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<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3"><font color="#9900cc">Hi! First OS on KTBM as I felt like writing. Best of luck for readingLOL</font></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3"><font color="#ff3366">There was unusual
hustle-bustle in Heal Minds today. The otherwise silent place was too noisy
courtesy Karan Khanna-the superstar, owner of millions of hearts. He was going
to visit Heal Minds today and the whole staff went mad with this piece of
information. They were thanking their stars that they got the opportunity
to work for Heal Minds which was otherwise a boring place. Every single person
managed to look their best in their bestest costumes. Plans were being made on
what they will ask Karan Khanna, where they will take autograph, where they
will take selfie etc etc etc.

The sound of horn announced the staff about the arrival of their boss and they
gathered up themselves and focussed on their respective work. No one wanted to
spoil their mood on such a lucky day. As The Miss K, as staff fondly called
her, entered, they greeted her and get back to their works. Her assistant went
behind her to update her about today's appointments and most importantly to say
her about Karan Khanna's arrival.

"ma'm aaj Karan Khanna ka bhi appointment hai", she told excited.

"Itna excited hone wali koi baat nahi, he is just another patient of
alcoholism...stop gushing and get back to your work", she sternly told.

The secretary was not at all amused at her boss's indifference but then she
couldn't digest the fact that her boss showed no interest in Karan Khanna, the

"kya hua? Miss K ne kuch keh diya", one colleague asked.

"kitni ajeeb hai Miss K...matlab Karan Khanna mai interest nhi! Kaise? I
mean whole world is mad behind him aur yeh badi casual hai", She told

"Tu ma'm se expect kar rahi thi k wo excitement dikhaye? Hello wo Khadus
hai aur Khadus hi rahegi...Miss K for a reason", colleague laughed.

Assistant too laughed and then got back to her work as she wanted to wind up
her work before 12. Yes Karan Khanna was supposed to come at 12 PM.

There Karan Khanna woke up with a jolt as he felt cold water running down his

"what the hell it is!", Karan shouted.

"Good morning sir!", his secretary smiled

"Oh tum", Karan smiled, "roz naya tareeka kahan se laati

"ab mere boss asani se nhi jaagte toh naye tareeke dhundhne padte
hai", She smirks

"sorry wo kal raat ko thoda zyaada pee liya tha but dont worry aaj se aisa
nhi hoga", Karan smiled

"ofcourse sir! Aaj se aisa kuch nhi hoga, now get up and get ready else
you will be late", she rushed him

"aaj toh koi shoot nahi hai", Karan reminded

"haan shoot nahi hai par aapka appointment hai", She answered

"kaunsa appointment? I have not committed anything to anyone", Karan
tried to recollect if he had committed to some event.

"yeh dusre type ka appointment hai", She told

"arey yaar pehliyan mat bujhao, pehle hi sar dard kar raha hai",
Karan held his head in his hands.

"wo raha aapka nimbu pani", she pointed towards a glass on table,
"aaj aap counsellor se milne jarahe hai and yeh appointment aapki beti ne
fix kiya hai"

"what the hell", he shouted.

"good luck sir", She sheepishly smiled, "aur haan wo counsellor
punctual hai so be on time"

Karan Khanna was reluctant to get rid of his alcoholism, he was highly
dependent on it to function properly. But his daughter was behind him to
overcome this bad habit. The problem was he can never say no to her daughter
and she always take this to her advantage and makes him do things which he
don't wanna do. He unwillingly went to freshen up and decided to meet the

When the clock stroked 12, the staff of Heal Minds started touching up their
looks. Their eyes were continuously glued to entrance and Karan Khanna ended
their long wait after 15 minutes. Dressed casually in Tee and jeans and wearing
a ever killing smile on his face, he looked charming like always. He waved his
hand to the people who stood starstruck gazing him.

"Karan Khanna is here", one lady gushed

"pinch me! Tell me it is not a dream", another asked

"yaar yeh real mai aur bhi handsome lagta hai"

"Excuse me! I have an appointment today", Karan told at reception.

"come with me sir", She happily accompanied him to his destination.

He knocked on door to gain the attention of lady who was busy in some files,
"can I come in?"

Yes", she told, "you are late by almost 20 mins"

"late aana toh mera style hai", Karan cheekily answered.

"Agli bar apna style ghar pe chod aana", she scoffed.

Karan was bit taken aback. He always saw women swooning over him and here he
was standing infront of lady who was not giving two hoots to him. Infact she
did not asked him to sit also. He took the liberty to sit and earned a glare
from her.

"I am Superstar Karan", he proudly introduced himself, "aur

She was super annoyed since morning as her sister was pestering her every half
an hour to know about Superstar Karan and her staff too was behaving like
psychos as if angels are descending down on earth. To add to her annoyance, Karan
was late for his appointment and now testing her patience by flirting with her.
She was glaring at him as if she will chew him next moment.

"Naina", Karan excitedly told, "tumhara naam Naina hoga itni
khoobsurat aankhein jo hai"

She was trying to suppress her anger which was increasing by ten folds with
each passing second.

"I think Muskaan hoga kyunki tumhari smile bahot cute hai", Karan
pointed towards the frame kept on her table.

She had enough of his flirtings, "stop this non sense...aap na Ram
ho, na Raghav ho aur na Romeo, karan khanna ho toh Karan Khanna jaise behave

"wow meri saari filmein dekhi hai...fan lagti ho", he cheekily
asked adding to her annoyance.

She gave exasperated look to him trying to calm down herself, "look Mr Khanna,
we will start your counselling from tomorrow. For now, please leave"

"aise kaise matlab abhi k liye kuch toh recommend kijiye...I mean I want
to get rid of alcoholism as soon as possible", he lied

"Accepting the fact that you suffering from Alcoholism is first step
towards recovery and I am glad that you admitted it, baki mujhpe chod
dijiye", she forced a smile.

"next step kya hai", he asked innocently

"Next step hum baad mai discuss karenge, aaj ke liye itna kafi hai",
she showed him door.

He bade her bye and moved towards the door.

She relaxed herself leaning back on her chair, "its going to be difficult
to deal with him," she sighed. But then it was her job to do counselling
and she came across many such annoying people and he was least annoying of them

Karan was reluctant to quit alcohol and he was still firm on it but he decided
to go through this counselling for his entertainment as after ages he came
across a feisty, no-nonsense and blunt woman.

"It's going to be fun Miss Counsellor", he chuckled.</font><font color="#222222"></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3" color="#9966ff">Let me know how many of you felt like chucking chappals at me after finishing it LOL</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3" color="#9966ff">As usual to kill my time
at hospital, I started this and took around 15 days to wind it up as I was not
sure how it will turn out and I think its neither good nor bad. I might
continue only after new promos come.

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3"><font color="#9966ff">
Waiting for your response</font><font color="#222222"></font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif" size="3"></font>

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like it...
vry niceEdited by .tiNNi. - 2017-04-08T15:14:55Z
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Posted: 2017-04-07T05:52:17Z
Not bad yaar...
It is nice...
Waiting for your next update...
Nice work...
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Posted: 2017-04-07T06:27:41Z
Naseeemmm I love for writing this yaar
Miss K... her attitude my god expecting some thing like this...
Karan my god superstar style
Continue Kar Dena behn plz KTBM to Milne pe raha Itne jaldi '
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Posted: 2017-04-07T07:39:57Z
Pehli mulakat to bahut interesting thi Mr superstar and Ms counselor ki
He is full of attitude where she is composed and it will be fun to see how much interesting will be their future meets. Thank you for the pm dear.
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Posted: 2017-04-07T08:11:50Z
Wow it's very nice story wetting  for your next update
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Posted: 2017-04-07T08:36:25Z
Loved it perfect start
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Posted: 2017-04-07T09:13:45Z
That is one perfect start 
Miss counsellor is so good with the introduction
Waiting for the next part
Want to see ur perception regarding how it goes eventually

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