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Here is the season 2 for messed up in love.if there is any new readers please do read the season 1 Before reading this for will get the link from my index m for magical Magicalmirage.please read and quote your views.

   Messed Up In Love 2-The Rising Sun


Ria pov

ria looked at the rain drops..rain reminds her child she used to play with her brother in rain.she sighed."it's about hundred years passed ..still those visuals never fade off.the last second before rish's death..the look with pain for my betrayal..I have no right to apologise my brother.yet I am waiting for them to return.but my hopes are getting faded each year.sultan Know what I am still waiting for them.he Sometimes mock at me .but I still believe they will come back . Sometimes it may be my end and of course my soulmates.but I am happy it will put an end to my cursed life.soulmate..i feel rish is Right at least in my soulmate dosent wants me anymore.he is in love with all other ladies except me.but he won't kill me .. because kundras are the royals and I keep the royalty than him.but I not having any power lest attending the meeting I am brooding in my thoughts and waiting for them."ria thought
She slowly walked to her room.she heard some whispers and giggles from her room."sultan now brings his personal enjoyments to our roomi am fed up with all these.he even dosent care that I am pregnant"ria thought.

Sultan's POV
"I talked with Sania about the weired feelings I am having these days.some negative vibes ..I can sense it ..but what ?I can't clear it that something related my deepest fear..rishab.but it's not has been a hundred year and no sign of them.sania said it was just some illusion.may be I am tired.i Know the one who recognize it will be ria .she had the power to see future.but I can't take her help.we are in a relationship but there is nothing left in between thing is there child..but it all happened in lust heart felt moments.she despise me since the day I killed rishab.i knew that she is fond of rishab.but I didn't want to take a risk by keeping him alive..there is nothing to worry as Sania said it's just an illusion"sultan sighed

Two months later

Ria Opened her eyes in sudden jerk from her sleep.
"Yes..he is rish is back"she muttered
"What's it your highness?"Maya
"Rish is back Maya"ria
"But got the vision?"Maya
"Oh are happy your highness?"Maya
"Yes..I am really happy"ria
Maya smiled at her.
"Maya can you do me a favor?"ria
"Order it your highness"Maya
"You are the only one I can please help me"ria explained everything to her


Maya went to the location given by ria.ahe knocked at the door.
"I am coming.."panchi
She opened door and gestured her to come inside.
Maya seated on the couch and fidgeted with her fingers.
"Excuse me..can I help you?"panchi
"Yes..hmm...I need to talk with you .but I don't know where to begin"maya
"Just say it .."panchi
"Well..I am not sure you will believe think supernaturals exist?"maya
"Yes of course"panchi
Maya looked at her confused
"My grandfather was a wizard"panchi
"Oh that makes it a sense..I thought why he selected a normal human womb?aya
Panchi caressed her baby bump.
"What do you mean?"panchi
Maya explained her about the story till rishbala death and Thier Promise.
"It's him"maya
" are baby is a normal one.we had done all the scanning and he is normal"panchi
"He will be normal till he realize his mate"maya
"No ...lady are lying for getting some money..right?"panchi
"I don't want your will get evidence when he born.he will definitely have the royal mark 'an eagle'."and his peculiar zapphire eyes ..the sign of royality"maya
"No..I don't believe you"panchi
"Whatever it is..I came here to warn you about Sultan .if he came to know about you .he will definitely try to kill rish"maya
Panchi looked at her with fearful eyes.
"Name him rishab kundra"maya
"But we are rathode"panchi.the baby kick her hard
"Ouch..."she winced
Mayaa laughed"look..he is hearing it and he wants the name rk..right baby?"maya
The baby made a slight movement.panchi felt like it is nodding.
"But what will I say to him about the change in surname?"panchi
"You should move from here and change your surname to kundra.i think Sultan will trace me soon and I don't want to risk rish's it's better for you to move."maya stood up"good luck panchi."maya

Maya  went back to castle

"Everything alright?"ria
"Yes ..I felt his aura."maya
"Oh..I am so happy Maya.."ria

Maya went back to her room.but greeted by Sultan with an evil smile.
"Why you went to India?"Sultan
"Just to enjoy a vacation"Maya
"I didn't see you do that since all these years"Sultan
"I am a human I want some leisure"Maya
"I don't believe you .. speak it out"sultan
"No..nothing to reveal majesty"Maya
Sultan frowned and went back to his office room.
"I am sure..there is something"Sultan
Sania back hugged Sultan"what is it ?my love"Sania
Sultan said her about Maya's visit to India.
Sania tried some spells.
'its true sultan..but I can't locate's strongly bounded"Sania
"Uff.."sultan fidgeted.
"Don't worry ..we will took it out from that weak human girl"Sania
They went to Maya's room.they looked flabbergasted .Maya was hanging on a rope with her eyes popped out and tounge protruded.
"Damn .."sultan
Sania took the suicide note.
"For you .. majesty..rishab kundra"Sania read it.

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Nice update. Congratulations for season 2.
Posted: 2017-05-05T12:00:54Z
Nice start.
Waiting to know about madhu
Posted: 2017-05-05T14:58:17Z
hope we will see Madhu too
Posted: 2017-05-05T19:17:57Z
congrats di for season 2..
great start. .
ria deserve it. . Thumbs Up ..
after 100 yr rishbala on the way of birth. .
sultan Dead ...I am surprised. .you also feel negative vibe. .lolz. .
sania witchy. .enjoy your time dear. .our vampy is on the way Wink..
rk choose human womb. .
early waiting for rishbala entry. .
thanks for pm
Posted: 2017-05-05T20:58:01Z
sorry for the late comment chechi..
superb madepanchi his momLOLi like it..
poor maya for saving rk she commit suicide..
rk is back..& waiting for madhu's come back..
update soon..
thanks for the pm...
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Congrats for season-2
Nice start,
Ria deserves it for betraying her bro,
Sultan getting negative vibes,
Rk selected a normal human womb,
the baby name will be Rishab kundra,
to save Rk Maya committed suicide,
waiting to know about Madhu and Rishbala's first meet,
continue soon,
thanks for the pm
Posted: 2017-05-05T22:09:19Z
Nice start very interesting second season gonna be awesome keep it up

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