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Amazing updates
Geet upbringing never let her trust maan she wants her life smooth but her experience with her family specially with father was something she scared herself is not meant she doesn't want but when ever she trying something happens that she started to blamed why she expects anything with mad men

Maan opening up with her it's truly amazing I knew he loves her
His words are describing how he hurt with geet words
Neha is alive but geet assume everything blaming him
Uff geet listen then react na
Sorry for late response

please don't be sorry ...
trust is the biggest issue between them ...
thnx for reading
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Originally posted by deep002

Awesome update dear

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Originally posted by aparna3011

superb update

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Originally posted by Kkiran

I feel so bad for Maan and Geet. I mean its not the life she wanted and now she is stuck and she is so used to the negative that she is blinded by it and said alot of hurtful and harsh things to Maan. I hope she atleast apologizes and hopefully tries to start fresh!

from childhood both seeing only negatively... its not easy for her to trust him or not for him to express himself well ...
thnx for reading
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thnx for your likes and comments
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confusion hi confusion hai solution ka pata nehi...
hmm kya karu ...should update this or humnava
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          Part 24 -

          " you bitch how many times told you not to disturb me when I'm with someone..." ...

           " please talk softly will hear please what they will think ... " Rano pleaded to her husband who came with his mistress total drunk ...

           " kids are growing up please try to understand ..if you can't forget this habit why not do this in some hotel ...why bringing them in my home ..."

           " what did you say ? " he slapped her so hard that she fallen on floor ..blood coming from her lips ..." you bloody woman ordering me dare you ? ..its my house I can do whatever I want get it ...and what kids ha ..those useless daughters are not gonna any use of mine ...stupid woman can't even give me a son and there ordering me ..just go before I kill you ..." he was about to fall but his mistress hold him tightly ...

              " oh what are doing ? careful ...why you even talking to this so called wife ..let's go to your room ..." she took him giving a dirty smirk to Rano who looking at them helplessly...its not new her husband often came home like this first she felt bad but now her all emotion died for that man she only living for her daughters that's why doesn't want them to face the harsh reality so soon ...She stood up giving a last glance to the room where they went turned to go but stop as saw her 5 years old daughter Geet looking at her scared ...


          That was the first time I saw the ugly face of my father ..yes my father never shower me with love but never thought that he is so bad the time pass I witnessed more worse thing and all those till now running in my mind ...i wanted to trust Maan tried but again and again my past stopped me and in my pain i forget everything   reacted badly ...

            Its 3 days after that incident... after Maan left from there and didn't call once or came to meet me ...After what i said i don't have courage to call him ...i was eating breakfast when my cell ring seeing Maan name I didn't wait for second grabbed it fast ...

            " Hello ..."I said first ..waiting eagerly to hear his voice ...

        but only silence from other side so I again said " hello ...Maan " I sensed him taking a long breath as if feeling me around then he spoke up ...

               " umm I'm going Bangkok ..there is some emergency so ..." he trailed off hi or hello he didn't even ask about me ..i understand he still angry on me ...but didn't expect him to leave like this ...

               " ok I will pack your bag then .." I quietly said

               " no its not needed ...I'm leaving now ..I'm in airport "

           I don't know how to react what to say now ...

               " take care dol...Geet " ...

               I said nothing still numb realizing may be my marriage is in breaking point and I'm the reason of it ...I pushed him so far that he not coming back now ..I'm not angry on him but to myself ...

               " Geet you there ...Geet " I heard Maan saying something but i couldn't hear more ..throwing the phone on sofa went upstairs to cry on my misery...


       " Geet bhai is coming tonight ..." Aniee told me happily on phone ...she keep blabbing something but nothing gotten into my head ...finally I cut the call ...

                    it's one month since he left ...and my condition is worse ... i couldn't sleep or eat ..I badly want to talk to Maan but can't ... Maan angry on me still never forget to call and ask about me but all seems very formal ...and finally he is coming back ...I can't express how happy I'm ...

        This time everything will be clear between us ..enough of my insecurity ..I will confess my love to him and a fresh start for us...hope Maan will forgive me ...may be he doesn't love me but he cares for me deeply and that's enough for me to live this lifetime with him ...I just can't wait to meet him after whole one month ...

           I searched my cupboard no good dress ...I was never so conscious about cloth and all but for him I want to look best ...I picked up the phone and called Aniee to go for shopping...


       I was never so excited in my life ..I looked up at watch only 6 pm ..time moving so slowly tonight... sure Maan won't come that early but here I'm ready in my new dress open as per his liking ...I blushed at this thought of him ..

            Bell ring ...' who can come at this hour ...can it be Maan ? may be he has early flight ..' I rushed to open the door and saw Aniee standing there looking at me naughtily...

               I can't hide the disappoint seeing her but still I tried to smile ..." wow Geet you totally decked up to make my brother crazy ...slow it girl .." she said winking at me ..I blushed at her remark ...

               " Aniee shut up ...come in ..." I opened the door fully but she refused to come ...

               " no time babes have to go ...just thought to land here to take you remember tonight party at Jona's place ..let's see .."

              no mood for party but still Aniee dragged me with her ..." Geet what you even do here alone ..its not that bhai will come now ... you know na he is in Minister's place ..grand party held there for his success in Bangkok...don't be lazy bum let's have fun ..."

            ' he already in Mumbai and partying in Natasha's place ...why he didn't call me once ...' I feel like crying but stop myself   ' is he still that angry ? he could have inform me I again expecting too much in this relation .. ?'


           Its 2 am when I finally came back was good but I couldnt enjoy a bit only whole time was waiting for his call but nothing came ..I opened the door and locked it ...suddenly sensed odd. ..its seems too silent my sixth sense saying may be something wrong I surged my shoulder ...' its nothing ...such tight security what can go wrong '

               I went to kitchen to drink water right then heard something no something its voices ..." Maan is back ..." I almost throw the glass and run to go but stop in my track listening again ...

               " She is not here ..."

                  " search properly ...she didn't attend his success party informer can't be wrong ...she must be hiding some where ...we can't go without taking her or else boss will kill us for sure first ...MSK already in town we have to do it tonight ..."

              voiced trailed off far ...I stood there shocked ...' some people broke here to kidnap me ...who can be ...?' it's silly question to think ...we Mafia people so many enemies, anyone can do it ...I rushed back to kitched hiding myself under cabinet ...

            " what to do ...? they are too dangerous ..." im scared as hell ...and lost ability to think anything ...those men broke down security to kidnap me ..they can do anything how will I save myself ?...

            suddenly I remember Maan without wasting a second I called him soon as he picked up I start crying for help ..." Maan please save me ...please come soon ...ple"

           " Hello Geet ..." I heard his worried voice but also another voice in background ...' uff oo Maan come on what are you doing ? why wasting time on that silly wife of yours ? ...I'm here na baby ...' i know this voice its Natasha's drunken voice ...I heard Maan saying " shut up ...hello Geet ..doll what happened..? why are you crying ...? "

              before I can say anything line cut from other side ...I looked at the phone for sometime trying to calm down myself ...' don't Geet don't think bad ... Maan won't betray me that girl just forget her ...' I can't think more my heart still want to believe the man I love but fate again testing my trust ...I heard from upstairs still people searching me madly ...

              I called Maan again with my shivering hand but its switched off now ...' no how is it possible ? Maan can't do this ..he can't switch his phone to avoid me ' ...I called him again and again no use ...I throw it angrily ' again he broke my trust ...i m stupid to trust him again ..he doesn't care a bit I'm gonna killed and he is enjoying with his wh**e ...'

               ' no Geet you can't give up ...I need to help yourself ...yes back up girl ...' I wiped my tears why ...there is no time for crying in all these shit ..I need to escape now ...very slowly I came to hall hide under sofa as a heard a man shouting to other ..wait for sometime I can see the door from here its locked ..God I locked it why ..?

               after sometime when voices fade I again went to door I unlocked it slowly ...but as I was about to go out feel someone hit me from behind ...I fallen on floor lost conscious not before seeing the person who hit me ..its Vijay Maan's most trusted security man...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-04-26T22:40:03Z
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updated ..yaeee and this time I'm not late ..
Geet POV and past end here
from next part present will start
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