A.C#5:Update Pg 135:KZK2|SuVan|SRK-Aish|Fawad-Mahira|Money Heist| - Page 80

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Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by SujiZ

super gorgeous Update
waiting for the new one

Thank you so much :))

Originally posted by beautifulmess

kaha tum chale gaye 
On a longgg holiday! ;)

Originally posted by beautifulmess

waiting for new update 
Coming soon [though i know you meant this for the previous updates] xD

Originally posted by eufara_naghm

Thank you!
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Dips..

Guess who returned with her boriya bistaar in 2018 ! Its been too late to drop a comment to your beautiful dukaan but my lady here i am to add the missing cherry in the cream. Jeez does this even makes sense ? Urmm never mind.
Is it too late to reply now? Coz i might as well have done this in 2019!! [Sheez, do you realize we will enter the 2020s soon! Holy Moly] 95% of whatever you say makes no sense, so go ahead. *devil laugh*


Mrina's Req: My eyes just laid on Jamie-Dakota's icon and i lost my senses. They are my babies. This set is made with such gorgeous vibrancy of blues. Infact I'm in love with the coloring! The text textures are the USP of the set and i helluva love the brush textures that were being used in the set. Just tell me your smoothness setting dude like how the hell do you even reach that sexy point of perfect smoothness? 

OMG it's a comment for Batch 2, then am definitely super late in replying ROFL I actually loved that photoshoot of Jamie-Dakota! I've shared my topaz action on a thread. I should link you to it. Oh better, i'll pm you the link xD

Janaki's Req: I have never seen you doing gif signatures of mythological shows with this elegance. That cage and birds effect is so so cool and that text styling is bloody awesome. 

OMG i suck at this style...i hate do it myself but when i see people like Janaki, you, Desto and Husna working on it, am spellbound how you guys do it effortlessly. Thankful i had those brushes to add as cool effectsLOL


Your internet dysfunction and laptop issues are raising my apprehension that in near future I don't get devoid of your creative talent :( With gods' grace, i hope your issues fixes well. Amen!

Yea, one of the major reasons i did not PS for so long and why it took me time to get the inspiration i quit behind in that period of time. Now i think am coming back on track. But on the bright-side, i sat as a spectator behind the screen waiting for you people to inspire me back with updates and updatesCool

FlyAway's Req: OH MY HOLY SWEET LORD! If only i knew that you will make this extremely sexy set of Arya Stark then i would have requested you hers' as well ROFL God this set looks like a gem and i really hope that the requestor must be jumping on the bed since the outcome is so great. You girl know how to play with these sizes of icons pretty well and the textures you are using nowadays are making me question my knowledge of PS (which actually is pathetic ikr). The colouring feels so outstanding and goes so well with the textures and your styling of the images. Haven't it been requested, this set would have gone straight into my dabba :|

OH JEEZ! I'll try to rejoice with you here but keep my tone modest. It was my fav set of icons i made recently *cough**cough* I don't think iv seen Trissy around. It was her request and it does not matter, coz i actually love this ;P It was a suggestion, not request. So you can use it.

Sadhana's Req: I really can't understand the hidden formula of your gif's colouring like how the hell do you colour so well and maintain the clarity of the gifs with making them grainy and shit. Such a beautiful set it is. Even though i hate the pink hues but this looks so serene.

Hello...it's your damn PSD. Just tweaked some layers a bit ROFL  Go ahead, claim credit on your PSDs. Hphm!Disapprove Dude, even your gifs are sharp and clean. So i don't understand the praise?

Meera's Req: None of your request list is complete if it doesn't contains edits of Mr. Grover. I thought he is going to be a papa but all seems rumours. Anyways.This set is such a stunning piece. Your icon textures are making me so gaga all over. The colouring is no doubt perfect but the bits of PSing you did all over requires such a hardwork. But in the end your hardwork have shown flying colours bro. My eyes are not at ease atm since im just blown away with your outstanding work. AND AGAIN THE TEXT Yes ma'am that's the show stealer!

I SWEAR!!!! ROFL I think when i open for requests, i get tons of KSG ones to make on. All four batches included him! Am waiting for his web series debut with Altbalaji :| then i'll be inspired to work more on him. Oh that one, it was an inspired set i made on Parth once ago, that was also when i started evolving in icon-making ;O *memories* *sigh*

Well that's the frmula of V's updates that she works her ass off with her work and strives at level 1 perfection. A quality to appreciate. Don't get used to my compliments much since its been a new year (oh hey Happy New year :P). I see you are not active much and i hope you come back asap before i get into your dreams and blackmail you there to give an update to quench my dirty thrist of PS ROFL Your internet gets off is digestable but not you miss. Holidays are over you better come back okay.


Pretty much the same formula as yours baby! You work your ass off as well. You always overload my gallery with flattery, so am sure am gonna be hearing more of you :P I'll try to be regular from now on. 

AM BACK! *A la Rowdy Rathore* Cool

Selam!! Cool
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by shewolf.

what do you eat everyday to make such flawless things. Day Dreaming
your icons are literally the best <3 I love love love their style.

and your colouringgg. teach me how to slay like yous. Stern Smile

OMG NIDHI!!!!!!! You still around!

How are you? Are still working on a gallery? :O 

I eat ghaass phooss Ermm [how do we even write that? nevermind]

UH! Coloring to i download from tumblr and chorify from PS makers Ermm 
Posted: 3 years ago

A little flavour of turkish romance+chemistry+colors+tried&tested text effects.


Kara Sevda


Cesur Ve Guzel

Ask Laftan Anlamaz
stack version: https://i.imgur.com/RUAhah1.gif

Kiralik Ask

------------THE END------------
Edited by aftermath.. - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Starwalker.

Damn. What in the world is this sorcery? Stern Smile

http://https//i.imgur.com/PSTVE4Z.png - Ranveer set is mast. I just love the variety of crops, image size, and placement. And the way you've used b/w and colors is flawless. Also the text is so damn well placed. 

I'm literally in awe of your cropping skills. The KSG icons are splendid. And I also adore the way you've sharpened them.

https://i.imgur.com/G5Y40W4.png - These are icon textures, right? I'm yet to see a person who uses icon textures better than you do. 

Thank you Destooo! You are the BEST!! That's my exact impression when i land on your gallery and when you react like this here, it feels like i've earned a start on collar vest! Silly

The Arya set - This one takes it home for me. Again your cropping + coloring is just gorgeous Day Dreaming
 I need to churavofy some of your psds and your topaz setting because I love the arya icons so damn much, especially the ones I've posted below. 


Well you finally got my topaz action/sharpen that i uses to smooth my icons. ;)
Thank you it was so amazing working on those icons for me. 

One Tree Hill - This was my first ever English series so it's pretty damn special to me despite the storyline going downhill during the last couple of seasons. 

Oh i use to watch this show in my teens...i think i watched till S3 and didn't have the courage to continue because i liked Brooke and Lucas togetherLOL


^these icons steal the show. Heart
And I might also have to churavofy your textures cuz i don't remember seeing those textures anywhere. Such beautiful textures. I'll prolly be googling texture packs to see if I can find em. LOL

I wished i remembered which and which textures i added to get those background!Stern Smile i use a lot of them altogether and mixing with different blends. 

Words fail to explain how much feels that HP Mood board gives me. So I'm not even going to try. I'm rarely at a loss for words. I'm in awe of your skills.  Thoda giffing skills humko bhi dedo. LOL

You are from another league Boss. I need tutorials from you myself. 

Also, du make your gif layouts from the scratch? Cuz it looks so damn awesome.

Yes i make them myself. I try getting ideas from google initially then work my way out Ermm

P.S You should head over to Deviantart and expand your horizons. 

p.p.s you make me wanna try out big icons. Can't get over your icons. Sigh.

Are you on DA? Thanks, probably i should. I was thinking to join livejournal once as well. Thank you thank you! Hug

Posted: 3 years ago


First one to comment but last to un-reserve. Ermm Anyway, I've been pretty MIA so quite a shock that I caught you while you were reserving. LOL

Loved all the gif sets of all the Turkish romances. Heart My favourites however are:

Ask Laftan Anlamaz
Kiralik Ask <-- (recently started watching this one)

Phenomenal work as usual Rugoo.. Day Dreaming I miss you. Hug

~ Mrina <3
Edited by -Mrinalini- - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
Updated//Sending Pms...
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by aftermath..

Suggested by -FlyAway-

Hell ya! My girl !! You did such an awesome job A!
Thank you so much for taking my suggestions! Tell them North remembers and A girl has no desire are my absolute favorites! Actually I like this other one too. It has no words on it but the chocolate brown gives it this edge of being a badass.
Sorry for being so late! I was gayab from IF. But this is an awesome welcome! 
Turkish shows... Ooo I have mostly no clue who they are. But these edits are pretty attractive LOL That dreamy look you gave with the colors and texture for the Kara Sevdaeone is amazing! Goes so well with that scene!
Oh god your captions! Your.Freaking.Captions. I love them on your icons. I have already told you that but omg I love them on your avis/gifs (uh whatever you call them) !!! 
Ask Laftan one... *heart in eyes emoji* 
 ^^^^ This one! That orange shade you gave to the background of the text! I love these little details! Just shows how much thought you give in to your work! This amazing A! I feel like I can learn so much from your work! 

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