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After I finish this page it will be a bye from me
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bahut gussa hoon manane par bhi nahi manne Bali so try karne ki zaroorat nahi...
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Anyway mere aane se ya nahi aane se kya farak padta hain Ermm
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So It's a final bye never coming back ..

I used to comment on fb na on early days Was not here now also I'll be like that... will talk to you only in msg we are never meeting on this thread again so bye... take care Kadus writer...tum se katti baat nahi karungiEdited by MariumChoudhary - 2017-05-23T01:32:30Z
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So a guy has the guts to bully Ana, very will get to read another love story...super excited...Aarush teasing Ana in Hindi is very cuteee...Maaneets phone conversation made me happy yet sad...Geet's sarcasm about calling to check on Awara and Maan playing along bought a smile on my face... But sad that its Geet's last working day and they r not going spend time together much now and we will get less Maaneet moments, but want Geet to make her career on her own, so may be this is necessary...pal pal dil ke pass song in the background was well suited for the situation...I love it when Geet shouts a Maan and since he went for a game when he is just recovering he deserved the scolding...Maan's teasing Geet to observe him more is sooo Cute... Maan is so sweet for dealing Geet's cranky behaviour and mood swings so understanding he is...the way you depicted how Maan made geet sit on the counter top is too good, that entire scene in kitchen I felt like I was watching the scene not reading it...when ever Maan is close to her geet is feeling something which her is not sure what it is and why...nice progress ...Geet is such a cutie pie comparing fav food to nirvanaBig smile 
And her enjoying the food made my mouth water t...delicious food is nothing less than it when Maan admires Geet's antics and when he pampers her i just want it to never end...
Stupid Arjun...hate arrogant and full of himself...when Ana's love story with Aarush will start I want Arjun to burn and realise what he missed out...
 So now Maan is going to know about Ana Arjuns past...truth can never be hidden and this revelation is definitely needed as Arjun deserves to get it from Maan for making Ana cry...but Maaneet relationship will turn sour I guess for few days...none the less it will be interesting to see how Maan and Geet will deal with the end of it their bond should get stronger...thank you for writing so beautifully... 
Ur comment to a reader that u believe in spiritual and emotional connect more than physical connection and that this story is a reflection of ur thoughts and beliefs made me a bigger Fan of urs...not just ur writing but I admire you as a person because I see a glimse of u in Maan and Geet's characterisation and also other characters the emotions they display in this lovely story and my admiration and respect keeps increasing... And I feel so proud when women are so talented intelligent and sensible Clap
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Ab to 'udating' status ke liye taras gaye hain
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Wow, time for new theead?
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@TaranaGeet: my first writings... I hadn't realized I had this thing in me until recently when I shifted my house and found a few
 scribbling back form my school days, as early as std 7th.
Till then I always thought IF and Maaneet made me a writer.
But when I read those old notes, I knew there was a writer
inside me all along. I used to watch a lot of animes and if I wasn't happy with their ending, I used to write my own ending to them.
They were stacked away... always. I was always busy with studies so didn't have time to ponder over these things. No one knows it yet.
My family has an inkling that I write but they have no idea what or why. LOL

@Sandy: thanks for the lovely comment. But Can I answer your question a few updates later?Embarrassed

@dalur: you made me blush with your comment. and truly,
this is the first time someone told me something like this. thank you.
 i know its not enough but its very humbling.
thank you so much for being here.Hug
 indeed, this maan and geet are a reflection of a lot of things I
believe in, the theories I have come up with in these many years of my life and the lessons I have learned.
p.s I am your fan tooEmbarrassed

A/N: sorry for the delayed update.
something important is coming up so I am little busy. Dead
do keep loving me. I will try to give a little faster updates in this week. So, just quicken your pace little birdies.Wink

p.s few replies... I know. Ouch
Apologies to those who were waiting for one.
Had been a little busy over the week and that's why I haven't even
gone through all the comments too. But all of you are special to me.

53.The Last Day...

Relationships are like pendulums. They require constant attention and they demand time. They are too fragile to be taken for granted and worst of all, they change interpersonally and intra-personally. One person has a different relationship with every other person. And the feelings they evoke for each of them vary greatly. They swing like a pendulum, from one extreme with a person to the mean with another and once again extreme with another person as the time passes. Maan found himself in such a predicament. He was at an extreme with Geet and he was at the other extreme with Ana. And whatever happened back in the office was something that shook him to the core. The two most important women in his life remained at two extreme positions and the two of them had secrets he couldn't have imagined. Where did he go wrong then?

He shut the door of his room; lied down on his chaise chair and closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. Arjun had messed up with both of them. His sister was in love with that man and for some reasons they had broken up. On the other hand, the way he touched Geet, made his blood boil.

How dare he touch her without her consent?

It was just lunch time and he had a flight to catch in a few hours. The excitement of the wedding was long gone. He felt angry... Extremely angry. Something he hadn't felt in ages now. His fingers curled into a fist and he refrained from going out and punching someone dead. And so, he had come back from office and locked himself in his room lest he did something he never intended to.

She looked around for him in the office and found him nowhere. She was scared. Not of his anger but of his silence. She called him but he never answered. Upon inquiring, she realized he had gone home. For reasons unknown, helpless hot tears pooled in her eyes that didn't shed. She hailed a cab and rushed home.
The last days of her life always put her in situations she hated. The last day of her wedding went disastrous for her. The last day in London had been painful when she had run away from the clutches of the past. The last day of her internship had been terrible for Maan had been angry on her. And this time too, the last day of her job was ruined. She was jinxed perhaps. Her heart cried at whatever happened in the office and she closed her eyes, recalling the events that led to this.

"Maan..?" she gasped and froze in her steps.

They remained suspended in the moment for a minute or so until the situation sunk into them. she looked at Arjun and then back at Maan and couldn't dare to speak a word because he wasn't looking at arjun. He was looking at her'. his face showed how angry he was but his eyes... ohh lord, his eyes questioned her more than she could answer.

"I...I can explain..." she muttered somehow.

He raised a hand to gesture her to stop and she did; her heart breaking slowly.

He just gave a look to Arjun...just one angry look and walked away. She was stunned though, for Maan to have not said anything to Arjun but he wasn't a concern right now. She shot that man a nasty glare and rushed after Maan.
She knocked the door to his cabin and entered even before he could reply and stood watching him. He stood by the floor-to-ceiling window of his, that looked over the Big Apple.

"Maan..." She called out softly, "It is not what you think. Please listen to me once."

He didn't reply. His silence scared her.

"Please. Let me explain. Arjun...I...its a big misunderstanding..." she didn't know how to start.

There was no reply from his. Her heart sunk.

"Maan... at least look at me for once. What you saw was..." she felt utterly helpless.

"Miss Handa..." he called in his stern suppressed voice.

Miss Handa? She looked up at him with wide eyes. She knew he was angry. Very very angry and he was trying to hold himself back.

"I... am..sorry. This happened a long time ago..."

"Get out." He spoke in a low voice.

"Huh?" she stopped and looked at him in shock. He wasn't even looking at her.

"Get out..." he spoke again but a little louder this time.

No...he can't be doing this to her.

"Maan...please. Don't get angry. I wanted to tell you back then but..."

He turned to face her and she saw a new side of him. he was angry. Extremely angry. She had never seen him like this before.

"You don't understand simple instructions Miss Handa?" he bit back.

She gulped hard and shivered with the authority.

"Listen to me once..."

"Just get out..." he screamed.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she walked away. He was never this rude, never this angry... never this distant!

The mansion was silent like a graveyard when she entered and she looked around for him. Even Aawara was quiet too. She had no work in the office because she was done with the formalities. And there was nothing more to look forward to...not even Maan. He had perhaps been out for a meeting and then drove back home. She looked at the time and sighed. 2 more hours before he left. She wasn't having a very good feeling about it. He was so distant from her and this distance was something that ate her within in just few hours. She was not used to it. She never wanted him to shut himself from her. And so, she ran to the study to look for him.

It was empty.

She checked dadima's room and to her surprise, he wasn't there too.

"Maan..." she ran around looking for him, calling out.

It was crazy, she knew but she just couldn't take the indifference.

She stopped in front of his door and knocked, "Maan...I know you are in there. Please open the door."

There was no answer. She banged the door.

"Maan please...let me tell you the whole thing. Please. Don't shut yourself like this. Open the door..."

He slipped in the shirt and buttoned it. The bangs continued and he tucked in the shirt. Once done, he opened the door and found her restless.

She sighed in relief when he opened the door and smiled through her tears.

"Thank god. I thought..."

He held her hand and dragged her inside his room. She didn't even get a chance to notice her surroundings because he wasn't giving her time. His grip was strong and she could feel he was still angry. She was scared.

He pushed her on the chair and she lost her footing. He didn't even hold her. she had never ever seen him like this... so cold. So lost of composure. He was always the gentleman for her. always the calm one...the matured one. The understanding one. The one she was witnessing today was someone she had never known before.
He sat in front of her; his eyes looking straight into hers, holding her rooted on her spot.


"Tell me long were you going to hide it from me?"

He sounded so cold. She straightened herself and gulped that knot in her throat.

He was not her Maan...he was someone else!

"I didn't want to hide it..." her lips trembled as she spoke.

"The last time you had lied... it was when Ana had gone back to him, right?"

She couldn't even lie if she wanted to. He knew everything and she didn't want to lie.

"Yes... but he... he had broken up with her. Ana just wanted to mend things between them..."

"And you knew all of it?"

She looked down and nodded.

She heard a sharp intake of breath and hoped to find an end to this soon.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

She slowly looked up and saw accusation. It hurt.

"I want to Maan...I really wanted to..."

"I had made you understand that night right... if something went wrong, who will be responsible Geet?"

"I know but this is not my place to say..."

He banged his fists on the coffee table and she jumped back in fear.

"Not your place? That man has been playing with my sister...mind you, your best friend. He is harassing you in the office and you think its not your place to say?
Are you stupid?"

She bit her lips in fear as two hot drops of tears rolled down her eyes.

"Tho mein kya karti Maan? Ana didn't want you to worry and I had promised her..."

"promise? Agar kal kuch galat ho jata tho? That man is harassing both of you realize that you fool?"

Saying so, he stood up, running his fingers through his hair. She stood up behind him.

"I know... But please understand. Ana has moved on now. She is fine.."

"You know I hate lies... Don't you Geet? You could have told me the truth and I would have done anything you have asked me to... I would have even forgiven him. Is it not my right to know what goes on in the lives of the people I care?"

She could see now where he was coming from. He was feeling helpless for not being able to save his sister. She walked a step closer and placed her hand on his shoulder.

" is NOT my secret to tell you." she found her voice after a long time, "It is Ana's."

She felt him stiffen under her palm and she continued.

"I am not the right person to tell you this..."

He took a step away and turned to face her, "Fine. It is Ana's secret. What about the troubles he put you through? Back then and even now... Do you think its acceptable?"

"I didn't want to create a mess out of it because he is our client..." She spoke meekly.

"You disappointed me Geet."

She gasped and looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Don't say like that..." unknown to her, her voice choked.

He walked out without glancing back at her even once and she just felt so heavy in her heart. she slowly walked out, with her head hung low and sat in the living room. He had never been angry at her like this. She felt terrible. Awful to the extent of crying. She heard footsteps and looked up to see him walking towards the kitchen. Their eyes met briefly and he looked away.

It hurt.

She ran behind him and blocked his way, "how can I make it up to you?"

He gulped down the water and closed the bottle cap, "Just don't talk to me right now."

He moved ahead and she held his hand, "I am sorry Maan. Maaf kar do... I promise I will never do any such thing..."

He closed his eyes shut and held back his irritation. He had his shortcomings and he knew it well.

Taking a deep breath in, he held her by her shoulders and pushing her aside, he walked away. he didn't speak a word after that. she felt weak suddenly and held herself firm against the kitchen counter. His indifference was intolerable. She didn't realize how long she stood there until she heard voices outside. She rushed out to find him handing his bag to the driver.

He was going! No. No. No

She ran after him and he just went off. she stood in the porch, deeply saddened by everything. he was way too angry. Wiping those tears, she walked inside and knew her mind was in chaos. She knew she wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything. her last day in office sucked big time. She felt hungry but she was in no mood to do anything. the mansion had none but her. she decided to just do anything to keep her mind off.

Yes Geet... you wanted to make some cookies for Maan. Do it nicely. He will feel happy.

She mumbled to herself and walked into the kitchen to do anything to keep her mind off. being alone in the huge house with things running in her mind was a dangerous thing. She kept mumbling to herself and brought out the ingredients. His angry eyes flashed in front of her eyes and then his walking away...she added too much salt and water and she realized in due course that the batter was nothing but a watery mess. She shook her hands vigorously to get rid of the lumps and sat on the floor, sobbing.

Her phone rang, flashing the name of her classmate whose birthday she was supposed to attend.


Time was a powerful weapon and Time was what he needed.

He sat in the waiting lounge, watching people come and go, announcements being made and flights depart. His security check was done. he had come earlier than scheduled and sat at a corner for hours, thinking things through. he still had an hour before he boarded and sighed. She must be alone and upset. Feeling much better than before, he took out his phone dialled her number just to check on her.

"hellooo..." she picked up with slurred voice, "Maan?"

He twitched his brows, "Where are you? and what is the noise around?"

She giggled, "I to...told you I have a friend's birthday to attend."

He found something weird about her.

"Are you alright?"

"Are you angry at me?" she questioned back.

He sighed, "Answer me first. And come back home soon."

"Home?" her voice dropped, "Where?"

"to the estates Geet." He spoke lovingly, "are you sad?"

She remained silent for a moment, "I don't know. I feel funny right now."

"Funny? What are you doing?"

"This drink is nice... It made me feel better."

He stood up, "Are you drunk?"

"I don't know. It just feels nice."

"Go home right now."

"Umm...I don't want to go back to that haunted house."

"Geet... I am sending the driver. Just go home and sleep okay."

"But I..."

"Tell me where you are."

She mumbled some address and he disconnected the call immediately.

She made a face, "Monster...Huh!"

She looked for her friends and found them enjoying. She couldn't. She missed Ana and Kabir. She missed Maan. The fight left a lingering pain in her heart. he didn't even speak to her properly. The driver called her a few minutes later and she sighed. Nothing felt nice today. she was just escaping from one reality to another. She hopped into the car and went back to the estates holding the beer bottle.

The mansion welcomed her with its silence and she felt utterly lonely. What if Maan stops talking to her altogether? She didn't even step into the house. She sat on the porch and Aawara joined her a few minutes later. She smiled and bit and took another sip from the bottle. Inebriation helped her right now. it blocked her mind from thinking things that would shake her entire existence.

"You know what Monster Puppy... I cannot take this indifference..." she

Aawara gave a low howl as if he understood.

"That mad monster didn't even talk to me nicely. Bolo...aisa koi karta hain kya?"
Aawara shook his head.

She sighed and rested her head against his back, "You know what, I miss him...he just doesn't care that I am all alone."

Aawara moved a little and gave a growl. She closed her eyes and pouted.

"You are  also like him. You don't care about me too. No one does."

" know its not like that!"

She didn't open her eyes but her brows twitched, "Aawara...have you started talking?"

He rolled his eyes, standing in front of her, "No."

"Your voice is exactly like him... like Monster Khurana like Monster Puppy."

"Uff... you are crazy."

"Arrey! Phir se I am hearing his voice! That mad man left me all alone and is still haunting me."

He put the bag down and knelt in front of her. Holding her by her shoulder, he shook her, "I am not haunting you...and you are drunk!"

She opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times, trying to accept whatever was in front of her. she peered into his eyes, confused and happy at the same time.

"Are...are you real?" she squeaked.

He smiled and pushed that strand of hair behind her ear, "Chaho tho choo kar
dekh lo..."

She looked at his face under the moon and gently let her fingers run down his cheek...softly, ever so softly that made him sigh in pleasure and helplessness at the same time.

Her fingers lingered and he bit his cheek to not lose himself in the moment. he held her hand and stopped her, "Come on. Lets get inside."

When she felt him drag her inside, it was then she realized he was back. she was relieved and happy and excited and what not.

He settled her on the couch and she happily obliged like a baby.

"How much did you drink?" he asked.

She looked at the beer bottle in her hand and gulped down the rest of it in one go, shocking him.

"I don't know..."

He rolled his eyes, "did you eat anything there?"

She pretended to think, "Umm...Ummm. No I guess."

"Go to sleep now."

She held his hand and pulled him back.


"tell me would never ever do that to me."

He remained stunned for a moment and saw tears in her eyes. He sighed and sat beside her. she rested her head on his shoulder like it was meant to be. her hands still held his, not letting go.

"I was angry Geet..."

"Angry? Aise koi karta hain kya? Do you know what went through me?" she complained.

If heart skipped beats, he knew now how it felt. He looked at her face for a while and wondered if it was her heart talking or the alcohol.

"I am sorry... but I didn't want to lash out on you." he gently rubbed her knuckles, assuring her that it was okay.

"You never get angry..."

It was more of a statement... the result of what she had known about him till date.

"Who said I never get angry? But my coping up mechanisms are different."

"What coping up mechanisms?"

He sighed, "I tend to get very mean when I am angry. I speak things that I am not supposed to. And so, what I do to avoid unpleasant situations is that I keep quiet. I take my time to calm myself and think rationally..."

She felt his gentle caress on her palms and felt better.

"But your taking time' is very disturbing..."

He leaned closer and pressed a kiss on her forehead. she closed her eyes.

"I know. Am sorry. But honestly, I am really upset with everything."

"Ummm... Maan?" her speech was getting more slurry with time. He knew she wouldn't last long.


"Don't distant yourself like this. I was scared."

He stood up and helped her stand, "I won't. Rest assured."

He guided her up the stairs and she was dozing off.

"be careful now. You need to change."

His scent was like a soothing balm to her senses. The few hours without him was very disturbing for her. and now that he was back, she felt breath coming back to her.

"I don't want to sleep right now..." she mumbled.

"But you need to Geet... look at yourself."

She shook her head and found herself so disoriented. The flashes of Sarah and the talks of his wedding ran in her head...hazy and confusing.

"I am so stupid..." she sighed.

He smiled, "that you are little storm..."

"what kind of a girl do you like Maan?"

Even though in her half sleepy state, he was surprised at the coherence of her thoughts. She was still able to speak.

"Why do you ask?"

She shrugged, "Bolo na. Knowing you... I am sure you like girls who are prim and proper. Well mannered, perfect...hai na? Hai na?"

He laughed, "On the contrary, I like girls who are messy and clumsy and not so perfect creations of God."

She yawned as they neared her room, "really?"


"I cannot believe it. Someone like you talking something like this..."

"Why is so weird?"

"I don't know. It just doesn't sit well with me. I need proof."

"What Proof?"

"That you can fall in love with someone so disoriented and clumsy?"

He made her lie on the bed and spoke softly, "I love you, isn't that proof enough?"

>>So? So? How many of you skipped beats at the last sentence?WinkWink

>> How do you think Geet is going to react? More importantly,
what will Maan do now?


>>The Last Day in the Estates Together...Embarrassed

>>Socho kya kya ho sakta hain...Blushing

Chapter 52


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