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Please update as soon as u find time abd u feel better
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60.It Was Something That Was Meant To Be...

Aarush Mehra

She typed it on the search box and quickly pressed the backspace button. Guilty that she was, she had no idea that a simple apology would feel so heavy. She has always been mad at him and sought revenge. And by god's grace she got an opportunity too. But alas! Who knew that would cost him his career? 

She took a deep breath and looked outside. Christmas was gone and she was confined to her room. Geet wasn't there and so was her Maan Bhai. Flakes of snow fell down the sky in a slow languid motion and some of them stuck to the base of her window pane. 

You gotta apologize Ana... just say it!

She slapped her head typed his name on her Facebook search box and pressed enter. The internet popped out hundreds of Aarush Mehra with a variety of profile pictures and a multitude of occupations. She sighed and cursed her luck to have made this tricky for her. She had to go through each of the profiles to find him.

"Gosh... why is that man so difficult?"

She rolled her eyes and looked for him. There were a few people who had their pictures set as their profile pictures and the rest had weird stuffs. She for once felt like giving up but somehow her conscience didn't let her. Picking up the rest of her patience she scrolled down through the search results and stopped at one particular profile with a funny picture. 

It had a minion at the centre and the caption read- 

I Tried To Act Normal'
Worst 5 Minutes of My Life'.

A smile crept on her lips as she clicked on the profile and checked for details. He hadn't made it private... she thanked her stars. Somehow she knew that profile belonged to him. 

"He isn't normal... everyone knows! Ha!"

She patted herself mentally and pressed "Send Friend Request Button."

She checked the time and googled for the time difference. India was 9h30m ahead of New York which meant it would be way past midnight at his place. She closed the laptop and went to stand by the window to watch the snow. And slowly, very slowly, her mind went back to Geet's sudden departure to London and her brother's feelings towards her. She wondered if Geet even felt what her brother felt. It was evident from Maan's side... he had accepted it in front of her. But was Geet really over Raj to move on? 

She picked up her phone to call her friend when her mother called her downstairs to meet the guests they had. She threw the phone on the bed and rushed down, deciding to call her later.


"Maan... where are you?" his mother seemed angry on the other side.

He sighed turning off the TV, the sole source of sound in the entire house.

"I told you Mom...I am in Miami."

"And who goes to Miami during Christmas?" she snapped, "And why in the world weren't you answering anyone's calls?"

He relaxed back on the couch and stretched himself, "I was a little busy. Got some friends here."

"Really?" she suspected if he hid something.

And Maan knew that trait of hers really well. 

"Yes mom. My college friends wanted a reunion and I we thought we could spend some good time in the beach house."

Radhika hummed hearing the conviction in her son's voice. It was weird that he missed family dinners, especially during the holiday season but she also knew that her son had a few friends. Few but close ones. And so, she let him enjoy. 

"Fine but I need you home before New year's eve." She warned.

He left a breath out of relief, "Yes mom. I will be home soon."

He disconnected the phone and looked around at the empty house. He definitely had no plans. But all he needed was space and time to think things through. 
He would deal with his little storm later. As such she held a magic wand in her hand and made his heart dance to her tunes. A little seclusion helped him to gain semblance of his mind and reflect on his words. 

She was growing up... and he realized he had no right to stop her from doing the same.


It was her fault.

Everything was her fault. She brought it upon herself. 

She had asked him to go away and he went away. 

Why Kanha? Why do I end up losing everyone?

"hey Miss Universe...Ready?"

Raj's voice brought her back to reality. She realized she had been sitting in front of the mirror for a long time holding the comb.

"Uhh... 5 minutes more Raj.." she gave him a weak smile.

Raj, she looked through the mirror looked exactly how he had looked when she had seen him for the first time. It felt as if he hadn't even aged in the past three years. His smile still held a charm and his voice still remained warm towards her... knowing that she had once been in love with him and that they were going to get married. He treated her exactly the same way he used to treat her back then.

His warm hands rested on her shoulder, "You are looking gorgeous. He is definitely going to fall in love with you Geet."

She watched their reflection through the mirror but couldn't feel nice to see the image. 

It was farce. It was something that was meant to be but did not happen. 

Them together... was not a possibility any more. She cringed a little and stood up, taking a few steps away; creating distance between them.

" it necessary to go? "she tried one last time. 

Raj shook his head and walked closer to her. Resting his hands on her shoulders, he pulled her close and looked straight into her eyes. 

She was disarmed. 

"Geet... I want you to be happy. I want you to live the dream of yours that I broke."

Those eyes... she gasped, how she longed for those eyes to see her in a way that made her feel his love. She saw love in those eyes but not the one she had always hoped from him. 

"Day in and day out, it bothers me Geet. Your wellbeing, your future... if I wanted, I could have gotten you married to anyone out there but you know what, I just can't do that. I cannot just give you up to anyone. And hence, I took time to find someone worthy of you and your love."

She blinked a couple of times to digest the words and understand the meaning. 

"...and he is just the one who fit in. Do you trust me?"

He asked and that intensity in his eyes and fierceness of his words didn't let her deny. She nodded softly.

"Then trust me one more time. Just meet him. We can always work with the time but there is no one better than him for you."


She stood by the window and watched the snowfall. It was the last day of the year and she was yet again alone, lost in her thoughts, just like she had the previous year. She missed Ana and she missed Kabir. She missed the estates and she missed Radhika's care. And the most she missed was Maan. 

He wasn't taking calls neither was he replying to her texts. And she had, with a heavy heart let him be. Pooja's father was recovering. She was glad about that but the absence of Maan's presence in her life remained peppered although the way. 
She picked up her phone and texted him one more time. 

"I am sorry Maan. Please Talk To Me."

She knew he wouldn't pick up calls because she had a fair inkling of how he worked. Sighing, she kept the phone back when Pooja tapped her shoulder.


She jumped and then relaxed seeing Pooja, "hey..."

Pooja held her hand and dragged her to sit on the bed, her eyes twinkling in joy.


Geet looked at her confused, "So?"

"Uff... how did you like him?"

Geet sighed, "Not now Pooja."

"What has happened to you Geet? You are avoiding this topic. What is wrong?"

Geet kept looking at the falling snow, "There is nothing wrong. And I am not avoiding it. There is nothing to talk about."

"You didn't like him, did you? He was telling Raj that you hardly spoke to him and he did all the talking."

"When you know it Pooja, then what is the point in asking?"

"I want to know what you think Geet... please. Tell me. Is he a nice guy?"

Geet shrugged, "yeah. He is nice."

"Then why don't you talk to him? Which actually reminds me that he wants to meet you again and wants to know more about you!"

Geet, in all this, felt very restless as she stood up and paced around.

"Pooja...please. stop pushing me. I am not ready for anything right now."

Pooja left a long deep breath, "then tell me when do you think you will be ready'? Do you have any time reference? And we are all so happy to see you moving forward in your life but how long do you want to stay alone?"

"I am not alone... "she snapped.

She wasn't alone! She knew she had Ana and kabir and she had Maan...the most important of them all.

Seeing Geet so worked up, Pooja decided to let her be and walked out of the room. She was at the doorstep when she stopped and looked back,


"What?" she bit out.

"Where is your Kanha? You haven't brought him along?"

Geet stopped and remained still. Kanha... he wasn't with her today.

"N...No.. "she answered in a daze.

"That's weird, knowing you don't go anywhere without him! Anyways, come down for lunch."

Pooja left and left her in a fix. This was the first time when she had been somewhere without her Kanha. She had never forgotten him but now when she thought, how long had been that she had sat in front of her Kanha and cried her woes out? It was rare now. 

She realized she depended less on him now... and she didn't know what to feel.. Proud or sad. Her eyes fell on the phone and she bit her lips. No reply from Maan till now.

Was he that mad? 


"Not going to see the fireworks?"

She looked up and found the silhouette of a familiar figure marching towards her. 
It was still half an hour to New Year's Day and everyone decided to go see the fireworks. She remained home, saying she was sleepy and none pushed her. 

"Ummm... not feeling very well uncle."

Her uncle had started walking now, albeit slowly. And since he wasn't allowed to travel, he had stayed home and sent everyone out to enjoy the night. 

He had been walking towards the kitchen when he had seen Geet sit on the steps of the stair and bury her head between her knees.

He slowly walked towards the step and sat on the lowest step and gestured her to sit beside him. She obliged.

Running a loving hand on her head, he asked gently, "what is bothering you my child?"

She gaped at him, looking stunned and he smiled.

"I am old but not senile. I have seen and known the world and its people way more than you have. And you have grown up right in front of me Geet..."

His experienced eyes could see what she was hiding.

She sighed and looked ahead, trying to calm that distorted mind.

"Is it about the alliance? " he asked, "If yes, then you needn't worry Geet. No one will decide anything against your wish. That's my promise. The final say will be yours."

Seeing no change in her expressions, he knew there was something else.

"If not the alliance... then what is bothering you?"

She looked at his face for a while and left a breath she was holding. 

"There is someone who is mad at me... and I... I just can't reach him...I mean her..". she quickly changed her words to not raise suspicions.

"Mad at you?" her uncle laughed, "You are so adorable Geet... who is that stupid friend of yours who can be angry with you?"

She sighed, "She is! And I don't know what to do."

Uncle stopped laughing and looked at her lovingly, "do you want to share what happened?"

She thought for a while and told him about her new job and new friends and that she hadn't been able to give time to her old friends.

"And she thinks I have changed and that I am ignoring her not realizing how important she is in my life."

"do you think you ignored your friend Geet?"

"I didn't do it deliberately uncle... I can never do that. Never."

Her uncle nodded, "I wouldn't blame you though.."


"It is natural to change in a new environment but what you could have done is talk to your friend about it rather than letting things go this way..."

Her face fell. There were so many times that Maan had called and she had been too busy to think of the intricacies of what they share. She could have talked to him and she knew he would have understood. 

"How do I make it up to her?"

"She is your friend Geet... you should know what works and what not."

He stood up and leaned down to pressed a kiss on her forehead, "Happy New Year..."

He walked away leaving her in a puzzle.

She is your friend Geet... you should know what works and what not

He landed in NYC and drove straight to her apartment. He had been in a better state, chiding himself to have behaved like a child and her text had been his undoing. He marched up right in front of her door and knocked.

No answer. 

He knocked harder and still there was no answer. 

"Where are you Geet? "

He had been in a mess all these days. And it was just New Year's Eve. He didn't care if she was out with Zain or Ana or whosoever. He had to talk to her somehow.  The feelings had been too much of a chaos for him and somehow he had to let it out. He had to let her know. Knowing that she had been as eager to talk to him as he had been, he had landed right in front of her house. He took his phone out to call when her name flashed on the screen.

He picked it up in one ring and screamed out, "where the hell are you Geet? And why are you not at home?"

She felt like she'd cry out of happiness. She had rushed to her room after talking to her uncle and called him immediately. And to her sheer luck, he picked it up in one ring.


Her voice broke and he closed his eyes on the other side. He had missed her so much. He rested his frame against her door and supported himself.

"I am sorry." She finally said it what she had been trying to say.

"I don't know why I behaved the way I did... but I really didn't mean anything  Maan.. you know I can't live without talking to you... I... I..."

"Shhh... quiet now... " he spoke after getting hold of his heart.

"But I..."

"Chup Geet... bilkul chup!"

She shut her mouth and felt her heart skip beats.

And when he heard only her breaths on the other side, he spoke.

"Do you know where I am?"

She fell on her bed, shying at that husky voice of his, "Where?"

"I am waiting for you in front of your apartment..."

She gasped and sat up, her loose hairs moved along with her and fell of her face.

"Oh Maan... why...I.."

"I want to see you Geet... where are you?"

She pressed her free hand on her mouth to stop herself from crying out. 

This man made her feel things she had never felt before.

"I am not in NYC...she spoke sadly, her heart suddenly breaking that she wasn't there when he needed her..."

When he wanted her...

He straightened himself, "Not in NYC? Where in the world have you gone to?"

She bit her lips, sensing his restlessness, "I am in London."

"what the... " he walked down to his car and hit the bonnet with his fist. She jumped with the sound.

"Uncle isn't well... I had to come here."

He stopped and sat inside the car, "what happened? Is everything okay there? Are 
You okay? Geet... don't you dare hide anything from me.."

She felt herself melting with his words and suddenly she felt so restless to go back to him and hug him tightly.

"Maan... I am fine. Uncle is recovering. I will be back soon. Don't stay in the cold. Please go back home."

"When are you coming back?" he turned on the ignition and the heater of the car.

"In a few days..."

"Come back soon..."

She nodded, "Umm. I wanted to talk about what happened that day.."

"Not now. Come back. Then we will talk about it. Not like this."

"I miss you... " she confessed.

He sighed, "then come back to me.."

Her breath stuck in her throat at her words and she froze in time. He had magic perhaps... he made her so vulnerable in front of her own eyes.

"Geet..." he called out to her lovingly when he heard no response from her, 
"Come back soon."


"Happy new Year..."

Everyone screamed in joy as the estates filled with laughter and wishes. There were Maan and Ana and Kabir and their cousins and relatives and Nimi and her husband too. They were too happy to see Maan and so was Maan. His mother was the happiest that he kept his word and came back. They cut the cake and poured champagne in expensive glasses. They sang songs and they remembered dadima.
It was around 2 in the morning that we retired to bed, feeling exhausted with all the travelling and celebrations. 

2 missed calls from Geet.

Her voice was a soothing balm to all his agony. They had talked just a few hours back and the missed calls had worried him. He called her back immediately and she took a long time to respond.

"Geet... " he called out frantically, the moment she picked it up, "are you okay? 
Has something happened?"

She yawned and turned in her bed and smiled in her half sleepy state.

"Geet... say something." his voice came out worried and tensed.

"Hush You Monster..." she mumbled in that drowsy voice, "Everything is okay."


"Yes. And I called you two hours back...anyways, Happy New Year..."

He was surprised to hear that from her voice, "you called me to wish me?"

She stretched herself, "Umm... I had called you at 00h but I couldn't be the one to wish you first."

He raised his brow and sat on the bed, "So, you wanted to wish me first?"

"Umm... " she nodded as if he could see her and then blushed red, pulling the blanket over her head.

"Not bad Miss Handa... you are making up for the fight really well."

"Ummm, " she twisted her lips, "come on Maan... I stayed awake till 5 am to wish you..."

"5am? What time is it at your place? " he checked the time and asked.

"ring a bell Maan... I am in London, 5 hours ahead of you. My new year had begun long back. its a pity you didn't wish me."

"Uh Oh... "he sighed, recalling the fact that she wasn't in NYC.

"You are not doing well in the making up for the fight. " She teased.

"And why would I need to make up to you?" he fell on the bed, smiling.

Suddenly everything felt so normal between them... so relaxed. But they knew they had to talk over it.

"You fought with me!"

"No I didn't!"

"Haww... You did you monster. You told me I looked ugly." she berated him.

He laughed, "That's because you do look ugly."

"Grrr...Maan... Am I ugly?"

"If I say you don't, do you think the fact that you look ugly is going to change?"

"I am not talking to you. bye."

"Arrey Geet..." he laughed, " Suno tho..."

"Nahi Sunni. Bye."

"Listen to me na..."he shook his head at her childlike annoyance.

He had missed this.

"No No I don't want to listen to you Monster."

"I have something to tell you... listen to me. Something really important!"

She made a face and changed her side, "what is it?"

"Just wanted to say that..." he lingered deliberately, increasing her heartbeat.


"That... " he sighed.

"Han Maan... that?"

"That... I really missed you so much all these days. And I want you back asap."

"Oh Maan..." she sighed, soaking in the pleasure his words made her feel.

"And a very Happy New Year little storm..."

Love, they say is a weird emotion. It makes you do things you have never done before and feel things that you haven't. He knew now what Love meant to him and at the same time, she had no definition of love for herself. Yet, at the same time, they had been encompassed in the same feeling that morphed not into a passionate entanglement but a deep rooted feeling of respect and understanding of each other's heart.


Aarush Mehra has accepted your Friend Request.

The notification read and her lips curled into a smile. Opening a chat box with him, she quickly posted a Happy New Year message and waited for his reply. 
It was the next afternoon that she found a reply from him.

"Do I know you?" it read.

She rolled her eyes and replied.

"hey Aarush... its me, Antara."

The button to the side of his name turned green and a message popped up.

"Antara? Premchand?"

She felt irritated at the name but resisted it.

"Uh...yeah. the same."

"hey, happy new year to you too."


"how are you?"

"Uhh Aarush?"


"I am sorry."


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