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Mujhe neend aagayi or kitna intezar Ouch

Ekbar BTH thread pe jaa rahi hoon ekbar yaha aa rahi

hoon but time pass nahi ho raha Confused
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@286pearl: I loved how you put it.. exploring their heart and soul...
thanks Embarrassed

@tahir004: thats a human heart you know... we are never satisfied with what we have and its a bigger challenge when it questions your
own existence. Maan is just going through the same.

never been to Ellen's! So taking all the writer's liberty while I could.LOL

@idunno: thank you thank you thank you sooo much for the beautiful comment. Bow that geet knows, lets see if she tries to know that
man like he does!Embarrassed

@indiegirl: it is always a treat to read your comments because very few can read between the lines. You are one of them
Yes, Maan is there for her, but definitely not her messiah!
Why? that I will unravel in the upcoming parts.
Can I get a little time to asnwer your questions?Embarrassed

@anitha_tooty: thanks for all the comments. Love isn't limited to what a boy and girl feel towards each other, is it? It is also about
people who make their presence felt in our lives in more ways than one.Heart

@muskan di: awww *hugs* for such a beautiful comment di. Hug
I love youHeart

@impoojaverma: thank you for the awesome comment.
truth be told, it overwhelmed me.
Indeed, unnamed relations are the most beautiful
ones because they never come with restrictions.Big smile

@.MishtyLove.: Love sadoo MSK? well, thats a new thing I heard.LOL

@payal.gupta177: thank you for the awesome blossom comment.
Maan is dreamy no?Day Dreaming

@Redross: this phase of the story is deliberately made slow. But don't worry, we will be picking up speed from the next. Even I wish
I could updt more per week but then writing this story is, at some point, emotionally taxing.Dead

@rashmi di:
hahaha dii... I notice everyone. I read comments sequentially and replies type karti jaati hun.
isiliye aapka reply top pe nahi aata
First comment karogi tho aayega..
Ellen's diner... mera ek wish hain wahan jaane ka.
abhi ur son going to the US. Uske saath chali jaana.
Problem Solved.Wink

@gbhat: Poetry?? ShockedI tried once, failed miserably. So gave up!Big smile

41.When Did She Get This Fortunate?

When did she turn this fortunate?

She asked herself as she slowly walked up the stairs towards Ana's room and replayed the evening in her head. Just a year back she had no one who was this important. Of course she had Raj and Pooja but then they competed themselves in each other. She wasn't needed much. Then there was Ana... she had everyone for her but still, she found a missing piece of her within that woman. Then there was Kabir who made her smile at the smallest of things and then there was Maan who just remained beside her in every step she took. She asked herself yet again, when did she become this fortunate?

"What we lose always comes back to us another way and in another form..."

She recalled his words and stood before Ana's door for two seconds before knocking.

So, is this how she was being paid back? Given back what she lost?

Knocks resounded in the empty corridor and her friend pulled open the door.


"Geet? What are you doing here?" came her curt question.

"We need to talk." She remained firm on her ground.

"I don't want to talk to anyone right now."

The dejection in her voice was feel-able. Geet felt it.

"I am not going back until we solve this Ana."

Her firm eyes met Ana's tired ones and then she resigned. Ana left her door open for her and walked back to her place of seating by the window. Geet closed the door behind it and took some time to observe her friend who meant so much more to her now. Dressed in a deep blue printed pyjama and a plain white noodle strap top, she looked defeated. Her hair, unlike other days, remained in a mess and to Geet it seemed she hadn't stepped out of that room for the past few days.

Striding towards the bed, that rested by the window, she plopped herself on the soft mattress in front of Ana and placed her hands on her cold ones.

"Ana, I am sorry..." she finally spoke, "I didn't want you to worry about me, knowing you would bear all my expenses without thinking twice..."

Ana looked at her friend with a blank expression.

"I know you this much now..." Geet spoke with a loving tone.

"But you lied..." Ana accused.

Geet dipped her head low, "I know and that is exactly why I am here, seeking your forgiveness. I know what I did was wrong but see it from my point of view for once Ana. You loved it when I baked something new, you cherished it, you were more enthusiastic about it than I was... how could have I broken your heart? I do not refuse your help but I want to do something on my own... something achieved out of my own efforts... you can relate, can't you?"

"I agree to it Geet..." Ana finally spoke, "I would have given you space had you asked for it! But how about I forward you my point?"

Geet watched her hurt eyes and prepared herself for an outburst but Ana surprised her.

"You made me feel that I have failed you Geet..."

She gasped and her eyes turned wider in surprise, "What are you saying?"

The feeling that had been gnawing at her came back and she blinked a couple of times to get away with that thin film of tears on her eyes, "You know what I felt when you told me that you had quit baking and that you are working with my brother to make ends meet?"

Geet stared at her light brown eyes for a moment.

"I felt as if someone has slapped me right on my face! My best friend was going through so much and how blind I had been to have not been able to sense it? why? Where did I go wrong Geet, tell me!"

Geet's heart melted at that. She leaned forward and hugged Ana tightly.

"Its not your fault. I am sorry. I am so sorry Ana. I could never believe you would think like this! I hid it from you...from Kabir and everyone else. You are nowhere at fault."

Ana clutched her arms tightly, "with college and Internships and Arjun, how can I turn a blind eye towards you? I feel guilty... I feel like a loser right now that you chose not to tell.."

Geet hugged her friend tighter and kept wondering at the question that still lingered in her head.

How did she get this fortunate?


3 weeks later

She squealed in joy when she received her first payslip and couldn't wait to run out of the office. she had worked very hard for this and it was the night she'd celebrate with Ana. They had confronted each other and buried the hatchet and went on a shopping spree the very next day. Kabir's treat remained pending and so, she decided to treat the sibling duo at her place with some home cooked food.
She stood by the kitchen counter, chopping the onions and tomatoes, thinking of the encounter she had had in the supermarket. Ana and Kabir had still not arrived. It was a Saturday and she didn't have much work. And so, she had gone straight to the supermarket to purchase the groceries.

She had strolled around the mall with the trolley with nothing in her mind and had stopped at one of the aisles, looking at some Indian spices. It was then she had decided to cook something Indian and picked up the items and dropped them in her trolley. At one such aisle, she stood picking up the spices for chilli chicken when she had found Emily... no no, Emily had found her. She had covered herself well in scarf and glasses and surprised Geet.

The whistle of the cooker went off she snapped out of her thoughts. Her rice was done. she wiped the tears the onions left in their wake and turned off the heater, going back to her conversation with the lady. Emily, she had found, felt just like the way she had been in the restaurant, fun and warm and loving. She was not arrogant or cold to anything like she had seen later on. Upon asking about her whereabouts, she had informed that she'd be leaving the States in a month once the project was over.

She wondered if Kabir knew about it. He had told her how well they were bonding and that he was enjoying the time with her and it pinched her somewhere that her friend might be hurt when she left. The sizzling of the chicken screamed her attention and she tended to it, chiding herself to have been thinking too much. She should be happy that she found her friend back and she couldn't just forget Maan in all that. He had been busy and she had been busy along with him too. the entire month had been exhausting yet she enjoyed herself so much,  their occasional drive to dinners and then him dropping her home.

Ohh No!! How can I forget Ellen's? Kanha, couldn't you have reminded me? Uff...

She checked the time and it was quarter to 8 and she still had time. Planning accordingly, she simmered the heat and rushed to get her phone and called Maan.
He picked it after almost 3 missed calls and she had been biting her lips in anxiety since then. there was a lot of noise on the other side which made her wonder if he was still in office!

"Maan, where the hell are you?" she was surprised at her own voice.

He smiled at that, "Just out with some people. Tell me Geet, why are you so upset?"

Some people? Really? When did you become this social, you Monster?!

"I am not upset. I have actually called to invite you."

He raised a brow at that, "Invite me? To where?"

"To dinner. At my place. Can you make it?"

He took some time to reply, surprised at the cute voice he heard at the other side, "am I the only one invited? How did I turn so lucky?"

She couldn't help smiling, a slight pink adored her cheeks for no apparent reason, "sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Khurana but I have other guests as well."

He laughed at the other side and she revelled in the sound.

"I will try..."

"No must!" she added quickly.

"Tell me Geet, how desperate are you?"

Her eyes widened in surprise but she wouldn't let him be the one to laugh at her expense.

"Not desperation but sympathy. It would be a shame I left you uninvited when I invited all those who are important to me. I wouldn't want my boss to toss me down the stairs of the 10th floor the next day because I didn't invite him!"

He didn't reply for a while and let her words sink into his head. Without her knowledge, how she had made him important in her life, her words said it and his heart felt it. something within him warmed up and then something smooth like butter poured on it.

"Hello? Are you there? Maan... come. At 8." She reminded him.

Silence over the phone never went well with her.

He sighed, "I cannot promise..."

"Maan!" she found her tone reprimanding. She was yet again taken by surprise.

When had she been taking such liberties with him? Has he allowed her that?

"You are coming that's it!"

"Umm... I got to go. Someone is on the line. Bye."

He disconnected the call and she still wasn't sure if he agreed or disagreed. But then, she knew. Her heart knew he'd come. Like he had been... every single time.
She threw the phone on the couch and stopped short from walking back to the kitchen. Her Kanha stood smiling on the tiny centre table that she owned. One of the luxuries she owned out of the little riches that she had.

"Why are you smiling like that?" she questioned.

Kanha didn't say word. His smile was enough. She sighed and pointed the spatula to him.

"Don't think silly Kanha! I just thought he'd feel bad since I invited his siblings and not him."

That smile remained and she felt rattled.

Exasperated, she shook her head, "Arrghh Kanha.. stop! You are irritating."

She rushed back to her work and left her Kanha all in smiles.


Monday didn't start off well. Her boss was in a foul mood. She was too. She had been angry at him. Way too angry than she had ever been. He hadn't shown up for dinner at her place!

How dare he? How could he?

She had had loads of fun with Ana and Kabir and they ate so much. But she waited and waited and waited until late night. She even called him a couple of times and her friends had teased her. But he never answered.

"When did you and your Monster get so civil Geet?" Kabir had teased, when she had cursed Maan for the umpteenth time for ditching her. Seeing her so upset about it, the duo had played tricks on her mind, adding fuel to the fire saying that he did not care and all that jazz. But that had not made her angry up until the next morning when she had seen the newspaper. He was there, flaunting all that he had, on page 3, with some girl. Curious, she had read the caption and found that gorgeous lady in his arms to be Sarah, his ex! She didn't even read the whole article... forget article, didn't even read the headlines completely which was something about rekindling flames with his ex. She, then, had felt something twist within her. something tugging at her heart and it only intensified with time. She tried to chide herself to forget about it but she couldn't and she concluded what she felt!

She felt betrayed. She felt hurt! And seeing him back in the office, unaware of her state of mind and nonchalant, had rekindled the burn within her.

He noticed her distant and lost. He had been busy with some takeover and when things didn't go his way, he lost his cool. Calls after calls had irked him for he found everyone around incompetent. He called her for some dictations and reports and felt the change in the demeanour. Initially he had not noticed but she remained aloof. Her eyes didn't hold the twinkle and her face had paled over time.

"Get me a coffee and take these files with you." he instructed over the intercom and fell back on the chair, taking a deep breath in. He had been so busy the entire time that he hadn't had time to breath. It was only when the sun had started its westward journey that he had found some time to think of things other than work. The door clicked open and he watched her enter his cabin with deliberate and calculated steps.  She seemed displeased.

"Your coffee sir!" she banged the mug on his table and his brows went up with

"The files?" she asked curtly.

He observed her for a minute and she avoided looking at him. She averted eye contact and kept looking at something he knew not of. He kept mum about it and talked business.

"here... get these completed by Adi and talk to Kabir and his PR team about the venture we are working on..."

He kept instructing and she kept jotting down, mechanically.

"Call the magazine people and fix the interview this weekend. And yes, inform them about my consent about the venue."

She nodded and jotted the points. Some leading business magazine had been after him for an exclusive interview and he had been procrastinating it for a long time now for his hands were full.

"Anything else sir?" she was very formal and to the point.

He thought for a while and checked his calendar.

"Yes, book flights for Miami for two this Friday."

She nodded and narrowed her brows, "Two? It will be you and Adi sir?"

"No. You will be travelling. Adi has been assigned something else."

He went ahead to check his mails and she stood there, shocked. She'd be travelling? He was inviting her?

My foot...

She could still feel the burn of his rejection. He could have called but he chose not to answer hers instead. Human hearts always sought revenge for their broken egos and she wasn't any different. And hence, she did what her reflexes permitted then.

"I am sorry sir but I cannot travel with you."

He raised his head up from the laptop and gave her a pointed look, "and why is that Miss Handa?"

"I have work."

"Go on, considering the fact that you don't have anything important in college!"

Her nose flared with the hot breath coming out in quick successions and she realized now the reason behind his question regarding her college a few days ago, when she had been fixing his appointments.

"I have friends visiting." She made up, knowing it was a lost cause.

"Are they important than your work?"

He didn't even wait for her answer and continued, "No. so there is no point in making excuses."

"I am sorry but I cannot come."

"I am not giving you options."

She was being adamant for nothing!

"But I don't want to!"

His eyes flashed irritation for a moment before he masked them into nothingness. He crossed his arms over his chest, "and why is that so?"

Because I want you to taste your own it feels when someone doesn't comply even just to keep your heart!

She had wanted to scream out loud but kept her voice in check.

"Because I don't see a point in going with someone who doesn't care about others emotions but himself."

She was being bitter... she realized but then words said were said. He realized it too.

His irritation returned after a moment or two before things fell into place and the bulb went off.

"I do not wish to speak of this right now Miss Handa." He warned, knowing where this was heading towards.

She gritted her teeth and threw the notepad on his desk, "why can't you? Do you realize how I felt that night?"

He closed the laptop and stoop up. Taking long strides, he was right in front of her the next minute, towering her. she didn't even fight. Her eyes, he saw, found him accusing.

"I texted that I wouldn't be able to make it, didn't I? Anyways, now is not the time to discuss all that Miss Handa. Do as you are told to..."

He turned to go back to his seat when the next set of her words hit him hard.

"Fine then. Go ahead with your trip. I wouldn't show up and just text you that I couldn't make it. That will solve the problem."

She was being paranoid but for what? She had no idea. His text... just one text without any reason mentioned flashed in front of her eyes. It came late at night, so late that Ana and slept off in her apartment and Kabir had gone home.
He turned back slowly and watched her face that was turning red in anger.

"Why do you think I am answerable to you?"

His one question opened all the gates. She marched up and stood in front of him,
head to head.

"Because I had expected you to come. Because I waited so much... because I put in so much effort to prepare so many things and you found someone else too important to just waste all my efforts!"

He never liked being questioned or accused and Geet was doing it all.

"Geet... stop." He warned yet again, not willing to dig up personal matters right now. his temper had been high last few days owing to work. She wasn't making it easy either.

"Oohh... feeling guilty, are we? Go ahead with your trip but I am not going."

 He clutched his fingers to his side. She was asking for it.

"First thing, you don't have an option and I don't have Stacy to fill in. And guilty? Why would I feel so? Hadn't I told you that I cannot promise? What did you expect?"

She was not taking any of that.

"When I called you, I wanted you to come..."

"You have too many expectations Geet... way too many.." he spat right on her face.

Being who he was, it came so naturally to him, to speak the truth and throw her to the ground.

"You invited me. I couldn't make it. What's the big deal? And why does it matter to you so much? You expect me to be there, every time you need me... but know the truth Geet. Mein humesha tumhare aage peeche nahi ghoom sakta!"

She was taken aback with his words! What was she thinking? It pinched her so much. She had expected him to be there... like always.


"Get that straight into your head Miss Handa... I am not under any obligation to be around you whenever you expect me to. No one else is either. Everyone has his/her own world and you are not the centre of their lives!"

He watched her stunned as his words sunk into her head. She blinked a couple of times to let the feeling sink in.

"Of all, I thought you understand me...! but anyways, if we are done with the drama, get back to work."

This was the second time he had asked her the same question... if she understood him! she picked up her note and the files and walked out. What did she expect? Him to be there around her always? But he had always been... hadn't he? Then why not today? agreed she was being bitter for but she never thought she'd have to think of reasons why he wouldn't be with her! she had developed a habit of finding him around whenever she wished him to be and his not being there had been too hard on her disposition.


>>Angry at Maan? But don't you think Geet needed to learn this?Stern Smile

>>Next...umm...ummm how about a surprise?LOL

>>Keep loving me guys...You all rock!Big smileStar

Chapter 40

Chapter 42

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Main first thi kyaShocked
last night i just saw your last post on this thread in my post and i opened  i saw you updated..
padh bhi liya tha raat ko hi..
and now for being in your reply list ..I was just joking.. now my son is going ..abhi to ussi ko bhejne ke liye paison ka jugaad karna hai mera no. to pata nahin kab aayega..may when he starts to earn..aur agar trump baba ki kripa drashti hui toLOL

ek aur baaat poochhni thi..tumhaare reply se clear hai ki tum wahaan nahin gayi to tuhen ye sab places ka aise pata imaginary hain  ya actul me hain? googlr se dhoondh ke laati ho kya..TongueTongue

kuchh jayda sawaal to nahin ho gaye na.. koi na araam se jawaab dena..LOLLOLLOL

chalo ab comment
geet was surprised to think about her self..was she so fortunate that she was having ti many caring people around her ? ana kabir ..and mkost importantly Maan..he was always there when she needed him..

Ana to asaani se maan gayiShocked
I mean Gete ko bahut jyada mehnat nahin karni apdiTongue
Though Ana complaint but felt sorry too that she could not take care of her well..geet too felt guilty for hiding all that from her best friend

Three weeks later
she got her first salary
 and she invited kabir and ana for a treat at ehr home.. while shopping for the dinner she met with Emily.. geet found her simple and caring but why she was going from the city..How will kabir react to it?
Geet remembered that she had promised Maan to take him for a treat on Ellan's..and she forgot..This is one more failure of geet like she was a failure in maintaining relation with Raj..How she can be so careless.. maan always remembers to keep his promises but she could not.. but then she invited him and he did not promise to come .. geet should know that a big businessman like him can have other appointments too.. How could he come at such a short notice?
and next day she saw him on page 3 that too with his ex sarah,,and she without reading anything about him in the article became sad and more foolishness from her.. and at office she again made a blunder.. When he asked her to book the tickets for Miami for two she denied to come with him.. She questioned him for not coming at the dinner ..Maan tried to be professional but she was getting on his nerves.. She tried to teach him a lesson by denying ..she wanted to make him feel what she felt after getting rejection.. Maan's anger was out of control... he clearly told her he could not roam around her when ever she needed and Why should he? he thought that she had started to understand him  But no..Geet one more time has failed completely..and this time I m with Maan..He was right and Geet was wrong...She one more time mixed professional matters with personal matters where as at the day at Ellan's he clearly had told her that he desn't mix personal life with professional life.. It seems Geet has swear not to learn from the mistakes..

Umm sorry aishu if you feel sad by my comment but I felt only like this about Geet after reading the update..waise mujhe pata hai maan  ka gussa jab utar jaayega to wo usko phir se khush kar dega...aur mujhe ye bhi pata hai ki wo usko Miami leke bhi jaayega apne saath.. 
Should we be ready for some romance there??

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Huh I'm here... Koi mujhe miss bhi nahi karta agar main late comment karo tohCry 
Chodo main toh miss karti hoona that's enough..

WARNING : Comment will be short Tongue   

Dekho ladki kitni acchi hain etni bemar hain phir bhi comment karne chali ayi...Or tumne ushpe masoom na hone ka ilzam lagaya tha...kaisheee Ouch 

ok comment pe dayan do woh important hain ...bemar toh main roz rehti hoon But Monster or Miss. Handa fight roz thodi karte hain ...long comment ki energy nahi barna zaroor karti type karne mein problem hogi...but don't say ki comment kyun kia ok...main kabhi chup rehne balo mein se nahi jab Etna kuch ho gaya LOL Kya bhagi thi mein dusro ke comments dekh ke dara diya mere nanhi si jaan ko...but now I am here ...Aaj har topic pe comment nahi kar sakti only major one ok...

Bravo Miss.Kawaii what an update ...And thanks for bringing that lost smile to my face which I have lost on last chapter over Ana and Geet now everything is sorted and I was smiling on that phone conversation of My Mr.Sensible and His little tornado... I've read it when I was in hospital and now I'm home so exactly shob mone ashche na..Maybe I've forgot Emily I'll talk about her later As I've said major ones only today... Geet was showing so much authority over Maan to come there but Can she say it in words what they share? In my opinion they don't need to give any name to it love or anything else cause what they both share its beyond anything and believe me the way you have portrayed everything till now their relation is really special... But she need to realize at least her own feelings and it will take time I know...

Ohh uhh 1st of All not coming and now Pics with Sarah blunder gonna happen Ms.Geet is in foul mood... Geets feeling is right and I understand Maan also very clearly... But it would have been better If geet talked about this matter outside of office cause maybe that time their outburst maybe would have not hurt each other... I need to tell you one thing I've enjoyed their heated argument this time I had feel they are actually Couple ROFL Funny na here there fighting And I was loving this moments ..seens like all my pain has affect my brain LOL That is why I'm saying all this... But You know what they should have this conversations cause it was needed what with this Always helping nature did he signed a will saying I'll be always there for you and why should he ha? Geet answer me I'm asking you not Ms.KawaiiLOL 

Geet is being little childish here 1st his not coming their and Maybe PIC with Sarah had affected here... Hmmm isn't she feeling jealous good sign ...geet keep it up...

If they are in relationship also it's not necessary that Maan will be always there he can have other work or priority one person can never just be the center of World... But Maan should have been little polite ...

You know 1st I was enjoying their fights it remained of me the time when Maan shut the door on geets face and to brought her real self he said all this and Geet taken revenge for that Tongue This girl is crazy sometimes... So moral is that time which Maan had done it was needed and now it was needed to know for geet Maan can never be with her all the time ...

Ohh I'm feeling tired can't type more... still wants to but not possible feeling not well...But I had to admit I like independent girl more not taking anyone's Help Like Abhi nahi aana God she was a girl I adore Embarrassed I love this geet also but she's just confused with her feelings ok...let her gather her feelings and I should leave now... Many things are left will talk about it when I'll be little better... Ohh I'm feeling worst right now after typing this... But hope it was worth it to read for youHeart
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Lovely update 
Waiting for next update. . . 
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Posted: 2017-03-26T14:05:22Z
>>Keep loving me guys...You all rock!

This line stopped me to lash out on you Shocked LOL
Bcs I love you and I rock LOL

Awesome Update.. Geet finally succeed in making up with Ana Big smile
She invited all three siblings to her house.. but Maan the Monster couldn't make it.. but but but he was with his ex.. seriously Ye kaise hogya Shocked Shocked
I didn't find her lashing out at him in office Appropriate.. that was his personal life and this is professional.. she's mixing it Ouch
Anyway Maan showed her mirror.. bht dukh hua sunke but he was somewhere right in all this Embarrassed
Bura lag rha hai bura nhi bhi lag rha hai.. mujhe Kia lag rha hai mujhe Samajh nhi araha hai Cry
Is Sarah ko goli maro Angry

Good Night..
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Posted: 2017-03-26T14:19:38Z
YES! they made up awww these girls are too cute it always amazing to have that friend...Geet needs to take it slow I feel like she is throwing herself on Maan! It feels suffocating in the sense that Maan knows what it is is and thats why his is frustrated I guess and Gete ignoring that feleing but than totally acting on it is like she is going to not even realize what she is saying.
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