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Congrats for new thread..
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Congrats for new thread..

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congrats for new thread
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congrats for new thread

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          Part 22 -

            " kill her..hmm Dev don't wait for further instruction just kill .."

           " what the hell are you doing ? " i don't believe Maan is ordering Dev to kill Neha . I tried to take his phone but he glared at me sharply ...

          " yes Dev just do what i say " saying he cut the call i looked at him shocked did i fallen for this man who ordered to kill my friend without any fault of her.. No he can't do it . I killed that John if there is anyone to be punished that should be me and not Neha...

          " what's wrong with you ? How can you order Dev to kill Neha ? She is innocent..she didn't do anything can't do this call Dev right now stop this just call him " i snatched his phone and about to call Dev but Maan took it back ..

           " Geet look "

            " you can't do it "

           " Geet listen to me "

        " no please i beg you ...don't kill her ..i i will do what you say but please don't kill her she is not at fault i killed him ..she doesn't deserve it please Maan i beg you "

           he held my hand make me sit on sofa... " Geet i can understand your emotion but doll you are forgetting where we are living its mafia we can't trust anyone from here... What if your friend Neha disclose this truth to somebody... do you know what will happen then ? whole familia will be against you they will.." he looked at me scared may be thinking about my punishment i complete his words ...

             " they will kill me i know..but i know Neha she would never tell this to anyone ..Maan she looked happy content seeing that bloody man died ..first time i saw a light of hope to live in her eyes... she thankful to me Maan she won't tell anyone ..i trust her Maan..i trust her more than..You and i know she won't break my trust..she is not like "

            " ME " he said with a bitter smile " Trust hmm here people don't trust anyone even a father don't trust his son and you saying you can trust your friend..just tell me Geet why she will keep quiet... she is free now she doesn't have to fear of anyone or anything you said that she was leading so bad life... so why she won't use this opportunity for a better life " i nodded my head

            " she won't i know her "

           " Geet we can't trust.."

             " if you can trust your sister that she won't tell anyone about you killing your own brother in law then i can also trust my friend " Maan literary shocked at my revelation...

        " how you know..? "

          " Aniee herself told me " his face hardened he got up tensed

          " yes i killed that bloody bas***d... he used to tortured my sister he was a animal ...who used to beat her raped her .."

             " John was same he did same with Neha... if killing that man was not wrong then why i killing John is wrong " he looked at me for sometime ..and may be seeing my reason...

              " Aniee is family and i can trust her "

     " Neha is same for me what Aniee is to you.. I also trust Neha "

           " you talking like a fool in mafia we can't even trust blood and you ..huh I'm not saying Dev will kill her now but yes if she tries to be smart then she will die for sure "

        " she won't.."

                   " remember one thing Geet i can kill anyone for my family be it my sister's husband or your friend ..i won't let anyone mess with my own if its needed Neha have to die " ...

       oh so now I'm belong to his family he must he joking " then you listen to me carefully if anything happen to Neha I won't keep quiet... don't think I don't know why you want to keep this murdered secret ...Mr khurana you not doing this because of me doing this for yourself... you only thinking about your reputation ..your wife killed your father's special man that won't go well with familia people right... your position will be in danger only that's why you hell bent to kill my friend nothing else " ...

          Maan went red with anger I can feel it but surprisingly he didn't show it to me rather said simply..." I don't care what you think but get one thing clear in your head things will happen as I want ...Neha will die if..."

            I grabbed his collar in anger ..." you won't do anything... get it the way why you want to kill her isn't it good you get a way to get rid of this so called wife..after that you don't have to meet your wh**e secretly should be happy if its leak to familia your Dad the man whom you worship will kill me with his own hand will be free to marry another virgin girl may be this time you will get lucky and she will do everything as per your order won't have any problem about your cheating around and most importantly always be ready with her leg open no matter how badly you treat her...see all in your favour you should tell everyone about this so they can ki..."

           " no one will kill you ..." he didn't listen further ..pulled me closer kissing me hard almost bleeding my lip..." I will f**king kill the person who even dare to touch you will be safe I won't let this things come out... I'm doing everything just for you Geet me " he kissed me again this time slow ..soothing my pain which he given earlier... I so want to trust this man but I can't ...even after we fought he was dancing happily with Natasha... that's show how much he cares for me ..

        " stop pretending as if you care ...I know you don't you only love to hurt me .its give you sadist pleasure.." a small tear drop ...he kissed it way " oh doll you don't know how much I care ...Its kill me seeing so much hate in your eyes why don't you trust me once ? ...why don't just listen to me? ..why I'm I that bad ...don't I deserve you ? ...there is no one in my life ..." he cupped my face kissing corner of my lips looked at my eyes ..." I .I lo..."

           his phone ring he cursed loudly and picked up ..." Dev its better be good reason of this f**king call..."

       I saw him tensed as Dev said something then he seems relived ..." so its done ... good ...hmm no you did right we didn't have any option its better this way ..." he cut the call seems happy ...

     ' its done...didn't have any option... means they killed her husband did what he said he killed my innocent friend ...

           " Geet look Neha..."

            " They killed her ..." Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-03-30T02:26:21Z
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phew updated ...
hopefully I'm not that late lol humnava ...happy reading.. enjoy
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