FF: Phir Kabhi- Ch 18, Pg 24

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Ram is married to Bani and Priya is married to Vaibhav.
This is their story, how their paths met before and how they finally end up together.

This is the premise, I want to build on. 

Trying to come up with a FF after years. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Chapter One: Living hell

Ram: I need for us to get separated. I cannot stay married to you another day.

Bani: Kya tumhare zindagi mein koi aur hai?

Ram: How does it matter? When was the last time, we spoke to each other? laughed together? Do we even live together? We got married, I do not even understand and remember the reasons for it? Do you?

Bani: Give me an answer to my question Ram. Tum aise hi sab kuch chod nahi sakte ho? What do I tell my parents? What will you tell your parents?

Ram: Bani, please understand. I want peace in my life. I cannot keep living this way. Waiting for you to come home every weekend to have a conversation for the past three years.

Bani: You cannot blame everything on me. We decided, our career and freedom are important at least for the first few years, when we got married.

Ram: Who is blaming you? I am not blaming even me. All I am saying is, we are living a lie and calling it a marriage. I want more out of the relationship from my wife.

Bani: What more do you need? We could have a baby if you want.

Ram: Are you mad? We do not see eye to eye and you want to have a baby? I don't remember the last time we were close. I don't remember the last time we kissed. I am tired. I cannot live like this. I am done. I am leaving.

Bani: If it is not about a baby. If it is not about me, when it is about another woman. Just tell me that, I will divorce you right away.

Ram: The reasons, I have stated aren't enough for you? Why are you interested in my life all of a sudden? I know about your affair. I have known about it for 2 years. I still wanted to share a life with you. You did not come to senses about it. I am not getting anything from this relationship. I at least want peace of mind.

Bani: You knew. Why didn't you speak to me about it?

Ram: I do not know. Probably, I didn't love you enough to be bothered about your affair. But, I feel, I need this break and I deserve this. Lets just end this and be peaceful. Please go to the person you love. I know, we don't love each other anyways. Whats the point?

Bani: I need time Ram. I need to speak to our parents.

Ram: Who parents? When was the last time you spoke to either of the parents? I speak to them every week. 

Bani: You have been planning this very well. I see, you have made up your mind. I will sign these papers, if you give me what I want.

Ram: What do you want?

Bani: I want us to have sex one last time. 

Ram: What? No? This is not a discussion.

Bani: I am not signing.

Ram says, he needs to make a call and comes to another room.

Priya: Kya hua? Did she agree?

Ram: Yes, but uska ek shart hai.

Priya; Kya?

Ram: She wants to have sex one last time and then sign on the divorce papers.

Priya: Ram, ask her to sign the papers, then only you will sleep with her.

Ram: Are you mad? How can you ask me to sleep with her?

Priya: Ram, tum buddhu ke buddhu rahoge..

Ram: Main samjha nahi..

Priya: do-teen baar mere statement to repeat karo..

Ram: Ok. 

Ram: Oh ok. Got it. Love you. Let me give it a try.

Priya: I love you too.
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Posted: 2017-05-01T01:04:02Z
i like it very much
wanna know more about the story
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Posted: 2017-05-01T04:15:57Z
Yes for sure go with it
I would like to read...
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Posted: 2017-05-01T15:21:31Z
Nice concept now pls update soon
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Posted: 2017-05-01T20:03:00Z
different concept...
contd soon
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Posted: 2017-05-01T21:27:07Z

it's nice concept... bring it on girl would like read further plz continue if you thought plz cobtinue your story ur own way as you won't get much response nowadays ppl r busy in exam but many will be there to praise you so plz post next soon...

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Posted: 2017-05-02T23:04:49Z
nice and different concept.
Please go ahead and continue soon.

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Posted: 2017-05-02T23:35:59Z
ohhh... that's amazing..i mean wah priya being the third woman in rams life...want to know in what circumstances ram and bani got married also vaibhavs entry :-) hope no big melodrama coming up! :-P
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