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Superb update
Rk is born n now waiting for madhu born
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Nice start story going to be interesting can't wait when rk meet Madhu
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Thank you friends for your lovely comments and support.i am sorry ..i am out of I can't thank you individually.please do read and comment.dedicate this episode to aishu and Sapna
   Messed Up In Love2-The Rising Sun

Part 2

two years later
Kundra castle

"Ria..I want to talk"Sultan
"Oh.. sultan's your baby?"ria sarcastically
"He is fine and he will be my hier"Sultan
"That's so nice.. then what about my Kabir?"ria
"Kabir..hah..he is not powerful..his mother is the weakest Vampire and my son Abhay s mother she is the strongest witch and so my son"Sultan
"How could you sultan? Kabir is your could you ignored him like this.he needs his father.atleast you can give your love to him"ria
"Love?I hate that little thing"Sultan
"But y sultan?"ria
"Ria... Don't you know the prophecy?"sultan
"I know"ria
"Iwill  kill your son..if he try to betray me"Sultan
Ria looked him hurt.kabir looked at his father scared.
"I am not here to argue with you but ..tell me where is rk?"Sultan
Ria Smirked
"Ria..stop it...I think you know what happened to sikky"Sultan
"You killed him..I know"ria Smirked
"You want me to do the same with you?"Sultan
"You can't Mr Sultan..if I die you will also know that because we are blood.bound"ria
"F**k your blood bound"Sultan hit on the wall and a hole formed .
"Oops..that's so pity of were head on heel for me before you met Sania "ria laughed
"Yes..ria you are my soulmate .I still love you.yoy want me to die ..ria.. Don't you Love me?"sultan asked looking in her eyes.
"Sultan.."ria hugged him.
"Oh .so she still love me.and she is falling in my trap"sultan thought
"Sultan...I love you"ria parted from him"but not more than rish ... anymore"ria
"You bitch"sultan
"What do you thought..I am sane idiot to trust you?"no sultan..never"ria
Sultan gritted his teeth and left
"Mama..he will kill me?"little Kabir
"No..he can't ..I am here for you my son and rish will be here once he realize Everything... Promise me you will be there for him when he needs help"ria
"I promise mamma"Kabir

15 years later

"Mama...I am going to college"Rishab
"Rishu..take care and remember no hang outs and no will come back from college straight to home"panchi
He kissed her cheek" know na..I never do anything you don't like me to do"to
"Ho..such a mama boy"Danish
"Are you.jealous papa?"rk kissed Danish cheeks
"Hmm.. a little bit"Danish laughed
"Okay bye mama..papa"rk started his bike and drove to college
"Panchi..he is 20years now.font you think he deserves some freedom.he have his own feelings moreover madhubala..."Danish
Panchi cut his words"don't talk about that girl..she is the sole reason for me to compel rish's "panchi
"Panchi you act like a selfish mother"Danish
"Yeah he is my son and I will"panchi
"Panchi.. don't you know why he reincarnated?'"Danish
"I don't want to talk about it"panchi left to kitchen
"Whatever you will happen panchi.."Danish sighed.


"Hey there he coming"boy
Rk parked his bike
"Hey friends ... good morning"rk
"Good morning dude"Kabir hugged him
"You are's your mom?"rk
"She is fine now..she told me to give this to you"ka it.handed him a watch
"'s really nice.say thanks to aunt"rk
"Kabir..y is your mother so fond of to..even she didn't see him or talked with him?"angad
"I don't know"Kabir
"Rish is his brother and she loves him so much"Kabir thought
"What are you thinking Kabir.lets go to our class"rk
"Yeah..btw I am coming t to your home after the class"rk
"You are always welcome yaar"rk


"Kabir's your vacation?"panchi
"It's horrible"Kabir
"Oh..y don't like your home "panchi
"It's a long story aunty"Kabir sighed
"Mama please"rk
"Beta...your home is at canada?"panchi
"Excuse me"rk went to bathroom.
"Do you know anything about kundra castl"panchi
"Kundra castle? aunty?"Kabir
"Huh.. nothing..just asked.i will make tea and snacks for you"panchi left
"Hey dude let's go to my room"rk
They went to his room.rk sat on the bed and kabir on the table
"So you have the same dreams now?"Kabir
"No yaar..I yesterday saw a different know something terrible..I bit a girl on her neck..I had fangs like Vampire and the girl ..she was extra beautiful..and then we know"rk blushed
"Hmm hot"Kabir laughed
"Mama...will kill me if she knew I dreamed such a thing"rk
"You Mama boy"Kabir
"Hey I want to show you something.."rk
He opened his wardrobe and took out a painting.
"A girl?"Kabir
"Yeah..I used to dream her"rk
Kabir looked at the picture and mumbled"madhubala"
"What you said?"rk
"Err..m..she is beautiful"Kabir stuttered
"Sometimes I think that she may from my last life... haunting me ...she may come back for me"rk
"May be"Kabir
Rk lie down on the bed looking at the roof and smiling
"Hey dream week is Your bday and you gonna throw a party?"Kabir
" you remember my bday .. even I forget about it"rk
"Not me . My mama remembers"Kabir
"How your mama know it?"rk
"I told her last year..leave it..btw in which restaurant you gonna treat us?"Kabir
"No..mama..won't allow ...night party's we will celebrate here"rk
"Oh come on rk..once in a while act normal.. please"Kabir
"But mama"rk
"I will ask her permission"Kabir


"Please panchi aunty...just for two hours"Kabir
"But's not safe..there will be other people also in the restaurant"panchi
"Don't worry aunty ..I will take care of him"Kabir
"Panchi let him enjoy"Danish
Panchi sighed"okay..but no girls"panchi
"I promise..btw we have no girl friends aunty .we are studying in a men's college and we never go anywhere after no such problems"Kabir
"Ok...and no drinks"panchi
"No...never"Kabir smiling

One week later
Pearl regency

" we gonna enjoy"Kabir
"Yeah...let's place the order and then dance"rk
"I am so excited's the first time  I am going somewhere at night and without my parents"rk
"Hmm.. that is enjoying your freedom?"Kabir
"Yes absolutely"rk
"I want a drink"Kabir
"Oh..boy she won't understand..just one "Kabir
Rk took the glass in his hand and looked at Kabir confused
"Take it yaar"Kabir
Rk gulped it"'s burning"rk
"You r taking it for the first time..that's it"Kabir
"Yeah"rk gulped the remaining alcohol 
They saw some girls drooling at rk.
"I think you got some fans"Kabir
Rk looked at the girls and looked away shyly
"Oh..god..rk y are you blushing?"Kabir
"It's my first experience Kabir.."rk
"Oh..your mama is always there to protect you"Kabir laughed
"Wanna dance with them?"Kabir
They went to the dance floor and danced with random girls
"Hey.. handsome.. I am ruhi and you?"ruhi
"Rk.. rishab kundra"rk
She was drunk and danced close to him.she held a glass of alcohol in her hand .she tripped and the drink spill on rks shirt
"Oh..I am sorry"ruhi
"It's.. okay"rk
"Hey Kabir..I will come back cleaning it"rk

Rk went to the washroom.he felt  a familiar scent
"What's it Jasmine ?'s something different..but so familiar ".he sniffed"..why I feel it like ..I Know it's close to my it some air freshener it's not..then what?why I am feeling my heart beat raising..what is it?"rk splashed some water on his shirt and cleaned it.
He again sniffed"it's..what is it.someone here before me?Thier scent?but how can I realize it?"rk splashed some water on his face and looked at the mirror
"What?my eye color in. It changed into red"rk
He felt his teeth protruding.he looked at the mirror"fangs?"
"What am I?a vampire?"rk
He felt a sudden thirst.he felt like his throat is burning and he felt everything blurred.rk heard someone Calling him
"Rk...stay on..I will bring you the meal"Kabir
"What meal..what's he talking about..I want to go to some hospital..I am having some serious problem"rk thought
Kabir came back with a girl.
"What happened to you rk..Kabir said you want help"girl
Rk turned and looked at her
"What the vampire?"girl tried to scream but Kabir palmed her mouth
"Drink from her"Kabir
"If you don't want to die..drink from her"Kabir
"But how?"rk
Kiss in her neck"kabir
"Kiss on her neck damnt"Kabir
Rk leaned and kissed on her neck.girl looked at him scared.rk felt her blood flowing through the vein.he grazed his fangs on her neck and he pierced her skin.blood gushed out through the wound and he began to suck.kabir released  hand from her mouth.rk pinned her to the wall.the girl started moaning.she pressed his head close to her neck .she caressed his hair
Rk didn't stopped.kabir pulled him from her.rk looked at him and growled
"Stop can't drain her..she will die"Kabir
Rk wiped his mouth.girl came and hugged him.she tried to unbutton his shirt.kabir pulled her from him.he cupped her face and looked into her eyes and erased her memory.he sucked on her wound and healed it
"Go back to party and enjoy.yoh don't know anything happened here"kabir.the girl left without looking at them.
Rk eye changed to blue and his fangs disappeared.he cleaned his face and mouth
"Kabir..what was that and drank blood.."rk
"You are a vampire"Kabir
"Yes..and I am too?"he flashed his fangs
"My parents?"rk
"But how this happened?"rk
"It's a long story..rk..but I can't tell it to you should Know it by your own..then only it will be effective"Kabir
"Kabir..but how can I handle this?"rk
"Don't worry I am here for you..I am shifting to your home.i will be with you"Kabir
"Hmm.. thanks..but I feel it like a dream"rk
Kabir smiled"btw's your first meal"Kabir
"Hmm..yummy..I didn't think that blood will be sweet"rk
Kabir laughed.."it's sweeter in virgins and sweetest in our soulmate"Kabir
"I will tell you later..btw how to got changed?"Kabir
"I don't know ..some scent and I felt the change"rk
"Come let's find out her"Kabir
"That girl..your girl"kabir
"My girl?"rk
"Yes"Kabir and rk went back to the hall
"You getting that scent ?"Kabir
"I think she left..but don't worry we can found out her"Kabir
They saw a girl looking at her.
"Wow.he is really handsome.i want him one night stand"girl thought
"Kabir did you heard her speaking?"rk
"'s her thoughts"Kabir
"What?I can read mind?"rk
" can do so many supernatural things..we have 6th Sense...and I think you have more than that.. because you are the most powerful Vampire ever"Kabir
Rk looked at him amazed"how you know about me?"rk
"We were waiting for you rish especially mama..from past 120 years"Kabir
"What?oh..that make sense why she loves me"rk
"Yes..I will tell you later.i.tgink you are not need more blood . Pick that girl"Kabir
"But how?"rk
"Seduce her..go to some secluded place and do it.hmm..if u want fun you can do it..but ..I suggest you to wait for I am thirsty..will come back after meal ."Kabir
"But who is she"rk .Kabir left without answering..rk looked at the girl and Smiled.

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superb part chechi kalakki...
yey they are near..
finally rk realized that he is a vampyEvil Smile
i think finally a girl came na its madhu..
waiting..means cant wait..pls update soon..
thanks for the dedication & pm..Smile
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Superb update
Rk became vampire waiting for madhu
Posted: 2017-05-16T01:39:41Z
Rach awesome one, loved it.
Finally RK got to know that he is Vampire and that too the strongest one.
Madhubala is somewhere near to him.
Waiting for Rishbala first meeting.
Continue soon.
Thanks for the PM
Posted: 2017-05-16T02:17:40Z
Superb update 
Rk is adult now 
And kabir is his best friend 
I hate sullu 
Pls update soon 
Posted: 2017-05-16T03:10:16Z
Thanks for the PM dear!
Hate Sultan! I don't know how is his end going to be.
RK has become Mama's boy! Cute!
RK had his first meal!
Is the girl Madhu?
Super! Loved it!
Continue soon...

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