Messed Up In Love 2 The Rising Sun part 15page 73 dt8/9(Page 5)

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Originally posted by Insaneniyu

Congrats for season 2
Rk came back n Maya killed herself to save rk
Thank you niyu
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Originally posted by manna43

Congratulations for new season.
Rk is back.Sultan should count his days.Panchhi is rk's mom.ha ha.
Maya sacrificed her life for his majesty.
Loyalty is the thing comes among supernaturals.thank you 
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Hi friends here is the next update . please read and quote your views.

     Messed Up In Love2- The Rising Sun



"danishI am really scared"panchi
"Panchi I told you for the enth time.. some one just tried to mock you"Danish
"No Danish..I am sure . when she talked with me our baby kicked "panchi
"Look panchi..we will relocate if that so called royal mark is on his body.okay .but only after his birth.its your last month of pregnancy and I can't take any got it?"Danish fumed.
"Ouch Danish...he is kicking violently..ouch'panchi
"Panchi..just take deep breaths"Danish
"No he is kicking"panchi
"Okay beta..calm down we will relocate tomorrow"Danish
The baby stopped kicking.
"I told you"panchi with teary eyes.
"Sorry I think Maya is right because I never heard of a foetus kicking like this"Danish
They relocated to Mumbai.


"Sultan got her smell..we can trace her track from it"Sania
"Yes ..I think MP in India"sultan
"Ok..let's go there "Sania
When they were about to leave a servant came running.
"Your grace..queen delivered a boy"servant
"Yes"servant bowed and went back
"Sultan go and meet your son"Sania
"For what?I am not interested in her or her son"sultan
"But it's yours ..and your heir"Sania
" real son and my heir will be from a Sania"Sultan
"Oh sultan ..I love you"Sania
"I love you let's go"Sultan
"You informed Sultan?"ria
"Yes your highness"girl
"But then where is he?"ria
"May I come in your highness"sikky
"Hey...sikky."ria gave him a hug
"Where is the little one?"sikky
"Sleeping"ria pointed the crib.
"Sikky ..where is Sultan?"ria
"I am sorry your highness..he left to India'Sikky
"Sikky India?"ria
"No... will you do me a favor?"ria
"Yes .. ria .you are like my sister "sikky
"Please go to India and rescue them"ria
Ria explained everything to him
"Omg .. rishab is back..I am so happy .but Madhu?"sikky
"I didn't get any signs of her .may be some years later"ria
"You can teleport?"ria
"Yes and ria don't worry I will be there for him"sikky
"Thanks sikky"ria


Panchi saw a man appeared from thin air.she gasped.danish was equally startled
"I am sorry..but it was an emergency so I can here like this.hope I didn't scared you"
"Who the hell are you?"Danish
"I am sikkandher of the minister at Vampire castle. And rishabs best friend"sikky
The baby moved 
"He is right Danish is moving"panchi
"Ok..why are you here?"Danish
"Sultan is coming for you have to shift now"sikky
"But how could we shift..we didn't done packing"Danish
"Packing?.okay..I will do it"with in minutes he done packing.
"You are really fast"panchi
"Vampire speed sis"sikky
Panchi Smiled.
"You have any choice ..where to go?"sikky
"Yes.. mumbai.i own a house there"panchi
"Ok.memorize it in your mind"sikky
Panchi thought about the house.
"Okay I got it .now you two hold my hand and close your eyes"sikky
They closed Thier eyes and felt the  swift of air.
"Now open your eyes"sikky
They looked awestruck.
"Mumbai..our house"panchi
" this happened?"Danish
"I will come back with your things"sikky disappeared
"It's really funny..we reached here in seconds.our baby will have same powers?"panchi
"He possessed it in his life at Castle"sikky
"You came back..oh wow"panchi
" you are safe..I am spell bounding this house .so that no supernatural can see this house."sikky
"Thank you"panchi
"But witches can spell bound na"Danish
"Yeah I am a half mother is a witch"sikky
"Oh so you possess both powers.tou Should be the powerful one"Danish
"No..the most powerful one coming to Earth majesty rishab kundra"sikky
"My son?"panchi
"  I should take a leave"sikky
He knelt on his knee and bowed in front of panchi
"Hey why are doing it in front of me?"panchi
"It's the ritual..he is our king"sikky pointing her tummy.
Danish laughed out"quite crazy people"
"If you want any help just remind about me ..I will be here "sikky
Next second he disappeared.
"Danish I am feeling excited ..its really funny.everything seems so eerie"panchi
"But I am wondering ..y majesty rishab kundra choose an idiot womb"Danish teased her.
"Danish..."panchi pouted.
"I am joking my princess"he pinched her nose.
They heard a mild laughter.
"Who was that?"panchi
The baby moved.
They looked at each other awestruck.

Few days later

"Panchi calm down take deep breaths.."Danish
"Yeah but it's hurts"panchi
"The hospital is near by..calm Down"Danish
They reached hospital and panchi is taken to labour room.
After few hours
The nurse came out with a baby boy.
"Mr.danish Singh rathode"nurse
"Yes .I am Danish"
"You have a baby boy"nurse handed the baby to Danish
He gently held this bundle of joy and looked at it's face.the baby looked so Smiled in his sleep and baby dimples appeared on his face
"Your baby is really cute"a man

Few hours later

"Danish I want to see him"panchi
"Nurse will bring him soon."Danish
"He looks like me or you?"panchi
"No.. entirely different from us.he have Blue eyes"Danish
"Blue eyes?"panchi
"Hmm...and cute dimples "Danish laughed
"Like vampire king rishab kundra?"panchi
"Yes..I think so"Danish
The nurse brought the baby to Thier room and handed him to panchi
"Feed him"nurse left
The baby was wriggling his hands and legs and let out a cry.
" are hungry?"she feed him.the baby let out a happy sound when his food.soon he slept.panchi looked at him with tears in her eyes.she gently laid him in the crib .
Soon sikky appeared there from thin air startling Danish and panchi
"Our king is sleeping"sikky
Panchi and Danish smiled.
"May I look for the mark?rk had it on his shoulder"sikky
Panchi nodded.
"Here is it..."sikky happily said
"May I ask you something?"panchi
"About his diet?"sikky
"Oh you read my mind"panchi
No he will take Normal human food.and he will not be aware of his past till they mark each other."sikky
"They already have a sign"panchi
"Yeah but they have to mark it"sikky
"But he will found out his self once he met Madhu."sikky
"You mean he realize he is a vampire?'danish
"Yes...her scent can even evoke it"sikky
" we're is this madhubala?"Danish
"Not yet in this world..we are waiting for her"sikky
"Do he have any symptoms?"panchi
"Some sort of memories may haunt him .but I am not sure which one will be "sikky
Panchi Smiled
"Take care of him..I will be here after few days..."sikky left.

Three years later
Rishab screamed in his sleep
"Oh..rishu..relax ..calm Down beta's just a dream"panchi
"Mama...that girl jumped from the balcony..she is in a pool of blood..I am scared"rishab
"No..rishab it's just a dream.firget it Han"she rocked him to sleep 
"Danish..he us getting the same dream each night.i am really tensed"panchi
"It may be that madhubala "Danish
"Danish I don't want him to meet her"panchi
"But y panchi?"Danish
"I don't want my rishu to change into a blood sucking monster"panchi
"Panchi he is destined to revenge and take the Thorne"Danish
"Whatever it is..I won't allow him to be with that girl"panchi
"Panchi..he is only three"Danish
"Whatever it is ..I won't allow him to mark her"panchi
"You are acting like a possessive mother"danish
"Danish if he marked her.they will got back the memory and next thing will be his revenge only.i don't want to lose my son "panchi
"Okay panchi you wish"Danish went to sleep.
Panchi hugged little rishab close to her so that no one take him from her.

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Sorry the baby lacks the dimples

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Awesome update chechi...
yaay..rishab is born..
panchiAngryyou wont allow na...i know she is his mom & worried about him..but god made rishbala for each one can separate them even death..they proved it..can you update next part tmr mor..??again i am impatient to read..pls update soon...thanks for the pmBig smile
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Superb update dear.Wow cute babyDay DreamingWhen he marks madhu he will regain his memory.Panchi don't want to lose her son because every mother want his child to be safe and healthySmileLittle prince rishab is waiting for her princess madhu...
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Thanks for pm
Will read season 1 and come here...
Posted: 2017-05-08T04:52:27Z
wow awesome update superb waiting for madhu
Posted: 2017-05-08T05:24:30Z
Superb update dear 
Loved it 
So rk is born and they are waiting for madhubala 

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