OS- Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega ..Jaise Mein Karta hoon

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            Kaun Tuje Yun Pyaar Karega
                      Jaise Mein Karta Hoon

               " congratulation ..Geet finally tu aapni uch chirkut boyfriend se shadi kar raha hai ..." Maan said playfully ...but shocked seeing her in tears...

                  " hey why are you crying ? if you are crying thinking what will happen to Uncle and Aunty after your marriage then don't... they would be more happy to get rid of you ..trust me " he said to make her cheer up but she hugged him crying bitterly...Maan hugged her back...

              " sshh mujhe nehi pata tha ki dosro ko rulana wala gundi khud bhi roti hai ..mujhe toh Dev ke liye bura lag raha hai...pata nehi shaadi ke baad uska kya..."

                 " he left " Geet told in between " Dev doesn't want to marry me Maan he left ..." She gave him Dev's letter ...

        " he got a job in London and if he didn't join tomorrow he would lose it so he left ..." she said as tears flowing...

               " you guys are getting married tomorrow how can he left ...? "

              " its simple Maan uske liye mujshe jayada uska career important hai toh bas chala gaya..."

               " Geet marriage is not some joke how can he leave like this? saare guest aachuke hai.. hey he loves you he can't do this ...let me call him...I will beat him black and blue if he not come " ...Maan tried to call him but Geet snatched it...

               " no you won't call the person who leave his would be wife for his career ..."

                         Maan can understand Geet is deeply hurt ..Dev and Geet together for two years and now getting married.. she had so many dream about her marriage and she would never thought that Dev would ditch her like this...but now its not only about her its also about her parents their reputation... he is clueless what to do now...

             " Geet Uncle Aunty they ..."

                   " nehi aabhi tak maine kuch nehi bataye..."

             " but you have to tell them ..."

               " I know ..all guest are here ..ma papa ko kitni insult sehena parega ..." her heart broken she can try to tolerate somehow but her parents dreams reputation how will she let them breaking like this ..." how can Dev ..."

               " Dev doesn't deserve you.." Maan said straight.." yes Geet that coward don't deserve you ...uche toh itna bhi himmat nehi tha ki khud aake tujshe kahe ki usche London jana hai...bas ye letter bejh diya...bas***d .. " in other time if Maan said something like this Geet would burst on him but this time he is right...

               " Dev said I mean in this letter he said he will come back after two years and then we will get married "

                     " and you believe this man huh " Maan said angrily ...Geet nodded no...Maan came forward hold her face ...

                  " hey my lady Gundi ...this tears is more precious to go waste on that man ...he doesn't deserve you..you deserve more than that ...you deserve a man who will love you beyond anything... he would let himself hurt but will never let you cry ... he would die a hundred times seeing your in tears...your happiness will be his first priority.. you deserve that kind of person " ...

                 " Marry me "

                  Maan took step back hearing her proposal ..." Geet tu..."

               " tune hi toh kaha na main pyaar deserve karti hu aur aise pyaar toh sirf tu hi karta hai ...toh shaadi karle mujshe ..."

               Maan nodded his head negative ..." yes I love you...not from today or few days ..I love you from ages ..I love you from the time I understood the meaning of love ..but I will never burdened you by my love ..."

                   They were best buddy from college.. Maan didn't even realise when he fall for her but it was too late before he could confess Dev came in picture and his heart broke...he can't even blame Geet because she never saw him other than her best friend ...but in last year holi Maan confessed in drunken state ...Geet was shocked didn't know how to react or do she was feeling guilty thinking may be its her fault but again Maan came forward and said it's not her fault or anything and nothing will happen to their friendship...from that day he keep pretending he is happy with Geet and Dev but Geet also know that he is not ...he only doing this for her...there she also bound by her heart which only loves Dev ..

              " main tujhse pyaar karta hoon ..hamesha se ki hai ..yes I lied that I have gotten over you .. truth is no matter what I will love you always ...but I can't marry you ...my love is not some charity that you are giving in my plate ...I can't marry a girl who would never love me back ...who will live with me but her dreams will be for other man ..who will sleep next to me but will wish to be in someone else arm... I can't " saying he was about to go but stop hearing her words ...

             " kya tera pyaar itna kamjoor hai...ki muje Dev ko na bhula paye..meri dil se uch insan ka naam na mita paye ..mujhe kamjor karde tujhse pyaar karne ke liye ..bas itna hi dum hai tere pyaar main..."

                    Maan said nothing only came forward and held her hand to take her downstairs where he told everyone about Dev and announced their marriage...
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again another old one ..already posted in GHSP anniversary thread ...
may be you will find Geet selfish but for me no one is perfect we all have fault... love care greed anger kindness selfishness everything part of human nature ...and we bound to play with these emotions ...
enough of my baak baak

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congrats on another OS! thanks 4 posting again! read on Anni thread n commented! superb OS! well written! Dev left Geet on their wedding day! Maan loves Geet bt refuses 2 marry her as he doesn't want 2 her to marry him on rebound bt he words stop him! Maan gets his love! lovely end 
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Lovely os dear 
Posted: 2017-04-16T18:48:10Z
Originally posted by deep002

Lovely os dear

Posted: 2017-04-17T17:56:46Z
Originally posted by aparna3011

simply great update
Posted: 2017-04-18T09:55:06Z
again one beautiful piece of work
it's just the beautiful feeling of love

and please write one or two more parts if time permits

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