Love Found In Hell ( Thread 2 ) Completed(Page 35)

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Originally posted by i rok

loved the updates...
really like the concept..
Maan loves geet but geet cannot trust him...he is putting his life in danger for her...
plse continue soon...

glad u liked
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Originally posted by taahir004

<font color="#660099" size="3">Eagerly waiting for next update

I'm trying ..but need to read some last parts to write the ending
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Originally posted by Mona_90

Nice part..
Waiting for next part..

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Originally posted by i rok

hope you are welll
you havent updated for about two months
plse update soon...cant wait for the update

yup trying to update
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hi there its 5 months since you updated!  
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Please do try and update 
you said you have to write the ending then please make it a happy ending 
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Waiting !!
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Last part + Epilogue -

            " They are going to attack Black Snakes tonight " ... Geet's phone fall listening this ... this is most dangerous killing mission till now, anything can happen ...earlier to save her they attacked only a group but tonight they will attack whole familia ...which is not less than a dying mission...

                 " its all my fault ..why I went blind ...he begged me so many times so listen at least once but I never gave him chance ..."

             she fall on floor , hugging her knees as tears couldn't stop ... Pinky discovers her like this the next day ..she didn't move or sleep just stayed there hugging her phone , hoping for just a call but not it never came ...the most longest night of her life but it didn't end here as next two days went same . Pinky couldn't left her side . Next day without seeing any option she called Adi and told about Geet's condition . Adi has no choice but to tell about Maan he can't hide more .

                 " is he alright ? " a panicked Geet asked Pinky .." please just say he is not hurt ...he is ...he is alive ...please "

                 she was about to fall down due to weakness but two strong arm hold her tightly before she hit the ground


                  " open your eyes before I kill you dammit " she heard an angry yet concerned voice . " don't test my patience , wake up "

                 this time she couldn't ignore his order or say peal ...She opened her eyes and finally got to see the person's face , for whom she was carving like anything ...

               " oh doll you scared me " ..

                  " Maan " she tried to say something but his mouth stop her at peak time . He kissed her so hard that it literary took her breath away .

               " I missed you ..." he kissed her eyes ...sucking her tears away ...Geet keep looking at him, only drinking his every feature with her eyes ...

              " I hate you "

               he expected something like this but still thought may be she won't hate him much , as Pinky told him how much she was worried for him . No she still hates him but he won't despair again , he gonna win her heart at any cost . He saw his own death before him now nothing more he wants other than stay with him till last breath be it her hating him all time .

               " I know yo..."

               " how could you do this ? " she continue without giving him any chance.

              " how could you went there to get killed ...I hate you for this . Do you know how scared I was , I was dying every moment thinking what must have happened to you . Promise me you won't do this everv again " She pulled him kissing his temple ..

               " I'm so sorry please don't do this again ..I can't live without you "

                 Shocked ..thrilled don't know what he feeling this moment ..its his same Geet , same care same love ... he hoping its not a dream . He wipe her tears which don't seem to stop

               " I'm sorry doll sorry "

               " no I'm sorry ...sorry for everything. In my anger I overlook everything , your care , your love and believed what I wanted to . I always knew Natasha is behind you still I didn't believe your words . May be deep down I always fear that you will go after another woman and when I saw you with her I believed my own fear than your words . I'm sorry I didn't trust you . I'm so bad ..."

                 " sshh never you did nothing wrong . Don't you dare say anything bad about my innocent doll . I love her too much to bear that ..." he pressed his mouth to hers , this time a little more tenderly , sliding his finger into her hair , tonguing her hungrily he needs her to live ..and she melt in his arms ...

            " Maann ..." he rolled over , making her move on his chest ...

                 " but I'm angry with you . What have you done to yourself . You not well now again you didn't take care of yourself ..."

               " look at you... you are hurt all over , there you scolding me . see what have you done to you " she touched his fresh scars , kissing them slowly...

            " just don't do this again please.."


               She was standing on balcony when from now where her husband hugged her from back ..." you scared me " he bite her neck before kissing her . He was in garden talking something important with his men but his wife didn't spare a minute to distract him wearing a short red dress ...

              " don't tease me or "

              " or ?"

             " i won't hesitate to take you here in open place ..."

                 " dare you .."

               " try me " he challenged her and she won't dare to ignore it ... He picks her up at once .

          " what are you doing ? "

             " what do you think ? "

             " but your family is coming shortly ..we can't do it now ...Maan stop " but he already undressing himself ...Her words stuck seeing him naked in board daylight . She gulp

            " look Maan "

               " you better think before teased me like that . "

              " but " Her words died as he slammed his lips on her

       " say it ...or I will stop ..."

               " Maan " She moans

            " I mean it doll say it ..." her stubborn husband her care he always feel it but he wants to hear from her mouth last Geet gave in ..

              " I love you ...I love you ..." she keep saying it till both lost in each other ...


                 Dinner went well with his family ..She was not at herself till his father was there but as soon as he left she start feeling peace .. she hates this man but she knows she can't avoid him he is head and she need to face him , more than make him believed that he is winning at least till Maan takes his place ...

              " Maan can I ask you something ?"

              " hmm " he kissed her bare back hugging her ...

               " don't get me wrong I'm just curious , why you danced with Natasha ? I know you too hate her , also she created that misunderstanding between us than why ? "

                  " I just wanted to see her face before I break the will of her destruction ..."

              " destruction ? "

               " yes ...I fixed her marriage with one of our Mad dog "

                  Mad dog yes she knows who are they . Most dangerous and ruthless men of familia ..too cruel even thought of them makes her shiver ..

             " but how ? I mean she is outsider and it's not in rule "

                  " so what I'm funding her father for next election can't he do that for me . "

             " Did her father really agree ? "

                 " did he have any choice... his daughter is always a trouble maker ... she likes to sleep with Made Men so I just made it easy for her ... even say gave her better choice Mad dog man ."

               " Mad dogs are not any normal made man they are like "

             " animals " he completes her words " I know and she deserve it , she deserves to die slowly ... don't think much .."

               Geet doesn't know but she not feel a bit sorry for her ...her matter can be ignored but that girl made too many mistakes ...broke many houses to feel sorry for ...


Congratulation Mr Khurana your wife is pregnant .. Maan stared at Geet for sometime not believing her ears ..he is really going to be a father soon as Doctor went out with Dev he hugged Geet tightly ..but feel her stiff ...

              " hey baby what happened? don't you ..." Geet nodded her head No ...

               " then ? "

              she remembered what Maan's Mom told earlier ..." Yash got to know its girl ...he was going to chief of this familia so can't afford first child as a girl after all its matter of his pride ...and forced me to abortion ..."

               Her hold her belly protectively ... Maan is the new Head of familia ..he just took position not so long ago ..what if he also want a boy first can't afford to lose if it's a girl ...

              " Geet you scaring me " this made her come out of her thoughts ...

                 " Maan I want to keep the baby . Be it a girl or boy ..."

             There is a fear in her eyes Maan caught it even without her saying ..." its our symbol of love one gonna hurt our child ..I promise you I will protect you and baby ..." he kissed her forehead embracing her in his arms ...

             Geet look a breath of relief hearing it .She trust her husband ..he will do what he said ... He is the boss now . Mafia is dark world can't changed but still Maan changed few things to make it better for women . Now forced marriages are forbidden at least girls can marry with their choice although within this familia . The curse of love is gone now . But it still a hell and no matter what she has to live here , she doesn't mind as long as Maan is with her ...There would be many times when death will come for them its their life , their fate
.. they accepted it, and determined to live with each other till their last breath... its seems easy now as they found love in each other in this worst place .Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-11-26T21:56:43Z
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