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             " Happy birthday my Geet "

." my birthday was yesterday..."

" I'm so sorry ...I was stuck in meetings that's why couldnt came ..." he said sadly...

               " you didn't even call..."

                  " I was so busy you know na...this new project taking troll of me ..."

she remembered her friends talking about her ' Geet boyfriend kitna bhi busy ho kamse kam girlfriend ki birthday pe time nikal hi sakta hai na ..khair chor ek call toh karsakta tha...'

                  " ...don't you have time for me " she asked hurt by his behaviour...

                   " Geet I thought you understand me ..you know how busy I'm still I came today just to meet you and you talking like this ...I know it's your workless friends right ? ..." She didn't like him talking about her friends that way ...

                     " nehi woh " ...

                   " forget this look what I get for you..."

                        he gave her a box happily... she opened it and saw a beautiful neck chain with a diamond pendant... he eagerly waiting for her reaction ...

               " I brought this for you ..." He picked up the chain and made her wear it ...

                   " wow you look beautiful.. aj yehi pehenke jana college main ...everyone should know your boyfriend is one in million ...".

               she tried to smile but that didn't reach her eyes but next moment he gives her a bunch of roses...

                   " and also this for my most Beautiful girl " her favourite roses she hugged him tightly finally feeling happy that he actually thinks for her and love her...


                 " what are you wearing ...? kitni baar kaha tumse yellow don't suit you at all its makes you look pale " he said frowning.. clearly disappointed with her choice ...she looked at herself ...is she looking that bad but her mother said she looking like a flower...

                     " I'm telling you never ever wear this colour ok " She nodded slowly...


               " so what will you eat ? "

               " hmm Burger ..you know yahatin ki burger bohot yummy hai ek baar khaoge toh ..."

               " Burger hell no " He cut her in mid ..." Geet how many times I told you , don't eat junk foods ...you already gaining weight ...do you know how ugly you will look if you gain more ...now you should start dieting...let's eat something else..." he ordered something not caring to look at her gloomy face ...


               She looked at the magazine hurt to see his close pics with a top model ..he snatch it from her ..." uffo Geet how many times I have to tell you don't over think anything... I am a business man I just show off to maintain my position.. for better connection so that I can be number one...don't you trust your love " Geet wipe her tears way listening him

                    " oh God not again ...please stop crying at this small matter ..."

                     seriously small matter.. every now and then this small matter happening and she have no right to stop this...

                    " Geet you just become blind by his love " her friends always warned her ... is her friends saying right ? she can't take it anymore she was about to go when he bent on his knee...

                 " Geet I love you...I want to spend my whole life with you will you marry me ? will you give me a chance to become your only one " she nodded as tears of joy flowing...


                   ." where are you? ".
                    " woh college ja rahi ho..."

                     " college but it Sunday..."

                   " Maine bataya tha na kal ...companies are coming for interview and they will take 10 student as their intern..."

                     " what interview ...are you out of your mind didn't I tell you last night you doing intern under my company..."
" umm but I want to see if I can capable..."

                      "    no you are not " he cut her harshly..." I know you Geet trust me you can't handle the job ok forget about job you can't even get this...that's big company and they won't take you for sure ..." she kept mum as his harsh comment...

                   " forget this job ...listen to me carefully... we have other big thing to do ...tonight I m going to take you to meet my Mom..."

                 " your Mom? " ...

                 " yes my Mom ...I want my would be wife to meet her would be mother in law... so better you now go to parlour... I want you to look perfect ok ...you don't waste any time and go " ...


                   " again you messed up ...who told you to wear this white dress and more of this red duppata ...how many times I told you red makes you look fat ...pheli impression hi    kharab kardi no wonder Mom reacted that way.."

                  she couldn't believe he actually blaming her ...there his mother literary insulted her ..her parents in some angel that too in front of him he didn't open his mouth to defend her other than trying to   distract his mother to change the topic and their he is blaming her forget about sorry ...

              " no wonder Mom rejects you...you actually deserve this rejection..." saying he starts the car...in whole journey both keep quiet..when she about to enter her house he hugged her ...

                 " hey Geet don't worry I love you ..and I will convince Mom at any cost ..I will take you to Mom that way.. that she won't be able to reject you I promise ..."

                 she came out from his embrace and told simply..." you don't have to ...it's over "

              he laughed clearly not taking it seriously ...she took off his neck chain which he gave in her birthday...

          " I don't deserve it " she gave it to his hand " I am capable of doing something better in life other than become your beautiful trophy wife ..."

             " Geet I understand you are hurt but "

             " Good bye " ...

            " you are rejecting me ...are you out of your mind ...no one can love you or understand you like me ..you would be nothing without me ...I'm your Only One ...you would never find someone better than ..."

               " i m only taking this biggest rejection as a blessing..." saying she went to house with high head no tears came of and surprisingly she felt better ..."

       After 5 years

           "   Its old saying there is a woman behind every successful man but surprisingly in my case they are two... one my Dadima and other my wife Geet ...My Dadima alone brought me up to face the world , always guided me to go further ... my wife who came my life when i was nothing ...when i thought i can't achieve anything she gave me courage ... held me at every step trust me like no one need ...help me to overcome my fear to become more strong and now only because of them I'm here .. Thanks everyone to come here to our reception to give us blessing..."

                   All clapped and Dadima hugged them wiping happy tears ..." hamesha khush rahiye "

                  All came and congratulate them ... after sometime she heard Maan saying .. " Geet please chalo na bhag jate hai piche ki darwaje se ..." He hold her hand to drag her toward back exit ...

              " Maan yeh aap kya kar rahe ho...hum apne reception ko aise nehi chorke ja sakte..." but she knows how stubborn he is " aree Dadima ke baree main toh socheye "

                  " Dadima would be more than happy ...Dadima ko toh bas abb grand children chahiya aur hum uske preparation hi karne ja rahe hai ... "

               Geet blushed at his remark ..." oops this red shy wife I so want to eat you right now " ...He gave a small kiss to her check and start nuzzling her neck ...

            " Maan stop it ..we are middle of party ..."

               " no you won't till you agree of my escape plan...and trust me baby I don't mind doing this PDA ..." ..he was about to kiss her again when someone came to congratulate them...

                 " congratulation Mr and Mrs Khurana ..wish you both a happy married life " Geet smiled ...

             " Thanks Mr Chopra ..."

just then Maan got a call and went from there ...

                   " you looking gorgeous in this saree Geet " Dev said honestly as soon as Maan went from there ...Geet looked at him surprised...' red makes you fat' She shrug of that memory...

                 " thank you " she simply said ...

                  " I'm really sorry ..."

                   Geet don't get why he saying sorry ..." that night I didn't take stand for you and then Mom rejected you I simply stood there ...I hurt you so much Geet I'm really sorry .. please forgiv..."

                 " you don't have to say sorry Dev its 5 years and I moved on ..."

                 " I know its 5 years but still that night .. you must be cursing me remembering that ..."

               Geet stop him " I never cursed you Dev and why should I even I m thankful to you ...if you didn't take me to meet your family I would never know how you people are and how much I deserve better ...I was living in illusion called love... I totally forget myself .. start doing everything as per your choice you used to control my food , dress , friends in fact everything in name of boyfriend ...i didn't even realise when I lost my self respect also...but that night changed everything i got myself again and I will always thankful to you for that "

               she looked at Maan is talking to Dadima about something and a smiled came automatically... Dev noticed and said slowly ..." you love him !!"

            " yes I love him more than anything..." she said without taking eyes from her husband who now taking Dadima upstairs ...

              " he is lucky..."

               " we are lucky to have each other "

               " Geet I'm happy for you but please be careful your husband achieved so much in small time ... you know it's business world and money can change..."

                   " I am proud of my husband..you know Dev you always told me in business connection is more important but the truth is only hard work needed nothing else ..you were already a business man I mean you got it from your father but Maan had nothing he started with zero but today he is where no one can ever reach him... only because of his hard work ...he told earlier that i helped him in every step but truth is he helped me to know myself better to trust myself ...never doubt at my capability always treat me as equal not some trophy or a beautiful furniture... I'm glad to be his strength not weakness ... my husband can't be compare to anyone ...he is my Only One ..."

             " hey baby let's go to dance floor " Maan said as leading her to dance ...

something pinched at Dev seeing Geet more of all hearing her side ...first time he felt he lost something...

             " I hate this man " Maan said angrily...

               " Maan "

                 " what ? "

                 " I love you " she gave a kiss to his check he melt right there but still asked ..." do you regret this life with me "

                 " you are my only one... I'm blessed to have you in my life ...thanks Maan for letting me in your life " she hugged him feeling content ...

               " I love you too ...thanks for coming in my life ...and being with me as my strength "

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not new os ...
it was in GHSP anniversary thread many already read it ..still for those who didn't

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someone's loss is others gain...happy fr geet...

awesome story...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely story...

Posted: 2017-04-14T22:37:15Z
Lovely OS 
Dev was so controlling on geet 
Her dress her food everything
But her rejection made her gain 
Back her self respect
Maan and geet a happy couple
Together with their dadima
Makes a lovely family
Posted: 2017-04-15T03:36:39Z
Geet madevthe right decision of moving on. In love each shld be contributing and complementing. Many doesnt realise this as they say love is blind.
Posted: 2017-04-15T06:22:41Z
Originally posted by .hayaat.

awesome os

Posted: 2017-04-15T09:39:31Z
Originally posted by love2_soma

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">someone's loss is others gain...happy fr geet...</font>

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">awesome story...</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#ff0000">
<font color="#ff0000">
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">loved it very much...</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">thank u very much fr d lovely story...</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">


Posted: 2017-04-15T09:42:07Z
Lovely os dear 

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