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     Part 25 -

                     ( Present )

        Geet looked at the phone ..a message from Mia to take care and little warning to not do anything stupid ..Geet smiled a little at this ...she looked at the phone for sometime still waiting for someone's call message anything... her husband ...

            she should hates this man then why still care for him ...its Two days since she back home and that day he threatened to kill her family then left without saying anything moreover after this no call nothing at all ... ' lies lies all lies his care everything only an act ' but she still love this man why ...he was not there when she needed her ...he was with Natasha his wh**e ...may be she could have saved but her husband was too busy with his mistress that didn't care a bit about her ...' but he came to save you from those black snakes ..he fights for you ' her heart tried to give reason but her mind still stuck to that memory where she learnt that Maan was with Natasha when her life was in danger ...

           Still her damn heart worried for her husband ' where he gone ? ' she looked at her phone again hoping for some miracle ..she just want to know he is fine he was so angry when he gone that day ...She heard the door bell ring ..." Maan " she tried to go fast but her weak body didn't support her ...

               She was at her bedroom door when that person came to her view ...its Jeny ( Mrs Khurana ) ...disappoint was clearly showing on Geet's face but Maan's mom ignored all instead hold her arm gently and took her near bed ...

              " Geet bete what are you doing ? you are so weak you should take rest and don't walk like this ..." Geet looked surprised at Jeny's soft concerned voice ...she seems so worried which Geet not able to digest ...Jeny gave her a glass of water ... she took it still not so pleased to see her here at this moment ...she not in condition to listen another round of * don't fall in love * lecture ...her thought broke again by her unwanted guest ...

                   " Did you take your medicine..." she nodded no ..." Geet you barely came out of that deadly incident you shouldn't neglect your health .." she picked up the box of medicine from side table and handle her tablets ...she took them not in mood to argue but still not getting why suddenly she is showing so care ? ...

                    " If not about you atleast think about Maan ...what will happen if something happen to you ..." ' he will be more than happy ...right but if that he wanted why he fought to save her ' she gulped the water to hiding her inner turmoil...

              " Geet don't neglect ..." she cut her off now can't take anymore and asked directly ..." Why are you here ? " she knows she is rude but she can't help it ..." you don't like me ..umm disliking is small word you hate me then why you so sweet caring now ? "

                   To her surprise Jeny didn't get angry instead smiled at her confused expression ..." hate no dear ..I never hate you can I hate my son's wif...'

              " simple because you never wanted me for your son ..." she again said in mid stopping her .." forget it its not that I care or something ..but just don't act like you really concerned for me ...I don't want any fake care we are alone you can show your true self ..."

                  Again that simple smile on her face ..." hmm I'm worried for you dear trust me ...can't blame you for thinking like that ..I was the one who always behaved oddly so its not your fault to judge me harshly ...but all I can say I don't hate you intact from the day if your marriage I was scared for you ..."

                  " scared ...for me ?"

               " yes because I was imagining myself in you ...shy , scared bride but lots of hope in eyes or may be a little dream for a good future...first I felt pity for you then that day you came to my house and your eyes said me the hard truth.. you fallen for my hard core son ..just like me . I get scared because I was same like you ..."

              " what are you trying to say ? " ' she can't possibly loves her husband ...Yash. Khurana worst person in the world ..' may be she read Geet's mind and said slowly ...

                 " I was aware of the rules but still dare to fall for him cruel husband ..a killer ..he was not so cruel but good to me and I I mistaken him all was just act ...I saw his true face when I was pregnant ...not Maan " ...

              " not Maan but he is your first son ? "

               " no he isn't ...he is my second first child died before it can come to this world ...Yash killed him ..." a tear escape from her eyes ..." when I was pregnant first time I discovered my husband's true face ...a cheat first I thought may be because I'm pregnant but slowly slowly get to know he was always like this even he was married to me he was Keeping two mistress day I caught them in my bed I can't believe but you know what is more shameful he was not a bit care seeing me looking at him with disgust ...I fought I cried but no use eventually understood its my fate I have to live with this ...I lost interest to live but still living for my unborn child ...but my bad fate again deceived me ...Yash got to know its girl ...he was going to chief of this familia so can't afford first child as a girl after all its matter of his pride ...and forced me to abortion ...but you know Geet it was for good atleast she living peacefully above her life would have ruined if she takes birth better she gone from this hell "

              silence fall between them Geet shocked to react for sometime ...Geet knows Yash is cruel but never thought that he can be that bad for his own blood ...but again its matter of power and pried made men can do anything ..her heart going for that old lady who suffered so much her anger vanished ...Jeny wiped her tears and said to Geet ...

                    " I saw same hope love in your eyes for Maan ...I'm not saying my son is cruel but this world is is a cruse here ...I was sure that your heart will break badly just like me I was only trying to save you ...but see I was so wrong did find love in this hell "

                 ' no you were right then I didn't find love ..I should have listen to you ' Geet said to herself don't want to upset Jeny with her misery ...jeny held her hand in her ...

               " I'm so happy that you proved me wrong beta ...You did pass the curse and found love ...which I couldn't do you did it changed Maan and made him fall for you ..."

                  Geet so want to deny and tell the truth ..." you thinking wron..."

                 Jeny continue without listening ..." I never thought my hard core son will love you so much but then I saw it that day were in hospital fighting for your life ...and I saw Ma'am crying for me begging for your life ...I couldnt believe ...In hospital that Natasha came with her father for routine check up and thought to visit you ...but as soon as they step Maan became so mad even tried to shoot Natasha my doubt clear he fallen hard for you ...he not can kill for you but can also die for your sake ..."

               Geet's heart beat stop for a moment hearing all ..its can't be true but next words from Jeny answered all question ..." when I confront Maan admitted simply that he loves you and to save you he can kill anyone even if its her father are above from all " ...

                  Happy sad tears fall from her eyes her Maan loves her ...why he never said ? ' because you never tried to listen ' she was so stupid to do that ...she remembered their last day ...that day also he tried to way something but she pushed him by her hash words ...

             her thought broke as Jeny hugged her       " I'm happy that you didn't meet the same fate Geet and Maan loves you beyond anything ..."

                  " I'm sorry Mrs Khurana I was so rude ..."

                 " no sorry dear you were not wrong ..and not Mrs Khurana call me mother okay .." Geet smile nodding yes hugging back ...


       Next day still no news from Maan ..Geet is now more worried ..she called Adi but surprisingly he didn't say anything and with his tone it was clear that he is hiding something ...she was pacing worriedly when her phone beeped with a message ...

you are my pride.. special from all
take care doll...bye

        just two line with a kissing emo ...her eyes flooded with tears she kissed the screen ...again cursed herself for being such fool ...she doesn't know how long she was looking at screen ...then Mia called her breaking that moment she finished called fast as wasn't to call her Maan ...

               but shocked as it came switched off ...she tried again no use ...' why he switched of his phone ..'

                 she read the message again her heart stop at Bye word ..." why he saying bye ? where is he going ? "

              she knows something going on and she needs to find out find it's not easy ...then she thought to ask Pinky ..she must be know something Adi surely shared with her she need to know it...


        " They are going to attack Black Snakes tonight " ... Geet's phone fall listing this ...most dangerous killing mission till now anything can happen ...earlier to save her they attacked only a group but tonight they will attack whole familia ...which is not less than a dying mission...

              Maan is doing this because of her she knows it well ...its not right she can't let him risk his life ..he can't leave her ..she madly dailed his phone again and again but disappointed ...

                   She cursed herself for her behaviour... ' why she didn't listen ? ' may if she did he would have with her not in a deadly mission ...all her fault and for this may be she going to pay for whole life...





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updated ...
hmm thinking thinking happy wala doo ya sad wala I'm talking about ending .. Wink
but do tell if you want to read little bit Maan's side or just end by next
enjoy Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-05-12T20:11:47Z
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Posted: 2017-05-12T20:23:44Z
Nice update..
Waiting to read more..
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Posted: 2017-05-12T20:25:27Z
:( wow Mrs. Khurana really has seen her life turn into flames right before her life and of course everyone was judgiing at first like why she so cold, but her justification is there and now Geet I feel like realizing to what extent damage might be done...she might lose Maan! Wonder how are you planning to get her involved in this attack!
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nice finally geet accepted that maan love her .nd for ending it must be happy.will love to read frm maans side also.Edited by mitaasen - 2017-05-24T08:42:26Z
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Posted: 2017-05-13T00:32:00Z
Nice update
Waiting for next update
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Posted: 2017-05-13T01:08:13Z
Nice update 
But want MG sean 
Thanks for PM
Update soon
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Posted: 2017-05-13T01:19:15Z
Nice update... Maan mother n geet conversation was nice n soothing... Finally mother cleared that shhe doesnt hate her one burden off gert shoulder.. but it was nice of her to clear the misunderstanding of geet that maan doesnt love her... But i m confused.. if he loves her the what was that with Natasha when she was being kidnapped... Why he couldn't takke her call... I hope he returns safe n clear the mist..
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