himself on the couch and ran his fingers through his hair. He definitely didn't have any work.  He just felt terrible. Flashes of the previous night just didn't cease to exist.

He had been waiting for her right in front of the apartment, calling her. but she never answered the call. He waited for hours and even though he was tired from the journey, he couldn't have been without seeing her. And when he had started to worry, she came walking, laughing at something. A wave of relief washed over him, watching her safe and sound and stepped further to greet her when peals of laughter stopped him.

Clad in a long overcoat and boots and a winter cap, she rubbed her gloved fingers as she laughed at something her new' friends told. They were a gang, he saw, probably came to drop her off at her apartment. He felt happy, seeing her make new friends and fit in easily. Wasn't it what he had always wished for her? to be happy wherever she was! To grow her wings and fly!

As one by one people said their goodbyes, one of them lingered around her. He watched him walk with her till the entrance to her apartment and suddenly felt angry at the way he tugged her hand and side-hugged her. They were talking something and she laughed. For some reason, he felt being let down. He wanted to go and tell him off but then he chided himself. He was being paranoid perhaps. He was just a friend.

But which friend stays back like this?

His heart retaliated and he clenched his fists. He was supposed to be with her...he had informed her earlier, hadn't he? But him holding her hand, making her laugh, patting her head...just didn't go well with him.

"Bye Zain..." she screamed as he walked away from her, finally.

So, that was Zain?!!!

He had come back home and decided not to think. She was living a new life. She was starting to fly now.

He heard a knock and opened his eyes to see Kabir in front of him, smiling.

"Good morning Bhai. What's wrong? You look terrible..."

Maan gave him a weak smile, "No nothing as such..."

"Then why didn't you join us for breakfast?" he jumped on his bed like a little kid and sighed in pleasure of the softness of the mattress.

"I...I got a call. Anyways, you are here...what do you want?"

He narrowed his eyes at Kabir and he shook his head.

"Come on Bhai... you think I come to you only when I want something?"

Maan scoffed, "Duh! Yeah of course!"

"That is very mean." Kabir feigned hurt.

"Like I care..." Maan teased, knowing that always irked Kabir.

Kabir rolled his eyes and picked up the basket ball that remained under his bed and threw it at him.

"Did you talk to Geet?"

Maan caught the ball mid air and threw it back to him.


Kabir caught it and passed it back to Maan.

"Don't lie now. I know the first thing you'd have done is called her the moment you'd have stepped out of the airport. Tell her Bhai... just let her know what you feel.."

Maan didn't throw the ball but glared at him that made shut him up.

Kabir had been angry at Ana when she had told him all about the Arjun fiasco; so angry that he had stopped talking to her altogether. Ana had cried and literally begged him but he hadn't budged until she had, out of desperation, spilled the beans of their brother being in love with Mi bella. It was then and only then Kabir had thrown away that anger and teased Maan to death.

But he knew his limits. And watching his brother's expressions, he knew distraction would work.

"Hey, lets play basketball..."

"In the rain? You want to die?" Maan threw the ball on the couch.

"The rain has stopped. If you could spare some time from thinking about Geet...then may be we could spend some sibling time together.."

"Kabir..." Maan gritted his teeth and Kabir ran out with the ball, screaming.

"The one who reaches the court last is the one who is in love with Geet.."

He was gone!

Maan just couldn't believe his brother was 26 year old man already. Pulling his shirt atop his vest, he walked out, trying to forget everything the previous night held.


When you start flying for the first time, the happiness is so much more and the excitement is so much higher that you forget to look around yourself. You are focussed on keeping yourself steady. You test the waters... you try to balance yourself; you focus more on yourself than any other person around you. You become conscious your own self and then slowly, you try to fit in. And in no time, you find yourself soaring together with people on the same level as you. Lots of things you forget subconsciously. Lot other things you forget deliberately. And the rest of it, you ignore.

Geet was no exception either. Her life took such a drastic turn that she had no time to stop and think. And before even she could understand anything, she felt herself sweeping along waves.

Maan entered the pub with Kabir and looked for a secluded place to sit. It had been a long time since the two brothers got time to spend together. And holidays being nearer, they decided to just spend some brotherly time.

"Bhai... did you see that girl in red? She is hot..." Kabir remarked, his eyes going everywhere.

Maan shook his head and smiled, "There you go..."

Kabir rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah I am sorry. I forgot my brother is in love'..."

He tweaked his fingers in the air to stress on the word 'love'

"...and that he wouldn't find any other woman as attractive as a certain Geet Handa.."

Maan slapped his head playfully, "Stop irritating me.."

The music was loud and the interior was dark. The stench of cigarettes along with alcohol slowly filled his nose as more people poured in. He sat with his drink and found Kabir watching a few people at the bar.

"What are you staring at?" Maan asked.

"That lady over there..." he pointed his thumb towards the bar, "she is smokin' hot!"

Maan rolled his eyes, "You can't possibly tell if she is hot or not just by looking at her back! what's wrong with you?"

Kabir gulped down his beer, "I bet she is going to be one hell of a woman..."

They watched the lady, clad in an off shoulder top and jeans move ahead with her friends to the dance floor.

"You wanna bet?" Maan smirked.

Maan liked to indulge himself at times. And at times like this, he liked to enjoy the life he had been very well acquainted with all his life. Geet had been off radar these days and he realized he was probably being too uptight with everything.

"$50?" Kabir took up the challenge, "I bet she is hot..."

"How about a $100?" Maan offered, "She isn't that good looking. And you are going to lose!"

"Fine. A $100 it is. Wait and watch!"

Kabir set his hair and walked, pulling the sleeves of his shirt. Maan sat there, enjoying his drink as he watched the woman dance to her heart's fill. There was guy with her...her boyfriend perhaps because they were dancing too close and he hadn't seen their faces yet, partly because of the dark and partly because of the distance. But somehow, that figure felt oddly familiar. Curious, he stood up and walked behind Kabir.

Kabir cleared his throat and tapped the shoulder of the girl, "hey beautiful lady, May I have a dance with you?"

The girl stopped.

"and the drink is on me..."Kabir flashed his most charming smiles which he knew were irresistible for girls.

She stilled a little and turned to face him, "Seriously Kabir? Like seriously?"

Kabir's jaws dropped and so did Maan's who was just behind him.

"Woah..." Kabir took time react and took a step back, "Woah Woah Woah...what the hell!"

He just couldn't believe his eyes! He checked her out from top to bottom and blinked a couple of times...

"Mi Bella...You??!!"

The low cut off shoulder top, those red lips... those hairs...OMG those hairs!

What the hell did she do to them?

Maan couldn't believe the new person he was witnessing today. And it was so shocking that he couldn't even gather his thoughts. The once soft silky hair now had been cut haphazardly...that fell half on her eyes and half reached up to her neck. Her face... he couldn't recognize under that layer of make up and the dress... she was definitely not Geet.

Not his Geet!

She was way too loud to be herself! He took a step back.

Geet was thrilled to see Maan and Kabir there. It was a weekend and she missed everyone at the estates. She missed Maan!  Her eyes twinkled in delight.

"Maan..." she called out to him.

Her sounded different. It was way too much for him to take.

"Mi bella... who are you with?"

"Ohh..." Geet slapped her head, "I forgot to introduce. This is Zain.."

She pointed out to other few people and introduced all of them to Maan and Kabir.
Kabir being himself, felt happy. Maan remained quiet. Zain invited them for a drink and Kabir dragged Maan along.

They sat at the bar talking while Kabir raised his glass, "So, Zain... you are from Pakistan right? Tell us more about that place."

Geet looked at Zain, urging him to speak. Maan noticed the comfort.

"Well... even though you get to hear a lot of negative publicity of my country but trust me, it is as beautiful a country as yours. We may not be very rich in terms of national income or the quality of life but we are a happy nation. We have our own beliefs and prejudices but that is what makes us up. We have everything...every resource that you have. Its just that we are striving now... we are trying and working hard to make it a better place."

"Woah... You have been living in NYC for a long time and still you speak like this. You must love your homeland so much. Hasn't NYC rubbed off on you?" Kabir asked.

"Indeed. My family is there. My sisters and my niece... everyone. NYC has rubbed off on me... I won't deny that..." he pointed out to the number of tattoos on his arm, one of them saying I Love NY, "but my heart and soul remains back home!"


Geet looked at Maan and flashed a smile. He cringed. It didn't even reach her eyes.

"But Zain..." Geet added playfully, "What does Pakistan has that India doesn't?"

She knew that was Zain's favourite topic of discussion. Countless number of times they had argued over it and laughed their heads off.

He patted her head, "My little lamb... we are not behind India in any aspect..."

Maan watched him keenly and clenched his fists.

"Yeah.. you might not be...but we have the best singers" Geet teased.

"I disagree.."

Kabir watched in amusement.

"We have great many singers too.." Zain added.

"Do you have an Arijit Singh?" Geet giggled.

"No.." Zain smirked, "We do have Atif Aslam!"

"We have Jagjit Singh.."

"We have Rahat Fateh Ali Khan..."

"but he is Indian no?"

Zain laughed at her naivety, "No. He is from Pakistan and is working for an Indian citizenship..."

"Urrghh... we have Kashmir..." she added, twisting her lips.

"We have a Kashmir of our own my dear.." his eyes met with Maan's and he found nothing but dislike. It was weird.

"Leh and Laddakh" Geet's voice distracted him.

"Naltar Valley and Gojal Valley.."

"Taj Mahal...huh!"

"Ranikot Fort. And I must tell you it is the largest fort in the world."

Geet twisted her lips and pretended to think, "M.S Dhoni! Beat that!"

"Shahid Afridi...Inshah Allah.."

The rest of them laughed at the friendly banter until someone stopped them not wanting to spend the Saturday night in a verbal war. Zain and Geet were famous for that at workplace.

Maan amidst all that seemed to have been forgotten. When some went to get their refills and others went dancing, it was then that Maan held her arm and dragged her out!

>>Oops... Something is going to Happen.Ouch

>>See You next weekend. Shower your Love guys.

Chapter 57

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Alhumdulillah by the grace of Allah I always seem to won this place when I'm here to read hope this continued Until I'm here...

I'm here to comment for my pending chapters by the way Smile

Though it's not really possible for me to come back here and sharing my feelings for these chapter which I have finished but still I'm trying will unfair if I don't say anything after reading such beautiful chapter in which I've smiled and I've cried... Hehehe cried ??

I get astonished thinking how much I've cried yesterday reading chapter 58 like someone died breaking my heart into pieces but I'm really happy to Feel like that cause it proves your success as a exceptional writer who have touched her reader's heart to this extend her reader could not do anything but to let those tear shed...

You know before reading these chapter I've been in dreamland of Feel of Love and all those feel of happiness but these few chapter was having more in it's skin to offer me and when I've grasp them all I ended up crying one whole good hour of crying and opening my heart to you about my feelings at night didn't help actually when I'm here to say for these chapter again that hurt is going strong I just hope I don't start crying again LOL

I wonder if I'm the same girl who doesn't cry on anything getting any hurt or she made joke of her Mom when she cry watching movie cause I was so strong but it didn't lasted when you came with this story of yours it had made me cry 4 days... 2 days reading your story and other 2 one was I've misses my sister talking to you other was I've finished your thread When you have forbade me to fill it... I was guilty..

You know what I'm thinking?

We didn't complete a year of meeting and you are already making me cry so much what will happen more in coming months then Tongue

Okay we will move forward in our comment you know It's still waiting to be read by Miss.Kawaii Wink

So here it started and to be honest this will be the longest one cause I've thousands things to say 6 chapter isn't easy to completed in short but I'll try to do it...

So be aware and keep some patient till it gets end...

Relationships are like pendulums.They require constant attention and they demand time.They are too fragile to be taken for granted and worst of all, they change interpersonally and intra-personally.One person has a different relationship with every other person.And the feelings they evoke for each of them vary greatly.They swing like a pendulum, from one extreme with a person to the mean with another and once again extreme with another person as the time passes.

These lines are so true...who can know better than me but I've lost few in this process I could not give them that attention which was needed and nor they could understand me or my state...

This is the reality of life we have a lot of person and each one has separate place and I agree they need attention but if those persons try to measure my Love for them then what will I do?

I've tried enough until I could not try more I've let those relationship go away but could not forget them till now still I think where I was wrong ...was it me?

Or it was them at fault who could not see my Love?

It's me who always had love someone with so much intensity that it hurts now thinking I've given them this right to hurt me when they could not understand me a little bit...

Hiding things it hurt most then lying you know it made us feel that they didn't even think of us once before hiding when we trust them a lot...

Geet and Ana both has that Place in Maans heart which will surely get hurt if they keep him in darkness but Time and all didn't give them the chance to share this with him nor they ever tried it's just that he had seen it now what if he had not seen will they always hide this?

Maans reaction was same I expecting Irony you know Miss.Kawaii what had happened with me with these 6 chapter I was so much involved in "Someone like you" And with this there was a flow I was along with it never ever feel that's unexpected..

I had known he's hurt now I had known seeing him shut from everything geet will be hurt I had known He will not go to the wedding leaving her here he just could not..

I knew he'll confess he's Love and will deny it was happening everything so naturally cause I knew each feeling of them no one can know better than me them now It had gotten into my skin I've never thought someone or some story will have such effect on me never thought it will be you who will be this special to my heart when all you were just a author I disliked cause you make myself weak and that person has now altogether a different place in my heart...

You know in chapter 4 I guess or 5 Maan had referred geet as a dislike object see his state now... This story is truly overwhelming now each chapter has so many things for me to accept and savour...

In study in time of Their Almost kiss I knew it will be cause all was so natural to happened nothing seem slow or fast in this story it's all going on with a perfect flow in sync...

I had knew once new life get start nothing will remain same nor them Maan tried But when that baby bird get to know how to fly it never get back to it's nest or it's mother who was there who herself wanted her baby to get wings and fly cause she wanted her baby to explore things but that loss when she left alone it brings hurt that normal but to feel it actually never is so easy I'm feeling the same hurt it's not I'm blaming geet I'll never do that but it natural to feel the emptiness when she's not around all the time...

I knew when Maan will come back from Seattle geet will run into his arms I knew geet will want him to stay that night there but the most painful thing is I've also come to know she will change in this new atmosphere our little Strom has got her wings and I can't believe it was us who have always wanted her to fly and explore things explore herself wasn't it me who said Love and all is not important 1st she need to make her own existence..

But now see we are not that happy... I knew it from start that hot girl which is kabir referring it's geet I had known everything that's why it hurt most knowing everything I could not grasp the reality nor the pain is less now...

You have said Love brings hurt agony pain I know it's not about happiness but I am unable to I am getting so emotional our baby our little Strom is not seemingly the same and I'm seeing my own existence in her I've done the same but the aftermath guilt we get through realizing It had hurted others its painful really... And I don't think she's ready to bear that...

She was guilty thinking for her Maan has missed wedding then what will she do when she will get know it hurted maan now her behavior in this pub and that night of birthday party..

I guess she know it already still she's hiding all...something is surely up with her... She hasn't change I don't believe this new life will change our geet you can feed that truth to someone else not me Had I not known her and Maan this well from Beginning I would have believed you but I know she can never ignore Maan nor Hurt him..

not now when she was on the verge of realizing her love actually almost she knew she just don't want to give name... she also confessed that he meant her world now on chapter 56 I guess I don't remember clearly but it was there so How can it be possible she's so ignorant now... new friends and job ?

I refused to believe she's hiding something it was clear she was trying to do or showing that she's changed but it had looked fake to me...If I'm wrong then you can say I was but I don't believe... let's move on to my comment...

I had gussed it already when Maan will come back from Toronto there will be something and they can't be together cause she will be held up and it had happened... I've nothing with this guy Zain nor I've problem in her making friends I've problem she's changing herself into something which is not that geet we Love she's not looking real...

Better I get back to chapter instead of getting hurt again but wants to say something I've done the same which is now geet doing but it had taken only few moments to realize... And I've also been in Maans place but the hurting thing is maybe Geet will be back to Maan one day but I've not got that person who changed and met knew peoples but never turned back to see maybe I'm still there waiting...

In life if I have got people who had hurted me I've also got some special people who Love me despite my all mistakes and hurt I've done to them when I'm angry or upset

Intentionally or unintentionally it doesn't matter after hurting someone we always feel that guilt geet or maan I think one of them are gonna face it or both I don't know but coming days are not giving me good vibes at all...

Please isko koi comment samaj neki galti na kare cause it's not I'm just talking with Miss.Kawaii comment toh abhi tak Start nahi huya Wink

Abhi toh bas shoruyat hain ROFL

All the best to you...

The Last day...

"Relationships are like pendulums"

Miss.Kawaii from where you have got this perfect example it suits so well yaar LOL Did you read it somewhere or your own thought?

Okay we should be serious now As Maan is quite angry over hiding about arjun matter...

hey wait why we should get serious we didn't hide anything right it was geet and Ana Tongue

Feeling bad for geet clearly can relate to her ...

But one line "He was not her Maan...he was someone else" it's not making any sense now when I've read till last chapter when I've seen geet I mean is it our geet it's her behavior it's her smiling it's her make up which is all giving this feel of detachment why she's showing this extra interest in Zain like it's forceful she can be her own not this which seeming fake to me if she had been on her own I would have never felt bad even if she says she like zain or something but what is affecting me is her changed self which I cannot accept as my baby anymore...she's surely up to something little tornado has really grown up..

What Maan is feeling I feel same very well..

She's drifting apart which she had feared before but the question is why she's forgetting Maan when she can stay out with her friends can't she give at least a call to Maan ...

Is it so much to ask...

He is giving her time to Acknowledged her own feelings and she was in this path also she started this journey but why now she's changing her route?

Maybe I'm wrong saying all these but correct me if I go wrong in judging her cause we can't decide just in few moments seeing her if reality comes out something else then it I'll be the happiest Smile

When we are angry upset hurt it's only the time which is best medicine..

Cause at that moment we don't have the ability to decide right or wrong we see our hurt and time give us the opportunity to see things clearly Maan needed that time but at last he could not have left her in this state...

Drunk geet is purely crazy and also a baby .
She's a pure Love my baby she is Hug

"Your voice is exactly like him... like Monster Khurana like Monster Puppy."

Hehehe seriously Too much to handle my Laughing that to midnight ROFLROFL

"She looked at his face under the moon and gently let her fingers run down his cheek...softly, ever so softly that made him sigh in pleasure and helplessness at the same time."

This is so soothing to read Embarrassed

It made me recall my memories with Ishraat my baby used to caress my face with her tiny hands it's feel so good to feel her soft little touch Heart

"I tend to get very mean when I am angry. I speak things that I am not supposed to. And so, what I do to avoid unpleasant situations is that I keep quiet. I take my time to calm myself and think rationally..."

I've never thought we can be so similar in this whenever I'm angry my mind become like molten lava and I hurt people with my talk so I often shut myself cause it's better than hurting them and time will consume my anger anyway...

"I cannot believe it. Someone like you talking something like this..."

Liked this line a lot but we know it's normal to accept this truth as she doesn't know how much he Love her we know that Wink

Well when she will know she must be probably running away with suitcase to escape ROFL

"I love you. Isn't that proof enough?"

This line it had came out so naturally like it meant to be said at this moment and she also heard though in her heart it knew he said those words it doesn't matter he's denying..

These hazy memories will be there if not full their moments will be there always even if she changed or something good memories are always there to cherish...

Aww my baby is making such cute sight there I can't help but imagine her smile my baby Hug

"Dressed in 3/4th pyjamas and a cute polka dotted top, she flashed a cheeky smile, her hands clasped with each other behind her back."

Her every single antic was so cute her talk laughing reading upside down book all together whole package of cuteness I so Loved her in this chapter ROFL

I got to know she was reading the book not right way when she said she can't read LOL

Their cute sweet fight over going the bedroom and when she hit her nose with Maan and eyes teary she was making more of a sight of cute baby to my eyes just so cute actually she was here cuteness ka dibba Heart

"He leaned closer and pecked her little red nose."

Aww it was meant to Embarrassed

Their Almost Kiss Felt so beautiful and natural to read was a soothing feeling to be in each other arms and His words of confession It was his problem not hers...You just stole my heart with this all over again writing how much affection this Man had in his heart Heart

Where in the earth we will get this Man to be as our beloved he's too good be get in real life ..

You writer just has spoilt my future husband life he will never get love from his wife cause I've showered all already on Maan dream man of my life he's such ideal the best I come across... This writer is harming me from everyway had to complain about her to Miss.Kawaii Tongue

why Miss. Kawaii why every single moment spent in study room is always so special and memorable... you know what I want after getting married also they spent most of the time in study room not bed room.. Embarrassed

***2mininutes of silence***

Ohh Silence cause I was hiding my face thinking after bedroom marriage and all ROFL

chalo topic change choti bacchi ko Etna kuch sochna nahi chahiye LOL

Getting up next day and starting a step towards a new phase new job lot of changes will come and new faces will be now part of life a new beginning all this is getting so similar with your current life na?

Here your new job there geets I was feeling so related here...

"His little tornado...she was growing wings"

This line brought tears again thinking our baby actually started flying and she's out in the world to explore things at her own...

It's an overwhelming moment...

What is this Miss.Kawaii?Ermm

There in sly rainy season is going away almost winter coming but where is my rain dance ???

You know here all time rain thunder I'm fed up totally..

Or pata hain abhi kya sunn rahi main barish song everything is adding more to my want to witness them in rain...

Better luck next year then

Dinner and movie not bad idea but geet you should have actually chose some good movies...

"Is that what you call romance? Chii..."ROFL

Hehehe I so much want to know his view in romance but I lost the chance want to know if it gets similar at some point or Maybe I want to know what definition you have for romance wait I'll ask you some day ..

You know in these 7 days not so demands were fulfilled but I get remained of tarana when geet was drank and their almost kiss..

And also was remembering her all ideas they were more then 20 and that mid night panchayat we 4 had susegad sheen tarana me that baap beti thing I still get laughing attack ROFL And how can I forget kawaii_geet who was claiming how innocent writer she is Tongue

You know these days was really beautiful and full of memories...

those Days ended she doesn't work with Maan anymore But can it change anything or their feeling it will be there na cause Where this feel of Love is so strong no matter what will come they will go through it...

Mr.Sensible will help his little tornado to go through everything in this relationship...

Zain I liked that guy instantly specially when he blushed hearing their comment... It was great...

We are getting new guys...
To add some more twist Wink
I'm liking it..

Zain seem quite soft and calm where Aarush that guy has worked his charm to my heart directly...

That was really amazing meeting... really the guy who made Ana pay bill in the restaurant and now actually witnessing his this fun mode style I am really impressed with him and Actually Loved reading this so much ...his teasing calling Ana Premchand it feels like he considered himself so close to them that he's teasing her so much Like we do this fun with our close ones...But she's getting so irritate LOL

I'll give full 5 star for this guy Kabir also like him and now geet also Bas Mr.Sensible baki hain ...

Toh kya main baat pakki shamjho rishte ke liye TongueROFL

This guy is really too good I'm telling you... Aww I'm Loving him just on 1st meet he's so cool Cool

Ahem ahem kya aap abhi bhi ye comment phad rahe hain LOL ya patience khatam ho gaya...Comment ke end tak stay awake bore hoke so mat jana ..

I promise kabhi bhi comment nahi karungi aap darr gaye shayed aaj mera comment dekh etna short hain na I know Tongue

I want more of Aarush moment... Really..

Oh oh I hope Mr.Sensible Upset na ho jaye that I'm Wanting some other guy...

But Maan I love you ..that's the truth kisi or ke taraf nahi dekhungi pakka Wink

But That's also true Aarush seem to be a sweetheart Embarrassed Hayee Main ye sab kya bol rahi chi chi...

Agar pati ji ne sun liya toh bolenge meri biwi bigad gayi Tongue

Aarush ko maro goli (Seriously goli mat maro main bas eshe bol rahi )

Ladka meri ghar tod dega Main khush ho apni shaadi shuda zindagi main ...

Story pe ateh hain abhi bhi bahut kuch hona baki hain ...

Geet got to know He went to meet his cousin and she's now guilty thinking for her he has missed something which meant so much to him ..

Geet is in still at that stage where after staying alone when someone came in our life it take time for us to believe they actually there for us and also caring about but I know she will get used to it...

How that time will be ? when there will be no more barrier of anything between them not this hesitation of confessing Love from Maan side nor Geet running away...

How it will be to see them happily together After both are ready to Let their inhibition go and just be in Love... How their soft and soothing love will look then?

Why It always have so much affect on me of Maan?

His voice he just said hey in call and it brought so many emotions just like geet was feeling And I knew it very well stepping out of this out she can be found In his arms it was really natural to happened now... It really was...

His unexpected call and this surprise visit directly coming to her everything made me feel so so good Loved that chapter 55 so much...

Means more 3 chapter to go now... uff Miss.Kawaii have some patience to read them all.. Tongue

She knew now that he meant the world to her. His presence, his absence, his laughter, his distress affected her in ways she couldn't even imagine.

I don't think we need more proof this girl has got to know her own feelings but it just that she doesn't know what to do with them...aww my poor baby...

And it's better unnamed I've always supported their this relationship and I've never demanded their confession I don't feel it's needed ..

But I guess Maan would have confessed unless that letter part would not have come... Let's see how the story move forward and now we should move forward to our comment of chapter 56 Morii was the Tittle I guess so let's start...

Whenever Maan returned from Somewhere I feel so happy like I'm meeting him after ages

He had definitely not expected such a welcome but nevertheless, he wrapped his arms around her petite body and a soft smile crept on his lips.

When He said To geet You are cold I've gone to the world of rescuing heaven when Maan had gone to geets room and slept with her holding to prevent the cold and still cold always affect geet he call her the most coldest creature on earth he had seen...ROFL

But that was so lovely gesture of Maan there...Embarrassed

Rescuing heaven is something which is content of so many emotions that truly overwhelming...

Okay now coming back to Someone like you Tongue

Pata hain kitna bura lag raha hain mujhe I'm still Missing my that lost comment 2 days I've taken to write and still it is hurting kutta kamina ullu ka pattha hain ye IF or mera network dono ko nahi chodenge chun chun ke badla lenge ...Angry

Mere jaishe etni pyaari bacchi ko pareshan kiya...Unhappy

Pata hain Momma ne kya bola that she is confirmed Now I'm fully crazy not normal so immature like some baby ...And I was shocked she think of my innocence like that kuch sawal hi toh pocha uska ye sila??

Tumbhi yahi socti ho na?

That I'm crazy and behave like baby?

I am not really like that It's come out naturally what I could do?

And I don't talk so much it just you here or on IF in your thread where I'm do so much of bok bok ...

I'm not like this with anyone but only you so I always have this insecurity that one day you will be fed up of me that I'm always behind you..

Will you really hate me in future for Troubling you this much I am always behind you sending this or that what if you really get bored of me?

My feelings will be hurt Cry

And you know one should not hurt small babies like me... By the way my voice is anyway feel like baby so I'm not Lier actually I'm baby but not that much immature how mumma called yesterday Ermm

Okay batein bahut ho gayi abhi comments continue Kare tumko dusro ke bhi toh phadne hain tumko mera khatam hone ke baad ROFL

By the way accha hain phir se comment likh rahi phirse chapter phad liya ekbar I've read each chapter 3 times almost like memorized but still it feels so good to read every line just like 1st time and again read one time before commenting and here I'm commenting for 2nd time about This story if you have any question like what happened on which chapter I guess I'll be able to say if not exactly but I can be near that chapter...

Someone like you is like that to me I remembered so many things here it's not like I can't say about other story but this is exceptional you know Hug

And benefits to you for this new comment this one is shorter than previous one so enjoy WinkTongue

After reading
chapter 56 Morii
I feel are we blind or something that we still want geet to understand that She loves Maan where it's so clearly seen she's already acknowledging his presence his importance in her life she know how important she is to him and he is to her...

And then suddenly she change how am I supposed to believe and if I believe also she has changed but will it make any differences in those unnamed feelings which is reciprocated by both of them?...

No Matter what happens now their is no turning back... But still that decided separation of prologue is yet to happen and I've to prepared my self cause apke lakshan mujhe kuch thik nahi lag rahi kuch bhi ho sakta hain Tongue

Don't trust this author and also trust my Miss.Kawaii Wink Such Dilemma you know... I believe in Miss.Kawaii that whatever she has in her mind after it happened and in the end we will realize that was best to happened... Heart I trust her this much...

And I could not trust the author with my heart cause I've a feeling in coming days maybe she will make me cry again so I've to be strong... By the way heart ko strong kaishe kare?

Gym jaye kya TongueROFL

He came back straight to the airport that itself showing how much she meant to him and she's also now grasping the truth...

"He didn't know what he said. But she understood those unsaid words. She understood him so much better now. She felt a thousand times luckier than she had ever felt before."

He also said Where she is concerned when he do something for her sake There is nothing to feel guilty every single thing is only indicating their feelings and importance and I feel sooo sooo good When I'm reading them when I'm reading you...

It was good decision to dine at home he was already tired and this was the best thing to happened tonight this gesture of romance of their How much I've liked what I could say it's an wonderful feeling to read this story do you know that?

And I'm now on that stage where I feel I'm no more worthy to say something about a chapter cause you have reached high more than I could express you are making me so overwhelmed that I'm unable to form words at the 1st place after reading so I'm not even trying now... I'm just letting myself go and if I could have posted that 1st written comment it would have been better things there was more gathered and what I'm writing right now I don't know myself Ermm

Showing her authority in Maan and dragging him her home he's savouring this moment of belonging to her

This line was soothing to read in fact every single gesture of them help me to feel my heart warm up with so many emotions...

You are simply the best Miss.Kawaii...Heart

DAY BY Day I see closeness is forming here which was not there before and I've a question can't we have this type of dinner more often...Embarrassed

A truly Gentleman asking before using her washroom and my thought are just waving around past how long we have come along them?

How Monster Khurana Has become so Lovable and His little Strom really control his life where in past all he done the 1st thing is to delete her picture cause she was in every picture making her presence and see now Can he ever go back to that stage and feel nothing or can geet do the same?

The dinner time spent quietly but the significant it bore is his praising for her... My eyes were twinkling with joy as if it was me there watching his expressions while relishing the food... Really I feel so connected to them their feelings all the time that it feel like it's me there one of them...

Aww...she blushed when he kissed her hand as if to show that how much he have loved the food I'm so so happy reading all these you know it feels like they are in a relationship from long time and when one could not give time to the other one they are making way to spent more quality moments like this... And I was suddenly thinking of fairytale when Maan was in India and geet there alone they used to talk at night and in between he also went to her apartment... So I was just somehow thinking of long distance relation...

Though they are not in that distance but when they could not meet it feel so to me this distance... Whenever they are together I feel myself swoon...

He slept there I was expecting he will be living here today anyway and it had happened...

In this chapter there was many lines from geet thought right now I don't remember all except this...

"Everything has changed... he has too. And she has too. she realized that the relation between them had changed too."

This was a really wonderful chapter you know Miss.Kawaii her emotions were like crystal water here... You have very beautifully written her small realization about their relations now she believe there is surely something between them...

It's just that small hesitation to confirmed this feelings she's already worried with her all these emotions and I guess in future Maans confession will be more harmful in her case that she choose to be away from him instead of taking a chance to mend this space between them whatever it is...

I'll never ever point her as wrong cause from where she's coming knowing everything I'll never do that...
What if she hurt Mr.Sensible intentionally or Unintentionally ..

If Mr.Sensible Is mine then she's mine tooe she's my baby... I've cried 1st time for her not for Mr.Sensible my Love is unconditional for them...

Aww Mr.Sensible has went in the morning and this greedy insatiable heart was wanting for more of their moments..

No problem we will have in future right Wink

This writing a note give me a curiosity to look his handwriting how it looks and that reminds me my pending autograph from this author I'll be waiting for that surprising day until I get it Embarrassed

Arjun's matter is totally cleared now both girls has finally opened their mouth...

I admired this relation between khurana siblings all 3 is my favourite in fact every single you have introduced here pardon despite that creature Arjun ROFL

"Good Morning Sleeping Beauty

By the time you get this note, I would have been gone. So, don't panic if you don't find me. I will be a call away. I had the most wonderful dinner last night and the most peaceful sleep ever.

Thanks for everything.

P.S. can we keep doing this from time to time?


Haye Khuda Mujhe uthalo ye main kya phad rahi mera khudka pati kehta hain parayi ladki ko 'Yours Maan'

Main abhi mere baccho ko kya kahungi unke papa bewafa nikle ?????


Jokes apart this note was so sweet and Not to mention romantic Wink

Pata hain Mr.Sensible mujhe isshe bhi sweet notes dete hain Embarrassed

Hush geet ko mat bolna bura manegi :-)

Keerti ne kuch pocha shayed and I said I'm married

on same meme of Marium bartan bala where sheen tagged me...

So she was asking who is the boy and all...

Main usko etna ghumaya atlast she says to give hint of my hubby and I said I call him Mr.Sensible ..

She didn't believe said I'm lying...

Or main bol rahi haww main kyun jhooth bolungi mere bacche bhi toh hain proof...

She asked kitne ...

I have gone to thinking mood saying her ...

Ummm...I don't remember exactly check karke batana padega... really eshi bhi maa hoti hain duniya mein mere jaishiROFL

Mom was asking in morning where is your babies ??

And I'm so cool about it with there dad of course...and mom asked kitne hain ...

I'm again gone to thinking mood Like 8 9 ho sakte hain I'm Not sure .ROFL

Are you thinking the same as my mother now?


How mean is she...Cry

Ohhh...Hum kaha the main toh bhul gayi disadvantages of talking so much oops typing Tongue

Wait I go upstairs and check where I was...

Huh...ohh the note I actually check ROFL Oh my my do anyone do that with their own comment that she forget and checked what she was saying...

Jab se tumko mila hoon tumne mujhko pura pagal kar diya aadhi toh pehle thi

Story pe dhayan do Miss.Kawaii meri baat pe nahi Main toh hamesha distract ho jati hoon kya karein ...

Morii that chapter was really really wonderful beautiful amazing and my one of favourite from someone like you chapters...

Okay we should move forward fast now have less time to do that...

Chapter 56 morii ko abhi bhul jate hain uske baad ka chapter I mean 57 ka tittle kya tha re????

Main toh bhul gayi abhi insaan kitna kuch yaad rakkhe??

Abhi toh jake phadne ka bhi time nahi...

Esha lagta hain abhi exam phatafat Jo shamne aaye revise karlo Tongue

Same contidition I'm in now... Kuch feelings karke tha yaad nahi ...accha goli maro tittle ko hume kya abhi time hain yaad karne ka..

Chalo comment pe jateh hain brain is feeling like a messy store of think right now kya huya tha chapter main kuch yaad nahi ...

Jaldi jaldi koi kam nahi hota sach baat hain

Woahhh...yaad aaya Ana ne notice kiya geet was not in I thought I can't remember... Okay this comment is so really weird cause I don't know actually what happened to me my mind is feeling like khichdi I need that calmness to comment and think...

2 minutes of silence will help ..

Geet was again on study room ...hayee mera Dream one thing Maan or geet ko ish room main lock karke rakh do I can never bored of this room ...

You know what my problem is ??

I ALWAYS SAY I've loved study room moments where I should be saying I've loved them actually their moments's not just about one room it's how both are together how they talk or behave or how you write their moments always so beautifully...

Miss.Kawaii know one thing This story is your Masterpiece I always see a new you with every new chapter I see your thought in a new form...this Story has just another place in my along with you Miss.Kawaii...

I'm proud to say I've called myself of Some writer 1st time on this forum and she deserved it... It's not that I haven't read beautiful amazing stories but it's that this it feels exceptional to me I don't know why...

But you deserve every bit of appreciation cause it was not that you are blessed with this so you write so beautifully it's that you are growing more with time and proving to be such amazing writer close to my heart ...

I always express or try my best to let you know how much I love this story or This author but I think I'm unable to frame words gracefully which your other reader do...

You know how crazy and Immature I am so I can't express beautifully but I'll also try growing and one day will come when I'll also say beautifully or comment more wisely like others Cool

This comment is really bore isn't it?

Okay just two chapter more have little patience more we are reaching end soon I'll keep it short will not elaborate more... Deal...

When she slept while reading on study and get up and the view greeted her was a bliss for me... You know I was having the Strong urge to see Maan right that moment cause my imagination was telling it will be a really magnificent sight for me to see...

"His face half illuminated by the bright flames and half illuminated dimly by the soft lights of the room."

Disadvantage of reading story which I always feel in this story we can't see Cry

But you know when we read it give another feel of connected to things which is rare while watching hence both has different fun to do and enjoy...

But I so want to watch his half illuminated face Heart

Never mind we can imagine and comment further for now...

All those book name or topics there did you read all?

Apology cause I've forgot those names and book as I've read few days ago so not that I clearly remembered as this chapter is not restored in my memory like I've restored few chapter by memorizing ROFL

I love to read out things and people around me more like listener cause they like to listen from and where as Me I'm not a good listener I feel bored or worse even start yawning LOL

Geet is scared about this new life and she have let her   those feelings a relief opening her heart to Maan she said something like

"Because...I don't know what is going to happen. I cannot see Ana and Kabir as and when I want to. I cannot come to the estates anymore... more than that,I just can't see you whenever I wish to..."

That's it her feeling is reflecting so beautifully here and I'm afraid now thinking is this feelings are the cause of current distance maybe she got to know clearly those feelings and distancing I don't know surely but everything is confusing in my mind right now...

He's assuring's overwhelming you know that he always saying he will there if she turn behind... But for that she need to go on her own and search the path of her life...

About failing on this path we all have started working like this right we have fallen and again get up to learn to walk and back then our strength was our parents who was behind us always to protect if we fall they were their to hold us but never wanted us to stop they wanted us to explore things...

Same affection is clearly shown on Maan truly he has been a parent to her and I've never this kind of affection in other story which is another reason to make this story more beautiful...

Being in his embraced it really give peacefulness I know and it feels like home I relate to this point...

I feel home in arms of my mother I'm always like a baby in her embrace every night I sleep there but still never got enough...

She's my home...

This chapter was one of the best one of sly you have written every single thing so beautifully that I'm forced to say you have made me your fan here all over again

I had expected Ana to know today it isn't safe you know meet on study room always anyone can notice them here surprising thing how they could not find it till date... But didn't expected this stupidity from them Ana and Maan was talking so openly about everything I mean I was in so much fear what if geet listen then... She just left the place it was risky her to know my baby is already so worried it would have impact badly...

New life indeed has brought changes anyway it was bound to happen in anyone's life new job changes our daily life like it is doing to yours...

And Happy to see zain here... This boy was sweet and now I'm missing my adorable Aarush he was not present in this whole chapter Cry

The most dangerous chapter of my life chapter 58.If This Was The End...

I'm thinking if I should comment I'm already getting upset thinking of that chapter I didn't even read it properly and didn't finished also cause I've started crying and left reading ...

I don't want to comment on it it's that it's not in me to say anything about it I've cried reason I don't know is it that Aarush was hurt or his smile which was like SAd smile or his saying good bye...

Was it Maan geet could not meeting or Maan's pain I don't know but I'm not enough strong now to comment ...

I should end it here but I promise if anyday come where I feel I can go through that chapter and comment I'll surely do but now I can't and with pure honesty I'm saying I've disliked this chapter but that doesn't mean I've hate geet zain ana or anyone in this chapter but felt upset hurt and what not people don't cry so easily you know but I was really hurt right from the beginning kanha radha part when Ana hurt Aarush when geet could not make up to meet Maan though I've known this from last chapter she will fail this time to meet and when kabir mentioned about pub I was 100% sure geet will be there and something will happened and it has...

Okay I should stop I don't want to think about this chapter that doesn't mean I've hate this author or don't like her story now... It's not true...


You know on my birthday I was looking forward few people's wish and you are one of them believe me I've smiled reading that just like I've smiled reading Gurmeet's wish you also mean the same I've never measure my love but there are people who meant a lot and you are one of them so thank you for being a part of my life...

And I'm ending this here Saying Really really Love you a lot be blessed always ...

Oh last thing to ask are you angry that I've bored you with my bok bok ?


SO WHAT'S SAY CAN I get a reply from this beautiful amazing writer for this bakwas comment though any chances?

You know how difficult it was to type with my ill health Ek reply nahi dogi kya khadus?

Etni mehnat se type kiya...Cry

Dena okay Acchi bacchi ho na tum dil mat toro masoom ka

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Posted: 2017-06-17T07:32:40Z
i am second Smile
unexpected geet  Shocked
i hope maan express his love to geet now
waiting for more dear 
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2017-06-17T07:44:09Z
Nice update
Waiting for next update. 
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