KTBM: SS : True Love Has The Habit Of Coming Back.. note pg2

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KTBM: SS : True Love Has The Habit Of Coming Back..


Karan Khanna- singer..

Tirupura Sundari Nagrajan- creative head & singer..

Zeenat- KK's GF

Akash- KK's manager..

Vikram- KK's friend..

Kartik Nagrajan- Tirupura's brother..

Krishna Khanna- KK's mother..

Pari Khanna- KK & Tirupu's daughter..

"Karan", his name for me is everything & for him I everything to him, but we are not meant to be eachother.. I am not blaming him for everything ever he was did a wrong because I love him so much, it doesn't mean that I live my further life with him again, she said to her self and staring her laptop screen preparing her script for up coming week episode...

A cute little arms warped her waist from her back behind bean bag, she smile by the touched and she hold that tiny arms, she peeped from back and give a small smile and she tight her grip and little cute tone with excitement..

Small girl- we are back..

Tirupura pull her near chest- ohhh my princess, with so much great time spend in snow park..

Pari- yes maa, it just like Kashmir and kullu Manali..

'oh-ho ye ladki bhi na, she dragged me in that snow park, I can't bear that cold temperature, hey bhagwan.."

Tirupura glaring to pari..

Pari- oh-ho Dadi you are such a over acting Queen, and maa dadi ate 3 ice cream today and she complain of mine..

Tirupura glaring to Krishna- maa you also behaving like pari..

Krish-Tirupu your princess ate 6 ice cream, I m only 3..

Pari slap her forehead and making sad face..

Tirupura- now that's the final I want let you both go with eachother anywhere, that's it..

Pari- oh-ho maa, how many you time said to both of us, let it be, listen and she hold her kurti's corner and started to tell her story about snow park..

Pari continue- mumma today I saw Rohan bro in snow park with Roshni di...

Tirupura- oh that's the matter, princess kartik uncle was with you today..

Pari asked- how did you know about these..

Tirupura- coz mumma is genius..

Pari- ya..Ya.. I know mumma knows everything in the world, and my maa is bestest ever in the world, right na Dadi...

Krish- you are always right, can we take a dinner now, it's so much starving..

Tirupura- ya sure, so pari what's the special in dinner..

Pari's face light in excitement- aloo paratha..

Tirupu scoop her in arms- smart baccha..

Pari- put me down on chair..

They three started there dinner..

After dinner in room..

Tirupu- let's sleep..

Pari- let's play something..

Tirupu- these time..

Pari- Haan..

Tirupu- no baby it's so late and Dadi also sleep naa..

Pari- Yaa right, she was took her tablets na, toh she have to take rest..

Tirupu- my lovely princess and she kissed her forehead..

Pari- can we watch the TV..

Tirupu- what's on TV these time.

Pari- maa it's only 10 and she on the TV and Tirupura's serial on there..

Pari- see maa it's your serial..

Tirupu only smile..

Pari- maa why kartik uncle with other lady, what about nuts aunty..

Tirupu laugh on her question- it's a serial, not a real and kartik uncle only work with her that's it and nuts aunty is the wife of kartik uncle..

Pari- huh! Maa why are you writing such a complicated story and kartik uncle only suites to nuts aunty, no one lady suit beside him, why can't you make kartik uncle wife nuts aunty in that show too..

Tirupu look at her and think- how many questions she asking, how many queries in her little mind..

Tirupu- my doll your nuts aunty is not actor na, so only your kartik uncle is actor and he is only acting with that lady, now plz no more any questions and no more any other queries..

Pari- OK, OK I m not asking any other questions & queries about your show, am I asking about your recording, last day your recording with Sanam Puri, you told him that I am big fan of his..

Tirupu- yupe, I said him that one cute little big fan of him in my home and he was so much happy to listen that & he gave you chocolate, sorry that I forget to give you, tomorrow morning I will give you..

Pari- wow, maa super and suddenly on TV one song playing which one her favorite one that is 'karle tu bhi mohabbat' she without blinking her eyes watch full song..

Tirupura look her daughter, with so much love, who deserves to be love by her father, she is sperated from him, may be her destiny, a singal tear drop by her eye, admiring her daughter who watch the song of her own father, her thoughts chain break by pari's yawning..

Pari yawningly- maa sleeping my eyes...

Tirupura switch off the TV and give a hugged to her pari put her ear on her chest where she hear heart beats of tirupura, she kissed pari's forehead and draft to sleep..

Tirupura sleep break by phones beep, she checked kartik's msg, she read- sorry di and don't mad on me, coz I skipped my today's shoot you know that very well I can't obey my little jaan, and she was told me that she wanted to go snow park and I can't deny her words and she ate 6 ice cream hope she is good, and again I am sorry see you tomorrow on set bye good night..

Tirupura smile and she replied- it's OK, good night, see you tomorrow..

And she open her Twitter page a loads of tweets, loads of request from her fans to share her daughter pic & her name too, some of people to know pari and her name few fans meet her randomly placed with pari but she deny to take pic with her..

She smile to see a fabulous edits of her pic and some of her & his edits, she doesn't want to see him and she lock her mobile & took on charge & look her cutie pie and kissed her and thinks..

Tirupura- who I am, a famous singer in India, a famous creative head of tellywood who never fail in her career, who give a best serials, love stories and too magical voice to all audience, whole world defined me that I am never failed in any thing, by heart a good & sweet mother of world best daughter, A responsible daughter of maa, a so called mother in law, oh sorry my maa, and little bit cute sister to my brother who motivated me always for everything, this is the small world of mine, my princess pari, maa & brother, Tirupura Sundari Nagrajan's world, she look her daughter and she close her eyes and images came about him, the memories with him, Infront of her eyes like nightmare...

She open her eyes- why you think about him, just because you saw his song & him on TV, relax Tirupura don't think over and she look pari who with her little snore which is always remember him, why I am thinking of him, he is happy in his own world, he didn't think of us, he never knew anything about my princess too, he didn't care of us then why should I think of him, I know pari deserve her father love, but she is unlucky, when her father doesn't even want to know anything about us, but your maa promise to you, I'll give you all happiness for you, I'll never let you down or worry about anything or feeling of being without father and she little tight her grip of arm and slowly draft to sleep...

Note: I am little busy in family function I will update other SS very soon
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Posted: 2017-05-03T09:20:34Z
Nice start of Arika story... KK is not living with Tripura n pari
Waiting for next part.. thnks for d pm..
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Posted: 2017-05-03T09:43:25Z
Awesome waiting for AriKa aamna n samna n pari is sooo cute n waiting for next part
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Posted: 2017-05-03T09:51:46Z
Lovely start..
Waiting for next part
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2017-05-03T11:26:50Z
Very good progress in first or say intro part of the story with little bit glimpse if Tripura life with her small family.
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Posted: 2017-05-03T12:14:16Z
nice begining
pls update soon
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Posted: 2017-05-03T12:44:06Z
superb story...
plz contd soon
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Posted: 2017-05-03T19:57:45Z
Nice dear
Continue soon
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