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42.What We Cannot Accept...

The mist made it difficult for her to understand whether it was dawn or dusk but there was a definite nip in the air. She rubbed her arms and walked along the mud path which was slightly wet due to the dew that had fallen. It wasn't dark yet or it could be that the sun was about to rise. She walked slowly, looking around for someone... anyone. Trees with dense foliage sidelined the narrow pathway and she could see occasional clusters of deep red flowers bunched at places. There was no sound either, except her footsteps. She felt scared, not knowing how she ended up in the woods and she had no inkling how to head back home. With careful steps, she trudged ahead, hoping to find a living soul.

"Geet?? Where are you?"

She heard Ana's voice echoed from somewhere and she sighed in relief.

"I am here Ana... where are you?" she looked around and headed towards the
voice. She walked ahead and the mist intensified.

Kanha, when did I lose my way?

She prayed silently under her breath and kept walking, calling out to Ana.

Walking ahead for the next couple of minutes, she was back to the place she had started the place where she had seen bunches of deep red flowers, almost as if they were bleeding. Scared now, she stopped and called out to her friends. They must be around somewhere.

"Ana, Kabir...where are you guys?" she screamed and heard her echo.

It was slowly turning darker and visibility turned almost zero. Fear gripped her heart as she tried searching her way from the surrounding darkness.

"Geet... are you alright?"

She heard his voice... so familiar and so soothing to her heart.

"Maan? Are you here?" she called out, looking around.

"Yes, I am."

"I am scared. I want to go home." She cried.

"Shh. Its okay. Just follow my voice and walk."

"No...I am scared."

"Its okay. I am here."

She couldn't see anything in front of her but his voice reassured her in more than one way. She held on to the hope of his voice and walked. A slow dragging of feet morphed into quick and long strides and then she was running, running with all her might.

"Maan..." she called out again, not finding her way out.

There was no answer. Sweat marred her forehead as she frantically looked for ways to get out of this mist. She kept running and running until she found herself tumbling down into some darkness she knew not of. And then she could hear...the fading voices of her friends... and then she heard him call her name and then she could hear nothing.

She woke up panting to a soft music to her hears. Her alarm had gone off. she looked around for her phone and switched it off. it had only been a dream. She sighed in relief and rubbed her face with her palms. Her forehead and neck, she realized were wet with sweat. The dream came back, vague and frightening and she chest still pounded in the aftermath. Pressing a hand over her chest, she chided herself to calm down and dragged herself out of the bed. For some reasons, the day didn't seem to look fine. She took a quick shower and rushed to college, munching an apple and found Ana waiting for her.

"Geet what is wrong? You seem lost somewhere!" Ana murmured between a

She snapped and shook her head, "No. Nothing is wrong.."

"You look pale."

She closed her eyes and felt that familiar eeriness of the dream engulf her. she felt restless. She hadn't been able to forget it.

"I just had a bad dream last night."

Ana stared at her for a second, "what kind of dream?"

She opened her mouth to say but then the professor caught them. she shook her head and tried to concentrate on her studies.

Ana dropped her in front of KE, "enjoy your day babes...I will head home."

"When will you be joining KE?"

"Monday baby...Monday." Ana winked and drove off.

She sighed and walked to the tenth floor. The day seemed slow. Her boss wasn't around and she had few things to work on. The after effects of the dream still remained and she fell on her desk, restlessly.


The morning has been usual for him. He woke up, went for a run with Raj(the pup), took a shower and got ready to start the day. His door clicked open and the sound of the bangles made him smile. That sound... he could recognise anywhere, even amidst thousands of other sounds of similar bangles.

"Mom..." he turned back and saw her face, gleaming in the streaming sunlight through the windows. That smile on her face was something he could live with forever. Buttoning the last cuff of his white shirt, he strode towards her and hugged her.

"mera baccha..." she pressed a kiss on his forehead, "Looking very handsome..."

He blushed and shook his head, "All because this pretty lady in front of me! her genes have worked wonders."

She laughed, "How flattering! Come on... let me just help my son today."

He stood in front of the mirror styling his hair whilst Radhika (his mother)
smoothened the lines of his suit and helped him wear it.

"I have something to discuss with you Maan..." she slipped the coat along his arms. He smirked and turned around, "Aha! I was wondering how my mother is here this early morning."

She pushed at his chest playfully, "Stop playing with me. Now this is serious."
She buttoned the coat, slowly, thinking something.

"and what is that?", he asked adjusting the collars.

Her smile broadened as she left her work midway and picked up a blue velvet box that she had kept there. He watched her open the box and display it in front of him.

"Do you know Maan, what is this?"

His eyes widened in surprise. There sat a beautiful antique ring, their family heirloom, that had been with them for generations. A blood red ruby sat proudly amidst a ring of tiny diamond studs, crafted intricately over a platinum band. the diamonds were held together by carefully crafted base that looked like tiny leaves and the ruby sat like a beautiful big bud between them.

"this... this is dadima's!"

He recalled the story of this ring. It was initially just a ruby sitting over a gold band.  but when his dadaji had married dadima, his mother had given it to her for safekeeping. But his dadaji had found it so much lacking as compared it to his beloved wife.  And so, he had taken the ring to the goldsmith and had broken it down. This ring, was his design. His love for his wife!

"yes..." Radhika smiled, "your dadima loved it. she had given it to me when I came to this house. But I was awed by the love she held for all of us and asked her to keep it with her. and she kept wearing it until your dadaji passed away..."

Bittersweet memories, that he had buried deep inside his head, came alive. His dadaji and his dadima... they were his life. He felt the gentle caress of his mother over his forehead, "and I think its time I give this to you."

He looked at the ring and then at his mother, "me? why?"

She carefully kept the ring back in the box and closed it.

"You know what was dadima's most cherished wish?"

He looked at her blankly.

"She wanted to give this ring to the eldest daughter-in law of this house, you wife, with her own hands."

She pulled out his hand and kept the box on his palm, "Its time Maan, don't you think?"

He sighed, "But Mom, now?"

"Yes now. the decision will be entirely yours son but its time we should start looking for the person who would be worthy of this ring and worthy of you!"

He looked at the box and then at his mom, "But... but don't you think its too early? I... I just cannot think of this..."

"Take your time Maan. But think about it. dadima has been making jewelleries for your bride ever since you were little and kept them safe."

She left him in chaos and walked out, not before stopping  once at the doorstep.

"There are a few women we would like you to meet... you are 29 now. its time you thought about a life partner."


She watched her boss walk into his cabin with long quick strides. He was late... which was so unlike him. she quickly got up and rushed towards his cabin, carrying her notepad. He rushed in and she rushed behind him too. the moment he sat on the chair, he heard a knock and watched her face peek into the room.

"May I come in sir?"

"hmm" he nodded and kept his phone on the table, setting up the laptop.

She walked in and stood there, waiting for him to finish whatever he was doing. He was wearing navy blue today, she noticed and sighed. He has been asking her to read all the old project files and she had no idea why but then, she was enjoying. In one of their dinner at some diner, she had accused her boss for being a brute and asking her to read stupid files. He had laughed and replied in his own vague ways.

Curse him all you want now, but I am sure your boss isn't thinking anything bad for you.

She just watched him, smiling softly thinking about that time. He waited for her to speak up but when she didn't he looked up to find her smiling.

"Anything urgent Miss Handa?"

She snapped out of her thoughts and watched him look at her with utmost seriousness.

"erm well, you have this conference in an hour..."

He didn't even let her complete, "Am I required to attend?"

She thought for a while, "Umm... no but we have already informed them that you'd be coming. They are expecting you..."

Kanha, he seems upset about something...

He sighed, "Fine. Go with Adi since he is handling the presentation and give me a detailed report."

"but sir..."

"Miss handa.. go!"

She sighed and turned to leave. He was indeed upset about something. he had never been late to office and now that he was here, he wasn't being himself. She didn't know how she knew but she had learned him well all these days... his shift in moods, when to speak and when not to. She stopped by the door and turned back, trying one last time.

"Umm, shall I get you your coffee?"

He lifted his head up from his laptop and shot her a glare, "did I ask for it?"

She was taken aback by the demeanour.

"N..No!" she mumbled.

"There! You have your answer!"

His head dropped back into his laptop and her heart fell.

Why isn't he talking to me Kanha? I thought we are way past that incident...

She slowly headed back to her cabin, thinking of the argument they had the other day about him standing her up for the night. She still could not digest the fact the he never showed up but what had rattled the most was their confrontation. its been three days to it and they hadn't talked anything civil except what they had to while working.

Why do you think I am answerable to you?

His words still rang in her head. True, why would he be answerable to her? Who was she to him that he'd always come back to her wherever he was? What had she taken him to be? she had pondered so much over that simple fact but she couldn't reach to the bottom of it. she realized she had been crazy that day but then that was it. They were done with it. she was desperate to get the old Maan back, sometimes playful, sometimes the irritating boss and sometimes just himself... calm and poised, exactly how she liked. But he had kept distance... she had too, trying hard to sort herself out.

She had been too happy to see him today. the indifference had been gnawing at her and she thought things would be okay. but it wasn't. She had been so happy that she had almost forgotten her dream... almost! It was Wednesday and she was to leave for Miami Friday night. She didn't know what to look forward to now!


"Geett... where are you?"Ana squealed on the other side.

Geet sighed and walked to a corner, "Ana, I am at a conference with Adi sir. What happened?"

"Is it over? When can we meet? OMG I can't wait to share this news with you."

"What news? The conference is almost done. Adi sir is talking to some people. We will head to office once he is done."

"You know what it was the best decision to stay home.. OMG I cannot wait to tell
you. I Just can't. I have to tell you now..." Ana was literally screaming on the other side.

Geet laughed, "accha accha... speak it out. You will feel better.."


Geet could visualize Ana jumping on the other side.

"Ok listen. I was talking to mom today and you know what? Mom and dad have finally started looking for a suitable girl for Maan Bhai! Isn't it exciting?"

"ehh??" Geet asked blankly, "a girl?"

"Yes of course... finally!"

"But for what?" she asked innocently.

Ana's laughter ceased and she hit her head on the nearby wall.

"Uff Geet... why would someone's parents start looking for a girl for their son?"


"Arrghh! You idiot! We are looking for a bride for Bhai. Oh god Geet... I will be getting a bhabhi... yayyy... come to the estates directly from office. Finally a marriage happening..."

A Marriage...

She stilled for a moment. Maan's marriage? She never saw that coming though. She didn't even react for a while.

"Hello?? Yuhoo.. Geet are you there? I will pick you from office. Don't run home okay?"



She packed her bags and looked out of the window. The car was already there, waiting for her. the driver helped her with the luggage and she felt his absence.

"Where is Maan?"

"Sir is in the office. he sent me and asked me to pick him up after I picked you up."

She nodded and looked at the fleeting traffic. She hadn't been feeling very good
all these days. She had been to the estates with Ana and she had talked nothing but of Maan's marriage and meeting some Sharma family from India. She was happy for him though... well, she tried to feel happy but then she couldn't understand why it didn't reach her heart. she had wandered off to the study but he wasn't there. he hadn't even come back home. Crestfallen, she had just spent the night awake. Flashes of her own marriage danced in front of her eyes and even though she was at peace with the fact, the images didn't fade. The images and raj and pooja didn't fade and her dream remained imprinted in her head.

What we cannot accept, we always try to mask it with something that soothes our heart. she did too. she observed Maan and made herself believe that he didn't seem interested so there was a fair chance that Ana was just thinking too much. Whose parents don't talk of marriage when their children come of age?

"Geet? Geet?"

She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him blankly.

"Ohh have we reached yet?"

He sighed and leaned closer to her. with a swipe of his long finger, he pushed away that strand of hair falling on her eyes, "We are at the office. where are you lost?"

They were talking after ages...

She felt better in ages...his smile, she saw after a very long time and she revelled in that touch. The uneasiness between them suddenly seemed to die down and she gave him a weak smile.

"Ohh Okay."

They started moving and he watched her for a couple of minutes in silence.

"what are you thinking?" he asked softly.

She looked at him with some emotion he couldn't understand.


He wanted to ask if something was bothering her in particular but he knew this was not the right place and time and so, he let her be. the drive was silent and so was the rest of the time at the airport up until the moment his phone buzzed and he mumbled something, saying he would talk about it once he was back from Miami.

"Who was it?" she asked, watching his expressions change.

He kept the phone back into his pocket and checked the boarding passes,
"umm..he was a family friend from India Geet."

"Family friend?" she walked alongside him.

"Yeah.. the Sharmas... dad's college friend. Apparently they wanted to meet me but they have to wait until I am back."

He walked ahead and she remained rooted at her spot for a while.

The Sharmas... Ana was talking about them, wasn't she?

That restlessness was back in her heart and she tried desperately not to feel what she had been feeling all these days. So, it wasn't just for saying. Everything was happening for real. The fake assurance she had given herself now lay shattered in front of her and she had no idea how to deal with so many emotions crashing her down.

He watched her still lost in her own world all through the 3 hours flight. She was desperately trying to keep herself busy. So busy that she had flipped through the magazines thrice, heard music and when she couldn't take it, she kept fidgeting with something or the other.

She felt uncomfortable with the earplugs stuffed into her ears for the umpteenth time and tried to pry it off. then, she felt his warm fingers lace with her, stopping her movements. She freaked out and gaped at her, trying to pull her hand away.

"Geet..." he whispered, "Calm down.."

She raised her eyes and met his, looking straight at her, beckoning her to listen to him. but she couldn't. She looked away and tried to pull away and his fingers clasped hers tighter.

"Shh...Calm down. Fidgeting doesn't help. Talk to me. Tell me what is bothering you."

She felt like crying but reasons only her Kanha knew. What would she tell? She had no idea why she was this restless.

"No... its nothing."

He sighed, "Its okay if you don't want to tell. we still have one more hour. And it would be nicer of you didn't move too much."

"I will keep that in mind." She snapped and slid away her hand from his grasp and pretended to sleep.

He knew her too well perhaps. He knew she wasn't asleep but she tried her best to not move too much. She tried to keep herself in check until they came out of the airport and got into the car. She rolled down the window and let the cool air calm her senses. It was going to take time and so, she closed her eyes and leaned back, concentrating on the wind.

He watched her slipping lower. She had finally fallen asleep. Her neck remained in an awkward position. He smiled.

His little tornado was troubled about something..

She was leaning towards him and so, he slowly slipped towards her and let her head fall on his shoulder. She wasn't in a deep sleep though for she still kept moving and so, he lifted his hand and gently patted her cheeks until she ceased all her movements and delved a little deeper into the realms of sleep.
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Chapter 41

Chapter 43


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