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Awesome update,

Sultan asked permission for war against humanity he is so mean and disgusting,


Madhu's family made a plan to know Rk is a vampire,
Madhu finally came to know about his real identity may be she slapped him becoz he hid his identity from her,


continue soon,


thanks for the pm


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Waiting Big smile

Sorry for the delay
Updating soon
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God.. What's gonna happen next..?? This is not fair chechi.. 

Here I'm dying out of curiosity & you are not updating.. We want update..




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Waiting for the next part dear..
Please update soon...:)

Sorry for the delay.updating soon
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Hi friends
I am sorry for the delay..
Thanks for all your love and support

This part contain a little mature content 
Skip the blue lines if you are not inrinterested reading it.

   Messed Up In Love 2 _ The Rising Sun

Part 15

" do .this .to me?"madhu punched on his stomach with each word and rk didn't budge or resist her hits.
After sometime madhu stopped hitting him and panted by the exception she put on for punching him.rk moved towards her slightly wincing at the pain .
"Madhu.."he called her 
She looked at him furiously
" ..sor.."before he could continue his words,it was cut bymadhu lips slamming on his own.he was surprised for a few minutes but then he responded to her kiss and soon thier lips moved in sink.
Rk gripped on her waist and pressed her close to his body he plunged his tongue in to her mouth savouring the sweet nectar.soon they parted from each other and drowning in thier gaze.
They went out of thier trance when someone cleared thier throat to get thier attention.mafhu and rk looked at thier audience .Kabir smirking at them and Misha held a disgusted face
"What's happening dude?"Misha asked Wondering about her sisters odd behavior
"I know he had played with me...but I can't deny my feelings for him.he is my mate me Misha"madhu said
' need an explanation on before you forgive him"Misha said
Madhu turned to rk for his reasoning
"At first it was just a fun for me to tease you.. you look very cute when you tried to erase my memory"rk winckef at her earning a glare from madhu and a frustrated sound from Misha.
"Then...I don't know what..but I heard a voice compelling me not to reveal it to you till the time comes and I couldn't tell you even though I tried it so desperately"to reasoned
"I can understand that rk...the voices and visions ..they are haunting me since I met you.."madhu sighed
"I Know about that madhu...I can give the explanation"Kabir said
Everyone looked at him curiously.he explained about thiers reincarnation and the way rk turned .
"So you mean we are reincarnated for something big..."madhu asked
"Yeah"Kabir said
"What's it?"rk asked
"Its not time and you will come to know the whole story soon"Kabir
"Hah... secrets...again"Misha scoffed
Kabir smiled at her.
"So forgave me?"rk
" mate.."madhu slammed her lips to his.
"Gross ...get a room guys"Misha said.madhu and rk parted and looked at Misha.
Rk said"she is right"within a flash they left from the sight.
"Ahh...where did they go?"Misha asked Kabir
"I am not sure...may be went to get a room ..after all you asked for it...may be going to mark "Kabir grinned slyly
"They can't mark now"Misha
"Why?"Kabir raised his eyebrows
"That witch restricted it 'misha
"Yeah...what was her name??...hmm...yeah...dipanita"Misha
'hah ..I Know her..she is from the veteran warlock family"Kabir"if she had said something about that..then there might be some reason...we should stop them"
"But how?"Misha
"Let's mindlink"Kabir

Madhu and rk landed near some trees covering thier descend from normal human eyes.they walked to a motel entwining thier hand.the receptionist looked at the young couple suspicious.
"We want a room "rk said
"You are college students??we won't allow such nasty deeds here"the woman said.
Rks eyes turned red and he looked at the receptionist eye and compelled.her
'you will give us whatever we want"rk said
She nodded and passed the key to rk .rk took it and pulled madhu to the lift.he pressed the button and the lift came down.they entered and they pressed the button.the lift jerked and moved up.once the door closed madhu pushed him to the wall and started kissing him on his lips ,his perfect jaws and then down to his neck.rk gripped on her arm and pressed her close to his body.he felt his member hardening.soon they heard the lift get stopped with a ding and the door opened for them to exit.madhu pulled rk and they searched for thier room.they found it and rk opened the door.he scooped up madhu in his hands and entered closing the door kicking on  it.he put down madhu and went to lock the door .when he locked the door and turned,madhu pushed him to the wall  and slamming her body into his causing a crack on the wall.she again slammed her lips on his .rk flipped them causing madhu to hit the wall widening the crack.hey parted and smiled panting
"We should be careful"rk said
"Yeah.."madhu said looking at the wall.rk took her in his arms and threw her to the bed causing the bed to cry out in protest by the weight just it beared.then he walked towards in a slow pace like a predator moving to his prey.madhu bated her fangs to him and hissed
"Cute"rk grinned and flashed his fangs to her and sat down beside her.madh u sat up and gently touched his sharp fangs.
"Nice"she said
"Aahaan"rk pushed her back on the bed.he hovered over her and  took her lips in his mouth .both of thier lips bruised at the process.bith winced and moved away smiling at thier stupidity.soon their fangs set back to it's position .they kissed again .rk pulled them to sitting position and pulled her close by pressing his hand on the small of her back.rk deepend the kiss .his mouth left her lips to her neck and kissed the faint eagle mark .madhu moaned at the tingles.his mouth moved to her lips agaon andhe felt his hands moved to her waist and moving up to her mounts he pressed his hand .madhu gasped into his mouth and she felt him smiling through the kiss.his mouth left hers and replaced his hand able her fabric.his hands pushed up between her fabric and smooth milky skin on her back .madhu gasped again when she felt her b*a was unclasped.rk kissed on her eagle mark again and she moaned he pressed his erec**tion on her groin.madhu groaned at his proximity.he released her mounts from the cloth enclosing it firmly leaving only a thin fabric covering it .he could see the nubs peeking through the shirt .he leaned and took one in his smooth mouth.madhu tugged at his  silky hair and moaned.rk stopped abruptly and looked at her.
"Kabir is trying to mindlink"rlk
"Misha toomadhu
"Block them"rk

"What the hell...rk blocked me"Kabir
"Madhu too"Misha"now what will we do?"
"Let's follow thier scent"Kabir
They took in their scent and followers it


Madhu tugged at the Hem of rks t_shirt and he helped her to pull it over his head.madhu traced her fingers on his perfect chest .she caressed his perfect and and her eyes trailed down to the line of hair escaping down to his vline.she gulped at the sight.
"Like what you see?"rk asked
"Yes ... really wonderful"madhu said with a blush
"I want to see you too...take off your shirt"rk said and madhu get rid of her shirt giving him the beautiful view slightly hidden by her b*a.he pulled it off Makin g the view clear.he pulled her to his chest and graded his fanngs on her neck 
They parted hearing a thump on the door
"Who the hell is it?"rk
"Misha and Kabir"madhu sniffed the air and said
"What do you want Kabir?"rk
"Open the door rk"Kabir
"No go away...we are going to make.."madhu palmed his mouth blushing
"Open the door can't do it now... remember dad said you"Misha
Madhu sighed in defeat and nodded at rk.they dressed and opened the door frustrated.kabir and Misha entered with a sheepish sm ile
"What's it madhu...?"rk
Madhu explained about dipanita and her prophecy
"Ah... she want to meet me ...?"rk
"Yeah...but you have to  meet my parents"madhu
"Do I have to worry?"rk
"A little...I think"madhu and Misha smiled
Kabir joined the smiling party
"Yeah..we will meet them tomorrow"rk
"We??"Kabir raised his brows
",Yes ...of course are also his son in law"rk smirked, wiping away the smile from kabirs face

Next day
Dobiriyal house

Mr.dobriyal heard the door bell and he gestured his wife to get them.madhu and Misha we're standing near by thier father who was keeping up a serious face.rk and Kabir entered and looked at thier future father in law.
They shook thier hand and gestured them to get seated 
" you are my daughter's mate??"Mr dobiriyal
"Yeah"rk and Kabir
"We met already..right ,prince?"arna 
"Yes me Kabir Mr . dobiriyal "Kabir
Arnav smiled at him 
"What is your name and your family"arnac
"I am father is a doctor and my mother is a house wife ..and they are human?"rk
"Human? are changed?... "Arnav frowned.
"Nope... it's complicated Mr dobiriyal"Kabir said
"How complicated??"arnav
"Very much...we can't reveal everything to you ..but wrcan explain about his transformation "Kabir said and he explained it to him
"Okay... even though it felt like a fabricated one .I believe you ..but not fully untill you meet dipanita"arnav 
Rk looked at madhu and she pleaded him with her eyes
"Okay..."rk said.."that witch .. come here or I should go and meet her?"
"You should go there to meet her..she isold aged and she haven't came out of her house from last 20 years."arnav said
"Okay when will we meet her?"rk
"Tomorrow "arnab 
"Okay...we will come tomorrow"rk and Kabir got up to leave.tbier mates followed them to the door steps.rk turned to madhu when they reached the door
"Meet my parents madhu"RL
"What???...but they are human and will they accept me?"nadhu
"They accepted me...then they will accept you too .. come with me"rk
Madhu looked at her father and  he nodded  at her

Panchis house

Rk knocked at the door and waited .soon a servant came and opened the door.they entered and saw panchi sitting on the couch watching TV and eating some junk foods.she had gained more weight ,rk wondered.
"Oh..pleasrnt surprise...beta"Danish came and hugged rk.panchi turned and ran to her son hugging him
"Oh beta...I missed you so much"she said and then looked at the girl behind him she sized her with her gaze.danish looked at her and smiled
"Madhubala?..right?"he asked
Madhu nodded
"Come comfortable..think it is tour own house"Danish said and smiled.
' way...this monster is not going to be my daughter in law and this is not her house this is mine"panchi said
"Mom ...she is my mate"rk said
"Whatever...but she is a monster"panchi said
Rk looked at madhu worried
"Then I am too"get said
"But you are my son and you are going to dumb her"panchi ordered him
"No way"rk said in fury.
Panchi took a flower vase and threw it at madhu.rk flew in the air and caught it before it hit hair.his eyes changed into red and his fangs are out he hissed at her and in a flash pinned her to the wall.panchi gasped for air and her dangling feet's smashed around.
"Leave her rk...she is your mother"Danish said
But rk gripped her strongly.danush looked at madhu pleading .madhu moved to rk and touched his shoulder
"Leave her rk"madhu said and rk left her sliding down her to the floor.danidh came and hold his coughing fit of a wife .
"I...I am sorry Mom...I can't control when someone hurt my mate"rk said
"Go away monster"panchi saidin between her coughs, looking at madhu 
Rk sighed frustrated
"I thought you would accept my mate..but here you are insulting my mate...sorry I can't stay here and bear all these...papa,I am going back "rk took MADHUS hnd in his and went out of his house ignoring his mom's pathetic cry for him to leave madhu and stay with her.
Once they reached outside his home rk took both her hands in his
"Madhu...I am really sorry...I didn't expect mom to behave like this*rk
"It's okay need to be sorry..they are human and they can't accept us easily"madhu
"No's her mil complex"rk said smiling
"That's obvious..whether it is human it vampire"madhu laughed and rk smiled

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Res Wink
Wow chechi.. Awesome update.. 
When I saw blue lines have mature content those who don't want to read it skip it I thought then gonna read it first LOL
No.. Again you did this to me AngryCry.. 
When Rishbala started to make out I was like come on.. Go for it babies up.. up.. up..  But this damn Kabir & Misha Angry when they blocked them I was like yaay but they followed their scent to ruin their romance .. I'm gonna kill that dipanitha.. 
This time also they poured water on my guttery thoughts.. Well I liked violent Madhu.. My poor Rk.. 
Haha.. I liked panchi-Rk scenes.. I missed this mom-son duo Evil Smile.. Haha Panchi got punched to wall LOL.. I liked it.. I know I'm talking like an evil but I hate her for calling my Madhu baby a monster.. God.. Plz don't make that dipanitha say some crap.. I'm dying to see my Rishbala babies mark & mate.. Seems like I'm eager to unite them soon than they themselves want LOL..
Waiting for the next part.. Update sooon.. Thanks for the pm chechi EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Nyc update superb
Posted: 2018-09-08T08:45:51Z
Fabulous update
I m eagerly waiting for them to remember their past life

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