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Originally posted by sanum23

geet father selling geet fr name of marriage but maan fall fr hr and now geet is so precious to him he can leave everything fr hr sake

her father only want name n power that's why selling his daughter
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IF gone mad really
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really hating if but helpless can't leave this place
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updating soon ...
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sorry for being sooo late ...
I'm so bad I know
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happy that you guys still reading this even when I'm updating so late
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        Part 26 (b) -

          " woman are just a piece of shit nothing are born to dominate and rule on both world and women.."

        " can't agree more cheers " Natasha's father beamed happily agreeing with Mr Khurana..but Yash's eyes are only on his elder son Maan whom face he badly trying to read..

           he noticed some changes in him since he got married to Geet he just thinking that his son hopefully didn't forget 'curse rule' to this world..if he did then Yash has no choice but to kill Geet ..Maan need to focus on familia and he won't let a mere girl to rule his son and distract him..

             " Women are born to pleasure us .."

              " and give us son " this time Maan said those with her father gaining a proud nod..

            " they are just burden which we have to keep for our benefit " Maan finished with gritted teeth but gave a dirty smirk to his father who smack his shoulder with happiness...

               " That's right my son . That's what i wanted to hear from future chief . Cheers everybody "

               " cheers " he gulped the drink in one go hating himself for uttering those and feeling helpless to sit there when he should be at his Wife's birthday party..

               ' love is a curse , familia is above from everything ' all these rules gone long back.. That inevitable happened even he tried hard but couldn't stop himself from falling for his innocent wife.. No not familia for him Geet is more important than anything and he knows if his cruel father got to know this he would surely kill Geet ..

               So now on Geet's birthday he had to ditch her party and attend that wh**e Natasha's ..its killing him from inside but he is helpless he can't let his father doubt on him...

            he so hate damn rules of Dark Dragon and very much determined to change some when he become chief and after becoming chief even his father can't do anything about rules..

              ' She is gone ' he came and saw empty house his blood boil not because she left , because she left even know there so much danger upon them yet she did this...

              she is so hurt that wh**e manage to speared poison but no he won't let her win and hurt his doll.. Geet loves him she will surely come back..

                 " you are worse than my father " no she can't mean that yes he did mistake but he didn't know that was Natasha who was kissing him he so wants to kill that witch and he would surely do that..

                  But Geet's word cut him deeply ,she became so aloof ,her beautiful smile is gone he so much want their beautiful time to back he can't live like that but again and again she only telling him that she hates him ..

              How can she said that he raped her? That's was last straw.. May be she will be happy without him so he left.. but he tried last time ..he called her from air port saying goodbye ..even first time poured his heart out..confessed his love for her use she didn't even answer to him ...

             He left to find peace but he is a fool no matter what he can't live without her .. She is hurt but he will again try , will tell her again and again how much he loves her how much she changed him..

                 " bro where are you going ? " Dev asked seeing Maan leaving party at mid

             " im going home " * going to Geet *

              " bro stop behaving like some love stuck puppy.. Dad gave this success party only for you if you leave he wont like it at all .. Wait for sometime then leave please "

                 he jerked his hand away from his brother's grip " I'm going that's it and no one can stop me "

               saying he left and went to parking place , he was about to open his car door when from nowhere fully drunk Natasha stop him..

              " That's not fair you leaving so early " she gave a ugly pout. Maan so much want to break his face but controlled and pushed her but she didn't give up..she again came before him this time start unzipping her dress with sexy motion ..

               " what that wife of yours has which i don't " she was about to open her bra when Maan pushed her so hard that she fallen on floor

                  " you are an ugly bitch that can't be compare with my wife .." ..

             He was about to open his car , his phone rang...he surprised to see the caller id . Geet calling him.. May be she also eager to meet him he received in hurry but his heart stop at her fearful voice but that bloody Natasha again interrupted..

                 " hello Geet Hello you there ,damn " she already cut the call.." what can be the matter? Why she sounding like that ? " thinking many possibility he tried to call her when Natasha snatched his phone and throw it on floor breaking into pieces ..

             He at once slapped her hard and pull out his gun pointing to shoot her when Dev came in between..

               " bro what are you doing ? " without giving any explanation he drove off to his home to his Geet..


           " bro everyone is ready " Dev's word broke his thought " bro please think again. It's too risk to attack Black Snakes like this.. It's not wise bro "

             he looked at Geet's pic last time before switching off his phone tucking it in his pocket.. " there is nothing to think.. Those bloody bas***ds dared to hurt my Geet..they would bloody die that's it "

            " but ..atleast think about Geet ..she must be waiting... "

          " I'm doing this only for her ..." he cut him thinking Geet surely not waiting for him

            " bro just think once " this time Maan glared Dev

               " if you don't want to come it's fine i can do it alone "

               " i know you alone is enough but i can't leave my brother even if i die ..want to die with my brother " both hugged last time before went together to their deadly mission...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-06-23T01:43:44Z
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done ..I broke my record lol
updated two story
sorry for being late first Ramadan month second busy with something personal
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