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The Journey


Priya checked her watch one more time. She had to leave by 6 if she hoped to avoid the evening rush of traffic. She was looking forward to this weekend a lot. It had been ages since she had wanted to visit Milind and Priti. Milind and Priti were her best friends from college. They had spent some of their best moments together. Milind and Priti had gotten married and had a lovely farm house on the outskirts of Mumbai. For a long time the trio was planning on meeting up and had finally found opportunity this weekend. She cursed once again as the clock showed 5 45 pm, she still had some work to finish. How she hated when work come in at 4 pm on a Friday evening. She would have to message Priti and tell her she would be late. Man proposes and God disposes she thought with a sigh.

As the clock struck 6 30, Priya shut down her laptop and unplugged it from the charger. She quickly packed her stuff and made a dash to the basement. Unlocking the car she dumped her bag on the bag seat, fastened her seat belt and trudged the car forward. As soon as she hit the road, Priya relaxed a bit. She put on the radio and felt herself humming to the song. There was already a serpentine queue of cars on the road. Priya shrugged her shoulders and joined a long list of car travellers.

At the signal she quickly checked her mobile, Priti had replied to her message. They were already half way and would reach earlier than her. Priya thought about how her friendship had panned out with Milind and Priti. They were friends from almost 7 years now. All 3 of them had great careers and were doing well for themselves in their respective fields. The only thing that Priya felt out of place was that Milind and Priti were a couple and she was..well..the less said the better. Her love life had been listless almost negligible. Not that she had not liked anyone, but after a few dates she quickly lost interest. The ones she was interested in did not look beyond a fling and the serious types were not interested in her.

The best part about being with Milind and Priti was that they never probed her about her love life. Nor did they try and push her into blind dates with single males they knew. Priya was lucky that she had friends like these.

As Priya approached the highway she felt more comfortable. Atleast she had managed to get out of the maddening city traffic. On the highway, as Priya was set at a steady speed, she suddenly felt something dart across her car. As a natural reaction Priya braked and the car came to a sudden halt. Priya was sure something had bumped into her car. She immediately got off and looked around. There was no one, Priya checked the front of her car, and there was no dent either. Strange thought Priya, maybe an animal had crossed. This was not unusual on the highway. She got back into her car and resumed her journey.

In the rear view mirror she saw a car flash its lights at her. Priya looked at the car puzzled, why is he giving a signal when the road is wide. He can easily overtake. Priya slowed her speed as to allow the car to pass. Strangely the car too slowed down. It simply kept flashing its light.

Priya was a little scared now. This was a long stretch with no vehicles in sight. Priya decided to accelerate and increase her speed. She saw as her speedometer raced from 80 to 100 to 120 in no time. Priya glanced at the rear view again. The car had also picked up speed but was still not overtaking her. Priya tried to look at the man driving the car but could not see clearly.

Ram looked at the vehicle in front of her. He was trying since when to get her attention but she was just ignoring him. He had honked, used dipper, but to no use. How the hell was he supposed to warn her. Ram was fast losing patience, he had to take the exit long back but because of this stupid driver he ended up following her. He just hoped that her destination would be nearby otherwise it would be take him hours to reach his destination.

Ram tried the dipper one more time but no use. He would have to follow her wherever she was going.

Priya looked at her cellphone, she was not sure if she could handle the car at that speed and dial Milind's number as well. She cursed herself for not getting a Bluetooth fixed in her car. At least she could have spoken to Milind and sought help. Now that she was sure that car was following her, she dared not to stop on the highway. She remembered that she had only a few kilometers to go before she reached the farmhouse and she began to pray fervently that Milind and Priti had reached before her. Priya decided not to give the car behind her any signal before turning, this way she could avoid him. Priya slowed down her speed and suddenly severed left and pressed the accelerator.  

Ram too slowed down his speed and cursed as he saw Priya turning without signal. He also quickly had to turn. Damn the woman, he thought as he heard his tyres screech on the turning.

By now Priya had taken the lead and put a considerable distance between them. The road leading to the farm house was not concrete and therefore the speed had to be lowered down. A chill went down her spine as she saw Ram still following her. Some nerve he had, she thought, following her.

Priya looked ahead and saw that the farm house was lit up. Thank God they are there was Priya's first thought. Without thinking of the consequences, Priya pressed the accelerator making her car jerk on the uneven road. She can get a new car thought Priya but not a new life. As soon as she neared the house she began honking. She hoped the noise would get Milind and Priti out of the house.

As expected Milind and Priti ran towards the entrance following the loud honking wondering what had happened. The moment Priya saw them, she got the car to a halt, unfastened the seat belt and ran towards them.

Priya: Milind, someone is following me, please call the police.

Milind immediately rushed inside and brought out his gun. This was a hunting gun kept at the farmhouse to scare of wild animals. He aimed the gun at the other car, while Priti went inside to call the police.

Ram halted his car just behind Priya's and got off. The moment he got off, he could see Milind aiming a gun at him.

Priya: Its him, he has been following me all the way.

Ram: Hey, easy man..there is some mistake. I am not following you.

Milind: Oh yeah, then how come you are here? We don't even know you?

Ram: I mean I am following her for a purpose but not what you think, listen to me first, your life is in danger.

Milind looked at Ram and then at Priya, he was not sure of what to do.

Ram: Please listen to me, her car, there is an intruder in her car.

Milind and Priya looked on shocked at Ram and then at her car.

Just then they heard a siren approaching their house.

Milind: Great, we will now find out what is the truth.

Ram: Yes, indeed.

As soon as the police arrived, Ram approached them and spoke to them.

Priya: Don't listen to him officer, he was following me and now is making up stories.

Ram: Believe me Madam, let them open the back seat of your SUV, the truth will be out.

The police opened the back door of the SUV and flashed their torch light. To everyone's horror, there was a man crouched low between the seats brandishing a large knife in his hand.

To be continued

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Posted: 2017-03-22T10:50:51Z
Good start n waiting for next part
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Posted: 2017-03-22T11:35:01Z
Very nice... Pls continue soon
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Posted: 2017-03-22T11:36:14Z
suspense story. I m looking forward to future updates. PL be regular in updating. it's a request. if possible me.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2017-03-22T11:48:00Z
OMG a suspense thriller seems
Car chasing and lastly first meeting if RaYa
But wat a meet as usually Ram was right in his approach to warm Priya.
Let's see who is this intruder.
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Posted: 2017-03-22T11:50:17Z
Superb yar update soon
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Posted: 2017-03-22T15:37:46Z
Nice story.
Please continue.
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Posted: 2017-03-22T16:25:41Z
thank you for coming back here it really means a lot dear...
coming to story you back with bang no doubt in that loved the concept unique & amazing which meant a lot awesome I just loved the way you have portray the story can't wait to read next plz do post next soon will be waiting...
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