Which character you like the most and why ?

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Posted: 2017-05-05T12:17:23Z

I used to admire arjuna earlier, but when i found that there was nothing extraordinary about him then i found Karna .

He deserves respect because he stands out of the vicious web in which Sutas used to get trap . He proved that a son of low caste can also be the best archer and more over the greatest warrior .

i generally sees that Arjun always get more opportunities from very beginning. But karna made opportunities .

people thinks that living in exile as a brahmin (the upper most caste) is more difficult than facing humilation since birth . i can never understand them .

Karna get 3 curses. any other person would have quit by then . But he marched towards his victory . that is why he is famously known as Mrityunjaya

Karna also walked in the path of dharma . for him , Friendship is the biggest dharma.

His determination and will power is extraordinary . he wanted to get educate and he did get that . It was very hard for any sutas to get education ,and on the other hand Arjun got the bow in his hand forcibly ,because he was a kshatriya so he had to knew warefare .

Other warrior used to enjoy their birth rights ,but karna ,he had to fight for his right .

Pandavas and kauravas were fighting for the throne which never belonged to them . Karna was the real heir ( i m not saying this ,krishna said that. He explained how karna was the pndava). Ohk if you dont want to believe then Leave hastinapur. Kauravas and pandavas wanted the throne on the basis of birth , but karna , he got four kingdoms on the basis of his strength ,valour, capabilities.

He was a self made man .

In taking oaths he put bhisma to shame . He is a man of words

People thinks he is aggressive , but if he really then so many people would have died way before the mahabharata after daring to insult him .

He never says no to anyone else , he is generous . He is daanveer

He is kind even to his enemy thats why he is also known as Vrisha.

He got the biggest truth+ shock of his life just a few days before the war . it was almost like snatching away all his weopons just before the war . But still he fought like lion.

Everyone were fighting against there family , it should be the most difficult for Karna who recently got his full family but simulataneously had to fight against them , still he knew his duty , his dharma . he was not a weak minded person . unlike arjuna he did not need any geeta gyaan to know about his duty ,promises, oaths, and dharma.

I dont think Arjun or anyone else would be able to live after suffuring so much.

Besides that there is no doubt arjun deerves respect too . Because he first followed his mother kunti then yudhister then krishna and hence got the opportunities not to get diverge from dharma .

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Posted: 2017-05-06T05:24:08Z
i like draupadi.. I admire her for her courage & strength Embarrassed
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Posted: 2017-05-06T05:27:04Z
Originally posted by TwinFlames

i like draupadi.. I admire her for her courage & strength Embarrassed
nice Wink but i wanted everyone to elaborate their pointsSmileEdited by .Karna - 2017-05-06T05:27:30Z
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