Messed Up In Love 2 The Rising Sun part 15page 73 dt8/9(Page 67)

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gr8 part



thanks for pm

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Awesome update

Hope they both mark each other


Eagerly waiting for next update


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Wonderful update


 but y u stopped at the exact place where it was getting interesting Embarrassed Ouch

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Abhay +dips  super Jodi LOL


Next update madhu shld know rk being a vampire and their past


 it's a request please 
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Superb update dear..


 idiot planned to kill rk and i am sure rk will kill him..


.Abhay found out his mate dipali...

Is He will also kill his mate like his mother did?.


..Madhu was confused with her visions...Now she findout that rk is a vampire...


Rishbala make out scene was hotEmbarrassed


Eagerly waiting for the next part dear...Please update soon dear...



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waiting for update...

Updating Meri jaanHeart
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I missed a lot of stuff..trying tk catch
Take your time dear
Thank you
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The tomorrow hasn't came yet.. Unhappy
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When is that tomorrow.. 

Today is that tomorrowLOL

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Updating soon

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Hi friends
 Thanks for all your support and love.
Happy Independence day for all my Indian friends
Here is the update everyone waited for.not edited please igbore the mistakes
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     Messed up in love2_the rising sun

Part 14

dobiriyal house

Arnav dobiriyal was reading the vampire journel and Mrs arnav was serving his favorite drink
"Bull shit...what the fu*k"arnav threw the paper on the coffee table angrily
"Arnav ... language..our children are here"Mrs arnab rolled her eyes at him.
"Oh ... honey,they are not kids anymore "arnav said sheepishly
"Arnav,"Mrs arnav sighed"why are you so angry?"
"It's the decisions of king "arnav 
Mrs .arnav took the journal and read the news"what ??...he asked permission for war against humanity??"she asked surprised
"Yes madhu...I don't like that man...he is really a fu..."arnavs words cut by her
"Don't dare to complete it arnav"she threatened him
"Uhh... okay."he said giving her a apologizing look"but it is a injustice to humanity... of course they are lower than us in food chain...that doesn't mean that we can conquer and make them our slaves...they are not animals..they got thier own feelings and decisions ..we can't rear them keeping them in some cellar like animals.."arnav poured out his feelings for human
" are right arnab...but what if council denied his request..his decision is the final one..I think king will go on with this"Mrs arnab
" will create problem in supernatural world itself...I don't think weres ,angels and others will go with this decision...they doesn't need human slaves or's our need,vampires need and why should they risk thier life for something they doesn't need"arnav
"Yeah...the treaties was made between the supernatural at the time of king Mohan kundra ..before the treaty out world was dispersed and used to fought with each other..."she said
"Yeah abandoned prince was the one behind Making the treaty ... but no one cared about it after king Mohan...I think king sultan had something to do with it"arnav said
Thier conversation was  stopped by mishas voice
"Can you please stop discussing this weird politics...we have something to tell you"Misha said gaining attention from her parents.she dragged madhu to her parents.madhu was trying to get away from her grip .
Arnav raised his brows 
"What's it madhu?"he asked gesturing her to sit near him.madhuwent up to him and sat down near him.arnav took her hand in his and kissed on her forehead.
"Madhu...what is the matter look so tensed"arnav
"Papa...I.,..Misha found out her mate"madhu blurted out
"What... really Misha?"Mrs arnav jumped up from her seat and went to hug her
"Yeah...but wait huggy puggy"she said
"Misha.."Mrs arnav rolled her eyes "who is he??"
"Kabir kundra"Misha said 
"What??the prince?"arnav
"That's great ...give me a hug darling"arnav
"Oh papa.."Misha hugged her father and  arnav kissed on her forehead.
"But that's not the matter we came to talk with you"Misha said gaining a groan from madhu
"Then what is it?"arnav
"Her mate is a vampire"Misha said
"What??but you said he is a human?"Mrs arnav asked
"Yeah...that was a misunderstanding ..I think"madhu said looking away from her mother's gaze.
"He said you or you find out about it... madhu it's all a black magic"Mrs arnav said
"No...I am damn sure"madhu said ..her voice changing it's tone.arnav looking at Mrs arnav and gestured at her not to provoke madhu 
" you find it out?"arnav
"It's...I...we...hmm..."madhu couldn't say a word
"What madhu??why are you nervous ?"arnav
Madhu felt embarrassed to word it out to her parents
"Ufff...stop the drama madhu."Misha took arnavs hand as he could see the whole scenario.arnav remove his hand from her grip and said"ufff...gross"
Madhu blushed scarlet red 
"What??"Mrs arnav who was still in dilemma.
Misha hold her hand and Mrs arnav felt embarrassed and quickly removed her hand
"Well..."arnav stopped"let me see your..."he gestured to her neck sheepishly
Madhu nodded and pulled her dress to reveal her neck.arnav came near her and leaned for a close look 
"It's really ..."Mrs arnav didn't have any words to describe the embarrassing situation.
Arnav straighten himself and said"it's fang marks"
A smile spread on madhus face .she looked at Misha smiling and she thumps upped at her 
"By why did he hide his identity?? didn't ask him?"arnav
"No papa...he didn't admit the fact to madhu...we have to caught him red hand..but all our mission was a failure"Misha whined
"There is a way"Mrs arnav looking at her husband
"Yeah "she said
" witch again"Misha and madhu groaned in unison

 Rks house

"So you are planning to tell her tomorrow?"Kabir asked
"Yeah...I think it's high time to dt it"rk
"Of course...but I think she might not take it lightly""Kabir
"I know"rk said
"You might have to beg on your knees"Kabir smiled
Rk chuckled and nodded"yes ...she is a jungli Billy(wild cat)"he smiled at her thoughts.

Dipanitas mansion

Mr and Mrs dobiriyal waited patiently for dipanita to open the door.after few minutes the door opened with a grunt.they gawk inside to the dimlu litted room . Due to thier vampire vision,they could see dipanita sitting on her old chair and smirking at them.they entered and greeted her.
"Take your seat Mr dobiriyal...btw why are you visiting me frequently... because of your little girl? what!!!... U you killed that human?"she asked smugly
Arnav explained the situation to her.dipanita tilted her head in a wicked way and grinned
"A vampire..!!! enough to hide his identity??..hmm ...nice ..nice challenge,I should say"she said laughing
Mrs arnav controlled her angee biting her teeth .arnav took her hand and gently squeezed it.
"Well...Mr dobiriyal ,who made you the coven are really not up to the should step down and give away your title yo someone who deserves it"she mockrd him and hearing that Mrs arnav stood up and snarled at her.
"You ugly witch could you insult my husband like this?"she bared her teeth and lunged at dipanita.s
Dipanita moved back and draw something in the air mumbling some spells.soon Mrs arnav got caged in a silver lined cell.
"No..."Mr arnav stood up from his seat and dashed to the cellhe tried to open it and he hissed at the pain ,the silver caused, when he tried to open the cell.finally he succeeded in helping her out of it causing some burns to his hands.he took Mrs arnavs hand and saw burns on her hand because of silver .he gently kissed off her injuries.then his red eyes turned to dipanita ,who was smiling and looking at the couple with amusement
Arnav snarled at her bearing his fangs"how dare you injure my mate?"he was ypto lunge at her
"Stop"dipanita held her hand in peace."your mate...that's it"she said smiling
"What??!!"Mr dobiriyal
" a supernatural react when someone try to injure thier mate??they can't control themselves and come up with thier primal form,right?"dipanita
"Yeah...but why you hurt me?"Mrs arnav disgusted with the witches behavior.she could have told it directly
"Calm down Mrs's just the truth.otherwise how could he know the thing a vampire can never any circumstances ,"dipanita laughed
"She is right"arnav said looking at his injury
"Now heal him Mrs arnav ... you two are a cute couple"sh smiled"I want to meet the little princess and her mate... promise me to let me visit then ,once everything is settled..I have something important to tell them...don't allow them to mark each other till then"she said
Arnav agreed to her demands and took a leave to thoer mansion, where his daughter is waiting for him in anticipation.

Dobiriyal house

Madhu was pacing up and down and looking at the door in between.
"Madhu are giving me a headache"Misha said
"Then.. don't look at me"madhu snapped
"Oh.. wow...keep it down gonna bursg with this pressure"Misha said playfully
"Stop it Misha ..I am gonna kill you"madhu
"Well...then I have a best plan to calm u down"Misha thought she took her phone and dialed kabirs number
"Misha little mate ... what's up"Kabir cheered 
"Will you help me?"Misha asked
"Of course baby...I am yours "Kabir
"Please ask rk to call madhu...she is in a bad mood"Misha
"Ah.. okay"Kabir said "but I will need something from you too"
"Okay... what's it?"Misha
"Don't bother ...I will take it when I needed"he chuckled
"Okay... now hurry Mr Kabir"Misha
"Yes...soonto be Mrs Kabir"Kabir cut the call and asked rk to call madhu.
Rk took his phone and dialed MADHU
"What's up honey?"he asked
"Nothing rk...I was just tensed about something...I am in s dilemma and my parents are to clear it"she said
",Are you sure... you are okay?"rk
"Yes ..."she said eager to cut the call
"Okay me if you want any help"rk said
"Yeah"she said
"Take care"rk cut the call 
Madhu sighed and went to Misha
",You idiot...what you have done ...rk asked and I was about to spill everything"madhu complaint
"Oh gosh...I forget about it"Misha bit her tongue.madhu pinched her ear
"Ouch..."Misha cried out
Mr and Mrs arnav came inside the room to see madhu attacking Misha
"Madhu ...leave her"arnav ran to him and madhu madhu moved from her and both of them look at thier parents in wonder.
",We thought madhu was attacking you"Mrs arnav
"No...papa..we were just having a playful fight"Misha
"Okay"Mrs arnav sighed
"What happened with the witch?"madhu
Mr arnav explained everything to madhu.madhu and Misha hified
"So madhu...some of our friends gonna attack you tomorrow"Misha
"Okay"madhu smiled

Next day

Madhu and missha to college happily they met with thoer mates .
"Let's bunk the classes and go somewhere else"madhu suggested
'you are bunking class so much"rk complained
"It's okay my dear...I am a brilliant no issues"madhu smiled.
"Yeah"rk hugged her and pecked on her lips
"Ewww.."Misha palmed her eyes .then she felt a lop on hers and her eyes widened.ahe pushed Kabir back
" PDA"Misha scowled
"Oh...okay ..sorry babe"Kabir
They went to the beach and find out a secluded place .madhu and rk started making out
"Please get a room"Misha
",That's a nice idea.. right my princess"to
Madhu smiled shyly.they a chatted with each other.soon they saw a group of bullies walking towards them.
"Hey gorgeous...will you come with us..we are better than your weak boyfriend"a man said
Madhu glared at them.
"Oh princess...I will die with that look ..give me that look when I f..."one man
Madhu growled at him.
"How dare you glare at him"his friends eyesturned red and he lunged at madhu and clawed her on her arm.bloid dripped from her hand 
"Ouch"madhu cried out
Soon they saw a flash and within seconds the bullies were lying unconscious on the floor.
Madhu looked at rk..he was panting with his fangs bared and dripping with blood,his eyes blood red and the claws lengthened.
"A vampire??"she asked and moved to him
He changed back to his human form
"Madhu r u okay "he took her hand and kissed heal the wound madhu stared at him
"You are a vampire"madhu shouted
"Y...yes"rk stuttered looking away from her .
Rk felt a sting on his left cheek and he realized that madhu slapped him.he cupped his cheek and looked at her in worry.

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