TS on RaYa: The Revenge.... Last Part pg 2

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TS on RaYa: The Revenge...

Part 1

One old lady came to bed room to woke up boy.

Lady- woke up its morning.

"Dadi give me 5mins more" boy speak...

Dadi- ram already you late, clg time hua hai..

Ram- Dadi only 5 mins..

Same time one boy enter..

Boy- hey sweetie..

Dadi- dekh tera dost Abhi tak soya hai..

Boy- ek mint Abhi uthat Hun.. and he pull his blanket from his body..

Ram in irritating tone- Vik yaar soone de naa..

Vik- ram uth aur chal, we are getting late..

Ram- OK give me 10mints I m coming..

After 10 mins ram & Vik went for clg, ram is richest person, Vik his best friend, ram have attitude with egicoz he is money minded person, he never ever feelings for anyone, but he always respect Vik as friend and also as brother.

They both reached clg, and saw all class is full only two seats available there, one seat empty at Neha's side and other seat available at angry Bird, Vik goes seat next to Neha & ram tap to Priya n say.

Ram- angry Bird go inside..

Priya didn't say anything and she seat inside by wall.

Lecture over.

Priya to ram- I wanted to go plz side..

Ram- ohhh! Why! You never have a boyfriend, only two friends are here one is Neha & my friend Vik.

Priya- mind you language and side..

Ram- attitude!

Priya- see I m not interested talking with you and plz move..

Ram- sorry but I m not move from here, you do what ever you want..

Priya didn't think for second and she slap him hard and say- now move other wise again I slap you hard..

Ram didn't say anything and move from there give a angry look to her..

Ram in mind- now you see Priya, you slap me, I will slap you but not like these, you slap me, I had a pain, now I will give you pain for life time, you just wait and watch...

2 days past, ram only think, how to give a pain to Priya, for life time, he came to CLG and found a rose day in clg, he took a yellow rose and found Priya seat with Neha and Vik in garden area he go there and wish to Neha.

Ram- happy rose day Neha..

Neha- thank you buddy..

Vik- happy rose day ram..

Ram- same to you, rose diya ya nahi..

Vik- Pura bunch diya hai..

Neha- yellow rose! Kisne Diya!

Ram- no I will give someone..

Vik- very good, now tell me who..

Ram go towards Priya and seat next her and forward yellow rose towards her and say- will you be my friend plz..

Priya look back side of her, no one is there and she asked- who! Me!

Ram- yes you angry bird, actually I was that day miss behave with you... sorry..

Priya smile and say- I m sorry too, wo USS din I slap you, it's wrong..

Ram- it's OK, now can we friend's..

Priya took that rose and forward her hand or shake, he also shake his hand with her- friends..

Ram make a friendship with her with his evil plan..

Days are passed ram share his all good & bad moment with her, she also did same, Priya started liking ram, ram also behaving with her same..

Ram proposed her, she accept it, and started dating her, Priya truly love him, she always think him in present, future, for the rest of life, Neha & Vik also happy for Priya & ram, that there relation started from enemy and now they going to be a life partner..

Ram only think about how to give pain to Priya, he always respect her, he never touched her in bad intention.. he only want revenge from her..

Sendoff party night, all are there, Priya didn't came yet there, ram asked to Vik.

Ram- Priya nahi aayi Abhi tak..

Vik- she will come with Neha...

Ram- OK..

Vik- can I asked you..

Ram- Yaa sure, and he take a sip of cold drink..

Vik- do you really love Priya naa..

Ram look at him asked- aise achnak ye question..

Vik- wo iss liye kiu ki, she is just like my sister if she get hurt in future or present, bas itna yaad rakhna tera ye Bhai aur dost Vikram shergil ke saare darwaje (doors) humesha ke liye band, OK..

Ram- ohhh it's warning..

Vik- kiu ki tu sirf ek money minded person hai, aur tu kabhi pyar jaisi feelings ko nahi Manta tha lekin Priya se pyar Karne laga iss liye bol raha hun, Priya ek acchi na ke bahot acchi ladki hai toh over protective hun.. OK dude..

Ram look at hi and same time Priya & Neha enter, Priya wear black long embroidery dress with minimal make up in eyes Kohl, ram look at her and his jaws drop, Priya greet everyone, ram signal her that she looks beautiful, Priya blush by his act, Priya busy in all ram wanted talked with her..

Ram- hello everyone, can I talk with Priya for sometime, everyone leave from there, ram hold her hand and drag with him..

Priya- kaha lekar jaa Rahe ho..

Ram- chalo bas..

They came one corner from all no one is there.

Priya- Kya hua hum yaha par kiu aaye hai..

Ram hold her by waist and pull her close to him, his hot breathe touched her face, she look at his in eyes.

Ram- kab se Tumhe dekh raha hun, Tum mujhe ek baar dekh bhi nahi Rahi ho, Tumhe pata bhi hai Tum aaj kitni khubsurat lag Rahi ho..

Priya only look into his eyes..

Ram- I can't explain about your beauty, and he kiss on her eyes, then her cheeks, try to kiss on her lips, she little move her face and he kiss her on earlobe, Priya started shivering and she turn her self, ram started kissing on her nape..

Same time, Neha calling priya's and they listen, ram & Priya came there sense and Priya push ram and went away from there..

Ram- shit! Ye Kya kar raha hun, usse pain dena hai tujhe na ke romance, aur aaj ka din bahot accha hai..

"What you say", a boy came behind him..

Ram turn and saw Vik behind him..

Vik- what you say now, come again?

Ram- I said I don't love Priya, I hate her, I am taking only revenge, giving a pain for life time she was slap me that day Infront of everyone, the Kapoor industries ke owner ke bete ko thappad maara, ab Priya ko mehesus hoga Dard Kya hota hai, ram everything said in revenge tone.

Vik- ram tu pagal hai, and Vik listen some sound come behind him, they both look the dark side of direction.. one reflection walk towards them.

That reflection came in light, that is none other then Priya, she was listen all ram's words, tears are continues rolled down from eyes, Vik wanted to go near her, she show her hand to stop him..

Priya to ram- wow! What a great emotional full I am! Thank you ram giving me those day, that days was precious for me and also... You know I was trust you blindly, tumne jitne sapne mujhe dikhaye the wo sab mujhe sach lagte the, lekin inn sab sapno ke piche, tumhara itna bada dhokha chupa tha ye pata nahi tha, thank you for giving me these pain for life time and I m not believing on anybody in future coz of you Mr. Ram Kapoor, the money minded person, every person told me me about your real face, I am not believe on them coz I love you blindly, in case you came Infront of me of me in future, one thing keep it your mind, I will never forget about your pain... never and she leave that place with tears...

Ram eyes also filed with tears but he wipe quickly..

Neha also present there listen everything she came near ram and slap him hard and went from there follow to Priya..

Vik shout on him- aaj ke Baad tu mera dost nahi hai.. tune Jo kiya hai wo bahot hi ganda Mazak that.. she is orphan girl, may be she never told you, ye baat mujhe aur Neha ko pata hai, tu insan nahi shaitaan hai, jise sirf aapne aapki padi hai jise sirf dusron ke emotions ke Saath khelna aata hai, lekin ek din aisa aayega tujhe aapni iss galti ka ehsaas hoga, uss din tera Saath koi nahi hoga, koi bhi nahi and he also leave that place..

Ram called him once but Vik didn't turn and went from there..

Next day ram find priya's address were she live, he go there hostel but she was leaving that hostel last night, he wanted to meet her and say sorry to her what he did, his mistake, he is guilty for that..

Then he go to meet Vik & Neha but they also leave from there, where they go don't know, he called there parents but they also not agree for giving there address...

2 years past, ram still missing Priya and he was did a big mistake, in that 2 years Ram love for Priya more and more but could not find her where she is, even he don't know about Vik & Neha too..

Ram in his room look at his, Priya, Vik & neha's pic, Dadi enter in room.

Dadi- ram kaise hai beta..

Ram- Dadi mujhe Kya hona hai, ekdum mast hum aap bolo..

Dadi- mujhe bhi Kya hona hai..

Ram- khaana hua aap ka..

Dadi- Haan ab tu hi Baki hai chal khaana khaale.

Ram- nahi Dadi bhukh nahi hai..

Dadi- beta thoda sa khaa le..

Ram- Dadi thoda sa khaaya tha aate samay toh bhukh nahi hai..

Dadi- ab aage badh jaa ram.. Teri galti ki saza tu aur kitne din Dega aapne aapko..

Ram- jab tak mere dost aur mera pyar nahi milta Dadi, Maine galti ki thi Dadi aur Dekho aaj mere paas sab Kuch hai lekin Jo mujhe chahiye wo mere paas nahi hai, Vik ek baat humesha bolta that mujhe, paise se pyar, dosti aur happiness kabhi nahi kharida jaa sakta and it's true.. sab Kuch hokar bhi Mai aaj Kuch bhi nahi Hun..

Dadi- inn dono saalon me tumne bahot Kuch kiya hai, inn sab ko dhundne ke liye, tune Kuch kumi nahi chodi..

Ram- wo sab mujhe jarur milenge Dadi, I can't lose my hope..

Dadi- jaa thaoda aram kar le..

Ram- Haan Dadi..

Next day ram's secretary came with one invention card that is college reunion party..

Ram in mind- iss party ke liye toh wo teeno jarur aayenge, I will go for the party..

On the day of party, ram reach on party venue, he meet all his gang, last 2 years he never meet to anyone. He wait for only three person, last 4-5  hours but they not came still, he go to asked for invitations list, all names are tick, expect three, he ask for the address, they said that they send invention on old address..

Ram to himself- old address ! ! ! ... and he look at main door one couple enter in hall and his dad mood turns in happy, he go near them..

Ram- Vik, Neha..

Neha- hi, and she walk from there..

Ram- Neha Sunn toh.. but no use, he turn to Vik..

Ram- how are you dude..

Vik- fine, excuse me! And he also walked from there..

Ram close his eyes in losing hopes and again came behind Vik..

Ram- Vik Sunn na yaar..

Vik turn and say- see we are came here for reunion party, wo enjoy karte hai aur aapne-aapne raastein jaate hai..

Ram in little rude tone- agar tu AUR Neha aagle 5 mins me humari jagah aakar nahi mile toh yaad rakhna.. I will never show my face ever again.. and he went from there..

After ram go..

Neha- Mai nahi aane wali Vik.. Tumhe Jaana hai Tum jaa sakte ho..

Vik- mujhe lagta hai hua hai..

Neha- change ya phir se mind game, ye sirf ram hi baata sakta hai, Kuch nahi sirf natak hai ram ka aakhir me wo hai toh The Ram Kapoor hi na.. Kuch nahi ho sakta usska Mai nahi aane wali..

Vik- I think we should give him one chance..

Neha- OK but last chance..

Ram seat on bench, praying to God that Vik and Neha came there his in mind- bahot attitude ke Saath bola hai tune, agar dono nahi aaye toh... and he check last o e mint remaining..

Vik & Neha came behind him, they stand there very silent, Vik signal to Neha don't say anything and he show his wrist watch 5 mins over, ram didn't go any where...

Neha signal to Vik and show him her watch and show 10mins...

Vik called ram- ram..

Ram turn and stood- 10 mins, agar Mai Chala jaata toh yaha se..

Neha- Chala jaa Maine Yaa Vik ne roka nahi hai, paise hai tere paas kharid lega hum jaise ko, kiu Vik..

Vik- yaa right, aur waise bhi.. in Doo Saal me tune hum jaise bahot saare kharide honge, even Priya jaisi ladkiya bhi Kuch dinno ke liye ya Kuch raaton ke liye, I m right The Ram Kapoor..

Ram fold his hands and say- mujhe maff kardo Jo Kuch bhi kiya wo sab mera ego tha, aaj mujhe pata Chala Chuka hai iss duniya me paise important nahi hai, mere paas sab Kuch hai lekin tere aur Neha ke jaise dist nahi hai, Jo mere success mei, failure Mei shaamil ho kar mujhe appreciate kare, naa koi hai Jo mujhe Priya ki Tarah special feel karaye, I m special in these world, no one is there for me, that was my big mistake, and I realized that mistake when I lose you all, sorry what I did... I m sorry..

Vik look at neha, Neha yes to him by her eyes..

Vik forward one visiting card to him, ram take that..

Vik- tumhari wajah se Priya pathar dil ho gayi hai, ab yaha se sidha iss address par jaa aur Priya se ko convey kar, tabhi aana hum dono ke paas, hum yahi milenge, aur haa ye address Tumhe hum dono ne Diya hai ye baat jarur Priya ko bolna hai, and true words is that she is not waiting for you, she is move on in her life, you give her pain and she is still in that pain may be she never forgive you, The Ram Kapoor haar chiz ka revenge nahi hota, ye baat Priya ne hum dono ko baatai thi lekin tumne The Ram Kapoor ne Priya ko majbur kar diya ye baat sabit Karne ki haar chiz ka revenge hota hai... good luck The Ram Kapoor for your next target that revenge is not solution prove it to her...

Continue soon
After 1st April 2017
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Posted: 2017-03-28T09:28:33Z
New story .. nice update .. 
Revenge lene k chakkar m aksar hum samne walo ko hurt krte h n later realise krk guilt me jeete h.. Jo ab ram k saath hua h
Waiting for next part... thnx for d pm
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Posted: 2017-03-28T09:40:46Z
wow!!; aap to googly pe googly daal rahe ho!!! itni jaldi updates and new write ups!; amazing yaar... really so a revenge story! i liked how u didnt lingered much in their love story...i mean the confession game and everything else... really waiting for next...:-)
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Posted: 2017-03-28T09:50:55Z
New story with a new concept.
Waiting for revenge to turn into love.
Eagerly waiting for the next part.
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2017-03-28T10:43:25Z
Beautiful part n also waiting for raya meeting n hope priya kaise react karti hai after meeting ram n pls waiting for next part
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Posted: 2017-03-28T11:23:18Z
So interesting continue soon
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Posted: 2017-03-28T12:20:27Z
Beautiful update soon.. waiting
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Posted: 2017-03-28T16:44:25Z
hi dear..
as usual a nice one with short new story..
Raya and ram's love game as revenge..
yes anger blind mind and emotions , hurt others and after realisation end up in guilt..
lets see hw ram manofy priya now..

thnks for the pm..:)

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