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awesome update dear...
hope maan agrees with geet...
will be waiting for the next part dear please update soon and thank you for the pm...

thnx for reading
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will wait
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Originally posted by Geetdrashti

will wait

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update coming
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wait one hour
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            Part 37 -

           Face The World    
           Face The World
           Face The World

            Her words running in his mind like a horrible song till he went to his floor through elevator ... He sweating badly its not easy what she wants but she didn't left him any choice ...

             He again tried to convince her that he can be perfect husband but no she is adamant ..He cruse himself for the .moment when he did that foolishness , if he didn't do that he won't be in this situation now . But what done is done he can't do anything for that . But that doesn't mean he will let his happiness go . No he can't afford losing her .

             " After Dadima she was the one who accepted him with his flaws . Can i do it for her ? or can I live without her ? ''

               from last night he asked this question to himself like hundred time .. Yes it will hurt him very much doing what she wants but doesn't letting her go means killing himself so now he is here fulfilling her wish ..He closed his eyes remembered her smiling faces

            " I love you ..its only for you " he took a step to come out but stop seeing whole office stuff looking at him with curious eyes ' I can't do it no ' his mind again push him behind he went back to elevator without saying anything to the crowed before him ...

             He came out of office building unbuttoned his tie ..this place now suffocating him ...he tried to call Geet but just then a message came

          ' I trust you my Triple H can do it '

                   From Beautiful Wife with love emo..

            Sometimes we just need little push and trust from our loved ones to trust our self same with Maan ..He read the message again and again , She trust him this one line stop all negativity which he was feeling from the time he step at his office ..with new determination he went back again ..

               " yeh sab kya hai " Adi frowned seeing whole stuff together ..

               " here comes late latif ... " Sasha came forward very irritating with turn of events ..She was excited from the moment she heard their mystery invisible boss is coming . She believes that first impression is the last the last impression with this theory she thought to impress her boss , so she gathered all stuff together to welcome him but all flop as her boss didn't even come out of lift she is scared thinking she may did wrong .ore of her annoyance her most dislike person Adi is here with stupid comment ...

              " Adi I know your mind work very slow but I thought you are well educated ...still let me help you here see Welcome Sir " she read the small welcome banner ..

            " What the hell is this ? Are you guys out of your mind ? " Adi burst to everyone knowing what worse can happen if Maan came and saw the crowed ..He knows his fear of people but there these people ..

            " Relax Adi we are just want welcome our boss "   

            " Who told you to do this stupid thing ? "

            he glared Sasha who is equally shooting dragger to him but before they get in fight Maan came out of lift and without giving a glance to anyone, directly went to his cabin shutting the door with loud sound...making everyone scared on their feet ..   


               He sat in his chair closing his eyes breathing high as he literary run marathon ..." why people are here ? kam nehi hai kya unlogo ko ? " he took water bottle , drink it in one go ... he remembered stuffs and their curious eyes

             " what must be all thinking ? There comes their ugly useless boss urgh such torture but still i have to do it every day , Damn you Geet "

                     he recalled their last conversation she strictly told him to join office " you have to join office.. till now you handling business from far but now you will be in office as their boss ..".

              " but main ..."

             " You will be an active boss now on ..what to do , what to not you will order them are in charge ..whole business will be depend on you only .. Are you ready to take it ? ".

               " Its too much Geet ..I can't I mean I'm not capable.. I will messed up everything ..." he sound scared ...he hold her hand " Please be with me , with you i can only hope to do this .."    

           " I'm always with you but " she took her hand from his grip

               " you have to do it alone yourself , you yet to know what you are capable of " he ignored her words ..his heart and mind still stick to this point that she not coming with him ..

            " but you promised me you won't go if I agree with your condition "   

               she smiled sweetly and he felt danger because this type smile always brings worse for him " I promised to comeback when you become normal be a gentleman and I'm yours ..".

        " Normal Gentleman what the hell can she talk to me like that she my wife or some teacher who will give marks to my gentleman behavior.. its so disturbing...Mamu was so right don't trust this beautiful girl ..."

            For Maan whatever name people call him thing is sure that he is a proper gentleman ..he never drinks or smoke even flirt to anyone what more quality need to be a gentleman.. First time he felt Geet is wrong but not have courage to say it on her face ..

            " Relax Maan just 30 days then you will free from this torture ..." she gave him one month to prove himself and he only planned to stay this month ...

               " one day done now 29days to go ...bas ek baar woh ghar wapas aajaye phir main bhi dekhta hoon kaise woh ghar se nikal ti hai ..bandh ke rakhunga ..ek ek pal ka hisab nehi liya na toh mera naam bhi Maan Singh Khurana nehi "


           " Adi come to my cabin .."

             " good morning Sir " Maan nodded giving him file " finish it ASAP "   

               " sure sir .." Adi cleared his throat " its good to see you here sir ...".

               " What's so good about seeing me ? " he sound clearly irritated   " and tell others too not to make crowed before my cabin or else its will be their last day it "

              Adi little surprised at his professional voice ..he sounding like a boss who is in charge ..he working with him for years but never feel like this ..mat be its atmosphere ..working in home and office is different and he can feel it by Maan's tone ' may be Geet is right ..its high time Maan sir discover himself and his worth '

                 he nodded his head and about to go but Maan stop him. ..." um I want to ask something tell me honestly ..."    

              " sure sir ".   

            " Do you think I'm not a gentleman..." Adi looked confused with this sudden question ..

                 " what are you saying sir ? of course yo..." Maan didn't let him complete

              " Geet said this .." he softly stated looking at Adi keenly as he trying to answer his question ...

               " ohh I mean you ...mera matlab hai ki ..if Geet said this then of course you ...are not ..." he murmured last part slowly ..poor guy stuck in such terrible situation , he wished to get beaten by Pinky rather than in his cabin ..

              ' such a traitor mujhe pata tha yeh bhi Dadima ki tarha Geet se mila hua hai ..sab ko dekh longa '

               " its seems like you don't like your job ..just one month then you are out remember this " Maan glared him " no go " Adi just run from there with his life ...    

              " Damn all are against me why ? "

               he remembered his peaceful life in KM where he can do anything as his wish but now he stuck in office..with lots to people who now definitely making mock of him , his looks ...he was in so deep thought that didn't realise someone knocked and came in ...

             " Maan you ! ".   

           he recognized the voice and opened his eyes , still praying that what he thinking is wrong, but no his bad luck there come his another biggest nightmare ..." Alisha " he stared at her disbelief ...       

            The courage and hope he got from Geet all gone from him seeing the person before him , and only one word ringing in his ear " Ugly Prince "Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-01-12T00:09:19Z
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updated but confused
till now I was comfortable as i was going with flow but at this new point I'm not sure what to write ..for me its most difficult part ..this office thing making me confused
I want to make him proud of himself so i think joining office would be perfect
guys if u feel I should end this just say it , don't be shy because even I don't know if this track going right I don't want to ruin my own story
its better to end story rather than making it bad and boring

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It is not at all boring dear
Please do continue as you have decided
You are an awesome writer

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