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@muskan di: awww di... your presence is so so so delightful. Embarrassed
Every time you post something on my thread, I get excited like crazy
and perhaps read your comments twice, thrice over...or even more.Hug

@ankyy: the acknowledgement is soon dear...soon.
give me a little time to connect some loose ends.Embarrassed

@indiegirl: exams of the kids? I feel you...LOL not because I have kids but more so because I have seen others slogging with their
children... LOLhope they come out with flying colors.
Best wishes to them. Thumbs Up
About Zain, don't worry.I have something planned though.
But its nothing to worry... really. EmbarrassedBig smile

@Sundari.: Welcome back...Hug
your answers are just around the corner.

@Cology: Dumb... hahaha.LOL She isn't.
I hope this update answers your question.Wink

@taahir004: Thanks for the lovely comment. You put it so nicely...
and if it makes you feel better, Geet will remember that moment.
But don't ask me when..Embarrassed

@indrani21dec: hey, welcome to my home. am so glad that you are enjoying this. do drop in your comments from time to time
and let me know how you like it.Embarrassed

@maansi25: guess who could be for Ana... Zain or Aarush?LOL

@vrishtigoel: let me know if your restlessness settled in this chapter.loved loved loved your comment. thank youEmbarrassed

thank you for being an amazing reader. you are one of those who have stayed with me from the very beginning and
I just can't thank you enough no matter how hard I try.Hug

@TaranaGeet: to answer your questions, I have found a great many good friends on this forum. Some went on to become my soul
sisters and some went to become my guide and my teacher in life...and some went in the lines of un-nmaed relations.Embarrassed

did I just answer your question in this update?LOL

unapologetically and politely I ask of you to refrain from reading the story if you are "pissed off" and "losing interest".
It is a slow story I had mentioned earlier too and no one is under any compulsion to read it. You can abandon the story here or you
can come back later and read the updates. Your call.
Thanks for being so patient all this time. Embarrassed


Morii--The Desire To Capture A Fleeting Experience.

It was cold and turning colder. She could care less now that he was back. Her heart came alive again after days of torture and she knew now that he meant the world to her. His presence, his absence, his laughter, his distress affected her in ways she couldn't even imagine. Without caring about the cold or the jacket that now lay on the couch, she slipped into her slippers and ran down the stairs like a whirlwind.

He kept the phone back in his pocket and pulled his jacket closer. His fingers turned cold and he rubbed them to generate some heat.

"I am coming..." was what she had replied and disconnected the phone. He heard footsteps and looked up only to see her running to him, clad in just her trousers and a lose shirt.

"Geet..." he gasped as she went straight into his arms and pressed him tight into her embrace.

He had definitely not expected such a welcome but nevertheless, he wrapped his arms around her petite body and a soft smile crept on his lips.

"Gosh, you are cold..." he rubbed her back when he felt her arms cold against his neck.

"I am sorry..." she mumbled, "I am so sorry Maan..."

She shivered, partly by the cold and partly by her own realizations.

He sighed and rested his head over her shoulder, loosening himself a little and gently patted her back, "What happened? Why are you so troubled?"

She felt so so so relieved to see him back that she clutched him even tighter, soaking in his warmth. He realized it too.

"Its ..." she felt her lips tremble. Whether it was the cold or the happiness or the guilt, she didn't know.

"Its because of me... that you missed her marriage, hai na?"

He stilled for a while but never let her go. Her feelings were so so so tangible right now that he had no idea how to hold himself back. Holding her by her shoulders, he parted her from him and she cringed with the cold that now started removing the vestiges of warmth that he had left behind on her. But his palms immediately cupped her cheeks and pulled her close. She stumbled a little but didn't resist. His dark eyes looked straight into hers as he left a warm breath that fell on her lips. They quivered.

"No." he whispered.

"Never ever think like that Geet. Never feel guilty about what I do where you are concerned."

She searched his eye for that one glance she had seen that night when he let his feelings float in those orbs so that she could read them and know what he felt.

Where she was concerned...

"But...its because of me..."

"Shhh..". he held her tighter, and looked deep into her eyes. Her stomach flipped.

"Its not because of you. It was my choice."

"But I..."

His eyes flashed anger for a second and then it vanished, "Hush! Not a word more now. I told you never feel guilty about what I do when it concerns you. So keep that mouth shut for a while.."

The intensity of his look and hold...gosh they set goose pimples on her skin. She felt she'd faint right there. But she held herself and nodded a gentle yes.

His eyes twinkled in delight now, "Can we have some food? I am hungry."

He slowly let her go and she slipped back. It was then she took a proper look at him. Clad in a pair of jeans and a loose tee shirt, he made a handsome picture in that jacket. But he looked tired. His eyes were red, probably due to sleeplessness and wrinkles marred his forehead.

"Get ready Geet..."

She kept looking at him with so much adoration that still didn't feel enough.

"Geet?" he called out to gain her attention.

"Yeah..." she snapped, "when did you come back?"

"Just landed 30 minutes back..."

She raised a brow, "You didn't go home?"

He yawned, "No. I came straight here..."

She gasped. He didn't know what he said. But she understood those unsaid words. She understood him so much better now. She felt a thousand times luckier than she had ever felt before. And she knew what she had to do.

She held his hand and dragged him inside.

"Geet..." he sighed, "what are you doing?"

She realized he wasn't willing but he wasn't protesting as well. Holding her fast beating heart, she pulled him inside with every bit of authority she had over him. He just kept watching her and soaked himself in the blissful feeling of being 'hers' even if it meant nothing to her.

She opened the door to her apartment and made him sit on the small couch that she owned. She turned on the room heater and stood in front of him, with her hands on her waist and a wide smile adoring her face.

"Bolo...kya  khaoge?"

He looked up at her in amusement, "what?"

She rolled her eyes, "Since you are too tired from the journey, how about, I make you a nice dinner? My way of making up to you..."

He got the subtle hint and sighed, " don't have to. I was driving home and thought to have dinner with you..."

Her finger on his lips stopped the parade of words and her scent filled his senses. She had leaned down on him and shushed him. it reminded him of the time in his study where they almost kissed.


It was a very dangerous thing.

"Ge..." he tried speaking but she pressed her finger a little harder of his soft lips and trembled in its aftermath.

"Hush Now... her eyes twinkled, "You can shush me and I can't?"

She twisted her lips and his heart twisted along.

"Sit here and rest. Let me make something for you. Do you want anything in particular?"

His stillness now slowly ebbing away, he held her hand that remained close to his mouth and locked her eyes in his gaze. Gently moving her finger away from his lips, he whispered, "Keep it simple and quick."

She smiled making him sigh and walked into the kitchen leaving him alone.

"Uhh Geet?"

She stopped and turned back, "Umm?"

"Do you mind me using the washroom?"

"Not at all. freshen up. I will be quick."

She turned back and slowly walked into the kitchen and upon hearing retreating footsteps, she ran into the kitchen and held herself against the counter. Her heart was beating so fast that she had to press her hand on it to get a grip on herself.
He made her feel things she had never felt before.

"Calm down Geet... sheesh...its so... so.." she turned cherry red just at the thought of it and she couldn't describe what she felt back them. But the feeling that persisted was that of happiness. Immense happiness... of him being here with her, of him making her his priority... of him making her feel special always.

Her eyes fell on the bowl she had discarded in the sink unable to gulp down her dinner and somehow her he brought her appetite along with him.

"Okay... get a grip on yourself and make something nice."

She searched her cabinets and her supplies and couldn't come up with anything nice. Irritated, she slapped her forehead, "Geet... what the hell are you doing? He is doing so much for you and you can't even feed him?"

She took the veggies and took a good look at them. She boiled the water and put the spaghetti to cook. She had to make it quick and chopped the veggies in quick succession. Stirring the spaghetti to check for al dante, she went back to her tomatoes when his voice startled her.

"Need Help?"

She jumped and dropped her knife.

"You scared me..." she gasped, turning around. He reached her quickly, picked up the knife and handed her.

"Sorry..." he smiled and she kept watching him.

She had missed that smile.

"You want some help Geet?" he asked again.

She shook her head and took a step back, "No. I am almost done. You relax and don't move from there. You look tired."

He moved his neck from side to side to break the kinks, "That I sure?"

She shook her head and pushed him out of the kitchen, "Yes. Now Go."

When she came out carrying their dinner, he was tapping something on his phone.

"Keep that phone away mister... its dinner time."

He smiled in delight as the aroma of the fresh sauce filled his nostrils. They didn't talk while eating. More so because he was so hungry that he kept himself busy gulping down the food. And she kept quiet because she kept watching him eat with a childlike enthusiasm.

"Gosh Geet... this is so delicious..." he mumbled with food stuffed into his mouth.

"You want more?" she didn't even wait for his answer and filled his plate with seconds.

She had never felt this happy seeing him eat. Such innocent enthusiasm from him, she hardly got to see. It felt so much satisfying to see him enjoy the food. She felt so proud of herself. His smile was like a reward for all the effort she made. It was insanely satisfying, feeding him, even if it was just the simplest of dinners. The happiness on his face was worth every effort and even more than that. The feeling was indescribable. He licked his lips and she melted right there.

This feeling of happiness... she had never felt before. Doing something so small and mundane for him was just so special to her. And right at that moment, she wished she could do something like this for him more often.

Once done, she picked up the plates when he held her hand. She looked back and he pressed a kiss on the back of her palm.

"Thank you for the food.."

She blushed red and quickly pulled her hand back in a conscious effort.

"wel..welcome... "she managed to mumble.

"I think I should get going.." he spoke, looking at his watch, "you have college tomorrow."

From deep within her, she knew she didn't want him to go. She wanted to see him to her eyes' fill and her heart's content.

"Uhh.. would you wait till I am done with this?" She pointed towards the plates with her chin.

He smiled and blinked, "Yep. I am here."

She rushed to the kitchen and deposited everything in the sink. She looked at her hand where he had kissed and gently caressed it, feeling extremely shy and happy at the same time. And amidst all her jumbled up feelings, she had no idea how long she took. When she came out, after cleaning the kitchen, wiping her hands with the towel, her lips curled into a smile at the sight he presented.

He had waited and waited and waited until sleep overtook him. Leaning on the armrest, he closed his eyes unable to fight the tiredness anymore and fell prey to the clutches of sleep.

She kept the towel away and knelt in front of him.

"Maan..." she whispered.

He didn't move.

She wanted to call him out once more but then stopped. He was extremely tired and she just couldn't wake him up. His messy hair fell on his forehead and he looked so peaceful. If his smile made her sigh in pleasure, then she knew this face of his wasn't going to let her sleep now. she had never seen him like this.

Something happened to her then... something that could have happened in the study back in the estates but didn't. She raised her hand and gently pried away the hair from his forehead. he left a deep long breath and adjusted himself on the couch. She stilled for a moment, scared if he woke up and remained suspended in that moment, until he was still again. leaving that dragged breath out, she dared to lean closer and continue what she had been doing.

She caressed his wrinkled forehead and turned bolder with time. The scared little efforts now became confident gentle strokes.

Isn't it how he always made you sleep Geet?

She recalled the times when he took care of her and shied. She sat there, running her fingers gently across his forehead and watched him sleep. So many things have changed from the past one year and she'd be finishing her masters in a few more months. How rude he was at the beginning? And how peaceful he was right now! she recalled their moments back from the day she had visited the estates for the first time during janmashtami to this day... how everything has changed.
A chilled wind from the window brought her back to reality. She looked him and shook her head.

Always careless when it came to him... but he was a mother hen when it came to others! Uff Kanha... how have you wired him?

She brought out a blanket, pulled off his shoes gently without disturbing him and watched him for a while. Everything has changed... he has too. And she has too. as she softly covered him in the warm blanket, she realized that the relation between them had changed too. Leaning down, she dared to press a kiss on his forehead, like he always did and burned in its aftermath.

How did he do it so easily?

"Good night Maan... " she whispered, holding her thudding heart.

Turning off the lights, she went back to her bed and closed her eyes. It wasn't awkward to have him around her even though they were alone in the same house. She wasn't scared. To be honest, she was relieved and happy.

We share nothing...

He had once mentioned. She had believed it then. Now she knew there was something between them. They shared something; else she wouldn't feel what she feels now. And somewhere between naming and not naming their relationship, she knew she was scared. Although it remained at the back of her mind, the hesitation persisted.

What if...


He woke up at the early streaks of dawn and pulled the blanket closer. It felt nice. He had been so tired and the sleep was much respite. Opening his eyes, he found himself in a strange surrounding. Being an early riser had its own advantage. He had all the time to himself to analyse his surroundings and understand what happened last night. The blanket remained as a solid proof of their being together. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He looked around for her and found her door ajar. She had not locked it. He wanted to go and check on her and he had almost done that but stopped right before her door.

No. That wouldn't be right.

He looked around and found her study table by the window. Picking up a pen and a piece of paper, he scribbled a hasty note, kept it atop the folded blanket and walked away.


She giggled as Awara licked her and hopped around her as they played in the gardens. The day was busy with college and office and it was only after 7 that she was home with Kabir. After dinner, she took Awara out and forgot her tiredness in the process.

"lets go home okay. Come on boy... " she caressed his muzzle and jogged back into the house.

She found her brother sitting on the steps of the porch, lost in his thoughts. He had just been back from Seattle this morning and was back to work. She hadn't had time to even talk to him properly.

"Hey Bhai..." she chirruped.

He glanced up at her and gave her a faint smile, "sit with me for a while Ana...
She nodded and sat beside him, Awara joined the squad and sat by his feet ready to listen and input his thoughts on the conversation they were about to have in a while.

"How were things with Nimi di?" she asked, looking up at the sky and then rested her head on his shoulder, "I missed you..."

He left along breath and clasped his fingers, "Everything is good with Nimi. She is happy. How is your project going?"

"Its going great actually. I am glad we will be finishing it in a few days."

"Who is Arjun?"

She stilled for a while and watched his expressionless.

"Arjun? Who Arjun?" she managed to squeak out.

He kept a straight face, "Arjun Rathode."

She tried looking normal, "Ohh him! he is our client Bhai... whose project Kabir and I are handling. But you know him don't you? There isn't anything to it.."

He turned his face and looked at her... one glance and her face paled.

"Antara..," he sighed, "Do you think I don't know?"

She gulped down hard watched that dead serious look of his brother.

"Wo Bhai... I... I don't know how... erm... "she stuttered more out of fear of a backlash and dipped her head, "I am so sorry Bhai..."

"tell me what happened.." he commanded and she couldn't deny. She just couldn't deny her eldest brother anything at all. And so, she narrated the entire story to him, starting right from the day she had met him during her internship to the day she found him in their office. Unknown to her were those tears that rolled down her eyes as she recollected those nights where she would just stare at her phone screen waiting for his one text or a call.

Maan pulled her close and hid her in his embrace.

"I am so sorry Bhai...I thought he was a nice man... How stupid could I get?" she cried.

"Ana... look at me...shh... Just look at me now.. "he called out to her lovingly.

She obliged and with a gentle sweep of his fingers, he wiped those tears and looked straight into her eyes.

"You were stupid..." he started and she dipped her head in shame.

"I am sorry..."

"...not because you were in a relationship with a guy like him..."

His words made her look up and he continued.

"But because you hid the truth from everyone and dragged Geet along with you. Do you realize he has been harassing her back in the office?"

She gasped and looked at him with wide eyes, "What? No... Geet didn't tell me anything..."

"I know Ana. she didn't because she thought for your good. But that is not the point here. The point here is that you let him control your life like this Ana."

She listened to him carefully. He was right.

"I know it must have been difficult for you and I am not blaming you to have been in a relationship that went wrong. You are a grown up now. You know how to handle these things. But letting someone as toxic and sick as a man like Arjun control and dictate your life is wrong..."

"I...I have moved on Bhai... he really doesn't mean anything to me..."

"Yes I know. Geet has told me everything."

"She has?"

"Yes. But again, don't blame her. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't witnessed everything with my own eyes. But anyways, what I am trying to make you understand is Ana, don't let sick people harass you like this. If they trouble you, take action. Tell them you are firm on your decision and that you wouldn't yield to those who have wronged you. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

"If you cannot handle, then it's okay to seek help. You can tell me or Kabir for that matter. Do you think it makes me feel any better seeing you hurt like this?"

She bit her lips and held herself from crying. Maan Bhai loved her the most, she knew now.

"And tomorrow, I will be dealing with Arjun and be done with this project. Is that okay with you?"

Ana hugged her brother and nodded, "I trust you Bhai. Whatever you say.."

He smiled and patted her back, "Next time, don't hide things okay. let me know if anything bothers you Ana. I know you are my brave little soldier and can handle anything. But its okay to have someone at your back, right?"

She nodded and hugged her brother tighter. He was indeed someone whom she could look up to and he wouldn't disappoint. With this, she decided, she would tell Kabir the truth as well, first thing in the morning.


"Good Morning Sleeping Beauty

By the time you get this note, I would have been gone. So, don't panic if you don't find me. I will be a call away. I had the most wonderful dinner last night and the most peaceful sleep ever.

Thanks for everything.

P.S. can we keep doing this from time to time?


She read the note for the nth time in the day and still turned red like a fresh bud of rose. She had woken up quiet late and found the letter in the hall. She had almost lost her footing at the way he addressed her.

Oh dear kanha... he is going to kill me someday.

She had somehow managed to get through the day, lost in her own world and not making it obvious in front of Ana and when she had gotten home, she had sat on the bed and read and re-read the a thousand times over. The last line still burned her cheeks.

Yours, Maan? Who writes that Kanha?

She pouted and complained to her kanha but oh what wonders they made her feel?!!

She sighed and fell on the bed, blushing furiously. She held that piece of paper close to her heart to capture this fleeting moment where her heart thudded so thunderously against her rib cage and her brain created images of him sleeping on her couch the previous night on front of her eyes.

Morii it was...
>>If you are curious at all, this is 'my' kind of romance.EmbarrassedBlushing

>>This writer has irrevocably fallen in love with this guy.Blushing How many of you think you have fallen into his charms too?Heart

>>Okay, here comes the important part. I am going to keep busy for the next few days. So, please have patience if you don't see me updating. I will be back soon.

Chapter 55

Chapter 57

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Some date it was, I was feeding more on their feelings than Maan was feeding on the food LOL LOL
(Pun intended, too much HP in mind these days, but the best part is u won't understand Tongue ask

God it was just like I am in a ride, a smooth one u know, as I don't know wen my heart would flutter at the very next sentence Wink
I think u took @taranageet's words at heart, that they wouldn't be able to explain their outings, and hence this "ghar me dinner"
Obviously it's super cute, I like such things, they add a personal touch I feel

And then about falling for him u say, it's been long aga that I am a goner... Haha.. I like complicated men u see...
Wouldn't say the reference over here!!!

Maan-ana chat, well I wouldn't want to comment on that, obviously it was like a mother scolding child, that's what I felt, wouldn't say Maan was wrong though, he was every bit right.

Then again the letter,
What did u think u were doing over there,
It was too much to take u know
With all the realisations... I am talking from geet's pov obviously LOL
Wish ana would find out about them n play the cupid, but I also felt that it would loose it's unique essence in that way,
Never mind though! Let's se what u planned.

About what I said,
Now I am sure u have planned something about that in the next part, even w/o me demanding it...
Well I am all
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