os:Chance to love again

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note:thus is after leap os wheree priya has no daughter!!

and sorry i have not a very good command on english.

He is pacing from one corner to another, but his mind isn't working properly.his mind is trying to forget her, trying to forget someones else gaze on her.trying to erase the feeling of someone else touching her that makes him go wild, but he cant do anything but to suffer silently.he can feel the thumping of his heart in his chest ,thin line of sweat on his forhead.theses are all the effects of seeing his wife with that damn man.

No priya!!i wont allow you to have your ways' will make you suffer.i wont let you go.i will make you cry the way you did it to me for five long years' will rip your heart the way you did. you owe me every breath of your lif,and he fell on his knees and cried his heart out.

On the other side of the city,priyais sitting in her apartment, thinking  about last night events shouldn't dance with rajat sir,uuuff priya how can you ignore your situation. how can you not able to see RAM!!

RAM...she sighed. how i wish to hug you ram and not leaving you.how i wish to lay my head on your chest and listen the heart of yours. how i wish to feel your frangrance.how i wish to make you understand that i left your for your sake.how i wish you to understand me, forgive me!!tears rolled down from her eyes."i will make you understand"you cannot abandon me.i know you are angry then be it Mr.Ram kapoor.i am ready for everything.

Next morning priya went to Ram's office.

Priya:i need to see mr.kapoor

Receptionist: ma'am sir is busy in his meeting.you can wait if you want to.

P:yaa  ill wait.

After meeting Ram came to know that priya wants tomeet and waiting for him.he intentionally let her wait for another two hours. she knows that he is doing it delibratly but she is determined to have her man back.

He called priya in.

She knocked the door politely and came in.

She is entering in his office after five long years.interior has changed but the atmosphere  is same. everything in this office defines him and the specific smell of his cologne mix with the cigrtae smoke makes her more nervous. she take a deep breath to control her nerves but apparently fails miserably.


He is facing towards the window of his office.not bothering to reply.not because of anger or hate.he is tring not to run towards his wife's  and crush her by hugging her.he takes a deep breath to control his nerves. lets begin my sweetheart"

Ram:why are you here!!wihout turning towards her

Priya:i want to talk to you she meekly said.

Ram:and waht exactly do you want to talk MISS PRIYA ,he tried to said it coldly but the hurt in his voice was visible.

Priya:i will answer your every question just give me a chance to explain RAM

Ram:DONT YOU DARE TO CALL ME by my name ,he immediately faced her with a rage in his eyes his breathing isn't normal.and the lookon his face  made priya cringed.teras form in her eyes.he is staring at her face, facial expression has changed from hurt and anger to love and excitement to see his wife,the vision in front of him do wonders to himself. she has become more beautiful, more attractive and more desirable.ohh Ram what are you thinking ,grab your self.this is not a time to ogle her ...if she knows what i am thinking she would run from here, he recovered from his fantasy with a sound of sniffing of his beautiful vision .

He slowly walked towards her and priya instantly tried to remove the tears and compose herself but miserably fails. now he is in front of her "so you want to answer my questions"

He said huskily and there she looks right into his eyes. they both couldn't say a word to each other, she can see the love for her in his eyes "yes" she said slowly and lowering her eyes.

Ram: lock th door. And he turned towards the stereo and on it

Priyas nervousness and fear has increased now she gave him a questioning look, confirming if she heard it right

Ram:i said lock the DAMN door he shouted. she immediately turned and lock the door but stays there, her hand still on the door knob.shes trying to gauge what he is thinking, her legs are trembling knowing the extent of his anger.

And here a song starts ,"common dance with me "ram take off his blazer and loosen his tie. she can feel the thumping of her heart in her chest, slight blush appear on her cheeks and she walks towards him, she merely stands and ram grabs her from her waist and jerked her towards him,she crashed her head on his chest and a strong smell of his perfumes hit her nerves and  she feels her legs like  a jelly she grab him by his shoulders  not to fall.ram tighten his grip on her waist and starting roaming his hands on her bare wais,he can feel her rapid breathing ...raaam she moaned.

So you like to dance he asked trying to recover from sudden intimacy she looked questiongly at him. what??

YOU LIKE TO DANCE OR IS IT RAJAT WITH WHOM YOU LIKE TO DANCE ...there  is a rage and hurt in his voice and he slightly scratch her back...she looked right into his eyes ,fresh tears  appeared i  her eyes but what trigred him most was the feeling of hurt that appear in her eyes.

"what are you saying "she tried to wriggle herself out of his grip,he tightens hus grip more painfully. they both can feel each others body

Don't you dare to do that again.asnwer the damn question, he moved his head to her ear and started kissing her down to her neck,his hands are still roaming on her back and priya cant do anything but to enjoy his wrath, he bit her in her neck,aaahh ram stop it please. he is not in a mood to listen he licks that area and asked her same question. "so you enjoyed the dance with rajat ,MISS PRIYA"

Ram its not that what you think,he is my boss and he has been very helpful when i was in DUBAI .he is nothing more than that, it was just a dance.

Ohhh JUST A DANCE,touchng your body also includes in DANCE. How can i forget!!you stayed there in his apartment, you definitely owed him that.

RAAMMM...priya shouted and pushed him hard with all her might he stumbles back with the sudden force but regain immediately.

You know what i came here to apologize want to make the thing right but surprise!! You do nt even respect me now!! And she walks towards the door before she knows ram grabbed her from her elbow and pinned her to the wall. she feels the heavy breathing of him on her shoulder.priya face is facing the wall and he sticks his body with her..

Ram leave me..Please!!she tried to free herself  in vain.

I cant leave you, his hold on her loosened and she faced him. standing mere inches away he looked into her eyes, and said i am not that strong to leave you, even after knowing that you are alive and you betrayed me ,you left me i am not that strong to leave you and you know why!! He smiled at her and tears started flowig from his eyes...because i love you

Priya hugged him and cried ram please forgive me,just one chance and  ill explain why i left.

I love you too but...he pushed her out of hug and said there is no IFS and BUTS when you love someone priya ,leaving me was your choice don't  call it love..because true love give you strength to face world ,not leaving your so called love!!

What do you want ram?? Still standing there.

He smilled cynically!!as if you asked me before leaving. he sat on sofa and closed his eyes.there was a complete silence she slowly approached him and sat beside him.he can feel her prescene but not acknowledging her.and then he felt her hands on his head crsssing his hair lovingly,forgetting there situation he remained there enjoying her feel on his skin.he then silently put his head on her lap  and she kept crassing his hairs.

His face is now almost touching her stomach and he can see the glowing skin throught her sari pallu,she became instantly aware of there position and tried to move but ram has already started what he was longed to do since he first saw after five years...and he kissed her on her navel ,her sari pallu was still between his lips and skin, ram i should go said priya with a racing breath,but ram hold her hands in his and remove the sari palu,there she is all glowing her cleavage is giving him totally wild view .now she is on his mercy..and ram is nit going to leave her any time soon,he came on top of her ,and attacked her lips hs hands are busy getting rid of her clothes when he touches her breast a current ran into her body and she tried to hug him oohhh raam...his experienced hand grab both her curves ad began to fondle them she keep moaning he bit her neck every now and then and licksit to soothe her pain, the pain she missed ,the pain she longed for.now she is desperate to feel his skin and wants him to get rid of his clothes, he feels her desperation and said huskily someone is quite desperate and nipped her ear...aaahh she moaned for nth time.pleae ram don't torture me like that ,he immediately stand and with no time he took off his clothes right in front of her and she felt extremely shy and closed her eyes.now ram only in his boxers and sat beside her ...your turn my love. Shedding all the inhabitations ,they made love right on the sofa. After conquering each other body and soul priya laying on him he was caressing her bare back. Thinking about the turn of events how he wanted to make her suffer, how he wanted to revenge for every single day he spent without her...but his love for her is far more than those feelings.

Ram ...give me a chance ,give our love a CHANCE ...and he kissed her on her head.

the end

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Posted: 2017-04-13T11:43:02Z
wow. superb n hot os. ye Dil mange more. kaash yaar balh me aisa hota
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2017-04-13T12:42:06Z
Lovely os...beautiful n romantic too
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Posted: 2017-04-13T13:48:15Z
Very romantic os n pls keep writing more
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Posted: 2017-04-13T23:12:35Z
Originally posted by Rayaland

Very romantic os n pls keep writing more

Agree with you...
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Posted: 2017-04-13T23:13:17Z
Nice update yaar...
Keep writing...
Come soon with next update...
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Posted: 2017-04-14T02:21:48Z
Their was only a hint of love in Ram anger which he shows to Priya but with again consummation of love RaYa have their love second chance
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Posted: 2017-04-14T12:38:30Z
It's totally different but an fab os keep on writing more...
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