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Geets anger is justiced
Maan did decisions till now
Never included her
Its now his time to prove
Nice part

yup he needs to prove himself now
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Poor Maan ek mistake k liye do baar thppad khaya Cry...Mini hi mili thi pain share krne k liye stupidAngry

maan ki akal ab thikane pe ayega
thnx for reading
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wohhh typing
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wait one hour or so
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          Part 34 -

        It's three days that she saw Maan or even talk to him . It's not that she doesn't miss him she missing him badly but she can't meet him . She still angry on what he did . How can he took that decision without telling her anything. It's their life's matter he can't do what he please .

            sometimes she feels may be she is also at fault that he took that step . She couldn't make him feel secure or happy to not think about divorce .

        Her thought broke as she got a message from Maan . From past three days he called her more that hundreds times and countless messages . She knows he is guilty she can feel it but she too angry to talk to him .She even didn't see his messages . She knows if she open a single one and read she won't be able to stop herself from going to him but she can't do it now . She locked her phone and put it on bed as expected another call from Maan which she ignored .

             Balraj enter her room and saw her sitting on bed which he saw that in morning. Her sad face making him more guilty . May be if he was not that stubborn they would have together . Now he cursing himself for his blindness ..even Hari scolded him black blue, warned clearly not to enter her house without setting things better . and he knows he deserve it . He sat beside her

           " looks like that man doesn't care . It's three days no news of him . He didn't even try to meet you . Such a cowar..."   

          " Mamu please don't day like that .."

        She got angry ..She doesn't like him taking about Maan like this..

        " he didn't come because I told him not to . He respect my wish that's why he didn't . " she knows she is little rude but she couldn't help it . It's about her husband ...

        " and thanks Mamu for not telling Ma Papa about it . Woh log pareshan ho jayenge " Balraj nodded with smirk but didn't let this go ...

          " par Biittu kab tak . He made mistake but he doesn't even have courage to ask forgiveness . I never see such type man . How can you live such man who hurt you so badly . Agar main hota toh Hari ki pairo pe gir jaata tak nehi maanta jab tak woh mujhe maaf na karde...par yeh admi toh..."    

            " Did he murder someone ? " this time Geet glared at him . She is not in her right mind but her Mamu is not helping her other then talking nonsense

          " no na , you shouldn't have said mean thing , when you don't know anything about him . What he faced ? what he gone through ? you know nothing Mamu . Then how can you judge him like this . I know he made mistake but that doesn't mean he is a bad person . He is the most beautiful person I have ever meet . Don't talk about him like this please ..."      

          " Umm I understand. You loved him so much that ready to forgive him but is it right thing ? Is really that man right for you ..? "

        " His name is Maan my husband please address his name if you talking about him .."

            May be she sounding clam but she knows what she is feeling . Yes she is angry on Maan but she can't see someone else saying bad things about him be it her own Mamu . Maan is her husband only she has right to curse him or anything she wants . But she can't tolerate other doing this . She is angry , hurt now confused why her Mamu talking bad about her Maan ? how can he think of leaving her husband ? ...

              " He is the person who at my one word would leave everything and come for me .Just for my one smile he would make the world upside down . He is the person who can take his life for me . And I . love . him ... not past Mamu I still love him and will do till my last breath . He did that when our bond was not that strong he could have tell me earlier if he wants separation but he didn't because he wants to be with me now . That's true he made a mistake that doesn't mean I should leave him . He had his reason , he had his issue that's why he did . Yes I'm sad I'm angry but marriage is not that simple thing to break like this . How can you suggest such thing ? he is my husband i already forgave him "

            Balraj smiled at her . He wanted this reaction only . He wanted her to figure out her pain and take the right decision . Everyone make mistake and mistake makes people better . He made her look at him .." if you forgive him why don't you go back and listen his side..."

            She wipe her tears .." .no i won't go back " Balraj frowned ...

          " I'm hurt Mamu , very hurt by his action . I never thought my Maan could do such things. You know when you grow much expectation from someone it's hurt badly when that person shattered it . It's same for me . I was in sky but his one action brought me on ground . He said he has insecurities , how can I go back without wash away those ? I need to make him strong . I need to make him that strong that , he won't make those mistake again . He will learn to fight for me , for us not leave me in middle no matter what , no Strom can't be able to sperate us "

               " Bittu you can do it staying by his side too ..."      She nodded no and admit slowly ...

               " I- i want to punish him " she knows she sounding bad but this is true

            " I want to make him realise how big mistake he did . He took that decision without consulting me , without knowing my wish he needs to understand what he did . It's his punishment to live without me . He wanted separation now he will feel how difficult it's for him to stay away from me . In future he will never ever do something stupid or even in his dream never will think to end our relation . " yes it harsh way but she knows only this can make things better .

          " don't worry Mamu trust me this is important . I won't let my marriage break that easily . I will fight indirectly "

          Balraj feel proud looking at his daughter . He never knew she grows up so fast he was foolish to think that she is weak . She is more mature and strong to handle anything . Although it little hurt to think she doesn't need his baby setting but he is happy to see her like this . He kissed her forehead

            " your Mamu is always in your side . You can ask for any help "   

            " actually I need your little help "

            " What ? "

           " I want you to meet Maan next Sunday "   

          Balraj smiled on that " I would love to meet my son in law " this time he proudly accept Maan without taking his name making Geet smile .

             Balraj saw a file on bed and open it " what is this ? " he frowned " why Mini's file is here " he frowned deeper as Geet looked clam and took the file from his hand ..

        " I asked for it so Adi sir gave me .."

           " but why ? "

        " to transfer her .."   

            " transfer ? How ? ..why can't just fire her ? ..."   Geet nodded no

          " no won't fire her it would be easy way . I want her to suffer for playing with my husband's emotion. You know Mamu there is a government project which Khurana construction got last month . It's not very good area . Far from Rajasthan a small village. Very poor village with no electricity or proper recommendations or water supply . I m sending Micro mini there as the supervisor of this project . It will take more than 6 months to complete and she won't be able to come back in mid so she has to stay there if she wants her job secure " Geet smirk already Imagining her condition there but no remorse that girl deserve it...

            " Till now she lived in luxury , took Maan's advantage . A good apartment ..too high salary now she will face the real world , and may be learn a lesson . She needs to know life is not this easy ..."

          " but how will you do it ..I mean "      

          " Relax Mamu I'm the boss ..boss can do anything "

        Balraj looked at her as if she grown two horns ...

          " I m 51% share holder of Khurana construction so basically I'm the owner im the boss . No one can do against their boss right . u-m you can say I'm taking advantage of my power .."    

           That was a shocking news for Balraj . He still couldn't believe Maan gave her this much there he thought he is greedy ...

        " But will Mini agree ? "   
          First Geet thought to fire Mini but she knows it won't be good . Mini is the daughter of company's trustble ex employe . Her father doesn't deserve this insult ..." Does she have any choice ? Maan was planning to transfer her another city but now this stunt she knows she have no choice either go there or quit which she can't do . How much her thinking may be bad she can't tell her father why she quit and hurt him . She loves her father so she can't do that now going there is her only option . " Geet winked feeling happy at least one work done now she can fully concentrate on Maan .

        Baraj not feel bad for Mini and thought may be it will better for her . She will stop her obsession and never dared to mess with Geet Khurana .


            Geet turn left right still couldn't sleep . Seeing she won't be able to to sleep so soon came out of bad and stand beside window .

        She looks at the moon and missing Maan more . It's remind her of their date . When they would lay in roof hand in hand watching full moon . Without him even she not finding moon that beautiful. Is he feeling same ? Is he also missing her ? yes he is .

        Dadima called her and told how much he is suffering . She wanted to go back but stop herself with great force .      She didn't lie when she said she forgave him . Because she truly did . How can she angry on the person who suffer so much and still suffering . She got to know his past . She got to know why he is like this .

            He has a happy family , his parents only child but after his mother died everything changed . His mother not just died she took away a part of his father with her . He changed completely. That humble caring Yash Khurana become cold rude and money making machine . He get himself engrossed in business forgetting everything . Maan who was only 12 want nothing other than love of his father but he didn't get . It was as if Maan now only a mere responsibility nothing more . Dadima did best to make him understand no use he just became another person .Then Dadima did big mistake . Get Yash remarried to Mithila who was Maan's nanny after his mother died . Mithila was selfish woman , she has a son Dev at Maan's age from her previous marriage . Dadima got deceived by her good nature and brought her home .This mistake cost them big . His father become more distant after that .

           Then that horrible accident happen . Maan and Dev were playing on roof then suddenly Maan fall from there . He was in coma for 6 months . He hurt badly even got those scars . In this situation when he should get more love from his father but instead he got hate which broke him in inside . Yash start treating him as if he doesn't exist . He start making Maan realise he can't be his ideal son . He is ashamed of his son . If there is a function in their house or outside Yash won't let Maan join it saying ' his reputation will go down if his ugly son join it ' ...slowly slowly all things start effecting Maan badly . He start hating himself more , still didn't lose hope that someday his father will love him forgetting his lacking . But that day never came .

          In fact he left the country with his family and settle there , didn't bother to come back or even taking Maan . He was desperate for his father's love and becoming wild , rude . Yash took it wrong way and said it's his punishment he would live here alone . But Dadima refused to go with him and stayed with her grandson . His father leaving him shattered him completely . He start hating himself. He could have done plastic surgery but he didn't, he simply said it's his punishment he should live with those scares .

          After his father gone only Dadima knows how she handle Maan and business . Although business was not much left. Yash already sold many things to start new business in London . Still Dadima didn't lose hope it was her husband company..His dream so she took charge of it . Maan was not ready to school as other bully him so he did home schooling .

          With much difficulty she made him agree to join college he did too . Everything was going fine until that horrible prom night came and ruined him beyond repair . He tried to make some friend or say a bunch of students tried to be friendly with him but those friend back stabbed him , make fun of him . They forced him to join prom party then insulted him , naming him most ugly new comer of the year . May be those wanted to fun but there should be limit of fun too which they forgot . That was the last day he went there . Then he only attend college to give exam never never took any class. He made a shall around himself . He is scared of outer world , scared of people's thinking scared to mingle with others he doesn't want to go out . He do manage business but only from home . His self confidence is less to face others . This become his way of living.

               Geet clenched her fist in anger she want to hit every people who hurt her beautiful man want to kill each , Who are responsible of his condition . He doesn't deserve it hell , no person deserve to live like this . Because of his past insecurities she also suffering . She needs to change him to face the world . Hiding in four walls is not a solution . It will make Maan more weaker which Geet doesn't want . She wants her husband to live normally freely like others . She wants him to go out and see outer world is not that cruel as he thought . She needs break his shell and she is determined to do it .

        Today her Mamu asked why she not go back and support him she refused because she knows it won't happen that way . What she is planning for Maan will be difficult for him , for them but she have to take the risk of .

        She took a long breath .." sorry Maan but it's needed . Just hope I can make you agree for it " a tear drop silentlyEdited by Keepdreaming - 2017-12-23T03:15:57Z

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