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New thread aaya mujhe pata bhi nahi chalaShocked
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i hope ur not serious...

u only said we are about to end one part of story we can see prologue,

now epi???
ummm waitinggg
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@idunno: thank you for the beautiful words. the poem was touching. saving it for future use.Embarrassed

@sheen: arrey yaar... tum tho shayara ban gayi. LOL
Loved all the poems woman... apne andar ke uss soye hue
shayara ko jagao aur hume bhi apni zahanat se nawazoEmbarrassed

@impoojaverma: you always come up with something new.
thank you for such kind words.
 Book... I don't know. ConfusedMay be one day if god wills it. Embarrassed
I believe such kind of men are there in this world but then its rare to have such deeper understanding.
the one who has it, will be the one someone like Maan.
The Last line-- Agar wo khwaab hain tho tabeer karke dekhte hain.
My most fav lines in the entire updtEmbarrassed so glad you asked.
 meaning, if she is a dream, then let me be the one to interpret/understand her.
song is marked! thank you.
keep writing such awesome blossom words. makes me write more for you.

@Twilightsparkle: thank you di... you are awesome. Maan, like I always say, is not a perfect man in this story. he has his flaws too.

@Madhuri di: Mercurial Man doesn't have pass lock. he has app-lock.LOL

@sindhu.motwani2: so glad you commented. thank you so much. keep dropping your comments from time to time like this.Embarrassed

@ammara6: hi silent reader and glad that you commented. and people like these do exist. but its rare..
may be one in a million types. but then again,
we cannot be pessimistic about it. we get who we deserve.
p.s my friend sundari replied to you on pg 142. do check.

@Sundari: I agree with that girl boy relation. I feel the same too. But yes, such type of relationship does exist between
people of same gender but its rare and it happens when the age factor comes to play. will explain that later in our gang. but am
so glad you put this forward. Society doesn't accept this but I do believe a boy and girl's relationship, be it love or friendship or
anything else for that matter, is one of the most beautiful bonds one could ever come across.

thanks a ton sweets. they are sailing in new waters right now. lets see if they drift apart or come closer.Wink

@indiegirl: Oh my, how is your FIL doing? I hope he gets well soon.
And what more can I say for the comment... You just pick out all that behind the lines and put forward.
I can do nothing but feel blessed to have you here. a mere thank you wouldn't suffice but still, thank you. Maan and Kanha have
a very subtle link, which is difficult to see in the words.
but you always surprise me...Hug

@paponecon: hahaha its okay dear. how is your FIL doing?

@Redross: thank you for the beautiful comment. for the question you put forward, I connected to the characters of Maan and Geet
more than GC and DD to be honest. they portrayed yes, all credits to them for such awesome portrayal. but I believe what they
projected on screen touched me the most. and even though i do not imagine gc or dd while i write, these two names have been
synonymous to my writing now. I can write any kind of story with these two names. they are eteched in the heart. and I do not
imagine maan and geet from the show when i type. they are entirely different entities in my head, two people of my own making.

@CrystalSaya: Love Makes Life beautiful is my fav too..Heart

45.The One Epilogue

"If you're happy in a dream...does that count?...
...The happiness-does it count?"
                  -The God of Small Things.

1 Month Later,

The rocking chair went back and forth... back and forth and she swung along with it. Her feet resting on the footrest, she placed the book on her bosom and her eyes closed. She felt much at peace and thoughts came back. The gentle breeze from the bay window seeped into the study and danced around her, weaving magic and pushing her brain into the realms of the past. And she saw him... clicking photographs of the setting sun. She saw Ana squealing in happiness after she joined KE and then she saw Kabir, dancing on a Shammi Kapoor song. She had never felt so... this happiness. And even today, she had strolled into the study. Ana was working on the project she was handling with Kabir. The client had been demanding. And since she wasn't involved in any of it, she had gone to the study and found her peace.

Even when he wasn't there!

Maan was out on a trip and she didn't fear that now. She had gone into the study, picked one of the books from his shelves and made herself comfortable on the rocking chair that was once dadima's favourite. She didn't feel lonely or the fact that she didn't miss him. That was a change she had found within herself after coming back from Miami. She had no idea what exactly changed but that was for good. She loved this space she had gathered all for herself now.

Will you be getting married Maan?

She had asked once again, long after the Miami trip, to which he had just smiled.
Her favourite thing in the world that brightened her mood like a shining sun!

When I do, you will be the first one to know...

That was all he had answered then.

She woke up to the singing of a robin may be and stretched herself. She looked around and found herself still in the study. Her neck ached and she rolled her head sideways to break the kinks. The book on her bosom slipped and fell to the ground. It was still dark outside, she noticed. She never realized when she had slept off.

His answer that day had done something to her. His answer, if anything, had convinced her that he wasn't going away. He had said no to the girl he had met up in Miami. She had asked him about that too, his reasons. And he had simply shrugged saying they didn't click.  She had smiled then and chided him for being so choosy. But then, she wasn't going to lose him.

We share nothing...

And they did share nothing. But she knew she was habituated now. With his presence in her life. With that smile of his. With his weird ways of talking. With his bitter coffee. She was addicted to his mere presence in her life. That she had come to realize.

And that felt liberating... this acceptance of "them".


"Oh Ana...I will mess up." She cried, staring at the red stilettos that her friend had gifted her on her birthday.

"You shut up woman." Ana scolded, "You are wearing this and going. And You won't mess up yaar...chill."

Geet looked at her feet and sighed. This was it. The Ball. Basically, it wasn't a ball. It was just a college party with a theme. Saturday night it was and they were ready to go. Ana left to look for her own shoes and she looked at Kabir dejectedly.

"Mi Bella.. Please. You are going to break hearts today. Don't make such faces."

She rolled her eyes and rested her hands on her waist, "I cannot walk in those heels."

Kabir removed one of his hands from the pocket and extended it towards her. She took it and he brought her close to him, "You have been practising Geet.."

"Yeah like what? For three days!"

He smiled and put on some music on his phone and rested his other hand on her waist and pulled her close, "How about a last minute practice?"

"Whaa...NO! Kabir I will fall down." She clutched his arms tightly.

"Shut up. Think it up as a final rehearsal before your performance." He winked at her and she giggled.

He led her and she swayed along, conscious of her steps every single time.

"Geet... don't think about the shoes. Look at your partner. The more you get conscious, the more you have the chances of messing up."

She smiled mischievously, "Well versed with the ways of women, aren't you Mr. Kabir Khurana?"

He smiled back with pride, "God Gifted, Mi Bella..."

"No Wonder Emily is charmed..." she teased and then stopped abruptly, recalling their meeting.

Oh Kanha... how can I forget?

She looked up at Kabir and saw something akin to a fleeting emotion and then it was gone. He was back to his playful side.

"I am nothing if not a charmer Mi Bella..."

She kept looking at him for a while and spoke up, "Kabir, about Emily..."

He stopped abruptly and left her, taking a step back, "Ohh No! Let me get Maan Bhai's camera. You pretty ladies must be captured..."

She watched him run up the stairs and found herself alone in that hall.

Eh lo! Everyone left me alone. That Ana... she must be searching for her shoes now. Uff...

She looked around the empty hall and decided to walk around to make herself comfortable.

Geet... You can do it!

"Careful right... careful left...You don't wanna fall and be left red faced.."  she hummed in a sing-song manner and walked around on the soft rug, her eyes focussed on her feet, trying to balance herself on the 6 inch heels.


A sudden bark and a howl startled her and she stumbled against the foot of the centre table and lost her balance.


She wasn't even falling but she knew she would twist her ankle if she didn't balance herself. trying to hold on to anything around, she felt someone hold her firm by her shoulders from behind and still her.

Kabir...thank God...

"Careful might just not want to limp throughout the party."

Her eyes widened in surprise and her lips curved into a big smile.

"Maan...Oh my god..."

She turned back to see him and lost her balance again. He quickly steadied her by her waist and let out a sigh.

"What's wrong with you Miss Handa?"

She watched him in awe. He had been away for one week and she had never realized how much she had missed him until this moment... Until she saw his twinkling eyes and heard that familiar voice that always cast some magic on her.

He had never expected to find his little tornado looking absolutely beautiful in a red knee length dress and shoes. She had been dressed up for the party. He had known because Ana had filled him up with details. He watched her face light up with a joy he had missed all these days and her hands went around his neck
pulling him in her soft embrace.

She felt like a gentle breeze in his arms, taking away his tiredness. And he held her back, softly.

"I missed you..."

He smiled at her naivety.

She broke the hug and looked straight into his eyes wanting to say something but his gaze made her conscious. He looked at her with something she couldn't understand and looked down suddenly feeling conscious. Her hands still remained on his shoulders.

She her let her hair down and that slight make up was something new he saw on her. She looked so pink. He let one of his fingers gently swipe that hair away from her eyes, "You look beautiful."

And she turned red like a tomato.

She curled into herself and her fingers clutched his shoulders tighter, wrinkling his shirt. Never had she felt so conscious of herself and him saying that to her did something to her stomach.

He laughed seeing her so and his voice echoed in that room.

"Geet.. You are blushing." He teased.

She had always loved that laughter of his. And even now, she couldn't help but raise her head up to see that face that she had missed all these days.

Her addiction.



She gasped and looked to the side and found Kabir with the camera.

"OMG...Bhai... stay there. let me capture some more. This is so awesome."

Maan shook his head and gently pulled his hands away from her waist. She glanced back at him.

-Click click click-

"Kabir stop."

Maan picked up his suit and looked at Raj-the pup who was the first one to notice Maan and had been so conveniently forgotten and walked to his room. She stood there, watching him retreat.

We don't have a picture together.

Do you want one?

Kabir went closer to her and grinned, "This is the best picture I could capture of both of you. Bhai has sure taken a liking towards you Mi Bella.."


She woke up lazily and found Ana still sleeping. They had a wonderful time at the party and got back home late. She had stayed in the estates since Thursday and this was just Sunday. She still had a day before she met up with her boss on Monday. She giggled and slept off again holding Ana.

Life was easier now, smoother after she knew that things should be left as they were at times. Questioning everything doesn't help. And thus, she was at peace with herself.

The storm within her ceased and now, what she lived was one epilogue of one part of her life. Things like college and job still bothered her. Things like baking and reading still made her smile. But still...something remained.

They spent the entire day lazing around. Maan remained in his room, catching up with his sleep. She just enjoyed the day with the rest of the family, with good food and good vibes. She couldn't wait to reach office the next day. She felt it weird...this feeling of goodness. How much she had hated work when she had interned at the tenth floor but it didn't seem that bad now.

I am just habituated to everything...hai na Kanha?

By evening, she had nothing to do. Kabir and Ana were busy with some presentation because the clients they were supposed to meet were visiting the next day. They retreated to their place of work in the house and she wandered like a cloud. Maan was still invisible to her and so, she decided to just catch up with her studies. The mid terms were close now. And she had to  perform well.


He walked towards his study tapping something on the phone. He had been sleeping the entire day and decided to work a bit after talking to his mom and recalled the day he had returned the ring.


Radhika watched the blue velvet box in front of her and then at her son in surprise.

"Maan what is this? You said no to them?"

He smiled, a slight one, "Yes."

She wanted to say something but then thought otherwise. She picked up the box and looked at the ring lovingly.

"When are you going to tell us about her'?"

He looked at her stunned for a moment, "How...?"

She smiled, "I am not your grandmother Maan but I am definitely your mother. And I know there is someone. So, when are you introducing her to us?"

His surprise morphed into amusement and her face flashed in front of his eyes.

"Not right now."

"What? Why? That's not fair son.." his mother seemed impatient like a child.

He smiled and visualized his little tornado always in a mess. Looking at his mom, he shrugged, "She is not ready right now..."

"But how can that be..Maan.. your father and I would love to meet her. What is it about getting ready?"

He shook her head and hugged his mom sideways, "Its not about you mom... its about her."

"And what is it about her?"

"well..." he sighed, "she is a raging storm right now. And I need her to unleash all of her potential until she is settled. May be then..."


 He felt fresh... after the much needed sleep and stopped by the door. The lights were on. He checked the time and peeped in. Faint music floated in the air and his curiosity got the better of him.

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

He softly strode across the antechamber and stood by the arch that led to his study. He had never heard this song and so, he just watched.

There she was, lying on the floor on her stomach, supporting herself by her elbows and her legs folded up in the air and crossed at the ankles. She wore her striped pyjama bottoms and a loose grey t-shirt. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and a few curls dangled down. The music was playing on her phone and she bobbed her head to the music. Books were splayed over the soft warm rug and she seemed lost.

His lips curled into a smile...she looked adorable, chewing that tip of the pen. And then, she sang...

Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

His heart melted into a puddle of goodness right there. How he wished he had his camera right now...he could have captured that innocence with his lens. He sighed... this woman, no wonder, had taken all his attention.

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna

She hummed along with the music and swayed her feet to the rhythm, singing along.


His voice startled her and the pen fell down. She glanced up and found him standing, leaning against the wall, hands crossed over his chest, looking at her with that lopsided grin of his.

"Maan..."  she quickly sat up and paused the music on her phone.

"You sure you're not participating in American Idol this season?"

Her eyes widened for a bit and then narrowed back at him, "You were eavesdropping? That's not good..."

She sat up cross-legged and pushed that curl of hair behind her ears. He walked closer and knelt in front of her.

"I am not deaf Geet... your voice was echoing in the whole mansion and I thought there was hyena laughing around. I had to check..."

If she was happy to see him a moment ago, he made sure she got angry. She puffed up her cheeks, "hyena? How dare you, you monster?"

He leaned closer to her and looked straight into her eyes, holding her captive, "what will you do Geet? Hmm? Hit me?"

He was so close that she felt his warm breath falling on her lips and she trembled in her stillness. His dark orbs held her firm on her place and she breathed in sharply.

That cologne...

It filled her senses with a weird calmness and she sighed in pleasure. She couldn't even blink her eyes away. She was seeing him this close after so long... warmth spread over her cheeks and his lips slowly curved into a smile and then he moved back with a chuckle.

Her lips felt the cold breeze of the night and it was then she realized she had been holding her breath for those few moments.

He watched her lost and shook his head. Lovingly, he patted her head, "What are you doing on the floor?"

She blinked a couple of times to come out of that dazed state and looked at her books around.

"Oh..I was studying..."

She watched him stand up, keep his slippers away and sit on the floor beside her.

"On the floor?" he raised a brow.

She sighed and closed the notebook, "Yeah. Mid-terms are around and Ana is busy with Kabir. I thought why not just finish the syllabus..."

His smile made her happy because she understood what it meant.


...for her!

"You could sit on the chair na.." he didn't pat her back for the effort she was making on her studies.

"I was uncomfortable..." she flipped the pages to a new chapter.

He cocked his head to the side, "Do you even know that there is a huge table by the side which you could have used?"

Silly girl..

She glanced at the table for a second and then pressed her index finger on her lips, looking at him, "Shhh Shh... that is my boss's table."

He looked at her incredulously, "and whats wrong in that?"

With her big eyes, she leaned closer and whispered in his ears, "My Boss doesn't like his things to be touched. He is a sadu you know.."

She was in a playful mood...

He held back the shock at the names she had come up with and decided to give her back in kind. Quick on his moves, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her close. She lost her balance and fell on him. one hand of his holding her by her neck, the other supported her by her waist.

"Maan..." she gasped.

"So, Miss Handa, you have problems using your boss's table but you do have the guts to stay in your boss's study late night?"

Her eyes widened seeing that smirk on his face.

"Isn't it immoral?"

He breathed on her cheek and she felt her skin erupting in goose pimples. His voice beckoned her to remain numb in his arms and she let out a dragged breath, conscious of the closeness. The warmth of his palm on her neck, slowly seeped into her skin, making her heart thud. He coaxed out reactions from her...she realized now. and if she didn't move away, she was sure she'd faint right there.
With trembling hands, she held him, that remained at her neck and managed to mumble out.

"L...let go of"

And in the next moment, she found him laughing his head off. He released her and looked away laughing. He just rattled her and that look on her face just made him laugh.

She sank back to her place and took deep long breaths to calm those erratic heartbeats and watched his shoulders shake.

"You are so mean..." she complained.

He looked back at her, his eyes rife with mischief, "and you are so easy to scare..."

She twisted her lips, "The monster is in a good mood today. I wonder who he ate on his trip..."

He stretched his legs and supported himself with his hand, leaning back, "Jealous much? Come to office tomorrow then..."

She rolled her eyes and tried to concentrate on her subject, "I was so glad that the monster wasn't back to the torture from tomorrow..Kanha, help your

"You should have been careful before speaking bad things about the monster Geet.."

"Hmm Hmmm.." she yawned, mumbling her words.

"Go to sleep if you are tired."

She took the book and leaned to her side, falling on his shoulder, "I have to finish this chapter. Then."

He watched her lovingly, leaning on his shoulder and making faces to the book as if it could see and patted her cheek softly with the other hand.

"I am so happy for you Geet.." he confessed.

She glanced up at him for a while and saw him look at her intently and smiled.
His acceptance meant so much...

She didn't speak but went back to leaning on his shoulder, "I am too..."

They remained so for a while with nothing but silence around them until she felt him move.

She straightened and looked at him hopefully, "Are you leaving?"

He gave her a soft smile and stood up, "No. I will be working a bit."

"You won't mind me studying here, will you?"

He leaned and dropped a kiss on her forehead, "Not until you start screaming like a hyena..."

He walked to the table and she made faces at that remark.

It was almost after an hour that he put the file down and glanced at her. he had forgotten she had been at all when it came to work. And what surprised him was not her presence but the concentration with which she was studying. She sat still on the floor, making notes, scribbling something and underlining points and she hadn't made a bit of noise in the past one hour that he had been there.

No wonder he had not felt her presence...

His little tornado has come a long way now, he gathered. She was not that little leaf floating aimlessly in the water now. She was fighting. She may be at the bottom of the ladder but she was making efforts. Nothing but that made him happy...immensely happy. He wanted to just go ahead and hug her once for simply trying' but he knew better than that.

She raised her hands and stretched herself breaking the kinks and then swiped those hairs away from her face. his heart skipped beats.

The pen went back to her lips and she stilled for a while, doing some mental calculations, he presumed. And when she could find a solution, her eyes twinkled in joy. She stretched her legs and leaned down on her notebook. He sighed. She was a baby at heart.

And he had fallen in love with that heart...


Oh No! Kanha...why? I hope Ana doesn't see him.

She gaped at the man in front of her and made faces.

"Anything wrong Miss Handa?"

She jumped at the voice and looked at her boss, who glared at her. they were in a first formal meeting with their new clients and she couldn't curse anymore.

"Nothing Sir."

"Call Kabir and Antara and tell them to come here quickly. They are late."

She thought for a while and pushed her luck.


"Umm?" he replied dryly.

"Is Anatra needed in the meeting today? I think Kabir would be enough."

He glanced at her once and she gulped down that knot in her throat, "She is working with them so yes, Miss Handa. She is required."

She prayed to her Kanha and made quick calls.

Ana was happy. It was her first project where she was involved directly. She opened the door and flashed a smile, "Good Morning Every..."

She stopped, seeing Arjun smile back at her and still in her tracks. A wave of nostalgia mixed with anger and hurt crushed her and the files dropped from her hands.

What The...?!!!
>>So, how many of you thought this was the end??Wink

>>We are entering another phase of the story now.Embarrassed

>>Lets see if we can find maaneet romancing in the upcoming updt now that Maan knows he is in love.LOL

>>Uff Arjun is back!!!D'oh

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LOL 1st like 1st comment...

ummm after years its actually happened doing this thing haha.

missing old days..

running to read update
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Finally... Finally main aa hi gayi... Comment Unreserved karneLOLLOL... Aur wo bhi 2nd place peEmbarrassed Are zara Dhol Nagade to Bajwao... Roz thodi n mere comment unreserve hote hai LOL...
Ok Enough of mellow drama... Now coming to an update... Well I don;t know why but this story of yours is my favorite amongst all of your stories till date and i just get transported to some another world when i read this... May be because i can relate to Geet of this story a very well...

This whole update was just beautiful and you were write in saying it as an epilogue of first phase... Geet had managed herself pretty well and getting out from her fears and insecurities of being left alone... Sometimes all you need is just someone who assures you that he'll be there for you no matter what and i guess Geet got that much needed assurance in form of Maan...

I like the idea of Maan of not giving any name to the relationship and i agree with the reasoning too... Because Geet is still not got over that phase of her life till now and hence it will just create more complications... Sometimes it's good just to go to the flow and that's what happening over here...

Their Relationship has went through major transformation and i just totally love the portrayal of both the characters... Maan being the mature one and Geet like a child lost in crowd who needs someone to show her the right path has been portrayed so well...

I am just in love with this Maan... And happy to see that he realized his feelings for her yet not trying to impose anything on her yet... I guess it will still take some more time for Geet to figure out her own feelings which is not going to happen anytime sooner (yes i still remember the prologue partLOL)
So Arjun is back... I wonder what new storm will he bring in the life of Ana... Waiting to see her way of handling all the situations... I know she is more mature than Geet but at the end of the day she too is a girl who is heartbroken... But i guess she is going to handle the matter a very well professionally...  Will wait to see how it's gonna unfold further...

Please Please Please Update soon... Which you do anywaysLOL ... Awesome Part

Luv AakritiSmile

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You know in what state I'm right now Miss.Kawaii I'm feeling like I'm gonna die cause of my unbearable pains here I've come online after whole day and you are saying epilogue Shocked

Do you wish to die in my Hand that You are saying like this??? Angry

Meri comment bhi baki hain Ouch

And I do happy dance when I see you have replied to me once again... OMG...

Its just unbelievable Shocked

I've come back to back twice on reply list ohh It's overwhelming and all credits goes to my bok bok Tongue

I was waiting for hatrick but All in vain Cry

I could not comment ...

Just arrived yesterday and from then I'm working continuously despite of all pain Cause I've to take care of my mother and for her I can bear all this...

I may come less online and will stop reading all story but you know whom I will not ever leave it's you and Mr.Sensible v Embarrassed

I'll comment its confirm but when I don't know I've very shortage of time...

let's talk about Mr.Sensible last time ok Smile

Cause As I'll come less online I cannot spam here or post like before but Mr.Sensible is always there with me right ..

and This story and threads are in full rest now ...but that doesn't mean I'll leave you alone I'll always trouble you with my bok bok until you get fed up...

Love you Miss.Kawaii ..

Bless you
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Lovely update 
Waiting for next update. . . 
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haaye haaye lovely update... seeing maan's love towards his little tornado..Embarrassedbechari geet kuch samajh nahi paarahi hai... koi na ab monster bangaya pyaara monster wo khud samjhayega geet ko WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedthey both are so comfortable with eachother... study part was so beautiful... maan teasing geet.. and geet giving him namesLOLLOLLOLab dekhna hai maan apne little tornado ko kaise confess karega.. le ab arjun ki entry hogayi hai..D'ohana ka kya hoga... aur yeh emiley ka kya chakkar hai .. uske naam sunthe hi kabir aisa kyun react kiyaConfused
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