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47.He Was A Man She Had Never Met Before...

She looked here and there and rushed into the nearby cafe, looking for an empty seat.

Why dear Lord, just why?

She cried looking around so that she could just hide until the plague named Arjun was gone. She had a meeting in a nearby hotel along with Arjun's team and she waited outside for Kabir to wind up all the work and join. The afternoon was bright and she was famished. But the moment she had seen Arjun, she had run away and he followed, calling out to her. he had been trying to talk to her for a while now but she refused to even listen to him. she thought he would eventually give up but he was adamant. She kept her calm during office hours but now that he was being a prick, she just wanted to get rid of him.

She watched him walk towards the cafe through the glass windows and looked for a seat.

Ohh Geet's Kanha, will you ever help me?

She found one last table at a corner which was occupied by a man. She sighed. she could just pretend to be there until Arjun was gone. Quick on her toes, she made her way and plopped herself on the cushioned chair. Looking around, she quickly grabbed the menu card and pretended to read covering her face.

She felt someone tap the menu card on her face. She peeked out and found a pair of dark eyes looking at her curiously.

"Yes?" she asked.

"I think you should take classes on manners." The man snapped.

"what?" she put the card down and took a look at the bearded man in front of her.

Looking not more than 30, the man in the front looked at her in detest. He wore a black tee shirt she noticed and had his sunglasses tucked in his collar.

"I said you need to learn manners!"

She raised her brows, "and why would I do that?"

"Well, you need to see a doctor too."

"what the hell are you talking about?" Ana blasted.

As such she was already troubled with Arjun and this guy wasn't helping either.

He sighed and folded his arms across his chest, "First, if you haven't been taught, then let me tell you that sitting on a table without asking the occupant is absolutely rude. Second, you need to vacate the seat. I am expecting someone here."

"Listen Mister... I have no interest in sitting with you but..."

Her eyes fell on Arjun who had walked into the cafe and quickly tucked her head down, holding the menu card up.

"hey hey...get out now.."

He rolled his eyes seeing a mad woman irritate the heck out of him. as such he was annoyed with the delay and she wasn't helping at all.

"No No...please. let me be..."

He tried pulling away the menu and she clutched it tighter over her face. Ego could take a back seat right now.

"Why the hell would I?"

"Actually there is someone I am hiding from. He is around. So just let me hide for a few minutes. Once he is gone, I will be off."

His nostrils flared in anger, "Listen Missy. I don't have time for your stupid boyfriend games. Now get out."

He held her hand tried pulling her out but that woman stuck to the chair like a magnet.

"Please let me be. I will be gone in 5 minutes. Please." She softened her voice and hoped he'd melt which he did.

"5 minutes and I want you gone."

"sure thing. Umm.. can you just look behind and tell me if a guy in grey suit still here?" she asked meekly.

He rolled his eyes and turned his head back.

Her stomach growled and she peeked her head out only to find a box of fries on the table. Luck couldn't have been better!


He had never seen her this relaxed in the last one month. May be it was her mid terms or something else, but there was such a notable jump in her feet and that smile on her lips, he liked that chirpiness in her. the work was going good and she stayed back in the estates for the week too. he couldn't be happier but he couldn't stick around for long either. He had some important work lined up which took all his time and she hung around with Ana most of the time.

A knock on his door brought him back to the office and he permitted entrance.
She entered with a big smile on her face and placed the coffee mug on the table.

He raised brow quizzically, "I don't remember asking for coffee."

She nodded and stood beside him tapping her foot anxiously, "actually I went to get a coffee for myself and thought why not get one for you... "

He kept looking at her for a minute and sighed, "what do you want?"

He could see her squealing in joy, although trying hard not to let to show but it was so visible. He loosened his tie and relaxed back on the chair.

She was such a child...and she thought she could bribe him with coffee!

"wo... actually...ermm..."

"Geet...hurry up."

"I need your time." She spat out.


"Can you?"

"Geet, you know I am busy..."

She shook her head vigorously, "Nahi Nahi...I just need a few hours after work."


She thought she'd surprise him but then there was no point since he'd have to
drive her anyways.

"Dinner at Ellen's!"

He remained stunned for a while and took his time to gain the humour back.

"You are asking your boss out? That is so against professional ethics, do you realize that?" he pretended to be angry.

Her eyes widened at first and then flushed with that gaze of his.

"Stop making fun of me..."

He crossed his arms across his chest, "No Geet. I am very serious. Asking the boss out is a serious offense it could get you fired plus you will be the next hot gossip topic in office."

She turned red for no apparent reason and watched that lip of his twitch.

He was making fun of her!

She gritted her teeth, "Grrr.. I hate you. Jao... plan cancelled."

He couldn't hold back and chuckled, seeing that angry face as she walked out.

"Geet...Geet...suno tho.." he stood up, grabbed her by her elbow and pulled her back.

She twisted her lips, "Let me go you monster. I don't want to listen to you."

He made her stand in front of him, holding her on place by her shoulders and cocked his head to the side.

"Ab bolo.."

She looked away and he couldn't help falling more for that cuteness.

"Nahi Bolna.."

He rolled his eyes, "Fine. We will go to Ellen's after work."

He left her and she took a U-turn and walked back to her cabin, "I am not going
anywhere with you. The boss will take offence."

She walked towards the door and he fell back on the chair, "I am not giving you an option Miss Handa. You started this, you are going to end this."


He watched her talk animatedly all about her college and her friends and professors throughout the drive and enjoyed it thoroughly. He had never heard her talk so happily before. It could be because he never noticed before or could be because of his own feelings right now, he didn't know. But it felt all so good to hear her. And then realized one thing about her! she had always been easy to read. From the very first day he had seen her in his office. She was expressive and all she needed was someone to just hear her out.

Her eyes widened when she spoke of the professors and her lips curled into smile when she talked of Ana putting people in place who dared mess with her and her fingers moved in the air as if she was painting whatever picture she was describing.

"Happy now?" he stopped at Ellen's and looked at her, smiling.

Her smile widened into a toothy grin, "Yes!! Now hurry up."

She literally dragged him inside and made him sit on the same place where they had the last time.

Thank you kanha... I thought we wouldn't get a place.

She shot a quick prayer her Kanha and found him looking at her with curiosity.


"Now would you tell me why have you brought me here?"

She giggled and flashed her teeth, "Well, this is my treat to you."

His eyes widened in surprise, "a treat? For what?"

"Arrey remember the last time we were here, I had promised I would treat you once I get my salary?"

He smiled softly, recalling that evening, "Geet, you know you don't have to do that..."

"Quoting my boss, I am not giving you an option Mr. Khurana'.." she spoke in a low husky voice that he had not known she was capable of.

He raised one of his brows, "Ah Han..I see"

"yeah. Okay, technically this is not my first salary but anyways, my treat tonight."

He opened his mouth to say something but she beat him to that.

"and you can't say no."

He stopped and raised his hands up in the air, "Fine! Calm down tigress.."

She thrust the menu card on his hands, "now. order whatever you like."

The singing waiter came and much to her surprise, he ordered for her too, taking his liberty.

"Not that I am complaining but how?" she asked.

"How what Geet?"

"How do you know I like spicy chicken wings?"

He smiled, "I know a great deal of things about you."

"But how?"

He tapped his temple with his finger, "I have got a good brain!"

She rolled her eyes, "hah! Don't flatter yourself so much Mr. Khurana. You know because we have had too many dinners together and I keep ordering chicken wings most of the time. Just luck!"

He chuckled, "Try me. I bet I can answer not all but most of the questions about you."

"I can do that too." she uttered with pride.

"About me?"


"then how about we play a game?"

"What game?"

Now this was getting interesting...

He smirked, "How about we play a rapid fire. I ask you things that I like and you answer and vice versa... till the food comes. The one with the most correct answer will be the winner. Okay?"

She thought for a while and nodded her head, "Fine. The one who loses shall treat the other with an ice-cream."

"Fair Enough." He agreed, "ready?"

"Okay. You start."

He kept the phone back in his pocket and she knew he was serious.

"My favourite person?"

She smirked, "Huh! Easy. Dadima!"

"Correct. I started easy."

"Ok my turn. My favourite color?"

He thought for a while and then started, "Umm.. you like bright colors but your favourite is red."

Her eyes went wide, "Correct. How?"'

He smirked, "Moving on, my favourite food?"

She didn't take a second to answer that, "thandi kheer. Cuisine wise, you love Indian."

He shrugged, "Nice Geet. You are good. Keep that coming."

"My favourite place?"

"The cemetery back in Shimla."

She remained stunned, "You remember?"

Of course I remember everything about you..

He was tempted to say that but chose otherwise, "Its been a year to that but oh well, you can't beat this brain!"

He watched some performers go up the stage and then looked at her. she was so engrossed in this conversation that she didn't notice them at all.

"Ok, my favourite book?"

She eased back into her chair and thought for a while, "Umm.. is it In search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust?"

She had seen it on his table quite a number of times but she wasn't sure.

"Oops... wrong. I score a point."

"really? But... anyways what is the answer?"

"Not telling. Shoot your question now."

"Huh! Okay this is a tough one. My favourite sport?"

He seemed to think and she giggled, "take your time."

Turning back, she watched the dancers perform salsa and clapped.

"Could be kayaking or skiing. Not sure."

"Ha!" she turned to him and did a little dance, "I score here!"

"okay... my favourite sport!"

That smug smile on his face irritated her. but she really had no idea about that face of his.

"Do you even play any sports?" she asked out of curiosity.

"yes I do. and it seems you don't know. I score. And I am leading." He teased.

"But..but I have never seen you play! All I have seen you is working."

"Seeing is not always believing my dear..."

She twisted her lips and devised a tougher question, "My biggest fear?"

He didn't even need to think, "To lose the people you love."

Her jaws dropped down as she kept gaping at him like he was an alien and he gave her time.

"How..How do you... arrghh" she tried forming anything but nothing
came out.

Kanha, this man... I just don't

"...are a genius." He completed her sentence with a smile, I know Geet. You
needn't tell me. Okay, my turn. What angers me the most?"

She hadn't even recovered from the shock. How could he know her so well when she hadn't known herself so all this time? And why hasn't she been able to connect to him at that level where he stood when it came to her?

The waiter served their food, interrupting their little game and he saw her lost in her thoughts. He leaned closer and tickled her forehead like he always does. she giggled, "ahh...hehehe."

"where are you lost?"

She looked at him lovingly and shook her head, "Nothing. You do know a lot of me, eh?"

He shrugged and dug into his food, "Its nothing like that. Now eat."

They ate in silence until something struck her, "Maan, can I ask you something?"

"Go on."

She kept her fork down and looked at him, " this thing has been worrying me for a  while now. You remember the last time we had been here and you were disturbed about something?"

He stopped eating and looked at her, "what about it Geet?"

"Umm... what is disturbing you Maan? Why did you say that nothing is yours?"

He sighed and closed his eyes for a while, recalling that night and then opened to see her in front of him, seeking answers, looking worried.

"Geet... you don't have to worry about that okay."

"...No tell me. You are disturbed and I hadn't been able to forget that."

He took a sharp breath in, "Its just a feeling that has been pinching me for a while
now. My great grandfather started this empire and my grandfather and father brought it to this place but it keeps bothering me that what have I done of my own to contribute? What have I done of my own?"

"but you are good should know this."

"Don't you think I know it too?"

She shut her mouth and kept looking at him, his forehead suddenly marred with lines of worry.

"Its just a gnawing feeling right now. what have I achieved of my own?"

"what do you want to achieve?" she asked all of a sudden.

"Something that I built from the scratch." He replied confidently.

And then she knew the kind of person he was. He always had goals set in his mind. Always knew what he wanted. she was completely an opposite person in nature. Even when he was sitting idly, she knew his brain was working. She was not like that.

"I am sure you will achieve whatever you desire." She whispered.

She had nothing more to say.

He smiled after a long time and she just watched him smile.

"I am sure you will too..."

He went back to his food and she remained dazed with his words. he was a man she had never met before in her entire life. Yes, she had been the queen bee of her college back in Shimla and she had her fair share of attention from the boys but that was it. They were merely boys... he was a man of stature. Even Raj was never on the same pedestal as him... he could never be, she knew now.


She finished her ice-cream and licked her lips as they entered the estates. Technically, she was supposed to pay for the cold dessert because she lost the game. But that man beat her to it.

Consider this as my return gift to you...

He had stated. Of course she protested but did she ever had an advantage around him? before she could pick her cup from the counter he had gone ahead and paid for it.

They found the others playing cards and stopped by the door. A wave of nostalgia hit them at the same time and he heard the laughter of his beloved grandmother in his head. She looked at his numbness and gently clasped his hand with hers.

"Come on..." she whispered.

Kabir, Ana and the parents saw them standing by the door and looked at them

"Its so late. Where had you both been to?"

"Ohh we were out for dinner aunty..." Geet chipped in oblivious to the surprise/shock on everyone's faces. She looked at Maan and gently tugged him.

"Geet... Bhai... come play a round of cards with us..." Ana ran to them and dragged Geet inside.

"I...I will just go freshen up..." Maan pulled his hands away from her and walked away. Geet knew he needed time.

After losing three rounds of rummy, Geet gave up.

"Mi Bella... you have played this numerous times. How can you lose?"

"Because Bhai isn't there.." Ana teased and winked at Kabir.

Something was surely up!

"I didn't lose because Maan isn't here. Its because I am tired." She protested but none believed.

Nevertheless, they called it a day and Ana dragged her to her room.

"Okay... something happened today."

Geet fell on the bed and stretched herself, "What happened?"

"I met a bloody irritating guy at the cafe..."

Geet yawned but Ana wasn't having any of it. she pulled her to a sitting position despite protests and narrated the entire thing.

"And you know what? That Mr. Stingy Scrooge actually made me pay for his lunch because I ate his fries!"

"What the hell? You didn't deny?"

"I did... but Arjun was around and he threatened me that if I didn't pay for the fries then he would call him and hand me over!"

"So you paid for the fries only, right?" Geet looked at her friend curiously.

Ana held her head in stress, "That was what I was supposed to do. But that moron actually ordered a meal in the name of fries... and I...I had to concede!"

Geet groaned and fell back on the bed. The day had been quite eventful and despite wanting to talk about the stingy Scrooge guy, she felt herself slowly drifting into a dreamless sleep.
>>Alright. We are shifting gears.

>>Going to be a slow and gradual process.

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Chapter 46

Next: Chapter 48

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So geet and maan at the remembered and so did we..i knew that they would be dre again soon and the left over conversation, wat maan really wants to do in life !! The business is sumthng he got as hierarchy but he wants sumthng that just belongs to him and no1 else...whether its work or geet..he wants sumthng that is his and only his..
Ana's story is about to begin with mr.strooge lets see wat happens..thou arjun is trying his best and i think he really loves her but that for now will take sum time..pehle kuch papad to bele..hehe
And kabir..he is geets frnd..sum1 she can call at any time of nyt for getting her things done .he loves emily thou she left but who knows myt come back..i want him to be geets frnd..thats his best need to bring love between them and ruin the beautiful bond they share..
And plz plz do update soon. Mwahh.

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