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thnx di
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Eagerly and Anxiously waiting for next chapter LOL
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<font color="#660099" size="3">Eagerly and Anxiously waiting for next chapter LOL</font>

sure after humnava
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Intresting parts..
Waiting for next part..
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Originally posted by Mona_90

Intresting parts..
Waiting for next part..

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       Part 26 (a) -

           " you are my pride.. special from all take care doll...bye "

              After sending message Maan looked at the phone for sometime still hoping she would call or something even after their last fight when she clearly said she hates him.. His heart can't believe that his doll can hate him ..

               Hell she loves him he felt it in her every carers.. kisses she loves him like anyone did . In this hell he still surviving because of her love. Till now he never cared if he will get alive in any fight but now he cared..he wants to live   because he knows someone is waiting for him at home his wife..

          His Dad always taught him power is everything and first priority never compromise with is a cruse a sin but he already did that deadly sin.. He loves to kill people its his job this how their world work killing give him satisfaction... power and he could do anything to get power .. That was his life The MSK terror of Dark Dragon cruel no mercy yet now if he needs to chose power or Geet he would choose Geet..

            yes he is not best person in world but he tried to be best just for her his wife Geet..


            6 months ago

             first time he saw Geet in a party held by Handa .. He never liked that man but for his father he had to attend it. He was busy sipping drink when he noticed a beautiful clumsy girl in a short white dress trying hard to hide herself behind a pillar which was not possible.

               He surely never saw her he always went to many parties and if he did he would surely remember after all its hard not to notice a sexy piece ..

               ' Mine for tonight ' just came in his mind.. He was about to go to her when someone tapped on his shoulder he turned around and saw Mr Handa standing with a ugly grin on his face...

             " hello Maan " he gave his hand for shake which Maan ignored completely and look around for Her but couldnt locate her..

             Mr Handa was still standing shamelessly clearly don't care about his silent insult.. " hope you enjoying party. Let me introduce my dear beautiful daughter "...

                   " Geet " he called sharply Maan try to ignore and go when his eyes fall on his prey for tonight.

                      Geet so its her name...He saw her closely as she came with slow step looking uncomfortable yet obedient . He can't take his eyes from her She is so innocent ..felt like not belong to this world ..

             " i know what you thinking. Why you never saw her .. She actually not come to party that much .. And i never forced you know she is a treasure to me to i want to introduce her personally... she is very obedient always listen to my word.." Mr handa was busy in his nonsense but Maan was only looking at her with a dark desire rising... he wants her on bed no doubt..

                    " she just turned 18 few days back "

                  Mr Handa's words broke his thought he tear his gaze and looked at Mr Handa's meaning full look he is here to sell his daughter. Maan smirk too bad he not here to buy or anything he is future head can take what he likes and he wants her but just for tonight..

                 He left without saying anything.. But whole night his eyes was on her how shamelessly her father taking her to every possible man and trying to sell in name of marriage ..something happened deep inside him. He not liking others lustful gaze on his woman..

             Very soon she was center of attention and he hated it .. Till he get his thing no one can dare to look at his procession... he was playing to make a move to grab her when his father called to leave.

             Later that night when they were discussing business his father told him most unexpected thing...

          " I'm thinking as you soon gonna take over this familia its wise for you to get married and for this Handa daughter Geet would be perfect "

               Maan shocked for sometime " hmm you can see Maan she is beautiful . Everybody willing to get her for their son so she is best and only my son deserve best "

               Maan imagined her beautiful face and party night where people were looking hungrily at her no doubt she is the most beautiful woman of this familia . He is a king and only she deserve to be queen.

              " you know how is that bloody Handa he surely taught his daughter everything... she would be obedient so you won't have any problem to control her. A perfect match for you . What say Maan ? ".

                 " as you wish Dad " Maan only said looking unaffected . There was nothing to discuss ...He going to take charge soon and need to get married so why not Geet the beautiful doll of familia ...she would surely good in bed what more he wants ...first most powerful man and with one beautiful wife life can't be more perfect ...

               That's was the time when he married her for just as his Dad wish but everything changed when he slowly discoved his wife, his innocent doll. At first he never get his wife's way of thinking and sometimes felt wired but dont know when he came under her spell...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-06-05T01:14:01Z
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just one more part of his side
then last ...
please bear with me till then
I know short part but only managed this ...
happy birthday @padmaro ...
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pm done
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