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Hey, Guys! It's been forever since I wrote anything, but, here it goes! 

Disclaimer: This is a 3 chapter smut on Karan and Tipsy and is set after episode 12 and 13. This is how I pictured episode 15 ending...but, oh,well!  It's strictly R-rated (too much adult content)
Hope you guys enjoy this. Leave a like and comment if you did. 


Part 1  The Kiss

It was quite late in the evening, Dr. Nagarajan and Karan Khanna walked on the lawn, moving slowly towards the entrance of the lavish hotel they were currently staying at.

Karan turned towards Dr.Nagarajan and smiled, "Toh phir 3 weeks hone ko aaya hai!" Dr.Nagarajan stopped and looked at him, "Haan! And you will be my 125th patient after all! Who knew!" Karan looked at with endearing eyes, "Ab kya?" She continued moving forward and replied " must continue to stay sober and check in with me every week for a year!" Karan stood where he was and said, "Main uski baat nahi kar raha tha! I was talking about us!" Dr. Nagarajan continued walking further without giving him a glance and replied nonchalantly, "What about us? I love you!" Karan yelled out. Dr.Nagarajan stopped but didn't turn to face him. "Iska jawaab nahi hai tumhare paas? Iske liye kaunsa treatment lun?", he continued speaking.

 She just stood there, swallowed a lump in her throat without having the faintest idea for a reply to his questions. "Hello? Behri hogayi ho kya? Jawaab do?" He walked towards her, grabbed her arm and pulled her close. His eyes locked with hers, he held her close to his chest. She resisted but couldn't get a word out. "I overheard you talking with Sherry! I know you love me too. Phir bhi jaane ki baat kar rahi ho?" Her eyes widened at him but she soon pulled away from him. "What do you want me to do, Karan?" She asked him, a little teary-eyed, with a little confusion and a whole lot of frustration. He honestly didn't have a reply. He wanted her to do something but even he didn't know what it was. To be honest he hadn't thought it through, he never did.

He just stood there, looking at her. She, still in her pajamas, had draped a shawl around herself and her hair was brushed to lay on one side of her shoulders. This had become a thing now. He absolutely adored her.

 Just that moment, it started to pour, following a thunderstorm. Dr.Nagarajan began running towards the hotel, but Karan pulled her towards him again and kissed her. Her shawl fell to the ground. His lips met hers and she didn't unwelcome them. It came as a shock to both. He eased into the kiss after the sudden rush of hormones had settled in. The rain intensified and so did their kiss. His hands slowly slid down to the small of her back and settled there. He pressed her closer to his body. It felt like a jolt of electricity had hit her core. Her hands which were pressing against his chest, slowly moved up to his neck. She ran her fingers through his hair and gripped it tight as she tilted her head to allow him more access. His manhood twitched at this brassy move of hers.

He was sure she would just push him away and give him a tight slap but she had embraced his audacity oh-so graciously. Their clothes were soon drenched but they just didn't care. The cold breeze sent shivers down their spines. His hands slowly moved up her back and down again, which caused her tiny body to shudder under his warmth. Her cheeks were flushed, heat radiating from them. Their lips moved almost synchronously yet hungrily, heads titled appropriately, allowing them to relish every moment of this sweet dalliance. Soon they had to pull away to breathe. She just stood there, in the rain, with a poker face. She wasn't going reveal her cards just yet. Before he could say or do anything, she ran towards the hotel and this time he didn't stop her. Instead, he began to process what had happened. "Oh, shit!", he muttered and ran his fingers through his hair. He picked up her shawl and stood there, not knowing what to do next.

Part 2 is updated on Page 2 Embarrassed

Part 3 is updated on Page 4 Embarrassed

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This is really good. :-)
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Posted: 2017-05-13T08:17:15Z
Wowowowoow... pls update soon... eagerly waiting for next
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Posted: 2017-05-13T08:38:23Z
Heyyy...that was really gud
Wanna know wht our very own TANPURA is hiding..
Update soon pls..
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Nawesome part, but not fair. You cannot leave us hanging in there...
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Very nice...
Waiting eagerly for the next part
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omg Khurafati big welcome for you on forum after very long time so happy to see you back here now plz don't leave us & go away again this is so feel blessed you back with Bang...
omg story on AriKa & KTBM it will be now fun to read further hope AriKa just have happy ending like RaYa... but right now getting back to story...
God bless you for completing wishes of countless AriKa fans around the world that's we wanted always magical love confession but they kept it very simple anyway loving the story the way he showed his rights on her drenching in rain feeling her nerves with his was amazing that really filled with so many emotions & love still Tanpura is yet to confess plz post remaining part soon will be waiting for sure.. n plz do write more new stories on RaYa & AriKa as much as you can will be waiting for them always...

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Posted: 2017-05-13T23:45:56Z
wow amazing ...Tanpura responding him pls update next part soon..but this time not short we want long update
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