Messed Up In Love 2 The Rising Sun part 15page 73 dt8/9(Page 62)

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pls update

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Update soon chechi.. 
Waiting for the next part :)
Ouch sorry
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Hi friends
I couldn't update this story for a long time and I apologize for it.

Here is the next update 
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        MESSED UP IN LOVE-2the rising sun

        Abhay dialed the number and waited  for his mother to pick up the call. After few rings sania took the call.
"abhay ,my son,how are you?sania  "I am fine are you and father "abhay asked        
"everything good here.father had given the pettition for the war to the consideration of supernatural councilsania said
"what if they deny the proposal?'abhay asked
"we will go with our decision .after all king's word is finalsania laughed
"yeah ofcourseabhay chuckled
"after sultan it will be you abhay and I am a real proud mothersania said smugly
"yeah mom...everything I have attained is by your effort..if its not for you kabir is the rightful heirabhay said
"YES...but the same thing happened when your father came to the reign..the prince was the rightful heir .but the king announced sultan the crowned princesania
"why he had done so,mom?abhay askedno one says anything about that...just some rumours on him being a rebel and killed his father other informations picture of him and his human mate and not even his name except the abandoned prince'abhay said
Sania laughedyes we erased him from our life/our castle and even our supernatural worldsaniabut yourfather still worries about themsania sighed
"what you mean by you erased his name and all abhay askedand why father is worried about someone doesn't exist?
"they had reincarnated abhay and father believes that they will revenge himsania
"you have any idea about thier location? abhay
"nosania sigheddon't worry abhay.leave it to us.what about that have her now,right?
"no mom.abhay said frustratedshe found out her mate
"what?her mate?who is he?sania
"I do not have any details.but there is some dispute about it between her and family.i don't know what,but I will find it outabay
" son is capable and you can handleit smoothlysania
"mom,what I should do?'abha
"just kill her mate and then shewill be broken down..giveyour support to her and then she will warmup with you .then your charm will work on are quite a chqrmer abhay..i know it very wellsania chuckled
"mom...abhay called her blushingmom...but killing ones mateis considered like a treasonabhay asked
"yes,but don't leave any clue I had killed my mate forsultansania
"yes mom..i will do it abhay
"and take care not to mark hersania
"yes momabhay smiled .he cut the call and smiled vicsiously.iam coming for you mr mate

Misha looked at her watch and glared at madhu
"wait a minute mishmadhu continued with her make up and starng ontest with her mirror
"madhu ,you are repeating the same for past ten minutes.we are getting late madhu..whats up with all this dressing up and all?' misha
Madhu blushed and lookedaway from her
"wait aminute...I got it..rishab right? misha
Madhu blushed evento scarlet red
" his name is rishababhay thught who was eavesdropping their they are going to meet him..i can follow them and find out him .put an end to this beautiful love story even before it sprouts he laughed
"lets go..get into the car ,quick hippocrat
Madhu stuck her tongue out and giggled
oh...princess madhubala is very happy todaymisha
Madhu heard the word princess madhubalaechoing in her mind and a blurred vision came into her mind

A girl was sitting on a chair and looking at the garden  below through the window pricess madhubala here is your gift prince rishab sent it for you a maid said
"wow..its beautiful she opened the box and looked at the beautiful dress .she gently caressed the smooth fabri and smiled.aman came behind her and hugged her from her back and pressed her close t his body
"my princess ,you like it?'man
"nosheremoved his hand from her waist and turned to face him.
"oh...okayi thought you will like it...anyways i...beforehe could continue she palmed his mouth and looked at his beautiful blue eyes.
"I love it rishab she saidacharming smile appeared on his face revealing his cute dimples.he cupped  her face and lowered his lips to hers and captured it in his .she melted for few seconds in his kiss and then she pushed him away
"hah...what madhu?man
"maya is watching us rishabmadhu whispered
The man laughed and pulled her to a youmind it maya?'he asked
"no your highness..even if you do the deedi will close my eyes "maya said smiling
The girl blushed and hid her face in the mans chestand the maid and the manlaughed together.

Madhu went out of her tranceand looked at misha wide eyed.
"madhu..what happened t you ..i am calling you and you were just staring at me " Misha said
"I had a vision Misha...its...its felt likeits happening in reality and I could felt their feelings" madhu said
"Do you want to talk about it?" Misha asked
"No...not now" madhu said.Misha sighed and drove to college.
"What visions she is having... I should ask her when she will be mine" abhay thought. "I will take a run to the college... The cars and traffic really sucks" abhaysaid to himself.


Misha parked the car and poked at madhu
"Your hero is waiting for you" Misha
"Yours too" madhu
Girls walked to their mates.they greeted each other.
"Rk...madhu had the vision again at morning" Misha
"Really?" He cupped her cheeks "r u okay madhu?"
"Oh...lover boy stop your PDA and get a room" kabir
"Jealous... Han?" Rk
"Why should I ?I have my mate with me" labor
"What?" Madhu and Misha asked together
"You didn't realize it yet,Misha?" Rk grinned at her
"No...I.." Misha stuttered
"Touch me baby" kabir held her hand and pulled her to his chest."you feel it"he asked
Misha nodded shyly.
"Now who is on PDA?" Madhu said with a smirk
Misha parted from kabir and blushed.rk held madhu close to him by snaking his hand on her waist.he whisphered in her ear"let's give them some privacy "
Madhu smiled
"Yeah ...we know who need that " Misha
"Shut up brat" madhu
She walked with rk
"So...he is her mate...a human...happy kill abhay and a nice meal...but I prefer beautiful girls" abhay said
Abhay slowly moved in the director where madhu and rkleft.suddenly he got stuck by an intoxicating scent
"What's it? feels so nice" he moved into the opposite fire in search for the source of the scent..after few turns to right and left he saw s group of girls and he find out a girl wearing a short dress was the source of the scent..he moved to her and gripped her hand.he felt the tingles and his inner beast mumbled 'mate'
"Ahmm...who are you?" The girl looked at him as if she had seen something fascinating.
"Well...gorgeous... I am abhay ...what's your name" he tried tocontrol the urge to mark and mate with her at that instant.
"I am dipali bhatia...nice to meet you?...student?" Dips
"No...just came to visit you like to spend some good time with me?" Abhsy asked
Dipalis smile widened
"Yes of course" she felt her heart will jumpout of her rib cage
"Here is my number keep in touch" abhay smiled at her."I will take care of that human later"he thought and left the campus
Rk opened a room which was abandoned by the college.madhu followed him and rk locked the door
Madhu sat down on a bench and rk sat Down across her.
"Tell me madhu about your vision" rk
Madhu explained everything to him
"She is getting the memories." Rk thought
"Rk...I...I...felt like..its you and me" madhu said "do you think I went crazy?'she asked
" no madhu...I can understand what you are seeing..I know what it is ...but..I..I can't  share it with you now...something in my mind is not letting me say ..its not the apt time...don't hate Mr when I say it to you madhu"rk said looking into her eyes
"What is it rk?" Madhu
"I...I can't madhu...please understand" rk
"Okay rk...take your time ...I will wait till eternity" madhu
"Eternity..?" Rk cockedhis brow
"I...I mean till my death" madhu stuttered.
Rk cupped her cheeks and tugged a piece of hair behind her ear.his fingers brushed the soft spot behind her ear and madhus breath hitched
"My innocent mate" rk thought
He stood up and held madhus hand.she stood up and rk pulled her towards him and hugged her.he Nuzzled her neck and inhaled her scent
"He is acting like a vampire or werewolf" madhu thought.
He cupped her cheek again and leaned to her lips.. Their lips touched and he started kissing her gently.madhu reciprocated his kiss .his hands trailed down her hand and entwined with her fingers.she gripped it tightly.they parted and looked at each other.
"I love you my princess" rk said
"I love you your highness" madhu said as if she had repeated the words thousand times .
He leaned again and kissed her.he parted from her grip and gripped on her hair to deepen the kiss..his hands trailed down her back and stayed on her low back ..he trailed his hand and the hem of her shirt moved up revealing her petite waist..rk touched her on her bare waist with other hand and started kissing her ear..madhus breath hitched..he removed the first button of her shirt and pulled it to reveal her shoulder and collar bone. He started kissing on her shoulder and collar bone..madhu moaned at the pleasure.he moved up to the juncture of her neck and shoulder.. He started nibbling and madhu felt a slight sting..
"Fangs?" Madhu thought and gasped
In a flash rk moved away from her and turned his back to her.he blinked few times and fisted his hand...his red eyes turned to normal and the fangs went back to its position
"Rk..." Madhu called
" sorry madhu...I just got carried away" rk
"It's okay" madhu adjusted her dress and hair
"Let's go" rk said worried
"Okay" madhu followed rk.
"What was that?that speed...that only happens for a supernatural and I am damn sure I had seen those red eyes... A vampire's he is a vampire... But he is hiding his identity and he definitely know something about my visions... But y he is hiding it...I have to ask papa" madhu thought
They saw kabir and Misha waiting for them
"What happened look distracted" kabir mind linked
"I nearly marked her and she saw my vampire side...I think so" rk
"Don't worry rk...its time for you to say her the truth and mark her" kabir
"Yeah... Tomorrow" rk
"okay" kabir
Misha looked at madhu
"Misha he is a vampire.. I am sure'madhu
" why should he hide it?"Misha
"I don't know...I think we should ask papa" madhu
"Yes madhu ...we will end this game tomorrow" Misha
"Yeah...mission vampire or human is on " madhu smirked.

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Chechi you have two options.. One.. You have to update soon.. Two.. You have to update soon.. 
You can't become Mr India after giving such awesome updates.. 
Lol.. Abhay kapoor's mate is dips.. I like it.. Chakkikotha chankaran LOL...
I said you before too.. This is not done.. Rishbala why are you doing this to me babies ..??
I reached la-la land when they start to make out & you dragged me back to the real world so mercilessly CryCry..
Hehe.. Finally.. Madhu knows the truth .. Rk get ready for the slap & something sweet after that WinkWink
Waiting for the next part.. 
Update sooon.. 
Thanks for the pm chechi :)
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wow update after a long long tym
Posted: 2018-08-01T06:52:15Z
Superb update 
Loved it 
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Awesome update,
loved it,
both Abhay and Sania are so irritating how easily she said to her son to kill Madhu's mate waiting for the moment when they found who actually Rk is,
Abhay found out who Madhu's mate is,
didn't expect Dipali as Abhay's mate,
Madhu is getting visions of her past,
Rk decided to reveal his real self,loved Rishbala moments,
Madhu saw his Vampire side,
continue soon,
thanks for the pm
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Nice update. Glad RK will be revealing about himself to Madhu soon.
Waiting for next update!!

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