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To Heaven and Back 


It was a regular night in the distant city The Street hawkers were counting their earnings calling it a day, small hotels and shops were closing their shutters.   Street dogs were sniffing the left over foods from the road-side litter bins. The homeless beggars were collecting newspapers to spread on the cold road-if the little sleep after a long day can get a little warmer. The hustle-bustle of the city was growing calmer. The night was getting darker as the neon lights from the shops faded.

A little far away, on the hill top there stood a small row of houses. Few windows of those houses were lit up, others were dark.  A window was waiting to open its wings after confirming every other window was shut down and there would be no other species other than the lonely streets, ghostly street lamps and some starts with a moon. Everyone is equally lonely. 

As it crossed a little past midnight, with a scratch sound the window opened and a pair of eyes looked out. The honey-brown eyes blinked repeatedly at the sudden contact with the bright streetlight. Now the long eye lashes were pushed up along with the eye lids as she opened her eyes finally and stared at the lonely street. There was a mother dog snuggling against her little pups to provide them more warmth. Her eyes were fixed on them as if she really could see them. She inhaled a mouthful of air and exhaled slowly closing her eyes as a tear drop escaped from her eyes.

"I can't live this lonely life, anymore!" her melancholic voice sighed.



"You are assigned to escort Ms. Anika's soul here by this week. Are you ready?"

"Thank you so much for having faith in me.  I'll not disappoint, I promise," Spoke Shivay. There was a determined twinkle in his eyes, as he bowed in front of The God of Death in gratitude for giving him his first assignment.


Chapter : 1  The First Meet    142167597  


What if an angel of death falls for a human girl? What happens? 

Let's explore the world of death and after life together ! 

Do tell what do you think about the topic and the prologue ! 

P.S. : twerping  HugLOL Thank you !!! Heart

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Chapter : 1         The First Meeting    142167597  

Chapter : 2           Letters                
                        a. The first Letter  142248537
                               b. The Second and The Third Letter 142363255 
                                   c.The fourth Letter 142602621 

Chapter : 3          Fulfilling the last wish
                      a. "I don't want to live anymore"-Once she wished! 142871140 
                                 b. "and She makes her wishes!" 143201543  

Chapter : 4         I want to live a little more !
                          a. "Life" is precious! 144071321
                               b. A New Beginning 144071327 

Chapter : 5        The Journey
                          a. Twist in the tale  146335357
                              b. Beginning of the end   146719543  

Chapter : 6         To heaven and back
                       a. Search for the hidden 149066833 

Chapter : 7       The story isn't over  yet ! 
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Aaahhh! Pretz! I love this concept! What with American gods making such waves, I was just in the mood for some stories on gods and men(or women) and here you come with just such an idea! It has been a while since a ShivIka fic has me so excited! 
So the prologue is tantalising in the way you have set the scene. I love the way you draw out the mundanity of the world that Anika lives in, where she longs to die and yet you show through subtle touches that if one had the eye to see there is so much life in this place...the image of the dog and her brood of pups was so heartwarming. Alas for her, Anika seems to not be able to see that warm sight. Is she literally blind? Or is that her melancholia has made her blind to everything around her?

That thing you say about the window waiting for all other windows to shut before it opens is so poignant. Brings out a sense of such loneliness and isolation. How much of it is self-created, I wonder.

And then comes that awesome incredible twist that had me squealing in joy. I had not seen that coming! Like seriously! 
An angel of death on his first assignment!
I love you for writing this! I remember the poem of yours that inspired you to come up with this story, and seriously girl, I had not foreseen the extent of what you were getting at.

Do update soon!


Posted: 2 years ago
Love the concept diClap Waiting for update!
Posted: 2 years ago
Dear! this is really interesting!
Would love to know more about it.A whole new concept!

Do update it soon.

love yaa,
-Anya Heart
Posted: 2 years ago
It's very interesting
Continue plzz
Posted: 2 years ago
OMG...this will be damn interesting 
plz continue this 
Posted: 2 years ago
OMG...This is so interesting and unique
I am loving the concept
Continue soon
Do pm me if possibleSmile

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