OS: Love Is The Strength- RaYa version!!By Abhishek Panchal part 4 pg4

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Os - Love is the strength - Raya Version!! By Abhishek Panchal

Disclaimer - Maybe you'll find the content a little offensive as its not the usual one but yess will have our raya romance for sure hope you read it to the end and do comment plzzz


Ram- So What everyone else is saying is true?

Priya- I can explain she said in a trembling voice...

Ram sighed a little as he saw her face which was showing all the guilt of the world...the same face which can compete with 1000 volts of bulb and still win ..the smile was missing the glow was missing...it was hiding from the cruel world...

you slept with him!!..he sighed as he stood face to face with her...

Rammm..she tried getting closed to him...she knew what will be his reaction but it was different from what she thought of

Yes or No? he asked further as she took a step ahead close to him...

Yes..she said looking down in shame and hurt...she never thought she will do such...she doesn't even care for herself but how can she cheat on him...that's the only thing which haunted her...

he sighed as he closed his eyes tight...sweat formed around his forehead...
Do You LOVE HIM? he asked in an composed manner as he opened his eyes just pushing aside the hurt and looking for her POV

What!!..did she heard it right? ...she looked straight in his eyes...where she saw nothing but the same Old ruthless RAM KAPOOR coming back! no it cant be...


what are u even talking about ...she said in a defending tone...


Thats what he said as he walked past her downstairs...just one thing running in his mind...the filthy rich bas***d was having his way with his wife! he cant get the image off his mind..as if how he touched her and even she let him do so!!! did she really cheat on him! or is she cheating on herself staying with him!

as he reached downstairs he realised the surrounding was quite ..he looked up and saw every single member were present and the TV was running a single news




Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor have a alleged affair with non other then another famous businessman Rajat Kapur...

and so on...

his mother gave him a sad look to which he replied calmly

no one will dare to go in OUR room and talk to Priya about anything is that clear?... he said as he made his way towards the parking


how simply things turned for them...her one wrong step and they are now at the edge of their relationship!..his mind kept hovering with the thoughts of HIS LOVE and that bas***d together were enough to make him break from Inside


Do you love her? He asked standing at the place where he wouldn't stand  if its end of the world..but he has to for the sake of his love!

who? the man whom ram questioned replied standing bare in front with a towel on his waist...

you know about whom am talking rajat so just stop this childish play...ram said furiously feeling sick just having his bare sight infront...

ram are you talking about your Ex...he stretched the word and then continued..secretary Reena? man she was hot to hell...had a real good time... with her... you have her number? or you are talking about Shweta? he said all with the cunning smile playing along his lips much to the irritation of Ram

he clinched his fingers shut...

its about priya! he said finally holding his breathe

do you love her? he asked again

OHHH!! so thats what this all is about... our meeting...amm mmm... now i understand!! he said turning and offering a glass of wine to ram...

Ram!! he said in a blow

your wife is a delight! really!!  you are a lucky guy

ram having enough of all this just was on the urge to punch his over smart face

but not of my types!! I had it once...and am out of it! well she wants then i can give her my few minutes!... thats when he felt like his head spun...and thud the sound was hard as rajats head hit the ground having a 360 turn..and a blue and black mark right at  his left cheek where ram gave the punch of his life!

don't you dare come close to my wife! he said as he started walking away

it was not me who approached ram! it was her who came in my house! my room and my bed!!!! rajat said trying to get up from the ground..

ram who was in a dilemma just walked without any reaction but the reality is he was affected to the core!

did she really tried coming close to rajat!???? the question kept running in his mind as he made his way back to kapoor mansion...

the scene in front of him was not so greatful as the media had their eyes like a spy on the gate for some new spices to add to the all ready PULAV they made!

ram sensing it quick took the back entrance and made his entry...and got another surprise...he saw all the faces he and priya knew!

Her family..his family his friends!! and they all looked at once at him...he was worried if priya was in between them! but not finding her he sighed as he was assured she was not questioned still before he does!


she was at the same spot where he saw her last...

priya! he called in his usual tone... just trying to ease the things

kya yaar me yaha 2 mahine baad aaya hu aur tum hoke mujhse baat nai kar rahi ho! accha suno na..bohot bhook lagi hai please tumhare hath ka kuch khane ko milega? he said as he came in front of her holdiing her by arms

she looked at his face trying to absorb what he was saying! is he ok or she was just having hallucinations about him talking normally with her!

kya dekh rahi ho..bhook lag rahi hai! he said making the innocent face which he makes! somewhere in his heart he was convinced whatever she did there was a reason a big reason and her overe expressice face and eyes were telling him the same story from the start that how miserable she is feeling after what she did!

kya hjua??? he asked as he pulled her closer! as she felt the proximity of his arms tears fresh tears started falling and she cried hard in his arms...he just wanted to hide her from the world for now! and he was doing it perfectly..his arms were covering her full as she absorbed herself in him...

after what looked like infinty! they departed as ram wiped her face with his hanky...and then she did the same with her pallu...

no one spoke a word... her head was tilted down

finally breaking the silence he said

mujhe bhook lagi hai... please tumhare hath ka aloo parathan! plzz...

she never knew his single sentence would stop the havoc, chaos running in her mind...for few moments but  the words were not of sympathy not of motivation..not of love! but beyond it...

me kaise? she stammered finally speaking something!

kaise matlb...kitchen me aur kaise ab kya tumhe kitchen ka rasta nai malum???

ok chalo me le chalta hu...she said smilingly as he took her hand in his walking towards the stairs

ram please no!! i cant! she said as he took a pause

mere liye aloo paratha nai bana sakti? he asked childishly

she was confused is he behaving normal or is he affected this bad! how can she even go down knowing every single person were present there just waiting for questioning her!!

in this confusion ... her husband was behaving the opposite he should be! he should also be one of them questioning her and that to FIRST!

priya u can...chalo me help karta hu! he said dragging her down

they walked down hand in hand as every pair of eyes darted towards the couple and stood up ready to fire their question while having the fight to question first!

but nothing same happened ram pulled priya aside in his arms as he walked past them towards the kitchen hiding her from all!


Priya was in not in her senses! is he so mad at her! why he is so quite!

she was so lost in her thoughts that she didnt reaslised they were already standing in the kitchen and ram placed the ingredients infront of her from nowhere

chalo jaldi! he said shaking her a lil

she withouth saying a word started her work...

ammm mmm...!!! he relished the fresh hot parathas made by his love! and they tasted the same!

what a tragedy! they were having a happy life...more than happy...but things changed when he started his foreign trips which he had for the sake of Kapoor Industry's future! she denied but he did and here after 2 months he came back to her. its been almost 3 weeks he didnt contacted her because of his heavy schedule...and when he came back pre his schedule.. this news was honking hard in every street! which started with a single pic of his wife covered untidily in her saree with a caption...LOVE CAN HAPPEN ANYTIME ANYWHERE AND WITH ANYONE! posted by non other than @Mr.Hunk I M RAJAT KAPOOR official! the social media couldnt handle it and the news was spreading like a fire

#Ra------Ya (thats what they called us! me and priya)

and many accusations on her! which he cant handle!


after finishing his meal he took her hand to kiss when his mind flashed a image..of rajat holding her hand! as it stopped his action he stood their for a brief second with her hand in his and he was holding it close to his lips! but composing him quick he kissed it with the uttermost care.. as his lips just transfered energy! belonging...the love back in her body which went numb and cold! ram could feel her cold skin responding to his warm touch...

you always make the best parathas! but after my mom! he winked at her having his quick laugh as he engulfed her again in his arms walking back to their room from the same darting gaze

as soon as they entered he closed the door behind them


he stood in front of their picture! the Larger than life one..which displayed how deep their love is!

look at this..he said pointing to the picture

this is it! She thought...as she looked at the picture which added more to her misery

it added fuel to her burn

he made her sit on their bed as he took her hands in his

Bolo Priya...he said calmly

she cried...as he let her! and after she calmed she started!!


To Be Continued!!!!
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Loved it but kuch samaj nahi aaya thora nahi full of suspense hai yeh story n good to read something on Raya now waiting for next part
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Posted: 2017-05-18T00:10:42Z
A hurt Ram after knowing about his beloved wife Priya cheated on him with Rajat. After all things and her acceptance too he is like a lovely husband giving support to his wife 
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Posted: 2017-05-18T00:13:01Z

ohh God where did you stopped man this is not done the story is unique & awesome as always I m liking the concept expect the thing Priya actually slept with someone other then Ram I guess there will big reason behind this... wanted to read piece of Priya's part too plz post the next soon... I hate Rajat officially now plz post next soon... sorry to say but this looks inspired from Rustom movies but a lot different from it for sure...

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Posted: 2017-05-18T00:29:53Z
ohh new concept... what happened? Priya and [email protected] oh nooo...Ram is great hubby who loves his wife [email protected] continue soon
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Posted: 2017-05-18T02:51:57Z
hehe... everyone is shocked! :-P well yes its inspired by rustom :-) lets see how the next part goes! coming soon :-)
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Posted: 2017-05-18T06:37:51Z
Nice story...
Let's see what will Priya tell Ram...
Continue soon...
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Posted: 2017-05-18T09:47:22Z
ohh my God. Priya is betraying ram..can't believe. plz aisa kuch mat karo. we want our lovely RaYa. nice n new concept. plz continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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