armaan weds jassi part 3 (fan fiction)

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recap - purab finally tells jassi why he left her before their marraige, they both hug and jassi gives purab her first kiss. She lets him know that nothing else can ever happen between them, and that he will always have this kiss as something for him to remember her by. Purab exits.


last day before armaan and jassi's wedding.

Jassi shuts the door with a heavy heart. How could she chose?, between the man whom she loves, and the man who loves her?  She is lost deep in her thoughts when armaan comes barging in.

armaan- jassi, meine abhi abhi purab ko tumare kaamre se jaathe hue dekha, wo yahan kya kar raha tha jassi?

jassi looks at armaan but does not say a word. Armaan notices immediately that jassi is tensed about something.  He sits down next to her on the bed and rests his hand on top of hers.

armaan- kya hua jassi, meine kuch galat tho nahin ke diya?

jassi still remains motionless. Finally she turns around with tears in her eyes as she thinks to herself. "mein kese armaan ko bataoon ke mere aur purab ke beech me abhi abhi kya hua?"   She blinks so that the tears that had swollen up in her eyes wash away.

jassi- armaan meine....           jassi takes a second to think about how she's going to tell armaan.

armaan- tumne kya?

jassi- meine hamesha sirf tumse hi pyar kiya hai, tum jaanthe ho na?

armaan has no idea whats going on, so he playfully bumps jassi.

armaan- ofcourse...waise bhi tum aur kisi ki bare mein soch bhi kaise sakthi ho!

he starts laughing when jassi flashes him a stern/ angry look.

jassi- mein serious hu armaan

armaan realises that this could lead to a fight between them, and quietly says "ofcourse jassi"

jassi- bas mujhe itna hi jaana tha

armaan still isnt sure whats running through jassi's mind. He takes a risk and says "kya tum saheen me sirf itna hi kehna chahati thi?"

not expecting jassi's response, he turns to leave when jassi finally grabs his shoulders and pulls him back onto the bed...

armaan- jassi!.......         ; ;           ; ;  he cries out in astonishment

jassi starts laughing and says "mujhe sirf itna hi kehna tha" Armaan jumps from his side of the bed to on top of jassi. Jassi screams, still laughing away. Both are breathing heavily now as armaan moves closer and closer to jassi.

jassi- ye kya ho raha hai? hmm?

armaan- pyar hora hai.....  ;           ;      he still moves closer towards jassi...he is .05 centimeters away from her lips, when she pushes his head away.

jassi- jo tum karna chahathe ho uske liye tumhe imtihaan dena padega!

armaan looks up puzzled and says "imtihaan??..."

jassi gets up and armaan scoots over.

jassi- ha tumne sahi suna...tumhe mere pyar keliye ek challenge karna hoga.

armaan gets up slowly and says "kaisa challenge??"

Jassi grabs his arm and tells him to follow her. Everyone wants to know where they are going. She tells nandu, who tells govinda, who tells beauty and bebe and amrit. They all follow her as they arrive to a huge and beautiful lake.

amrit- jassi ye pagalpaan chodo aur wapas chalo....

jassi cuts her off.

jassi- nahin mama, armaan ko tho ye karna hi padega..

bebe- magar..

jassi cuts bebe off again.

jassi- nahin, ye meri zid hai!

bebe and amrit say together- hum dono ko tho  bohat kaam hai, hum to jaa rahe hai!       and with that both of them leave.

amraan turns to face jassi.

armaan- mujhe kya karna hoga?

jassi giggles and says- baat to bohat choti hai, magar tumare liye shayad mushkil hosaktha hai....papaji aur mein isi lake par hamesha ek boat lekar jate the..ek din jaab hum lake ke beech mein aaye, to mera saabse pyari choodi isi naadi mein ghir gaya. is din taak mein us choodi ko dhoondthi aarahi hu....aagar tumne us choodi ko mere liye laadiya, to tum jo mangoge mein wo tumhe dedoongi.

nandu- magar jassi wo choodi tho kahin par bhi abhi ho saakti hai!

jassi- mujhe koi farak nahin padtha...armaan ko ye tho karna hi hoga!

Jassi knows that armaan will look for 10 minutes max...and then he would come back beaten, and she would get an excuse for not kissing him. She loves seeing him suffer for not getting a final kiss from her.

jassi- so ready armaan?

armaan- bas itni si baat hai? ye choodi tho mein tumare liye laakar hi rahoonga!

with that armaan takes of his sandals, rolls up his pants, and takes off his shirt Embarrassed and jumps into the cool water. He screams because he wasnt expecting the water to be so cold. nandu, beauty and jassi and govinda all start laughing.

Armaan takes a dive and no one sees him for about a minute, he then resurfaces about 1 minute and starts heading for the middle of the lake. He finally reaches the middle of the lake when he again dives down to look for the choodi. An hour passes and armaan has still not given up his quest for finding jassi's lost choodi. Jassi starts to get worried, the water temperature is starting to drop every 10 minutes, and if armaan doesnt come out soon he could face hypothermia and freeze to death.

jassi- armaan!!.........  ;           ;        jassi calls out worried. She gets no response.

Jassi- armaan!!!  ;           ;     she tries again. finally she can hear the faint voice of armaan coming out from another pointless dive to the bottom of the lake.

jassi- armaan abhi wapas aajao, barish hone wali hai aur abhi pani bhi bohat taanda ho chuka hai!

armaan- nahin jassi!...mein wo choodi doond kar hi rahoonga!..

armaan dives down yet again.  A messenger comes from the village to inform nandu that he is needed back at the house. Beauty tells him that she will go with him, and govinda also agrees to help nandu on whatever task he needs to do back home. As they all leave, dark clouds start thundering in the sky. 3 hours have passed since armaan went into the chilled waters. Jassi starts pacing worridely. another hour passes, and its raining hard now, jassi is soaking wet, and still no sign of armaan.  Finally jassi sees his hand out of the water, waving at her and holding what else but her choodi!!... jassi is utterly excited, but her excitement turns to horror when she realises that armaan is thrashing his arms, his head below the water.

Jassi- ARMAAAN!!!!!!....  ;           ;     jassi screams in horror. She jumps into the water and starts screaming for someone to help armaan.

Jassi- koi hai!!! baachao....please mere armaan ko baachao!!..

she goes in deeper and deeper into the water, knowing that she cant swim at all.  She remembers when she tried to save rohan from the sea's crushing waves as he was being dragged out to sea. She goes in deeper and deeper, until she can barely even keep her head above the water. She dives down into the water and thrashes her arms and legs as best as she can. Her lungs start aching for air, and she panics to get to the top of the lake. Her lungs are bursting with pain now, yet she still continues searching for armaan. Finally she cant take it anymore, her arms and legs go numb, and she opens her mouth to breath, but swallows water. She coughs, and faints into her watery grave.

Armaan- jassi....jassi.....

jassi opens her eyes to see armaan standing over her. She coughs and spits out the remaining water in her mouth. Armaan hugs jassi tightly. She notices that the choodi that she had risked armaan's life for now rested beside her.

jassi- i'm so sorry...  ;           ;           she breaks into tears.

armaan- tumne to mujhe daara hi diya tha!...kyun pani mein tum utri?... tum jaanthi ho na ke tumhe terna nahin aata!

jassi- ha magar jaab meine tumhe dheka ke tum...

armaan puts his finger over jassi's lips.

armaan- mein to mazak kar raha tha! i cant believe ke tumne...

jassi pulls armaan close to her and kisses him as hard as she can, armaan is completely surprised, and kisses her back. She pulls away.

armaan- wo kiske liye tha?...

jassi- meri jaan baachane ke liye...

armaan- aacha...aur tumari choodi lane ke liye?....

jassi giggles and kisses him again...they kiss with such passion. Armaan takes jassi's wet dupata and throws it aside as he starts kissing her neck. He tugs at her wet salwar, and jassi is almost ready to do whatever he wants when papaji's voice rings through her ears.  "mein jaantha hu ke tum khabhi aisa koi kaam nahin karogi jise humhe humara sir neeche karna pade....."

jassi- nahin armaan....nahin...                             she pushes him off of her and grabs her dupata...armaan is yet again surprised.

armaan- kya hua jassi?...

jassi- humari shaadi kal hone hi wali hai, hum tab tak intizaar kar sakte hain!

armaan- magar mein...

jassi stops him.

Jassi- armaan, hum aapni maan mariyada paar karahe sab shaadi ke pehale karna mein nahin maanti. Mein aisa kuch bhi nahin karoongi jise meri family ko takleef pohanche!

armaan- teek hai jassi, hum aisa kuch bhi nahin karenge....magar shaadi ke suhag raat par tum aisa nahin kahogi na?

jassi- wo to dheka jayega!

they both giggle, and jassi gets up and starts running away from armaan. Armaan grabs his sandals and shirt as he chases after jassi.

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That was simply beautifulClap  PLEASE post the next part as soon as possible. THANX

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Posted: 2005-06-26T15:42:12Z
thanks alot roshni....i was looking forward to this and this was simply wonderful!!!!  Thank  you so much!!!

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Posted: 2005-06-26T16:15:38Z


that was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8!

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Posted: 2005-07-09T19:26:02Z
Jassi is HELL boringgggggggg
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Posted: 2005-07-09T20:52:55Z
wow!!!!!!!!!that was brilliant!!Clap
thanks a lot........
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Posted: 2005-07-09T22:04:58Z
well, i think jassi and purab will get married.Clap
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Posted: 2005-07-10T00:00:32Z
Woo-Hoo!!!!  Awesome!!!!

Thanks again Roshni!!!Smile  I love it!!!!!

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