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On 115 pheww

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We are Done now it's your turn Miss.Kawaii Update now we are ready for it that was really fun this journey from page 58 to 115 Smile
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Originally posted by taanee

On 115 pheww


Now we should take some rest and let her update Smile
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Originally posted by MariumChoudhary

We are Done now it's your turn Miss.Kawaii Update now we are ready for it that was really fun this journey from page 58 to 115 Smile

Good work captain
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Hello... is it me you are looking for?
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Where are you Miss.Kawaii??

Come soon unless 115 will end LOL
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@All: finally, done with things and back.
thanks a lot for your patience. Hug
I will take a little time to get back into the pace. give me a little time.

@piiya: happy belated bday darlingHug and
happy anniverysary to uncle and aunty.
lots of love from my side to all of you.

@Sheen: talaq??? ShockedBroken Heart **faints**Dead

@marium: god bless you dear... jaldi theek ho jao tum. i will pray.
thank you for all the "bok bok" i thoroughly enjoyed.
your comment on chapter 44 beats my updt.LOL
your banner will be up in the next chapter sweets. theres something wrong with my internet today. not allowing me to access a few stuffs.Dead

@TaranaGeet: you asked will geet achieve something by herself...
and about maan. I will reveal this at the end of this story.Embarrassed
Maan is happy with his work. but talent and a creative brain always wants more, don't you think?Wink
p.s none of my teachers know am a writerLOL
 a few friends know.. close ones and rest are you guys. Embarrassed

Hug thanks for the love and patience.

48.This Gentle Feeling In His Heart He Knew Now...

Bole chudiyan... bole kangna..haiye mein ho gayi...teri saajna...

Geet peeked into her friend's room and stood stunned seeing her friends trying to copy dance moves from a hindi movie playing on her laptop.

Tere bin jee naiyyo lagda... mein te marr jawan...

Ana twirled and hit her knee on the ottoman by her bed.

"Ouuchhh..." she winced and fell on the floor rubbing her knee.

leja leja...soniye leja leja..

Geet ran and sat down beside her, "what in the world are you doing Ana?"

She helped Ana stand up and made her sit on the bed, pausing the music. Ana looked at her friend and something struck her. she held Geet by her shoulders and shook her, "OMG you are a saviour Geet!! Thank god you are here!"

"Are you okay? You seem crazy to me right now..."

"No. Listen. Actually there is this close cousin who is getting married at the end of this month and she wants me to perform on her sangeet and that too on the songs that are her favourite. So the rest of us decided on who would dance on which song and they gave me this... help me! You are a dancer Geet.. help me!"

Geet cocked her head to the side, "Where is the wedding taking place?"

"Seattle. They are from Mom's side and we cousins are kind of close."

"Ohh I see. Have Kabir and Maan also got songs?"

"Kabir..yes. and she had a song for Maan Bhai too."

Amusement played on her face, "And that monster agreed?"

Ana  smirked, "Huh! You wish! You can never make Maan bhai agree..."

"Knew it." Geet laughed.

"Geet...leave them. help me."

"Fine I will but if you dance in this room you are bound to hit here and there. lets get to an open space, shall we?"

"Hmmm.. no one is in the house today. we can use the living room. Ample space."

"hey hey hey... You guys can't leave me alone here..."

They heard Kabir and jumped, stopping their dance. Geet turned red while Ana shrieked.

"Don't you dare sneak up on us you moron.."

She rushed to whack her brother but he held her hand in the air and flashed a cheeky smile, "Mi Bella... you won't mind teaching me a few steps too, will you?"

Geet rolled her eyes and agreed to the siblings. They started with easy steps and in due course she realized Kabir was swift on his steps. Ana was good too. she laughed seeing Kabir trying to copy an MJ step but failed miserably. Her friends will be travelling a few days ahead of the marriage and she'd be here alone for a while. Not that Ana hadn't asked her to join them in the wedding but she was done with weddings as of now. Added to that, she'd be mighty awkward around their family. She had declined politely and Ana and Kabir didn't press her either seeing her so uncomfortable.


He watched her from the corner of his eyes and sighed in relief. It was very rare of him to lose focus in a meeting but this time, she was grabbing his attention. And it was not for the obvious reasons. It was for the mere fact that she has grown so much held him captive. It was easy to flow with the sentiments knowing his feelings now but what she evoked now was different from everything.

Seeing her so engrossed with the meeting, scribbling things on her notepad, he recalled the time when she had just been an intern and had accompanied him to a meeting. She had been so distracted and so lost of focus then that he had been angry at her to the point of hating her. He scoffed mentally.

He could never hate her... no matter what!

She had risen above the horizon now. She was fighting against the waves and slowly very slowly making her way up. She was growing up. And it made him happy. Tenderness filled his heart as she swiped that strand of hair from her face and concentrated on the projector screen. He had seen her slog her afternoons off with the files he had loaded her with. She wasn't exactly very efficient but she had indeed gotten better. This gentle feeling in his heart he now knew what it was.

It was the tenderness of a parent... she was his baby. A delicate child...

The same pride that he felt when Ana and Kabir did something good, he felt it for her too. and yet another shade of love for her he found growing within himself.
He walked out of the meeting talking to some employee when she came running to him and stopped short, waiting for him to finish. He noticed but walked ahead, talking and she followed.

"Miss Handa, you want to say something?"

He noticed her hesitating and turned to face her with a raised eyebrow.

"er... sir..." she gulped down nervously looking at all the learned people around him, waiting for her to speak. How was she supposed to say things at this time?
She was so timid in front of them that she fell in the pool of self doubt.
What if she was wrong? Which eventually she would be considering so many learned people around would have given a thought.

"We are waiting..." he commanded and she shrunk into herself.

"I... I...excuse me"

She couldn't.

"I..I am sorry gentlemen."

She turned back and rushed to her cabin feeling extremely embarrassed. She had never been very good at her workplace and she knew she didn't have the courage to do it too.

It was only when the sun slowly made his homeward journey that her phone rang and he demanded her in his office. Picking up her notebook and a pen, she walked in only to see him sitting on his chair, facing the floor-to-ceiling window.

"You called for me Sir?"

"Hmm.." he turned to face her, "take a seat Miss Handa."

She knew that look and that voice very well. There was something serious and though intimidated with his demeanour, she quietly took a seat and waited for him to start. He looked thoughtful as he kept talking about the projects and what to do about the meetings up ahead with Arjun. She kept jotting them down and then he finally asked.

"What did you want to say back then?"

She stopped writing and shot her head up to find him looking straight into her eyes with no emotions of his face. he was dead serious.


He leaned over the table and clasped both his palms together, "You came to tell me something but then you didn't. What was it?"

She sighed and hung her head low, avoiding eye contact, "Its nothing... really."

"You came with such enthusiasm Miss Handa. There is something cooking in that little head of yours. Speak it out."

She looked up at him and remained still for a while.

Even amidst so many dignitaries, he actually noticed her?

"You know I don't like repeating myself." He spoke a little louder than required.

She shivered with that voice and pointed out the tiny flaws she had found in a certain section.

"I don't know if I am correct..." , she added, "But I think we need to review that once again..."

He watched her keenly for a second or two and she saw his shoulders relax. She relaxed a bit too.

"How did you know this? You haven't worked on something like this before?"

She gave a sheepish smile, "I had done a similar case study in the files you had given me. This was pointed out very vividly there so it was easy to catch."

He eased back on the chair and his lips twitched, "You impressed me there Miss Handa. Your observational skills have improved I must say.."

She found herself smiling at that. She had not slogged her afternoons off for nothing, she realized now.

"But Adi had already briefed me about it right after the meeting."

Her bubble burst and her face fell, "Ohh I see..."

"Why didn't you say it when you had come to me after the meeting?"

"Erm... I...I wasn't sure if it was a very good idea." She shrunk into herself.

"And?" he waited for her answer.

"And I didn't know if I had the right to say something in front of those dignitaries knowing how much learned they are... I...I could be wrong too.."

"If you think you are right Miss Handa, then speak it out. And if you are wrong, be prepared to learn. No one will wait for you. So make yourself heard else you are out of the game."

He spat out and dismissed her. She went back to her cabin, gathered her stuffs and walked back home. It had been a very long time since she had been alone.

Walking along the sidewalk, she hummed a tune and looked up at the sky. The moon was out yet the lights of the skyscrapers overshadowed its presence. She was taken a cab from her workplace and had gotten off at a shop near her house. Picking up a few things, she just decided to walk home. There was a gentle moist breeze spreading the message of the passing summer and she loved that solitude.
She walked into her apartment and dumped the packets on the table and found her Kanha smiling on the centre table. She knelt in front of him and smiled.

"Its been so long Kanha that you and I have spent time together. How about we catch up tonight?"

Kanha remained still and kept smiling at her naivety.

"How about I make something for both of us? Hum dono ki favourite Aalu ke paranthe banaun?"

She took out a chocolate bar from her bag and kept it in front of Kanha, on the table, "You eat this. Till then let me finish cooking."

The curtains danced violently against the window at the surprisingly strong winds. She glanced at the window and then back on her laptop. She had finished her dinner and sat down, looking through her mails. There was still 2 weeks before Stacy returned. She sighed and pressed the send button on her e-mail.

Her phone buzzed in the next 10 minutes with his name flashing. She looked at the time and picked it up, knowing he never slept before midnight.

"Hey." She answered softly.

"What the hell was that e-mail about?" he screamed on the other side.

"My Resignation letter..."

He rolled his eyes, "I know that Geet. But why the hell do you want to resign?"

"Three months are ending Maan..."

"So? What about three months? Is there something you are hiding from me?"

He had been checking his mails when her letter had popped in. He felt angry seeing that stupid mail and called her up.

"No..." she sighed, "there is nothing..."

"Are you in trouble? I am telling you Geet... if you are hiding something from
me, then mind you, you are going to see the worst of me."

She shut her eyes tight but an evident smile played on her lips as she shook her head.

"Na baba... I am not in trouble. Will you calm down now?"

"You send me a resignation letter in the middle of the night and ask me to calm down?"

"Stacy was on maternity leave right? And I filled in for her. Now she is coming back Maan. In a few weeks! I have to vacate."

He fell back on the chaise chair and let his free hand dangle down. He sighed.

How could he have forgotten that?

She was here for a short period...and how easily he had forgotten that! A part of his heart constricted at the thought. He definitely didn't want her to go. She wasn't as efficient as Stacy but he couldn't bring his feelings into the matters of work. And despite of hating just the thought of it, he took long deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Maan? Are you there?"

"Hmmm." He sighed.

"Are you mad at me?" she asked meekly.

He took time to reply.

"No. I am not. Do you have anything else lined up?"

She scrolled down the browser, "Hmm. I have few interviews lined up next week. Hope I am able to come up with something."

"let me know when you do okay."


Then she remembered something.



"When are you guys leaving for Seattle?"

He thought for a while, counting the days, "Ana and the rest will leave on the last week of this month. I will probably join them later."

"What? You won't go with them?"

"I can't leave office like that Geet since everyone is going. Someone has to stay back and I have a few meetings lined up."

"but isn't she a close cousin of yours?"

"She is. The wedding is on Saturday. So most probably I will fly down on Friday night. Plus I am not much into all the noise and the overtly exaggerated rituals."

She giggled, "Hey Maan... which song did you get to dance on her Sangeet?"

He cringed at the mention of the song and shuddered, "Don't ask about it."

Her curiosity piqued, "Bolo na..."

"Nope. Not saying."

"Please Maan...Bolo na... what was the song?"

"Geet. I am putting down the phone. Good Night."

"Nooo..." she screamed from the other side.

He put the phone away from his ears and laughed at her childishness.

"Stop screaming woman. The phone is pressed to my ear."

"You have got to tell me..."


"Please please...pretty please..."

"Apple Pen Pineapple Pen..." he spoke abruptly.

She stopped and there was a pin drop silence on both sides for a few seconds until she burst out laughing.

That sound of her laughter warmed up his heart and right at that moment, he wished that her laughter never vanished.

"hahahah OMG, are you serious?"


She stopped for a few seconds and started laughing again.

"You just imagined me dancing on that song, didn't you?" he made a face.

"I couldn't help it... ha ha ha ha ha ha .."

How he wished he could tell her how much he loved her right at that moment... her laughter, her stupid questions, her tears, her voice... everything about her was so so so lovable and he sighed sadly.

Not Now Maan. Let her remain herself...

He reminded himself and just listened to her laughing. She brightened up his days, despite broken inside herself.


She rushed down the stairs because the lift was taking too long. Maan had asked her to just hand over some urgent papers to Kabir before he left for a scheduled meeting. going from 10th down to the 7th floor wasn't that bad. She knew she could make it. she dashed down the steps and slipped on the last step, losing her balance.

Ohh noo...

She shut her eyes tight and felt someone supporting her by her shoulders, preventing her fall.

She held her breath and silently thanked Kanha for saving her from any embarrassment.

"Careful there Miss..."

She heard the voice of a man and quickly glanced up to find a smiling face peering down at her. she cringed and stepped back.

"Arjun.." she gasped and looked around to find Ana and sighed when she didn't find her.

He took a good look at her, as if trying to recall something, "You... You must be
Geet right? Ana told a lot about you."

She despised that man. But she had the basic curtsy.

"Thanks for helping me..."

She turned to leave when he held her hand and pulling her back.

"Geet...listen to me."

She was shocked at the audacity of the man as she fell back, "What the hell are you doing?"

He sighed and left her hand, "Hey... calm down. I am not trying to pull anything funny here. I need to speak to you Miss Geet..."

"I don't want to speak anything to you. and if it is anything related to work, you know whom to contact. I am not the right person."

She turned to leave when he held her wrist again, scaring her for a moment.

"What do you think you are doing?"

She looked for people around but they had probably gone for lunch.

"I want you to help me."

His look disgusted her.


"I want Ana back. You are her best friend. You surely can convince her."

If she was scared a moment back, she felt angry. She felt utterly angry at the guts of this man.

"Have you no shame? When she is finally happy without you, how dare you come back?"

She twisted her hand in his clutches to let go but he didn't concede.

"You know she still likes me... don't you? Stop playing games. I am asking you nicely Geet. Help me."

She scoffed, "And you think I would help you?"

She jerked her hand free with all her might, "Stay away from her Arjun. She has moved on. You should move on too."

She walked ahead when he spoke.

"I still like her..."

She stopped on her tracks and turned back with a smirk, "See. There's the difference. You 'like' her. it ends there. There are no sincere feelings. I am warning you Mr. Rathore. Stay. Away. From. Ana. She is tolerating you because you are a client to us. Don't take her silence as her weakness."

She took a step ahead and turned back, "And yes, don't you ever dare confront me in any way."


Days passed like crazy and she was glad that Arjun hadn't confronted her or Ana after that incident. She was been too angry that day and when she had told Ana about this, she had felt miserable.

Ana... we will deal with this together okay. Don't worry.

She had consoled her friend and things had been quiet for a few days now. but she was feeling miserable for some other reason. Ana was leaving for the wedding in a few hours and she knew she'd be alone the whole week. Kabir and Ana knew about her last week in office too. They wanted to be with her but she sent them off promising they'd celebrate when they came back. She looked at the estates and sighed. Radhika had called up asking her to stay back in the estates for the week. She had refused but everyone suddenly seemed worried about her.

"Geet... I am not leaving my child alone. Stay back. Maan will be here too. That way you won't be alone. And take the car to college. Driver will be here."

"But aunty, how can I...I mean I am okay at..."

"No arguments child." The father spoke up, "since you refuse to come with us owing to your interviews, the least you could do is stay back here. We will be worried about you..."

She felt she'd cry out of happiness. Ana and Kabir pestered her too until she agreed and they drove her to her apartment to get her things and brought her back to the estates. Maan, all this while, had remained quiet. She noticed. But the love of the family she felt was overwhelming.

She waved everyone a bye and wiped those tiny drops of tears from her eyes. Aawara sat beside her leg, rubbing his head on her calves, loving the soft feel on her leggings on his head. She looked down and smiled.

She knelt in front of him and gently caressed his head, "What's up with you
Monster Puppy?"

He howled softly feeling good against her palms.

"Aren't they lovely people?" she asked, her heart filled with nothing for gratefulness.

"I see friendship blooming early in the morning..."

She heard his approaching voice and looked back to see that lopsided smile of his.

"tell me Geet... since when have you mended your relationship with Raj?"
>>Maaneet alone for a week!! how did you like that?Wink

>>You think some romance gonna happen?Blushing

>>let me know in your comments.Embarrassed

Chapter 47


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Ahh I'm here to comment and it's feeling tooo Good Cause I'm in 1st place again though Last night I was scared thinking mere 1st place khatre main hain cause network main etna problem tha na or phir tanee or tarana main teeno milke post kar rahe the Maine socha gayi meri 1st place LOLbut esha nahi huya TongueAlhumdullilah now I'm on 1st place tanee on 2nd and TaranaGeet 3rd Congratulations to both girls OK Update pe ateh hain Meri comment tumhari chapter 44 ko bhi beat kar diya tum bhi ye bol rahi ho tumko toh mujhe samaj na chahiye tha CryEsha kyun bola tumne Ouch?

OK Emotional talk bandh dusre chezo par concentration late hain Cool1st place leke etni excited thi banner ko dhayan nahi diya but your reply reminded me koi baat nahi net problem kaal raat mujhe bhi bahut huyi bahut pareshan karta hain na ye chalo kishi din milke badla lenge IssheEvil Smile

Kal raat kitne tensions huye mujhe sirf ish network ki wajah se AngryBemar bechari ladki ko pareshan karta hain CryThanks for your wishes for my wellbeing May Allah bless you always Smile

Just one thing come to my mind new update will be on new thread so new update along with new banner Wow great to hear will be egarly waiting for new thread Heart

Hayoo rabba ShockedHum dono yaha comment karne aaye the abhi dekho kitni sari bateh karli TongueMain out of control ho jati hoon tumhare shat OK abhi comment karte hain uske baad bok bok karenge Wink

Chapter 48.This Gentle Feeling In His Heart He Knew Now...

Dancing on song wow that's the thing I like ...Everyone will be dancing except my Monster khurana but hope anyday we can see that also Wink

Hayee meri Hrithik or kareena dancing on oh my Darling I love you I just remembered that song I loved song so much Hayee this man mad me crazy for him when I was only 7 EmbarrassedMr.Choudhary entered in my heart on 13 Heart And Mr Sensible and CM MSK from Heaven series entered 19 hayee meri Love life har bar dil atak jata hain border ke ush par India jaa kar TongueDil ko bandh ke rakhna padega abhi seLOL

Main phir distract ho gayi kya ho raha hain aaj yaar OK dancing topic cancel main kuch zayada hi excited ho gayi Shifting to office now Smile

He is watching her doing work in meeting and I was recalling that time when she was distracted and not paying attention to meeting and after that he was angry on her... maybe it was between chapter 7-10 I don't remembered clearly and exactly that time I read Maan is thinking the same there that's the thing why I feel so connected and always feel different for this story many time it had happened I feel the same as them without reading the story If I look back I've also come a long way along with them and this journey with Someone Like You is really pleasant.

The pride this tenderness which Maan is feeling I can relate to it very well cause I feel for geet the same like my baby really has grown up slowly and now making me feel proud I feel for My Baby Ishraat same and she everytime made me feel proud on her time ... fly so fast it feels like yesterday when she used to stay in my arms now my baby talk so intelligent thing now she can beat me alsoSmile

"It was the tenderness of a parent... she was his baby. A delicate child..." This line loved this cause our feelings our mutual here Heart

Pointing out those mistake but not having that enough courage to tell as it had happened 1st time we understand but whenever we see something we should point out if we are wrong we can learn from the mistake that's I believe.

 Aww she will be leaving soon this post ohh this emptiness and sadness I'm feeling the same... What it is that I feel more connected to Mr. Sensible's feeling always?

Moving on now let's not mourn on Geet's leaving we will Get to see Mr.Sensible and his little tornado on Someone Like You then also so let's just maan not leaving with his family for marriage he will go latter good cause someone will be there unless geet will all alone...

She actually asked him about the song and imagined him dancing on it LOLOhh those moment of Her Laugh and his cherishing her sound of laugh was great to read...

OHH How much this Man is controlling his feelings for her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedUnless the Man he is straightforward always would have surely confessed his feelings on 1st place to her Isn't it right Miss.Kawaii Wink?

But I'm sure the moment she will get to know his feelings she will not remain the same anymore... Hope that phase of prologue go away in fast speed can't take much pain from that...

Arjun This Guy I'm day by day getting angry on Him what is going on your head about Ana what you are gonna do?I'm just not getting anything and surely don't like Arjun he's really a pain in our lifeAngry

Ohh My My Geet alone along with My Mr.Sensible and Raj the pup for whole one weekShocked

Hayee I'm fainting right now hope it not just dream right this is actually happening oww lots of conversations is on the way I'm gonna kill you if you don't update soon Miss.Kawaii ...I'm just preparing my visa for India and will go there to kill youLOL

Monster puppy hey it's wrong geet he's such a sweetheartCool

"tell me Geet... since when have you mended your relationship with Raj ?"

I really didn't get it what Maan has tried to mean with this line when after few moments it got into my head LOLI was like really mending with Raj

OK I'm seeing this triangle now Mr.Sensible his little tornado and Raj the pup

Ummm Romance Aren't we witnessing their romance already actually we have got to see more greater feelings than romance on study room and office only two times though but from my point of view definition of romance is different will share it some other day it's already really long today this commentLOL

But this one week can be really surprised to us as may you bring some unexpected thing also I'm not expecting romance actually I'm just expecting them their own self few talks few moments of teasing and Just them being together that will be enoughSmile

Being alone didn't matter actually despite being with everyone also we have seen them together didn't we ?

But being alone whole week that's amazing yaarBig smile

Huhh...Breathe now my comment has endedTongue

Accha ye bala bakwas comment kaisa tha bolna zaroor byeSmile

Or ha update do behna update chahiye mujhe jaldi

love you Miss.KawaiiHug

Pasting this one little late Tumse reply bhi mill gaya hain already but I had to comment here also naWink

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