Messed Up In Love 2 The Rising Sun part 15page 73 dt8/9(Page 10)

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Originally posted by prasimpy

Nice ch rk know who he is awesome ch wait for Madhu entry
Madhu will be introduced in next chapter.please continue reading .thank you
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Originally posted by --Evil_Angel--

superb update dii..
rk is in his world..
he knows about his identity ..
now only proper intro of madhu is left..
thanks for pm :)
Thank you aani
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Originally posted by Sujitharajan

Awesome update dearSmileKabir came here to help rk and rk knows he is a vampire and i am waiting for madhu's entry dear...
Thank you dear
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Hi friends thanks for all your supposed and encouraging comments
Here is the next episode.please read and drop your views.

   Messed Up In Love2-The Rising Sun


Rks house
"Mama..Kabir is staying here.some problem with his he is shifting here"rk
Panchi rolled her eyes
"I don't believe that boy.he have a negative aura.i felt it same with sikky"panchi
"Sikky?who's sikky?"rk
"It's someone known to us.leave it..when he will come?"Danish
"Today evening papa"rk
"But I didn't allow it yet"panchi
"Papa allowed .so he is staying here"rk said stubbornly
"Rishu..what happened to you .it's the first time you are talking like this to me"panchi
"You made me talk like this I am 21 and please stop treating me like a little kid.i can take my own decisions"rk
" grown up yesterday?"panchi
"Mama..I don't want to argue with you.i don't have time for that"rk left to his room
He heard panchi cursing and crying.
"I am sorry mama..but I have to do this.kabir said me I will have to leave soon to some.i am destined for something special"rk said to himself
Few minutes later 
Rk heard knock at the door.he Opened the door and moved to let Danish inside the room.he closed the door
"Lock it rishu"Danish
Rk locked the door and went near the bed and sat down
"Rishu..I never heard you talk like this to your mother.what happened to you beta..are you stressed on something?you can share everything with me.i have given you the freedom and you Know that.considee me like your friend"Danish
"'s..I..I.."rk stuttered and looked at floor
Danish sighed.
"I Know beta what's bothering you."Danish
He looked up to his father's eyes with bewilderment.
"I know who is Kabir and what's him"Danish
"His pale skin speaks it rishu..and I noticed the change in yours"Danish
"You no more a human..right?"Danish
Rk sighed and nodded looking away from his father.
Danish sighed and sat down beside him
"Look..rishu it's okay.we know about this before your birth.ypu know that's y your mother was overprotective.she doesn't want you to find out your self.but destiny always designed to be not broken by any human...leave's she?"Danish
"You didn't met her?then how this change happened?"Danish
"Papa..Kabir and you are talking about some girl.but I don't know who is she and what's the connection between us.papa..for god sake can you tell me what's happening.i am really fed up.i have to take blood from innocent girls for my survival.i hate myself papa"rk eyes filled up
Danish touched on his shoulder
"Look rishu Everything in this world is planned by God and if he created supernatural it's his plan and we can't chellenge it.we have to survive with what he had given per my knowledge you people are not killing the victim.right?"Danish
Rk nodded."erasing Thier memory"
" just consider..if someone donating blood same think is happening.they are losing blood and it's replaced don't feel bad.i will arrange some blood bags for a doctor i can manage it"Danish
"Papa..I..I am sorry"rk
"No's okay.but Don't let your mother know about it.she will surely Break down"Danish
"No papa...I promise"rk

Kabir shifted to rks house and he thought rk about hiding his identity and what all thinks he had to do.
"Kabir..but I heard that..we burn in sunlight"rk
"Yeah..look .. this ring protects me"Kabir
"But..I have nothing like that"rk
"Hey rish..what do you know about are the powerful Vampire your majesty"Kabir
"Y are you calling me that crap?"rk
"Your grace.. because you are going to be the next king.king of whole supernaturals.oyr god is supposed to be moon and that of angels sun.sin god despise us that's y we are burnt in sunlight.but luckily for you sun god blessed you.sun god chose you as the king and so you are protected by him .the power you possess given by both sun and moon are the most powerful supernatural ever..rish"Kabir
"Oh..what all powers I have?"rk
"You possesshundred times the power you had in your last life"Kabir
"What you mean..last life?"rk
" are reincarnation of prince rishab kundra"Kabir
"What?but I am rishab kundra now? how that happened?"rk
"The supernaturals wanted you to possess the same name.they love you so much rish.and they had waited 100 years for your return"Kabir
"What? but 100 years?"rk
"Yeah we are immortal and we don't age"Kabir
" I will be 21 for rest of my life?"rk
"Yes"Kabir Chuckled
"Oh..that's great"rk
"But you will get your strength only when you mark your soulmate"Kabir
"Yeah..I am sure .she is something where here at per the prophecy you only change when you met her or realize her"Kabir
"But I didn't saw any girl..but I got a strong scent"rk
"Yeah's her your soulmate"Kabir
"Who is she?"rk
"I can't reveal have to find out her"Kabir
Rk sighed"I feel thirsty"rk
"Let's go for hunting"Kabir
They heard a knock at the door.rk Opened and Danish entered.he locked the door.
Danish handed them two blood bags
"You might need it"Danish
"It's okay son."Danish Smiled
" know?"Kabir
"Yeah.."Danish sat down and sighed
"He is dead"Kabir
"Oh..they know about rishu?"Danish
"Yes..but not yet his whereabouts"Kabir
"And that girl?"Danish
"No clue..but she will be here .rish changed"Kabir
" Know him?"rk
"Not exactly but I know he is here to protect you"Danish
"Uncle I am Kabir kundra.."Kabir
"Kabir but you said Kabir rathode?"rk
Kabir smiled
"So you are from castle"Danish
"Yes ria kundras son"Kabir
"That means his son?"Danish
"Unfortunately yes..but don't worry I am not him "Kabir
"I Know that"Danish hold kabirs hand
" sec what's all this?"rk
"Rishu..he is your sisters son"Danish
"My sister ?"rk
"Yeah .. in your last life"Kabir
"So you are my nephew?"rk smiling
"Yeah"Kabir laughed
"Ok..young boys ..I should take a leave.enjoy your meal"Danish left closing the door
Rk and Kabir took the packet and tear it with Thier fangs.
Kabir Smiled

Few months later.
" and Kabir getting admission for MBA in Mumbai college"rk
"But it's a mixed college"panchi
"So what?"rk
"I don't want you to mingle with any girl"panchi
"Sorry mama..I can't obey because I have to find out her"rk
"W..what..y.. you just said?"panchi
"You heard it right mama"rk
"I am sorry papa.but mama Should give me my freedom to live"rk
Panchi looked at Danish"you told him?"panchi
"No..he realized himself"Danish
"T..that ..m..means that bitch is here"panchi
" can you use such low words for my soulmate?"to
"Soulmate..I hate that bitch with the core of my heart .that filthy what**e taking my son from me"panchi
Rk snarled .his eyes Changed into blood red and his fangs protruded.he went near panchi and looked into her eyes .he grabbed her hand.
"Don't dare to talk about my soulmate with low words..or else I will snap your head"rk growling
"Rishu.. control your self ..she is your mom"Danish touched his shoulder.he looked few seconds his eyes Changed into blue and his fangs disappeared
"I..I am sorry mama..but please don't use such words for her.i don't know who is she.but it hurts me like hell"rk
Panchi looked at him terrified.she grabbed on Danish collar
"D..Danish..what was it?t..tell me it's a rishu doesn't change.its only a dream"panchi crying
"Relax panchi"Danish
"You Know that .he changed but you want to inform it to his mom?"panchi
"Panchi ..we didn't want to hurt you"Danish
"Oh really kind of you"panchi started blabbering and crying
Rk trailed his hands through his hair.he ran out of the house in Vampire speed.he reached an was secluded.he stopped and walked in his human pace.he heard a whimper.he looked around and saw nothing.he walked further and got a familiar scent
"She"his mind growled
He walked further the dark alley.his nostrils hit the scent of Blood
"Blood? someone hurt?is that she?"rk said himself
He walked further and heard someone moaning.
"Hell...who is that?"rk
He saw a girl and a man making out in the Alley .the man leaning to the wall and the girl kissing his neck .the man was moaning
" she kissing him?..oh she is drinking blood from him..a vampire?"rk
He waited for her to finish and erase the man's memory.
The girl erased the man's memory and wiped her lips with her hand .she belched
"That was sweet..hmm.."girl
Then she realized someone stalking her.she saw rk looking at her in a distance.she reached him in a second with her Vampire speed 

Rk looked at her mesmerized.
" talked about me"girl
"Sweet voice"rk
" saw me kissing that man?"girl
He tried to hold her.she moved back.
"I asked you saw anything?"girl
Rk moved towards her.she stepped back and her brown orbs changed into red and her fangs protuded.she growled at him.rk stopped awestruck.
"What do you think human .you can force me..never ..I am 100 tones stronger than you.i can snap your head in a second .but it's against our I am erasing your memory"girl
She looked sharply into his eyes.rk remained looking at her eyes .he dropped his shoulder and looked lost
.the girl laughed "yes.. now go back to your Don't know what happened here and you don't remember meeting me.i compel you"girl left from there in a gush of wind
Rk looked back at her and Smirked.he saw someone coming to him.
"Rk..who was that?"Kabir
"My soulmate"rk
"Is she a vampire?"Kabir
"Yeah..and the funny thing is she tried to erase my memory."rk and Kabir laughed
"She is beautiful..she is the same girl I usually dreamed off"rk
"I know..I had seen her photos with you in the castle"Kabir
"Btw what was her name in last life?"rk
"Madhu..Bala.. Aahaan"rk Smirked

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Me first..
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Originally posted by pirl18

Me first Shocked
SmileSmilethank you
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superb update chechi..
so rk met madhu..
thank you for making her too a vampire..i loved it..
lolz..she tried to erase his memory lolz..
waiting to read their love story..
update soon pls..
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Originally posted by aishu007

superb update chechi..
so rk met madhu..
thank you for making her too a vampire..i loved it..
lolz..she tried to erase his memory lolz..
waiting to read their love story..
update soon pls..
Thank you aishu.will update soon

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