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@TaranaGeet: about the questions, I don't change the basic story. it remains constant but the tracks revolve around and keep changing.
some scenes yes i do visualise. something that touches me or i want a particular feel to it, i do visualise and it makes me all the more
excited to write.
p.s did I just fulfill your wish?Wink

@paponecon: disappointed? I had mentioned earlier too... this is a slow story. you will see romance but NOT in the typical way. there is
no falling-catching or hero saving the day or kiss or making out. this is a very simple story where romance is defined not by mere physical
intimacy but by both mental and emotional intimacy as well. if that is not what you are looking for, then you are on the wrong thread my dear.LOL

@kajal2005: awweeiiee thank you for the sweet comment. Monster Khurana is in Loveee...Blushing

@hermosoanu123: ahh what more can I say di? speechless actually... all i can say is thank you for your words.Embarrassed

@sigmiss2003: welcome aboard and thank you for your kind words.
I hope to see more of you now...Embarrassed

@CrystalSaya: this is supposed to be a slow story. but again, there is always a lingering silence before a storm, hai na?Wink

@Sheen: janu?? baba?? Shocked**faints**
tumko pyaar wyaar tho nahi ho gaya?
about Farsi shayari... I keep reading. Amir Khusaro, Rumi, Shamz... chalta rehta hai mera tho..LOL

@sree10: those lines... i have added its translation a few paragraphs below the couplet.

@dalur: you are the first one who openly told me NOT to increase the pace of the story. and it made me so happy. the words are
indeed humbling and I cannot express what i actually feel right now. No one is perfect in this world. we are flawed. a person
like maan could be flawd too. No one is born with everything perfect and same is with geet. she is a normal girl like you and me who is
struggling in her quest to find herself. thank you so much for being here. means a lot to me. sending lots of love your way. when a reader
actually catches hold of the undercurrents and unearths the heart of the writer, trust me there is no greater happiness than that.Hug

@idunno: OMG i loved your song... thank you thank you thank you sooo much...lot more unexpected things coming up.
keep your heart safe.Embarrassed

@-padmarao-: han abhi lets see geet kitna claim karti hain maan ko...Wink

@Sandy: welcome to the story sandy and i am so glad you are here. crazy little maaneet they are, aren't they? LOLWe will have lots of
things happening in near future. keep dropping your comments. About Book... I always say, it will happen when the time comes.Embarrassed
till then, lets enjoy maaneet. your comment was adorable.
hope to see you more often here. thank youHug

@Redross: I do not alter the basic structure and I do not change the end. it is exactly how I want my story to be. Yes, I do add scenes
and dialogs as per demands... but the backbone remains constant. always. I am a pretty strict writer
LOL but at the same time,
I don't want readers to read me because
they have been reading me for years. I write what I want to.
reading or not reading is your choice,just
like writing is mine.Embarrassed

tahir004: maan is an entirely different persona and truth be told, even I have come to respect him at times. when i formed his
character, i never thought he would grow this much. thank you for your words. About geet... we shall see soon.

@Susegad: the "what if" always remains no!! loved how you put it...a man in love!! no chumma chaati... hmmm how about you take
your words back now? Anyways am surprised at myself to have brought the story this far without all that.ROFL

@ankyyy: woman, you did invent too much into maan! yes, he would let her fly though...and she will fly too. but what is the limit?
thats the question.

51.Catch A Falling Star And...

The distant melody of the flute raised her heartbeats. It was time. Hiding from her family, she sneaked out of the house, carefully avoiding the watchful eyes of her guardians and ran into the forest of Vrindavan. The Rasa was about to start. The bright moon of the Sharad night illuminated her path and she just ran, holding her heart which yearned for her Kanha.

She watched him stand under the tree and play his beloved flute and the gopis, her sakhis danced around him. She longed to be with him and she took a step head. What did she see but so many Kanhas around, dancing with each of the gopis. He had, with his mysteriously miraculous ways had made himself available for all the women who loved him. He was no wonder a charmer. But her thudding heart now ached. She wasn't the only one. Her love had been unconditional but this feeling of jealousy burned her. Kanha wasn't her exclusive. Her heart broke and she became so sad that she sat under a tree and sobbed.

"Why are you crying Radha?"

She looked up and found him smiling down at her. She felt dazed.

"Because I am sad..."

"What made you sad?"

"That you aren't only mine."

He looked at the gopis, lost in his enchantment, and then back at his beloved.

Kneeling down, he cupped her face and made her look at him.

"Haven't you understood it yet my dear? What is mine, is yours Radhe and what is yours, is mine. You and I are the same."

She settled on the couch and switched on the TV. She wasn't very tired and she had assignments to do. The cook had prepared dinner and she had forced Maan to catch some sleep after taking his medicines. He wanted to catch up with the day's works but she had given him an earful and escorted him up to his room lest he deviated to the study. Hopping back to the living room, she had carried her assignment and now sat with the TV on in front of her. Some movie was going on and settled for that. She took off her slippers, sat cross-legged on the couch and she opened the book, flipping through the pages and sighed. This was one long assignment. Something slipped from between the pages that caught her attention and fell on her lap.

A smile crept on her lips as she watched her blue-green feather gleam in the recess lights. She depended on it less now and it was stacked away in her books in the marathon of life that she was running right now. It felt it was yesterday when dadima had given her the feather and Aawara tore it into pieces. She was so upset that day and then he had given her this one. And she had kept it ever so carefully. She felt so happy just by the thought of it. He always cared. That bitter-mouthed monster had a beautiful heart inside. She had to agree. It was sad that she won't be working anymore with him. He had taught her so much all these days...both personally and professionally and she didn't know how to thank him now.

May be she could bake some good cookies for him...

The music from the TV brought her back to reality. Shaking her head, she kept the feather carefully on the table and got down to study. She missed Ana and Kabir.

He woke up after a good sleep, feeling hot. The medicines were working and he had had a very sound sleep. It was just 3am and she had forced him to sleep by 8pm. incidentally, he had actually fallen asleep the moment he had hit the bed. Now that he was up, he knew he won't be able to sleep anymore. Freshening up, he walked out to catch up with some mail and may be just sleep a little more. Sound from the hall caught his attention. She hadn't slept yet?

He walked down and smiled at the sight she made. The TV was running and madam had slept off the couch, with the book on her face. Her neck rested on the arm awkwardly and she held her feather in her hands. He smiled looking at that woman and knelt in front of her. She was sleeping soundly with no care for the world. He gently pulled away the book from her face and she didn't even flinch.
She had that little drool on the corner of her mouth and he held his laughter unless she woke up. He kept watching her to his heart's fill feeling so happy to see her so. She looked cute like a baby. He noticed her holding her feather and shook his head. She still held that thing like kids hold a teddy bear. But then she had her own way of looking at things, he knew. And he did what he had wanted to do back in the party. He leaned closer and pressed a kiss on that soft supple pink cheek. She didn't even move. Ohh how much he wanted to tell her what he felt about her, tell her what she meant to him... Unburden that heart of his but he knew her all too well. She will get scared and she will close herself from him which he absolutely didn't want.

He took out his phone and clicked a pic of hers with that little drool for his personal enjoyment and laughed mentally. She was going to flip if she saw that. Patting her head gently, he decided to just take her back to her room. The weather was cold and she didn't even have a blanket on. Gently tugging at her, he slid his one hand under her neck to make her comfortable.

"Geet... wake up."

She opened and closed her mouth like a baby and didn't even open her eyes.

He patted her cheek softly, " are going to catch a cold this way. Lets get you to your room."

She flinched a bit and turned in his arms, forgetting the world. He sighed and watched her for a while.

"Alright you leave me no choice."

He carefully picked her up in his arms and the feather slipped from her hands. She yielded to his warmth in her sleep and he couldn't help but be happy. His heart already melted into a little puddle of goodness right there. He had hardly taken a few steps when her phone on the table screamed with a weird song and she came alive like the sun rising.

She opened her drowsy eyes only to meet his dark ones peering down at her with so much affection that she never saw coming.

"Maan..." she yawned and took her sweet little time to realize what was happening. And when she did, she gaped at him in surprise and then at the surroundings.

Kanha, why am I like this?

"Good morning sleeping beauty..." he flashed a smile.

She turned red with that look and that tone of his but her phone was blaring like a loon.

"what... what are you doing here? and why am I in your arms?"

She tried getting off but he held her firm.

Geet...what kind of a question is that? Why am I in your arms?

She gulped down hard, feeling embarrassed to talk and remain so. Jeez...this was really... really... arrghh she couldn't point it out. Her face heated up and she wriggled in his arms.

"Put me down please."

"if you want to sleep..go to your room."

"I don't want to sleep. Put me down."

" can't be sleeping here in the cold."

He walked towards the stairs when she jumped down his arms and ran back her books.

"Geet...get back to your room.." he snapped and turned back to see her sitting on the couch and opening her books. He left a long breath and walked back to her.

"What are you doing?"

She took out her pen and looked up, "I have to complete the assignment. Today is the last day of submission."

He fell on the couch beside her, "then what were you doing all these days hmm?"

She pouted, "Mein kya karti? I was busy with interviews and office. I didn't get time at all."

He rolled his eyes, "you could have finished it first and slept..."

"I did. But I was so sleepy. So I set the alarm and slept off."

"Hmmm..." he nodded and rested his head back on the couch. He wondered if he was feeling cold because of his health or the weather. She was busy writing something on her notebook and he pressed his temples with his fingers when a sneeze raked his body.

She kept the book away and stared at him, "Ohh my, how can I forget?"

"Forget what?"

She leaned closer to him and pressed her hand on his forehead, "Why are you awake at 3am? You were supposed to sleep. See, the fever is still there..."

He held her hand that rested over his forehead, "I am okay. I slept 7 hours straight Geet... I am feeling better now..."

His nose choked and he left another strangulated sneeze.

"Ahh... excuse me..." he said rubbing his nose, "you should stay away from me. You will catch a cold too."

"Really you monster? Who was carrying me around then?" she bit back and passed him the napkin.

He looked at her with mischievous eyes, "I tried but you wouldn't wake up."

"huhhh...I am a light sleeper."

"You bet...with that drool on your face.." he smirked and she gasped.

"what the hell...I don't drool."

He laughed despite himself, "Trust me you don't want to see the proof.."

"Wh...what??? what did you do with me you freak?" she was ready to pounce on him.

Another sneeze caught her attention and she sighed, "Maan, you should sleep. You aren't well."

"I am not sleepy actually. And I think the medicines are wearing off."

She looked at his red nose and stood up, "Lie down. Let me make you something warm."

" needn't do" he shook his head, "Finish your assignment.  I
guess, I will just lie down."

She stoop up twisting her lips and pushed him to lie down.

"Kya kar rahi ho?"

"Lie down here. Let me make some soup for you. You will feel better."

"Geet...its okay. stop wasting your time on me and finish your assignment."

She suddenly felt angry at his words. She was wasting time? How dare he?

"Shut up and let me do what I want to. If I want to waste my time on you... then be it. Stop being a tyrant all the time."

"huh..." he remained stunned for a while seeing the anger flash in her eyes. She surely did take offense for that he realized.

"I...I didn't mean it that way..." he tried to undo the damage.

"Just don't... " she warned, "you lie down and let me do my work."

She walked away with a huff. How dare he say something like that? Doesn't he realize how much he meant to her? He was always there for her and when she tried doing something, she was wasting time. That man always got on her nerves.
She watched him lying down, with eyes closed and sighed.

"Here...take this.."

She forwarded him a bowl of hot soup and herself sat on the floor, with her milk and Oreos, looking through her assignments. It was an easy one but lengthy. She had done most of it before sleeping and it took her only an hour to finish the rest of it. Stretching herself, she checked the time. It was only 4:30. She could catch some sleep. Turning, she checked on him and found him in a restless sleep. His forehead was wrinkled and he was breathing heavily. She kept the books away and stood up, pressing her hand on his forehead. He was burning. The temperature was back and the mad man wouldn't say a thing.

He felt something cold on his throbbing head and slowly opened his eyes. It took so much effort to open eyes to dim lights that he squeezed them shut again.

"here...this will help you.."

He heard her faint voice and felt her softly lifting up his head.


"Shh... relax. You will be good in no time."

She took out that wet wipe from his forehead and dipped it in water. he immediately ran his fingers through his head.

"Is it hurting bad?"

"Umm... I will just sleep for a while.." he mumbled.

She felt pathetic seeing him so. He was not at all well and he never tells anything to anyone.

"Wait...let me help you."

He felt her lift his head up and the couch dipped beside him. His head now rested on something warm and soft.

"Geet what..."

"Just relax okay. You need rest. Stop talking."

She placed his head on her lap and slowly threaded her fingers into his hair.


"Stop talking I said. Let me deal with this."

He sighed in pleasure as her nimble fingers pressed on his scalp, gently massaging it in soft circular motion. It felt nice.

"You like it? Feeling better?"

"Ummm..." his head throbbed but this was good. His eyes remained close but sleep wasn't coming to him that easy.

She watched the wrinkles on his forehead slowly disappear as she let her fingers rub his temples in circular motions and he sighed in relief.

"Hmmm...hmmm...hmmm..." she hummed while her fingers worked.

"Is it a lullaby?" he asked, relaxing into her lap. She was soft and warm and he loved it when she bossed around with him.

"Don't know. My father used to sing to me..."

Her fingers worked magic. He revelled in the feel.

"Your father?"

"Yes. When I was a kid, he would sing this to me while I slept. I used to fall sick a lot back then. He would just sit with my head on his lap like this and sing to me..."

"Do you still remember it?"

She looked at him and saw him waiting anxiously for her story. He was always so much into her. Listening to all of her. She ran her fingers over his forehead and he sighed. His warm breath fell on her palm and she realized how unwell he was. She gently caressed his face not knowing what havoc she wreaked inside him.

"Yes I do... I can never forget that song. You know when I feel lonely in my apartment at times, I would sing it to myself... hoping that sleep would come to me..."

He stilled a little, holding his thudding heart and held her hand that was running over his forehead. lacing his warm fingers with hers, he gave it a tight little squeeze.

"Sing it for me..."


He took their entwined hands and placed it over his heart, "Sing it for me little storm..."

He opened his eyes a little and watched her, lost in some thought. Her fingers still worked through his hair though. Her eyes looked at him for a moment and he gave an encouraging smile.

She looked ahead, at something in oblivion and felt his heart beat against her palm that rested on his heart. Memories of her childhood swarmed in her head as she hummed the tune once again...a song that her father had crooned to her ears while she slept in his arms.

"Hmmm catch a falling star and put it in your pocket... never let it fade away.."

Her voice was low as a whisper and her voice broke with memories hitting her.

"catch a falling star and put it in your pocket... save it for a rainy day..."

He held her hand tighter, knowing she was reminiscing her father and he let her do so, without interrupting.

"For love may come and tap you on your shoulder...some starless night..."

Her father had always called her a star because she was his star. A bittersweet smile appeared on her lips. She seemed to find that similar love in this house, with everyone around.

"Just in case you feel you wanna hold her... You'll have a pocket full of starlight. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket..."

She hummed and crooned softly until she heard nothing but soft snores of the man lying on her lap. She looked at him, sleeping peacefully there, one hand still on his heart, entwined with his and the other still caressing his head. Her lips curled into a smile. Even a man like him needed someone to care for him. And she felt so happy to do so for him. She kept softly caressing his head when he turned and buried his head in her stomach. She gasped and sucked in a breath and forgot to let it out. His hot breath seeped through the fabric of her shirt and tickled her tummy. She didn't know what to do because she didn't want to disturb him the slightest. He worked so much, didn't take a day off so that his family could enjoy without having to think about anything and then he took care of her like she were some delicate child. She didn't know what she felt right now... happy and overwhelmed, conscious and excited all at the same time. She checked the time. It was going to be 5. She still had some time before she left for college and slowly, very slowly let her breath out, not disturbing him the slightest. She liked this space that they shared... and she admitted to herself finally.

She didn't want him to share this kind of space with anyone else either. And her subconscious mind agreed too.

Not even with Sarah.


Old habits die hard.

He was no exception either. Just like his body had timed itself, he woke up at around 6, feeling extremely refreshed. The nose remained choked though but the fever was definitely gone. He turned and felt something soft, resting on his face. rubbing his eyes gently, he realized it was her hand that was resting on his cheek.

He was sleeping here the whole time?

Surprised, he looked up only to find her asleep, her head resting on the backrest of the couch.

"Ohh dear..." he sighed and quickly sat up, not disturbing her, "I was sleeping on her lap and that silly woman didn't even wake me up. Uff..."

He stood up and holding her by her waist, he pulled her down to a sleeping position. She relaxed into the couch. He shook his head and checked his phone and found two missed calls from his mother. he pressed a kiss of gratitude on her forehead and walked away to call his mother.

"Yes mom... am fine. Just down with flu..."

His mother was frantic at the other end.

"And Geet? Where is she? Is she okay? Did she catch flu? Stay away from her Maan. Are you taking care of her? Is she eating well?"

He laughed at the concern his mother had for Geet and shook his head.

Indeed, she was everyone's favourite...

And he couldn't have had it any other way. She was too adorable to not love.

"Mom...Mom..Mom... relax. She is fine. Sleeping right now actually..."

"Wake her up for college if you will. And when are you flying down?"

"Tomorrow night..."

"Bring her down."

He sighed, "Tell me how can I make her agree to this?"

Radhika sighed, "Try again. But don't force her though. I don't want her to be all alone in New York while we are here."

"Umm.. I will."

They talked about all the preparations and fun they were supposed to have and then his eyes fell on the wall clock. She had her college in an hour.

She was dreaming a happy dream where she was laughing. She felt truly happy in that dream when something tickled her on the forehead.

"Wake up...its time..."

"Hmmm..." she hummed and changed her side and felt the familiar tickle on her
forehead again.

"Geet... you are going to be late for college.. You have an assignment to submit.."

The mention of assignment brought her out of her beautiful dream and she sat up abruptly, checking the time.

"Maan... why didn't you wake me up?"

"I did Geet... that's why you woke up."

He leaned closer and tickled her forehead like he always did, "remember?"

That was what she felt in her dream. She reckoned and giggled feeling ticklish.

"Are you feeling okay?"

He nodded, "Yep. Am fine. Come on get ready. I will drop you in college and drive to office."

"What office?" she sprang up her feet, "You aren't going to office today."

"Who said?" he raised a brow.

"I did." She stood in front of him with courage, "You, Mr. Khurana are banned from going to office today."

"Jeez...Geet... stop that."

"I mean it Maan. You aren't well."

"I am fine."

"Yeah right. That's why you were burning last night."

"I am fine now..." he argued.

"Nope. Not going."

"I am going."

They had a good argument until she screamed angrily, "Maan..."

"Geet..." he mimicked her.

"I said you are not going."

"Don't boss me around." He gave her a pointed look.

"I won't talk to you if you do so." she snapped.

His jaws dropped to the ground, "What?"

She was being silly.

"Geet...stop being childish."

"I am not. Meri baat mano. Don't go."

"Forget it. Now go get ready."

She stood on her spot and glared at him, "I listen to whatever you say. Now you can't listen to the one thing I ask of you. Is it so Mr. Maan Khurana?"

"Don't exaggerate it now. Hurry up."

She threw her hands up in the air, exasperated, "Fine. I am not going to talk to you. You really don't care... I get it."

She walked away and when she came down, she did keep her words. She didn't even talk to him...neither did she look at him. And he couldn't believe she could do so.

"Geet... come on. You can't be serious now..."

He couldn't remain without talking to her now!

She gave him a royal ignore and munched her toast.

"Stop this nonsense you stubborn woman... talk to me."

He couldn't believe what he was doing. He was being desperate.

Damn you Geet...what have you made out of me?

She called for the driver, ignoring him and his pleads. And boy, she had him at her mercy. That chit of a heart... always danced to the tune of someone else.

"Fine. If I stay back, you will stop this. Okay?"

She crossed her arms over her chest and watched him angrily.

"Okay. I am staying back for the day."

Her lips twitch at first and then curled into a smile, "Great. Now go back to your room and sleep."

He watched her get into the car and leave for her college and felt pathetic of himself... a happy kind of pathetic. She had indeed had him at her mercy. But he was no less either. He would have it his way.
>>So, any progress yet?Wink

>>I realize I am being too good with the updates. So not me! Ermm

>>Lets see what I can do in the next.Approve

>>The song in question is originally sung by Perry Como. But my favorite version is...

Chapter 50

Chapter 52

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Chapter 51.Catch A Falling Star And...

1st thing that always come to my mind is that I get fall in love with this story and you more when I finish one chapter I've lot of things on my mind right now hope I can write it over here gracefully :-)

Thanks a lot for bringing Kanha and Radha it was something which was so missing from for last few chapter and I've missed it so much but never realized until I read it in this chapter they are so related with this story I can't imagine "Someone Like You" without this part of Kanha It feel like they completed this story always perfectly and Some unanswered question of Someone like you get solved here and I Love very much Reading Kanha and Radha I would say I like reading You Miss.Kawaii Heart

When I read Someone like you I feel I've returned HOME again where I find that calmness which give me solace... Starting with this part of Kanha and Radha give me a sweet smile on my face which I always had when I read this part of them on this story...

I sometimes get really attached to one story when I feel all of their feelings and When I read Someone is not just one's I mean not belong to her or him only I get upset it seem to difficult for Me to accept that...same thing happened when I read this chapter and I was glad Radha had all those similar feelings as of me but Kanha's reply was something was cure to my restlessness...

"What is mine, is yours Radhe and what is yours, is mine.You and I are the same."

This few words it means a lot really Like it was related so much with this current situation and perfect for the turmoil Geet is going... Like in last chapter in the party seeing Sarha all those emotions of her matched here and being answered perfectly... It was really beautiful would like to say thank you once again for bringing Kanha Back...

I was so lost in this previous part of Kanha and Radha

I totally forgot from what you started Maan and geet Part Tongue OK let me think over it... Yea got it Maan was down with Flu I've really forgot he was ill but remembered after reading and I've really felt guilty that I've forget My Mr.Sensible it's not true he's there in my thought but it's just that I'm unable to give my All attention to him right now my headache is not supporting at all so it was a mistake OK I'm never gonna ignore You My Mr.Sensible bhad mein jaye baki Sab part only you are important... (Though I'd always look forward for kanha part but secretly ok Wink Abhi Mr.Sensible ko console kar rahi hoon na that's why)

OK Now we should move onto my comment we are wasting both of our time the early we finish the better cause both of us is not found of my comment much LOLLOL It gives a lot pain I've thought I'll not read or comment cause right now my health is very bad I'm not in a condition to type my long comments but could not stop myself from coming over here to read thinking that maybe this will be the last one I'll not read as of now any future chapter I get exhaust by typing so it's better if I avoid cause I'm not sort of that good girl who can read without explaining her emotions for one chapter for this story LOL You know ish dukh ke karan main Someone Like You ke previous chapters nahi phad pati cause I comment on them also Tongue Bahut problem main hoon yaar tumhare liye phad na chahu toh bhi nahi kar pati Ermm Cause mujhse silent nahi raha should say at that moment when I comment "Silent ho ja nahi toh main violent ho jayunga" ROFL This line suit well for us LOL

I can never get this free with any writer except you with whom I can comment like this nor It will happen in future cause maybe I may not get same response which I get from you or maybe cause every writer will not be My Miss.Kawaii ...

I can't Love them or their stories in this way cause they can never be You...

I really Love you Miss.Kawaii as this amazing Writer of Someone Like You or as A normal Person Miss.Kawaii and I'll be really jealous if I get to know you have biggest admirer of You or fan or Lover than me ...

(But will not mind if that Lover turned out ever my jiju in future Wink )

OK now seriously we should concentrate on Story unless it will become lengthy like always ...

This Feather and memories attached to it was really beautiful If I look back on Someone Like you I see this beautiful path where along With Mr.Sensible and His Little tornado we have also walk a memorable journey for lifetime in a story of course :-)

Once she had Lost it in office and He had returned it in a file I've seen his caring side from them not only from then when he give that new one to her...

I used to have feather but now where it is we don't know I've also heard in childhood if we keep them in books safely after few days there will be many more LOL

But I don't think that sort of thing ever happened Tongue

I read replies in the beginning and was having this frown in my forehead why few readers thinking this as a slow phase story I mean how fast it go more?

I don't get this thing seriously why they say like this..

This story is so beautiful and exceptional cause here we have seen developing their emotions that too so deep and how beautifully you have wrote each and everything just marvellous ...Heart

They had those simplicity and sereneness in their relationship which is their speciality and make this story so lovable to me just cause what they had till now all is emotional without getting physical I've read many stories where I love that story but just cause this physical thing maybe it never get so close to my heart but Someone Like you prove it THAT YES relation like this exist even these feelings are real intimacy don't matter all the time emotional bond does :-) Hope You are getting me this story is really different from This writer also cause she also write stuff like this LOL Which I choose to ignore cause she's innocent in this story right Wink

I say Every writer take a new form in writing each story they take a new form with each one and when I read this story it never come to mind you have written other stories cause here See a new you a very much growing writer

Maan slept with this flu which is impossible for me when I'm ill can't sleep a wink even whole night could not sleep yesterday but glad he did he needed some rest ...

You know I'm sometimes very light sleeper that Mamma if touch me a little I get awake and when geet was not even getting up when Maan was there I was laughing here saying to Mamma after doing so much she's not getting awake and say she's a light sleeper ROFL I'm totally opposite

Seriously Drool LOL
And he even had taken a picture of her

Geet is really like a baby whom I adore sometimes so much she's growing with passing time and had changed a lot but still few times feel she's baby and I love that Watching her in sleep and adoring her his every gesture was speaking thousands things and screaming his Love for her Ohh I again blushed when he kissed her on cheek I'm impossible sometimes I think really crazy LOL

It's true as Much I'm waiting for that moment I dread that moment when he will express his feelings cause for sure she will change and close herself And here when I read Maan Also thought the same I feel elated that I can really understand him maybe a little bit ...but it makes me really Happy...

She needs time to gather her feelings and Maan is giving her that and I can never fall anyone more I think with this gesture of his He really Love her a lot and I'm expecting something really special and different when you write that moment when he will open his heart to her

Shocked He taken her in his Arms I'm fainting right her ...Gosh they both are so lucky to have each other with them A perfect couple they seem to me always...

You Know I say I'm always dreaming for Meeting Mr.Choudhary but this is sure if I meet him I'll surely faint and if I'm in his arms phir toh mera ram naam satya ho gaya shamjho LOL

So that's why I'm shocked seeing geet in his arms :-)

"His heart already melted into a little puddle of goodness right there." Even I was so happy then reading those moments to have her in his arms It's pure feel of Love dear and all those feelings which you write they feel for a moment made that moment more special and memorable...

How many more times you are gonna making me blush ha why he have to smile saying this "Good morning sleeping beauty..." You don't know Miss.Kawaii dil bech kuch kuch hota hain ..LOL

"what kind of a question is that? Why am I in your arms?" This thought of geet LOL Oh My my this chapter was full package of everything and I loved it very much... It's maybe usual for you to think Marium Love Each chapter nothing new but I'll prove you wrong and will say one day I didn't like this chapter Tongue Tab dekhna meri pyaar ka kimat pata chalega tumko Wink

One day I have asked from you like last week will you believe if I say I don't like "Someone Like You" Anymore?

And I'll give the answer myself I'll never believe it cause Bhula toh kisi story ko ja sakta hain apni ghar ko kaishe koi bhul jaye matter what happens we have to come back our home cause that peace we don't get anywhere else same with this story and I Love "Someone Like You " a lot so like karne ki baat hi nahi aati cause I love it not like Wink

Moving on ...

She jump from his arms for what for boring study Ermmagal ladki thoodi der or rehna tha na Tongue

I've this same habit of setting alarm on midnight for completing study and sleeping but kabhi kabhi usko bhi off karke so jati hoon phir subah pata chalta hain kya kar diya syllabus hi complete nahi huyi :'( Hayee meri dukh bhari kahini ko thooda ignore karte hain moving on again Cool

Their conversation starting from his health ending on her drool I was smiling so hard thanks Miss.Kawaii for making me smile and I love you more for this chapter

"Shut up and let me do what I want to. If I want to waste my time on you... then be it. Stop being a tyrant all the time." She give the right answer how can he even say like this wasting time I was really angry on Mr.Sensible hearing that Angry

Giving him soup she goes with Milk and oreos LOL such a child I'm big girl I don't drink milk ever if it is in my hand but sometimes I had to cause of scolding

Though Maan is unwell I'm not liking it but seeing Geet taking care it's feeling like a soothing balm...

Her telling about that song which her father used to sing for her Was something that upset me specially when geet said

"When I feel lonely in my apartment at times, I would sing it to myself..." That feels really bad to hear those lonely moments she spent without having anyone near...

When he fallen asleep after her singing it was another beautiful moment to cherish specially with all her thought it become beautiful love this lines

"She liked this space that they shared and she admitted to herself finally.
She didn't want him to share this kind of space with anyone else either."

Stating the condition of her heart

A kiss on forehead always state the gratitude for her but I see care adoration and Love on it it's a moment I cherish on this story

His Mom Was asking to take care of geet not bothering to ask about Maan LOL indeed she's special and adorable to deserve all love and care and she will always loved in this family of hers Am I right? It's her family isn't it?

I always Love and adore when he tickle on her forehead like that Miss.Kawaii Mr.Sensible ko kaho na mujhe bhi eshe kare Hug

He wants to go on office today Angry Really this guy need some punishment and Geet had done the right thing to not talking with him he deserve that now desperate or what you are whatever but you have to stay home and take rest yeahhh that's the appropriate thing Big smile

"She had indeed had him at her mercy. But he was no less either. He would have it his way."

We will see how he have his way Wink

I'm not expecting geet to join this wedding if she denied I'll support her cause I understand her reasons if she goes then very well but I'm happy with either way this chapter was really beautiful and I hope you are now used to my long comments and will not get scared so tell Me how it was OK.

And Last but not the least I LOVE YOU Miss.Kawaii Heart
Edited by MariumChoudhary - 2017-05-17T09:09:23Z
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Posted: 2017-05-12T01:17:33Z
Ok the update is catching like always. Welll if I'm not wrong there were alot of hidden meaning or future predictions in khana & Radha story and secondly the falling star.

Will maan be able to take geet on wedding?? His little tornado is everyone's favourite

Geet know well now how to make maan dance on her tune ...welll looking for more dhmakadar updates Edited by taanee - 2017-05-12T03:51:46Z
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Posted: 2017-05-12T01:31:10Z
Lovely update 
Waiting for next update 
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