Messed Up In Love 2 The Rising Sun part 15page 73 dt8/9(Page 14)

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  Messed Up In Love2-The Rising Sun


"what was that?why I feel like I know him.and his scent I felt it familiar.but I didn't meet him it just some trick of brain.but I couldn't stop thinking about him from the moment I met him.his deep blue eyes .. something in it ..I feel like they are calling me."Madhu forget herself in her thoughts till someone snapped her finger and waved her hand near her eyes.
"Well come back to Earth princess"Mish
Madhu Smiled
"What were you thinking? of course a boy right?,I saw you blushing"Misha
"Mish..stop it.i was just thinking about my meal yesterday"Madhu
"Oh took blood from a handsome boy?"Mish
"I didn't meant him.."Madhu
"Then?"Mish raised her eyebrow
"A human saw me drinking"Madhu
"What?you erased his memory?"Misha
"He was a bit different and his scent ..I felt it different..he was something special"Madhu
"Was he a supernatural?"Mish
"No..I don't think so..when I erased his memory he showed the similar response like a human does"Madhu
"So what's the problems?"Misha
"I was thinking about him from the time I saw him"Madhu
"Huh..girl..I think I have to erase your he handsome?"Misha
"Yes .. perfect like a Greek god"Madhu
"Oh.. soulmate?"Misha
"I don't know..but there is a stupid prophecy.our father used to tell about it"Madhu
"Yeah...the prophecy by a witch at the time of your birth .you are born with some great aims.destiny chose our mother for giving birth to Should be kept away from the supernatural world so that you have some enemies .if they came to know about you they will kill you ..and the pendant will hide you from them except the one who is destined for you and you will be our queen and blah..blah..father had said this 1000 times"Misha
"Yeah..if I have to be a queen..I should marry a king or prince na"Madhu
" the human is not your soulmate"Misha
"But I felt a pull towards him"Madhu
"May be his blood ... different"Misha
"May be"Madhu sighed
"Well you saw the royal magazine ..this month they published the prince s photo.he is the hire for throne"Misha
"No..where is the magazine"Madhu
"It's on papas study.lets go and collect it"Mish
They went to the study.arnab was reading a book
"Hai. little princess why are you here?"arnav
"We want to read the royal"Madhu
"When you two got interested in that two were interested in human magazines"arnav
"Mama told that the prince.."Madhu palmed her face
"No ..papa..just a fun"Madhu
"Hmm.."arnav extended.yhe magazine
"I Know you want to see the prince pics .."arnav thought and smile
Madhu and Misha went to Thier room and flipped the pages
"Here is he.. Mr Abhay kundra"Misha
"Eww..he looks like a rotten egg"Madhu
"Hey girl he may be your soulmate"Mish
"My's better to live without a soulmate than marrying him"Madhu
"So whom do you want..?"Mish
"My prince charming.."Madhu
"Who?that Human?"Mish
"I don't know.. but ..I know he will come for me and take me with him"Madhu said trwilling and dancing
"Oh god..she is crazy"mish"we are going to our college tomorrow just get some sleep"

Panchi house

"You are joining the Mumbai college tomorrow . your classes start tomorrow.i talked with the principal and arranged everything"Danish
"Thanks papa"rk hugged him
"But your mama is not at all happy"Danish
"I's a mixed college she not like it"rk
"She is your mother and she is worried about you rishu"Danish
"Yeah..I can understand .but I am different from you papa..she should accept it"rk
"She will rishu"Danish 

Dobriyal house
"Papa..can I use your car .."Misha
"No can't drive"arnav
"Let her drive arnav"Mrs arnav
" right papa.. please"Misha
"Please papa.."Madhu
"Okay.. but Madhu will drive"arnav
Misha rolled her eyes" adopted me ?Madhu is always your best one .even you gave mama s name to her "Misha pouted
Arnab stood up and sighed.."it's not that Mish..she is.our first child and I love my wife so much .so I gave her name to Madhu .and about the car..I can't take risk with my you remember what you do last time?"arnab
"'s not my fault it's that that tree"Misha
"Yeah. .that bloody tree walked into the centre of the road and hit the car"arnab
" funny"Mish
"Mish..let's go..we are getting late"Madhu
Panchi house
"Mama..we are leaving for college"rk
Panchi looked away fuming
"Go..boy.. Everything will be okay"Danish
Rk and Kabir hopped inside the black Benz and headed to college.

Mumbai college

Rk parked his car and Opened the door.he climbed out and tugged his Ray-Ban sunglass in his shirt.kabir climbed out and looked around.he saw Girls drooling them.
"Hmm...rk we have yummy meals waiting for us"Kabir 
Rk looked at them and waved.
"Yep..sweet smell"rk
"Take care when you get blood from careful"kabir
"Yes boss"rk
The girls went to them
"Hi I am dipali bhatia"dips extended her hand to rk.
"I am rishab kundra"he took her hand
"I am Kabir kundra"Kabir
"Oh..nice to meet you admission?which class?"dips
" God..I am also doing we will be classmates"dip
"Will you get us to our class?"rk
"Yeah"dips walked .rk and Kabir followed.
They passed by the corridor and rk got a familiar scent
"Madhubala .."rk thought
He walked back and entered the class room following the scent.madhu was reading some book while Misha was playing some prangs.madhu looked up when she felt the scent
"It's the same.. chocolate and vanilla scent..the human"Madhu saw rk looking at her
"Do he remembers way I erased his memory .but y he is looking at me"Madhu
"Hello.. Ms ..I am new to this college .I couldn't find my can you help me?"rk
"Yeah...which course?"Madhu
"Next the right"Madhu
"Thank you"rk
"You are welcome"Madhu
Rk left back to Kabir
"So..he doesn't remember was just a co incidence"Madhu thought
"Hey..Madhu..what are you thinking girl "Misha
" saw him?"Madhu
"The one o talked with now"Madhu
"Oh..yeah..he is a handsome chunk"Misha
"He is the one "Madhu
"What?that alley boy?"Misha
"Come-on let's ask his details .. follow me"Misha
"Why Madhu?"Mish
"I am scared"Madhu
"He is a human and we...and the prophecy"Madhu
"Bull shit prophecy...don't we have humans as our soulmates.?"Mish
"Yes..but let's wait for destiny to play it's role"Madhu
" you wish"Misha
"Btw Misha you didn't find your soulmate yet"Madhu
"There is a time for everything prince charming will come for me"Mish
"Yeah definitely"Madhu Smirked.

MBA classroom
"Where you disappeared rk?"dips
"I just got lost"rk
Kabir raised his eyebrows
"My soulmate.. madhubala"rk said in kabirsmMind
"Oh..that's great"Kabir in rks mind
Dips look at both of them
"Why are you staring at each other guys ... anything wrong?"dips
" nothing.. thanks for the help"rk
The classes started and end in a blurr


Rk was leaning on his car and chatting with Kabir..Kabir was sitting on the bumper of another car.
"Excuse me..can you move your butt?"Misha
Rk and Kabir looked at the girl wide eyed.misha looked at Kabir and both went into a trance.
"Misha.."Madhu shouted
Misha went out of the trance and Smiled.
"Get the car"Madhu
Then Madhu saw rk keenly looking at her.her eyes meet his and they went into reverie.
Misha poked on Madhus Shoulder.
"Don't you want to go back?"Mish
"Han..Han..yeah..let's go"Mish
Mish unlocked
"Excuse me"Kabir
Misha and Madhu looked at him
"Well..I am Kabir..I am new to this college.. actually we are new to this college.."Kabir
"No..just be friends?"Kabir
"No we don't like to have frienddhip with strangers"Mish
"Oh that's rude.. at least you could say your name"Kabir
"Okay..I am Misha and she is my sister madhubala"Misha
"Madhubala"rk and Kabir said together
"It's an old weird name na"Mish laughed
"'s a nice name ...a sweet name for a sweetest person"rk
"Btw who are you?"Mish
"I am rishab can call me rk"rk
Madhu mumbled"rishab kundra..rk"
Soon rk felt a sudden pain in his head.he fell on his knees yelling
"What Happened rk?"Kabir 
" head's hurting like hell .."rk and he blacked  out.
"What happened to him.lets take him to hospital..we will help you"Mish
"No it's okay..I can manage it"Kabir
"A beautiful garden with fresh flowers.madhu running and a boy was following her.madhunwas laughing and the boy can't catch me . Madhu said.the boy used his vampire speed..that's can't use your speed ..she stared running again and this time he caught her by her waist and picked up her and trwilled.rk...madhu called.the boys face is clear now.."rk snapped out of his vision when Kabir sprinkled water .he opened his eyes and looked around
"Rk..what happened?"Kabir
"Visions from past Kabir"he said in kabirs mind.
"What did you saw"Kabir
"A and Madhu"rk
"May be summer castle"Kabir
Misha connected to Madhu in mind
"Madhu ...don't you feel they are exchanging something via mind?"Mish
"Yes I feel so"Madhu
"Are they normal human?"Mish
"But I erased his memory"Madhu
"What if he just pretended?"Mish
"Did he?"Madhu
"Let's ask them."Mish
"Stupid ..shut up..we should find out"Madhu
"Yes..we will plan it when we get back "Mish

"R you okay rk?"Mish
"Yes I am fine"rk
"R u sure?"Madhu
"Yes..princess"rk Smiled
"Okay..then bye..c u tomorrow"Mish .they hopped inside the car and drive off
Rk and Kabir looked at the car and sighed
"My mate..I think"Kabir
"Who?that Tom boy?"rk
Kabir growled
"Oops.. sorry..congrats dude"rk
"Thank our mission to get our mates started"Kabir

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lovely update
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Originally posted by maangeet.gmmg

lovely update
Thank you dear
Posted: 2017-06-02T23:31:22Z
Amazing update chechi..
When will madhu come to know rk is her mate..?
Update soon..
Thanks for the pm..
Posted: 2017-06-02T23:31:58Z
after a long wait
loved it
madhu know about prophecy
rk acting
madhu and misha get suspicious
waiting -for more
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Originally posted by aishu007

Amazing update chechi..
When will madhu come to know rk is her mate..?
Update soon..
Thanks for the pm..
Thanks dear.will update soon
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Originally posted by Haya1022bmw

after a long wait
loved it
madhu know about prophecy
rk acting
madhu and misha get suspicious
waiting -for more
Thank you for reading and commenting
Sorry for the delay.
SmileSmile.will try to update asap
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Superb update ka..
Madhu was thinking about RK..
She has doubt on him.
Finally,they met in college.
Kabir also find his soulmate..
When will madhu know about RK?
Waiting for that..
Thanks for pm..

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