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Hello friends! I am attempting to finish off this story AN UNUSUAL SUSPECT...I had started it a while back and I guess that its been so long that Its original thread is locked out so I am creating a second thread with links to first three chapters. please pour in the same love as you all did the first time around...looking forward to your comments and likes.

Chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

or Direct Links : 132227620  132361400   132631849     

Ok it's been awhile since I have worked on this story, let me give you a brief preview but if interested please take the time to read the previous three chapters.

So it's all about sizzling hot chemistry between RaYa initially as a chance meeting in the elevator triggers a series of events where Priya can't help but be there for the Casanova Ram. They really don't get along well but can feel the undeniable chemistry. Priya ends up at Ram's company to initiate a program with Kapoor industries for her university and again starts their story beyond physical attraction. Ram too has realized that she is good person at heart and doesn't want to hurt her in any way but he is constantly fighting a battle within...besides finding a good friend in her, he can't help being physically drawn to her. Let's see what happens next...

Chapter Four


"Friends!!!...who am I kidding?"

When I desire her so much physically, and all I do is daydream about her in my arms, wrapped around me,writhing with sensual pleasures and calling out my name in her sweet voice...I swear this woman is going to be the death of me! The Minute she is near me, the suave Ram Kapoor crumbles into pieces. I have this weird urge to protect her from me...come on! Only a fool would do something like this ...I can clearly see that she would easily succumb to my charm, her eyes...those beautiful doe shaped eyes speak volumes and that is the problem!...there is so much innocence, naiveness and trust in them that I simply cannot...after all, she has stood by me when I needed someone the most. There you go...the Ram Kapoor, had suddenly become this protective, caring person, adamantly fighting his own self to ensure the well being of his now friend " Priya Sharma".

        She had been with the kapoor industries for a little over six months, and if he had thought that this infatuation of his would have been over by now, instead,it had grown by leaps and bounds. Everything about her was etched in his mind, her big brown eyes, her full luscious lips, the way she bit into her lower lip when she was amused, that bewitching tiny mole above her lips as if the creator himself wanted to ward off all the evil eyes, and that faint smile that played on her face when he teased her...he had tried to keep away from her but as luck would have it, they somehow crossed paths all the time.

             Okay..okay! he knew exactly where he would find her in the evening..either at the cafe, taking a walk by the beach or just having a conversation with any older vendors or poor children who followed her to be treated with vada pav. He loved spending time with her...seeing her in her element, enjoying just about everything and connecting with everyone was as if simple things and everyone brought joy to her. The sight of smile so bright, so full of life also brought pure joy to him...How Can a person be this happy and content!  As far as he knew she hadn't had it easy in life either. Her parents had met a tragic accident when she was 15, she had lost her mother and her father had been paralyzed since then. Instead of looking at the glass half empty she was thankful that she had her father to guide her through life...I guess that's another way to look at things.

      No wonder, my old butler Bansi kaka had asked me about a hundred times " Priya Bitiya Phir kab aayengi.." just one visit and the poor old man was head over heels for her.

Actually, bansi kaka was leaving for his grand daughters graduation ceremony when I came down with fever, the old man wouldn't leave unless I reassured him that someone was going to be with me so I had to call Priya. You might ask why Priya...well for one,there was no one I could actually count on and secondly as a "friend" she had made me promise that I would call her when needed...and So you see this was the time when " a friend needed a friend"!

        I wouldn't lie Priya was far better company than that old croon ( bansi kaka) and a far better cook than him. I got to try out all her Nani's recipes and hear her take on how rich people bind themselves behind the luxury of their walls...I swear she has a theory for everything and as much as I hate to admit it lot of them were annoyingly accurate. I was feeling a lot better in a day but for some reason I kept up with the charade of being unwell for a few more days. It was nice to have someone to talk to, someone to fuss over me and frankly, I really enjoyed the head massages that she was so expert at. I had the best three days of my life and frankly I was surprised with myself as nothing..I mean not even a single second of these three days involved any physical, I mean skin to skin intimacy with this woman yet I felt a sense of belonging, more happy and cared for then I have ever felt. When  bansi kaka returned, he treated Priya to one of his special meals and they instantly bonded... Next thing I know I was abandoned and he was inviting her to his hometown and Priya was very enthusiastically agreeing to visit and help with his grand daughter's college admission process.

"Trring...trrring"  bansi kaka handed over the phone to me " sir...aa... aapke liye"

" hello... My voice didn't hold its tenure much longer

" yeah..mein theek hun"

I was too choked up to talk any further but I kept it together for the sake of my guest "Priya" ... Hanging up I excused myself for a little while attempting to gather myself.

After 15-20 mins, knocking on my study door, Priya walked in

Handing me a cup, " must have been someone very important" Priya remarked

I simply nodded unsure "pata nahin!"

" Has to be..." Ram can I say something if you don't mind" Priya asked


" if you long to hear that voice again and if that person invokes a sense of belonging in you then it's worth giving them and giving yourself a chance instead of just thinking "what if" later when it's too late, life is too short to hold on to grudges" she continued

" it's perfectly okay to be scared" ... Placing her hand on mine, Priya reassured me "if you want I can be there by your side to help you through this.. "Kya kissi ko "I love you" bolna hai? ...look I am no expert at this par yaar, you need to open up and confess taaki next time tumhare contacts mein kissi apne ka naam toh ho" She nudged me laughingly.

"You promise that you will come with me" I asked contemplating

Without hesitation she said, "if it will help you... Yes I will!"she smiled


It was inevitable that Priya was in love with him now. She didn't know exactly what she had fallen for... But her heart humming away his name with every beat was proof enough that there was no turning back for her. The fate of these feelings that she harbored within was futile for sure as Ram in more than one way had made it clear to her that even though, he craved for intimacy with her, he wasn't willing to jeopardize the sanctity of the beautiful relation of friendship between them. Priya, herself was not sure what she wanted from him. She was touched by the value he gave to her, their bond, and the utmost respect that he showed now in her company but she missed that jolt of electricity, she felt every time he took her in his arms and that sensual kiss they had shared they had turned into these polite people, giving each other way instead of being in each other's way. They shared a beautiful bond of friendship and no matter how she felt for him she was glad to be his friend...

A few weeks later


My breath hitches in my throat as she came over to the car. The words dry on my lips, my feet became numb and my eyes unblinking ...she looked impeccably stunning! She was draped in a white chiffon saree with sequins shimmering and accentuating her curves...I had never seen anyone make a simple saree look so elegant! Gorgeous! Actually drop dead gorgeous! I run my hands through my hair to release some tension and quickly reached her side to help her get in the passenger side. Damn! Why can't I take my eyes off of her, her mouth as she talks, her every move is just making it hard to breathe. I bet that Priya has been feeling my gaze as I can slowly see the crimson color rise up her cheeks and make her glow. Her eyes sparkle with happiness as she carries on, the dangling jhumkas kiss her delicate nape as they dance to her body's rhythm.

" are you nervous?" She questions

" a little" I nodded taking a deep breath " maybe a lot" I murmured

"Thanks for accompanying me!"

She smiled "I had promised you... How could I not!"

And this my friends is the beauty of Ms. Priya Sharma

Would you believe it that she doesn't even know where we are going and whom I am supposed to be meeting?


My step brother and sister, Rishabh and Natasha were ones pestering me to meet up with them ...and they had been trying for the past two years. Although, they seemed polite and loving over the phone, I didn't want anything to do with them as they were reminders of my dad's reckless past and of my mother's pain and agony. But every few months they tried to get in touch with me while attempting to meet up. I knew that I had to see them at some point so using Priya as my cover I decided to get this over with.

Unexpectedly, our meeting had taken a different turn then anticipated. Both of them were just as nervous as I was. Thank goodness for Priya, she did the job of a perfect mediator. Easing us all into conversation by being her bubbly self...before I knew it Rishabh and Natasha were talking to her as if they had known her for ages. At times, I felt like interrupting them to remind "Hello...I am the big brother here that you guys came to meet!" but then again I didn't have much to say but a lot to contemplate!

I did nothing but shift awkwardly in my seat and down a lot of drinks in my anxiety mainly trying to avoid the real topic.

Natasha, " and Bhabhi should come and see dad he will be so happy to meet her, she is so lovely...he thinks of you everyday and would relieved to see you well settled and happy again!

Ram got up suddenly pulling Priya with him, " Happy...really!!!...does that man really want to see me happy...he is nobody to me after what he put my ma and me through" "koi Itna selfish kaise ho sakta hai...itne saalon mein kabhi humare baare mein socha bhi...meri maa unko yaad kar karke tadapti rahi...aur mein ..." shaking with anger and tears of pain in his eyes

" Because of him I am incapable of trusting myself in a relationship, forget about loving anyone...because of him, I am who I am,... a loner...a exploiter..I only know how to use people ...and thanks but no thanks...he has done enough for me for one lifetime...I don't ever want to see his face!" Ram stormed out taking Priya with him.



They walked in silence, thunder roared mimicking his state of mind and then it started pouring ...

" can you believe that man's audacity?...he...he is the one to send them after me...he wants to make sure that I stay miserable but I am not gonna let him or anyone control my life anymore.."

Priya held his hand and just listened...he had a lot of anger, pain and anguish inside of him for what life had put him through.

Ram lay his wound open in front of her, telling her in detail about his past...his father's his dad had walked out on his mom and him to tend to his other family. He trembled with anger while he spoke.

When they reached KM,  Priya wiped away the drops of water from his forehead and cheeks then cupping his face with her pallu still in her hand, she stared into his eyes as if she was trying to absorb all his pain away. The tears in her eyes reflected his pain. He brought his hand up to her hand, placing it on top he brought her hands to his mouth...kissing them for their kindness and generosity. He opened his mouth to say " Priya...thank..." but Priya placed her finger over his lips to silence him "Shh" She leaned forward and kissed the top of his forehead, wrapping her arms around him...she spoke softly " Nothing bad is going to happen to you anymore...You should be proud of yourself for pulling through such tough times...your mom is watching over you and I bet you she must be very proud and happy to see you come this far in life" " it's time to let those wounds heal Ram!" He hugged her tight and cried his heart out. Just a few words of compassion had broke the dam of held back emotions.

After a while, Priya spoke up " it's getting late...I should go home now"

Ram held her hands, and spoke in low choked up voice, " please stay...I need you tonight !"

Priya knew what that meant, she took a deep breath and decided to listen to her heart.

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Yipee me first 
But wat about the first thread 
Very few parts you had written in it

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Posted: 2017-04-07T11:47:10Z
Oh wow such a beautiful stry
Mujhe bht bht acha laga Clap
Keep updating the stories
I love ur stories
Awesome... read all partsin one go
Continue soon
Thanksfor pm
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Posted: 2017-04-07T11:50:49Z
Writing is just fab fab n fantastic . No words to describe how good you narrate the postures beauty n feelings, while explaining priya's beauty n ram's abundant attraction for her I was like wow ,what can be better than this ,it's like a sculpture and doll designed by an architect ,like Ravi Verma.

Story ,content and the writing made it so lovely n fantastic .

Thanks dear
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Posted: 2017-04-07T12:11:24Z
For once I did forget this story of yours my dear but after reading this part now remember it what this story is about.
Another fabulous piece of writing done by you. Both of them thinking alike. Love is their and so is the feeling which seen in Ram monologue where all time he is talking about Priya and she vice versa declared in her heart the love she has for him.

A painful past revealed and as a confident he shared with her about his father other family and as a friend she was with him but still their is no name for their relationship. It is the beginning or the end of the start. Thank u for the pm dear.
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stopped at wrong point. waiting for next part. please continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Very beautifully written Clap
Nice storyline. Keep going. It is interesting and beautiful. Thanks for PM,
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Wow wow wow that was fabulous
Sooo good
I don't know how to express it
One damn of writing
U don't know how much I loved in fact I was sailing in the perception of your beautiful words
So perfect,more than perfect
U made me feel so good actually its best and the best
I don't know what to sayClap kudos
Please continue soon
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