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Thank you LakuHug for this lovely banner

Hello! Lovely Peoples... Missed me... Well i missed you all tooEmbarrassed...

Welcome to Thread 9of your beloved "Destined to Be"Dancing... Can;t believe that I am opening thread 9 of my FF when I had planned to finish it in 2nd thread itselfLOLLOL... It's all because of your constant love and support that brought "Destined to Be" Here... So I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart... Also Thank all of you for waiting so patiently for it... I love you all and i thank you all from all my heart..

All of you are special to me but few names which i really want to add is Rashmi Di, Priya, My Laku aka -Lakshmi-, Prinku aka Priyanka, Preeti, padma Di, My Veeru aka Ritu, Maansee, Madhuri, khwaishfan (Sorry don;t know your real nameLOL ), Nehag, Anky, kajal, And all those whose name i might have missed.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart... Without you all "Destined To Be" wouldn't have reached this milestone... So Love you all...

Ok i put a full stop on my Bak-Bak over here or else you all will start yawning... Well as for an update It's all ready... Just a final touch... So may get tonight or tomorrowWink... 

so see you all soon.. Till then keep waiting

Luv Aakriti
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                                Destined To Be ~ Thread 1
                                                         Destined To Be ~ Thread 2
                                                         Destined To Be ~ Thread 3
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                                                         Destined To Be ~ Thread 5
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                                                         Destined To Be ~ Thread 7
                                                         Destined To Be~ Thread 8

                                                                         Part 38
                                         Part 39
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                            CHARACTER SKETCH:

Maan Singh Khurana:

MD of Khurana's construction. Deeply in Love with his Love cum wife Sameera nd was happily married to her until the cruel game of destiny separates them for forever

Late Sameera Handa/Khurana:

Flight Lt. Sameera Handa who is in Love with Business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana nd happily married to him but a twist of fate nd she left him nd this world forever. Cousin sister of Geet who loves her to the core.

Geet Handa/Maan Singh Khurana:

A Dreamy girl who always sees dream of her prince charming who'll be as romantic as Ranbir Kapoor... Loving sister of Sameera nd apple of everyone's eyes. her parents died wen she was 2 years old nd since them she lives with Sameera nd her parents who loves her to the core... Geet's best friend is her Sameera Di nd for her she can do anything... for her happiness she married Maan as per her last wish sacrificing all her dreams for her Di but den didn't even realize that wen did she fallen in Love with Maan and wen he became her actual prince charming.

Arnav Handa:

Geet's Bade Papa I had changed the character... Hope you gonna like this one

Madhu Handa:

Geet's Badi Maa... Again a change of character

Savitri Devi (Dadimaa):

Maan's Grandmother nd head of the family. Sweet nd lovely lady. Loves all her grandchildren but Maan more.

Dev Singh Khurana:

Younger brother of Maan. good at heart nd always admires his elder brother. Married to Nayantara

Nayantara Khurana:

Wife of Dev. A cunning nd envious Lady who just want power, luxury nd money. Jealous of Geet as she gets more attention in house

Vikrant aka Vicky Singh Khurana:

Again a change of character... Younger brother of Maan nd Dev nd twin brother of Annie. cheerful, jovial, loving, caring, funny, witty all at the same tym... always loggerheads with Annie. in Love with Savera, Geet's best friend

Anvesha Khurana(Annie):

Again a change of character... Maan's younger sister nd lyf of Khurana's house. Good friend of Geet nd always hell bent on teasing His brother Vicky...

Savera Kapoor:

Again a change... Best friend of Geet and knows her inside out and always been with her through thick and thin... in Love with Vicky deeply

Vidyut Singh Shekhawat:

(Ok dont kill me for this... Kill Sana Maaneet nd Madhubala team for it... i cant find anyone betterLOL)

Captain of Indian Air Force. Maan's best friend since childhood and obsessively in Love with Geet and proposes her but Geet had always seen him as her good friend nd before Geet could think of his proposal she's married to Maan and now Vidyut thinks that she betrayed him for money

Omkara Oberoi: 

Name changed due to public demandLOLLOL... ACP by profession he is here to help Dev in catching the real person who is behind Maan's accident... Family friend of Khurana's... Bas abhi ke liye itna bahut haiLOL

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congrats on new thread
waiting for ghe update...

Posted: 3 years ago
Congrats... waiting fr the update
Posted: 3 years ago
congrats on the new thread! update asap! Smile fab cs!!
Posted: 3 years ago
Congrats for new thread...
Desperately waiting for the update.
And can we have "lyf starts where it ends" also pls
Posted: 3 years ago
Congrats for new thread

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