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betha korche khub Cry

Sorry, I don't understand your bengali completely. Please use a common language so we can reply to your comments sometimes :)
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Love you A lot my sweet behna
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Okay, not an Update but REPLIES.

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And also those who DIDN'T LIKE & DIDN'T COMMENT.LOL

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Its not easy for her to let go of maan this easily.
but she needs to learn a lot of things now.

@Redross: hahaha Ana doesn't know her would be bhabhi is weaving magic in her bhai's heart. LOL
I wonder what her reaction will be
when she gets to know about her brother's feelings
towards her bestie.Wink

mein  bhi maan ke team mein hun.Wink

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 its very rare that someone actually gets into the story and understands the emotions that the writer wants to portray.
And You captured it woman.

Yes, Geet is dependent now... loved her friends and
never wants to share because she has lost enough.

Geet has to sort out her life first and
 then and only then she can think of something else.
 In all honesty, I was jumping reading your post
and same goes for
@indiegirl too. you guys are awesome. Hug

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Like I said in the previous reply,
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You have said everything that was required. And you must know wonderful woman that I am previleged to have you here.Heart

@idunno:  loved loved loved your comment. But do you think Maan being Maan will let his feelings out so soon?LOL

But of course, he wants her to learn things. He knows you have to fight alone for your own life. And he is teaching her that in his
own way. Geet is a mess right now, isn't she?Confused

@muskan di
: i loved how you put it... hehehe she is indeed a poor soul and maan's marriage has really rattled her.LOL

his tornado may just disappear?? Broken Heart

hehehehe bure shagun?? ShockedROFL
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@Madhuri di: beautiful comment di... yes, Pehle Geet ko kuch banna hain.. phir we can see.
As for love, she doesn't want to dwell on it

so, better hain abhi wo aise hi khush rahe. About Maan...we are soon to see his feelings.Wink

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this update is dedicated to mishtiritu

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43.Forgetting Doesn't Mean Giving Up...

She gasped hearing the familiar sound of the flute and felt herself teleporting to the forest.

"Radha.." her
sakhi, Lalita whispered, "Come. Its time."

"But I... its midnight..."

sakhi had run way, losing her mind to the beautiful song her Kanha played every night.

Bound by the moralities of the society, she looked back at her family sleeping soundly and then at the moon, that suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a cloudy night, illuminating her path to her destiny.

"Oh Kanha... you make me a traitor in my own house."

Unable to hold back the intense desire to be with Him, she finally gave in to the super magnetic pull of the flute and ran away, dropping the dupatta in the process, forgetting everything.

She felt the familiar tickle on her temple...the place where the skin met her hairs and she turned to it. it felt nice. She loved that ticklish feeling.

"Geet..." his soft voice floated into her ears.

"ummm..." she mumbled and snuggled closer to the warmth that cocooned her.

"Wake up. We have reached!"

"hmmm.." she sighed and kept on sleeping.

He gently patted her cheeks, "You cannot sleep in the car the whole night. Lets get you inside. Now wake up."

She scrunched up her nose in dislike to the proposed suggestion and slowly opened her eyes. It was not very dark and not very bright to her eyes. It was pleasant. She yawned and found herself still in the car and leaning on someone. It was then that it hit her... they have been travelling and she had slept off. she quickly pulled herself away and looked to her side, only to find him looking at her with amusement.

Kanha, don't tell me I was sleeping on him!

"Since you are so sleepy why not sleep in your room and give my arm a break?" he teased.

She closed her eyes and looked away, "Geet, what the hell are you doing?
Sleeping on the monster?"

"come on now. get out of the car."

She heard his distant voice and quickly got out. They were in front of a huge house... not as big as what he had back in NYC but big, nonetheless. The housekeeper was there to help them out. She could hear the distant sound of the waves but she couldn't see anything around. It was quarter past mid night and she felt tired.

She watched him talk to the house keeper and then followed him inside. It was a beautiful house. The living room covered the entire ground floor, with kitchen and the dining to the side and everything was in the shade of white and light blue. One side held a glass wall that opened to the lawn and was lined by transparent white curtains and the other side held the stairs up to the bedroom.

"Geet, freshen up and if you want something to eat, you can tell Lisa." He said pointing towards the housekeeper.

His phone buzzed with messages and he quickly took a look at it.

"Umm.. I have eaten enough on the flight. I will just go to sleep."

"fine. The interview people will come tomorrow sharp at 9. Be ready by then."

She nodded and followed Lisa to her room and fell on her bed. He was probably too busy with some work and she wondered what kind of an interview it will be the next day. Her phone buzzed with Ana's name flashing and she picked it in one ring.

"Heyyy... what's up woman? Reached? How are you finding Miami?"

She smiled, "Yes we reached just half an hour back and I don't know what this place even looks like. I slept throughout the drive and now that its dark, I cannot really tell you what is this place."

"Hmm. Right. But don't worry. You are in for a surprise."


"You will see tomorrow. Now sleep."

They chatted a little and finished the call. Geet changed into her pajama and t-shirt and slept off.


He watched her walk down the stairs, looking here and there, surprised.

"You could very well watch where you walk, instead of looking here and there."

She riveted her attention towards her boss who watched her with that smug smile of his, sitting on the dining. She rolled her eyes and joined him, "Well, good morning to you too."

She bit back and looked around. The white and blue motif looked amazing during the day. Lisa served them breakfast and she sneezed.

"Excuse me.."

"Are you not well Geet?"

She wiped the nose with a napkin and shook her head, "No. No. I am fine. Just some irritation in my nose."


"Yeah." She picked up a toast, "What is this place?"

"My home!"

She stopped munching and looked at him surprised, "your home? What does that mean?"

He smiled and she couldn't help noticing. Dressed in jeans and a lose t-shirt, he looked remarkable.

"Ana didn't tell you? she knows you are in Miami, doesn't she?"

She recalled their phone conversation the previous night and nodded, "she does but she said its a surprise. Tell me now, your home?"

He took a sip from his bitter black coffee, "I bought this beach house a few years back when I had started working with my dad."

She choked on her toast and gaped at him as if he was an alien! He laughed at her reaction.

"this...this is a beach house?"

Out of all, she heard only this?

He shook his head playfully and gestured her to look towards the glass wall to her
side. She followed and remained stunned at what she saw. she left her food midway and rushed to stand by the floor to ceiling high wall and watched the world outside. There was lawn to the front with a sparkling blue swimming pool and beyond that remained the mighty Atlantic, reflecting the sky's blue in its body as if they were not two different entities but one.

So, this is what Ana meant by a surprise?

" can explore the place later. Finish your breakfast and call those people. You are required to supervise them around this place."

She was so thrilled to just run into the waters and scream out in glee but then she had to work. She hopped back to him and continued with her food.

"This is amazing. You never told me you have a place of your own?"

He shrugged, "You never asked!"

She rolled her eyes.

Typical him! You just cannot coax things out of him, can you?

"You could have also given the interview back in New York na?"

"Yes I could have. But they wanted me in candid and at a personal space where apparently I could be just myself, according to them. I don't know from where they got inkling about this place but they had been after me for a long time."


Kanha, couldn't that man say I'd be bored and that I can go to the beach?

She cursed him for the umpteenth time and looked here and there to look for anything she could do. the interview people had arrived and she had just introduced things around. They were so efficient that they didn't need her anymore! And since they set up everything, which later she came to know was a photo-shoot first, she had nothing to do. the guys moved stuffs like they owned the place, the lighting and the camera was set up and the makeup artist guided him to the dressing where he was supposed to don some fancy clothing before the shoot. And so, she sat down at one corner, wondering what to do. Maan had asked her not to move around in case she was needed.

He walked out, pulling the white suit over his shoulder talking to the photographer and threw his phone to her.

"Geet, if anyone calls, tell them I will get back to them once we head back."

She caught it in the air and nodded. She watched for a few minutes about how he stood and posed for the photographs. He wore white...Everything... starting from the shirt to the shoes... and he painted a breathtaking picture. She watched all of them working but her patience was wearing off. she was not used to sitting around and doing  nothing. Her hands itched and she started looking through his phone for games.

"Uff Kanha, this man is so boring! No games!"

She went to the store and downloaded a few gaming apps forgetting her surroundings and started playing.

He got some time between the shoot and watched her sit at a corner, doing something with her phone. Someone called him and then he went back to the shoot.

She sat stunned and looked at his phone in fear!

Monster is going to eat me alive today Kanha! You could have warned me!

Ohh well, the phone had warned her of the low battery but she had been so engrossed in her game that she had conveniently ignored it and now that the phone switched itself off, she was sure he would kill her today. she looked at him busy and decided to get to his room and get the charger and put the phone back in normal before he was done.

"Ms. Handa... could you please help us with the last bit details?"

Someone called her and she ran, forgetting the phone on the couch.

He sat by the glass wall, finally happy that the photo shoot was over. The interview remained though. The sun was bright and summer was at its peak. He looked around for Geet and found a camera on the table beside him. he looked around for the owner and found him busy with his laptop, sorting out pics. He had this terrible weakness for cameras and so, he picked it up, adjusted the settings and looked around through the viewfinder for a shot. The living room was full of people from the magazine and so, he looked outside for a shot and who did he see but his little tornado, now fighting the waters. He removed the camera from his face and looked at her incredulously. Half dipped in the swimming pool, she was fighting for something.

She had been given the task of photocopying some papers and handing it over to Maan prior to the interview. The guy had handed her the papers in the lawn and she was walking back to maan when she tripped and the wind blew the papers into the pool!

"Cough...cough...What a horrible day Kanha! Why am I even alive?" she cried,
wiping the water off her face and walked towards the deeper end of the pool to revive the papers. The pool, though not much deep, held water that reached upto her chin and she swallowed a lot in her endeavour to retrieve those.

He laughed and kept taking pictures of her. some in the pool, fighting the water, some saving the papers and a few while she walked out of the pool, drenched. Her hair was in a mess, dripping and she sneezed again.

"Its the worst day I could ever have!"

She squeezed the water from her hair and her shirt and walked in carefully so that she didn't slip.

"Done swimming?" his voice made her jump.

She sighed and walked straight to him and shoved those wet papers in his hands, "Do not speak of it."

She warned and he knew she was irritated. He kept mum, holding back the laughter that threatened to erupt from his lips. She walked back to her room to change, cursing her luck.

"Geet, where is my phone?"

"I don't know." She snapped.

"I gave it to you."

"I don't care. Leave me alone."

He raised his hands not wanting a hassle with her when she was in such a foul mood and looked around only to find it carelessly thrown on the couch, switched off. he tried switching it on but it gave a low battery warning and went dead.

"Geet..." he gritted his teeth.

That is exactly why he never gave his phone to kids!

When she walked down, almost after an hour, she found him sitting with a gorgeous lady for the interview. She was glad because she had snuck the charger from his room and finally, finally plugged the phone. Sighing in relief, she look up and found him glaring at her. she gulped hard faking a smile and pretended to concentrate on the questions being asked. He was very much at ease all through the interview, like he had been accustomed to it.

Of course he is you fool...

She heard all of him, talking about his personal life, his family, his work and how passionately he spoke! His eyes gleamed in joy every time he spoke of the work he did but then she didn't understand why he had spoken to her like that back at Ellen's that night.

They were done only when the sun had decided to go home and he stretched himself to get rid of the stiffness. He desperately wanted to get out of that place and breathe in the fresh air and so, he quickly changed into his jeans and a lose t-shirt and walked out, wondering where his little tornado had wandered off to.
She sat by the pool, relaxing when she felt him tapping her shoulder.

"You want to go to the beach?"

She squealed in joy, "Yayyy!"

He walked slowly and watched her in front of him, hopping and jumping. The wind was moist but soothing and she had taken off her shoes. Dangling them on one of her hands, she walked like the world was hers. The waves came and crashed on her bare feet and she jumped, splashing water and laughing. The sun was red now, slowly bidding goodbye to the world. And his little tornado seemed happy. His smile widened and she turned back in time to watch that smile that always left her mesmerised.

"You are slow..." she spoke against the crashing waves.

There were few people around on this part of the beach, mostly from the houses nearby.

"What's the rush?" he shrugged.

She sighed and walked back to him. Their feet now remained in line and slowly fell in sync.

Swiping the hair off her face, she jumped on another tiny approaching way, splashing water on his legs.

"You are such a kid!" he complained, "and what stupid games have you downloaded on my phone?"

She gave a cheeky smile, "I was bored!"

"You could have used your phone! Mine isn't a plaything Geet!"

She rolled her eyes, "why are you always so uptight about everything?"

"what? No am Not." he raised a brow at her.

"Yes you are. I had left my phone in my room and I was getting bored throughout."

"And so you sabotaged my phone! Thats invasion of privacy, if you bother to know!"

She shot him a glare, "So, what will you do han? Sue me? For downloading games on your phone? Geez! You are so...arrghh!"

"Do you want to fight right now?" he asked, picking up his shoes. The waves had crashed and wet his shoes too.

She didn't answer that and looked at the sea, recalling the day that had been so eventful. Another strong wind gushed past her with the waves and she shivered.

"The interview was awesome." She spoke after a while.

"Really? Thanks."

"Aren't you tired after all these running around?"

He shrugged, "I am used to it now. I can work non-stop for hours."

She chuckled, "Tell me again, why am I not surprised?"

She watched his shoulders shake with laughter and she revelled. Her most favourite thing right now!

"Forget about me. Tell me, what were you doing in the swimming pool?"

The mention of the pool made a chill run down her spine and she trembled at the thought.

"I was supposed to give you some papers but those darn things fell in the pool."

"But you didn't give me any papers though!"

"Yeah. I asked that other person to get you good ones."


They walked in silence, surrounded by the ocean and the wind. She looked the slowly darkening sky and then back at him. he was lost in some world of his own. Ohh how much she had missed this... this gentle talking between them. She felt a knot forming in her throat and quickly gulped it down.

"I.. I am sorry!"

His head riveted towards her, "For what?"

She looked at their feet, now in sync and left a long breath.

"But being so insensitive that day. I was just too excited about the dinner. Kabir and Ana made it and I wanted you to enjoy too..."

"hey hey...its okay don't need to be sorry about it."

She looked up to meet his dark orbs, now gently beckoning her to spill all that she held within her heart.

"I was being so rude in the office.. I was just angry.."

"I know.." he cut in between, "and its not only me Geet.."

She watched him look ahead again, breaking their eyes contact.


He didn't look at her and they kept walking. The waves kept crashing and the wind remained.

"People are going to let you down Geet... that is why I asked you not to expect so much from anyone."

He looked back at her, now his eyes conveying so much more than he spoke.

"Protect yourself."

Forgetting doesn't mean we have given up or made peace with things. It could mean that we have just locked the memories in one corner of our brain until they are rekindled. She did the same too. Forgot the restlessness she had been dealing with all these days when she was with him right now.

"Even if it concerns Ana and Kabir... Even if it comes to you?" she asked finally, in a low whisper.

He looked deep into her eyes and nodded softly, "Yes, even if it concerns me!"

She opened her mouth to ask something but a sneeze interrupted their conversation and she wrapped her arms around herself rubbing them.

"You are cold!"

"No. No.." she sniffed and grinned, "I...I am fine..aachiii"

He held her hand and dragged her back to their beach house.

"Silly woman!" he mumbled.

"excuse me?" she shot back and he ignored her conveniently. She had been sneezing a little and he worried if she was going to fall sick at this rate. They reached home, had their dinner and retired to their rooms. She slept off immediately owing to the tiredness whilst he stood by the window of his room, holding the blue velvet box that held the ring.


"Maan?? Maaann..." she walked out, shivering, her voice hoarse with the sore throat. Her head was throbbing. She had had a very restless sleep and when she had woken up, she felt the chills. Her breath came out hot, she felt it and she didn't have a bit of energy to move around. Pulling the duvet, she remained in her room for hours until she felt dizzy. She walked out, wrapping the jacket around herself looking for anyone around and found herself all alone. Lisa wasn't there and there was no sign of Maan!

She dragged herself to his room and knocked. Upon finding no answer, she pushed open the door and looked around for any sign of him. the windows were open and even the warm summer breeze gave her the chills. She turned to leave when her eyes fell on a shiny blue velvet box on the table by the couch.


She wondered what it could be and picked it up. Curious mind that she was, she opened the box awed by its beauty but the beauty that remained inside, ruined the peace of her mind that she had gathered after such a long time.

It was the red ruby ring!

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>>Next: a big realization.
Who realizes what, keep guessing.Wink

Chapter 42

Chapter 44

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Here you Go

Chapter 43.Forgetting Doesn't Mean Giving Up...

Read it 2nd time Smile In Love with this chapter from Beginning except last few lines when geet find out the ring which Mr.Sensible was carrying for me Ouch

Ok now chapter pe concentrate hamari love story nahi  Wink

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Surprise Shocked

Actually I'm surprise with this thing where is that surprise which I'm searching for as You have mentioned and Also Ana but end of the chapter I was surprise with this thing that I've not found the surprise Now wondering what is the surprise?????????????

Did you understand anything I've said?? Actually I've not understand myself that's why but after rechecking few lines I've found I have write surprise 5 times nothing more than that what gotten into my head from this comment???

What Am I doing ???Actually I should say what you are making me do Ha Miss.Kawaii??

You know what while reading each line was Having a wonderful feeling and was noting in my mind I've so many things to say about this but after done reading it I've forgot everything Cry Abhi kya karee???

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Ok Start from starting but this comment gonna be a stupid one as I've forgot things but you are there right I can comment 2nd time whenever I want Smile

Radha and Kanha I'm more interested in them when I read this story totally get lost in their world and then again come back to Another beautiful world "Someone Like You"

Sleeping on Mr.Sensible Shoulder Shocked Ahh Somebody hold me I'm gonna faint out of bliss.. Yes this was what I've felt While reading this whole chapter pure Bliss I'm gonna add this one to my favourite list for "Someone Like You"

Did I tell You before That How I feel for you As A writer?? You are amazing Miss.Kawaii Do you know that I could shower my All love on you and praise you for writing every single line of this chapter Don't know if other felt the same but I'm a bit different you know when and how which chapter become my favourite I'm still unknown it to my own self... as I've forget what to comment unless I would have surely point out things but still I'll try to write few ok... But remembered that I've Loved it as whole...

Geet is in this trip with Maan means Sweet and caring Maan not with her Boss Monster khurana that's what made this chapter more beautiful though I would like to see a little glimpse of her boss also Tongue

His interview is going while geet playing game in Maans mobile on this chapter I've felt it was me on her place cause sometimes sorry mistake of mine most of the time I'm childish but when it requires sensibility only that time I behave unless always being myself ...Means A kiddo LOL

Mr.Sensible capturing His Little Tornado Its a feeling I can't describe in words but I feel my heart swell with a feeling of warmth that I would like to call as Loved

Done swimming ?Tongue I was smiling hard on this line Actually I would say most of the time I was smiling but when I read Mr.Sensible thought

"That is exactly why he never gave his phone to kids!"Shocked

I've become upset I mean I also play games Is It Bad Confused??

They went out for walk ...yayy finally they will roam

Whenever You Type His Little Tornado remember this Miss.Kawaii I'm gonna Love that line like anything actually my eyes stuck on it for a sec when I see that it feels wonderful you know to me read something like that and when geet think him as Monster I laugh on that

And then that mention of office day and her sorry Brought that much talked topic never expect from anyone.. Its the really of life no one can always be with you..

Accha You say Do We have any Mr.Sensible in our life? No then ..Did it had affected our life that we are not trying to reach our goal or stopped making us self dependent?? We are living right then why she's expecting him?

I know it has become natural to be dependent on boys but its not necessary always and about realization 1st she need to figure out her own existence..

Two days ago I was sitting on a high table beside window was doing some mischief for sure and Mamma was working it was raining heavily with thunder roaring in evening.

I was maybe screaming in baby voice to let me out and drench in rain (I can change my voice in many way I can speak Tongue)

But Mamma totally ignore my crying just then I was about to fall but hold myself and after that start shouting in baby voice saying nobody is there for me to hold and if it would have been in any movie or serial hero must have come from nowhere to save heroine but see  my husband don't even show up  even when I get faint just then Mamma started laughing...CryNo body understand my feelings neither my own husband Mr.Choudhary Ouch nor my mother

So it's the bitter reality never expect from anyone...

I've hundred guesses about the ring but I'll go with the obvious one Mr.Sensible has that ring with him for me and Geet will realize Mr.Sensible Loves me WinkEquation match LOL

You know we Love a lot each other as I'm not in the same country and geet will be all alone so I'm sacrificing him Broken Heart

I'll be really waiting for the surprise and Once Again I'll say this chapter was wonderfully amazing beautiful Embarrassed I'm in Love with it And I mean it..

I know the comment didn't turned out the way I've thought I'll write while reading but better luck next time if you're gonna update on Sunday or Monday I'll be on hospital that time... I'm going on Sunday afternoon till than Will be waiting for next...

If You have read it full know that I love you More than before Embarrassed Love you take care Hug May be when you will read or update I may not online but Know that I'll always waiting for the surprise Heart

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Thank u sooo much For the wish doll... Luv u
Now coming to update... Kutti, kamini Ye tha tera surpriseAngry
Teko na maarne ka mann kar raha hai... Huh

I loved kanha story.. U know how much I m Fascinated by it.. 
I can truely understand how Radha felt when she use to go behind Kanha...
I loved geet in this update... and Specially when said his lil tufanWink
Ohh how chidlish she can be... She proved it to maan...
Soch lo maan isse pyaar karoge toh shadi nahi u will adopt her as kidLOL
Fir zindagi bhar tufan ko sambhalna...
Itna happy update de ke at end u gave shock kamini...
Kyu geet ke haath wo ring lagi... Uff and that geet.. Usko toh
samajh hi nahi aa raha why is she so restless about maan getting married.
and I hope Maan is somewhere realizing ke how his tufan is...
Dono bhi dhere dhere love ke realization ke pass ja rahe hai but one is confused 
where as other will know it soon..Wink
Ab wait na kara... Give ur next update soon... I m Waiting...

Luv yaa... Hugsss...
Urs ChudailWink
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Posted: 2017-04-04T12:05:50Z
Wow, didn't realize when I started a new page. Yoohoo!!
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